Malawi CSOs, Nyasa Times chase President Mutharika’s assets

Now that the assets declared by public officers can be accessed through application to the Public officers Declarations Directorate, some local civil society organisations (CSOs) have applyied to inquire the wealth of President Peter Mutharika declared.

President Mutharika:  His ssets documents being sought

President Mutharika: His ssets documents being sought

President Mutharika is said to have now become one of the wealthiest leader in the African continent.

However, the CSOs want to have access to the records and know how much Mutharika owns
so that they can easily undertake their watchdog role of ensuring public officers do not accumulate wealth illegally.

Nyasa Times media group has also applied to access the documents.

Assets Director Christopher Tukula, told Daily Times: “I can confirm that the CSO community is among those seeking access to declared assets. But I am not in a position to disclose their identities because the law does not allow me. It up to them to disclose their identities.”

Section 88 A (1) of the Constitution stipulates that the President and members of cabinet must disclose all their assets, liabilities and business interests – as well as those of their spouses or any assets that are held on their behalf – upon election or appointment .

And this obligation is extended to Members of Parliament by Section 213.

But despite these very clear constitutional provisions and the importance of government officials being publicly accountable to citizens, it has proven very difficult to implement practically binding principles that are observed by those in high office. Indeed, it has become a thorny issue among politicians in Malawi as nobody wants to give details of their (often) unexplained property or wealth.

In other countries, the media might be able to use another route by using an access to information law to get the assets document. But regrettably in Malawi after an access to information bill was drafted, it has still not been enacted into Law – leaving Malawian citizens in the dark on many critical issues.

Apart from President Muntharika, other public officers whose assets are ready for public access include Vice President Saulosi Chilima, Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya, Leader of Opposition
Lazarus Chakwera and Members of Parliament.

Tukula said his office holds the discretion to grant or refuse access to declarations.

“if there are reasonable grounds taking into account the objectives of the account. In particular, the right to privacy and the personal security of public officers shall be one of the key considerations in granting or
refusing approval for public access.

“To that end, necessary precautions shall be exercised during the screening process and all released information shall be closely monitored to ensure that the process is not abused”,he said as quoted by Daily Times.

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APM is a rich man through his hard working, stop being jealousy and start working hard and assist Malawi growth. Nsanje bwanji. Foolish CSO, you have your own house to clean, be open yourselves and you shall start trusting you. Ndalama za ana amasiye munamangira nyumba zanu. This reminds me of Charles song from BK, ndalama za ma Donnor, Shame on you.

concerned citizen

CSO in Malawi are fond of criticizing the president of the day. We here stories of Albinos being abducted and killed but no CSO is coming out to condemn that. But when the president as a person has done something you rush and talk too much.

michael Bamusi

I have been in the states for 21 years now and nobody can cheat me that a college professor can be a rich man.Peter muthalika is a thief and what ever riches he has now he stole right there in malawi.If he reads this and argues let him come public and tell people how he made his money with supporting evidence.MBAVA NYANI

Focus on development no matter how little or more the professor was receiving but if he was investing ,the wealth grows how sure are you that he was consuming all the money CSO in Malawi just worst time iwo nde akuba kwambiri no audit ,fat salaries one man offices aid being received in their bank account names and sharing ndi azungu akubanso let us focus on development kuli konse atolankhani ,CSO satukula dziko but infrastructure Bingu managed to do that ,APM let us heavily fund infrastructure projects useless CSO amathanyula azungu adasiya iwo akulemba daily tatopa nanu pepzani ntchito yabwino.
From comments here we Malawians are hugely ignorant. First, we have to know what necessitated the asset declaration law. It’s clear CSO leaders’ assets were not a target for they did not endanger the public purse in any way. Secondly, we overrate our leaders. From what I know Professors in USA earn a good salary but not enough to make them rich; and your area of professorship also matters. It’s presumptuous to assume APM was affluent when he was in the USA. Thirdly we dwell too much on the past instead of solving our current situation. The situation is that… Read more »
Kenkkk, Pdf and your cohorts, let me ask you. Is Goodal poor? Did you see Goodal’s mansion in LL sometime ago? Is that a mansion of a poor fellow? After having worked abroad, including UN, can you say Goodal can’t amass wealth? So what’s different with APM? Moreover, APM has not been in office for long for you to claim what he declared he stole from government. Which government? Government of JB? You mean to be rich you only need to have goats, cows and ducks as a business? Do you know what the word INCOME means? As a professor… Read more »
Monosire you are missing the point. I didn’t say Peter has stolen money nor did I say he or Goodall were poor when they entered politics. Even rich politicians in the west declare their assets. Poor or rich politicians have to declare their assets For simple reasons that some of them enter politics for wrong reasons of self enrich ness through stealing govt coffers. If our leaders were well to do as you claim, would we have all these cashgates scandals such as 1.7bn, 24bn, 92bn, housegates, nacgate, timbergate, etc. If a person Is rich but continues to steal, then… Read more »

A malawi, zowona mukuvomereza kuti Peter Muthalika ndiwolemera kwambiri muafrica? Kodi ali ndi business yotani? Kapena mwina walanda 92bn ndi chuma china chamasiye? Mwina mutero, koma aaaaa Peter ndiwakuba.

Some of you people are talking rubbish here. The declaration of assets applies to politicians, not cso’s. That is how it is done in most countries because politicians have the capacity to steAl from public coffers through their influence and kick backs / corruption to enrich themselves. Some of them the motive for going into Politics is to enrich themselves rather than serve the people. So they go very poor but come out very rich within a very short period of time, how? For that reason it is better to assess their wealth when they enter parliament and then when… Read more »
Gifted Brain(GB)

Ignorance at the level of stupidity.Do you mean that Peter was jobless when he was not a president???
Is it just because we are in a poor country then we must also come up with poor suggestions??

Wake up please!!!!!!!!

This is stupid Mr Tukula. There should be no restriction whatsoever on the public or individuals accessing the assets declared by politicians. If assets are declared, they are declared for anyone to know without restrictions. What security are you talking about? They are not politicians’ bank accounts that people can abuse or misuse. It is just as I expect a list of assets each person owns and the total value of the assets. That is it. Even if I know what assets Peter has, how does that affect peter’s security? Just look the way the west politicians declare their assets.… Read more »

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