Malawi CSOs petition Mutharika, give 100 days ultimatum: Rains disrupt street protests elsewhere

Malawi Civil Society Organisations on Tuesday petitioned President Peter Mutharika  after street protests in the capital Lilongwe, urging the Head of State to address numerous challenges which the country is facing.

Leaders presenting the petition

Leaders presenting the petition

Message is clear! Malawians carrying placards

Message is clear! Malawians carrying placards

Defiant Malawians took to the streets for anti-government demo

Defiant Malawians took to the streets for anti-government demo

Demo action in Lilongwe

Demo action in Lilongwe

Presenting the petition at Parliament building

Presenting the petition at Parliament building

Protestors carrying placards

Protestors carrying placards

CSO leaders addressing the people

CSO leaders addressing the people

Protesters doing it peacefully

Protesters doing it peacefully

The demonstrations were planned to be national but were disrupted elsewhere with heavy rains. In Blantyre, CSOs delegated the officials to present the petition as well as in the eastern city of Zomba. A petition was also presented in the northern border district of Karonga.

In Lilongwe CSO leaders took to the streets and peacefully presented the petition to Lilongwe City Council chief executive officer Richard Hara who they expect in turn to deliver to President Mutharika.

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive Director Timothy Mtambo, delivering the petition, urged Mutharika to address the challenges outlined in the petition within 100 days or else the CSOs will regroup and go in the streets again.

The groups said government should desist from “politically abusing “the public institutions, resources and funds for purposes which are contrary to their mandates and not in the best interest of Malawians.   They have called for all boards and chief executives of statutory bodies should undergo a due interview process by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.

They have also called on President Mutharika to dissolve the board of National AIDS Commission (NAC) and dismiss NAC executive director and institute a forensic audit of NAC disbursement of AIDS funds since the time NAC was granted the principle recipient of HIV/AIDS related funds by Global fund.

“Government should put in place clear steps to ensure that National Aids Commission is no longer susceptible to political abuse and interference.  Government should further condemn NACGATE and provide assurance to the nation that this shall never happen again in future, and should initiate the review of NAC policy and procedures on fund disbursement,” reads the petition.

The CSOs have demanded First Lady’s Beautify Malawi (BEAM) and Mulhakho Wa Alhomwe to refund K5million and K9.4 million respectively to NAC to be used for its intended HIV/AIDS response functions.

The activist also accused President Mutharika of practising naked nepotism.

“The President should desist from appointing people based on tribalism, ethnicity, regionalism and partisan politics, and endeavour to put Malawi first. To this end, the President should explain steps being taken by government to ensure that civil and public servants in all government and public institutions are appointed on merit,” said the CSOs.

Mutharika has been asked to provide executive leadership by amongst other things delivering monthly public address on the steps being taken to address the prevailing economic hardships and unprecedented suffering of Malawians until things stabilizes.

The CSOs also want government should update the nation on the status quo on the implementation of the economic recovery plan (ERP)

The groups urged government to address the concerns raised or “demonstrate significant steps to addressing within 100 days from the date of delivery of this petition today on 13th January, 2015. “

According to the petition, government should also facilitate the institution of a dialogue platform with civil society organisations and other key stakeholders over the issues raised within a period of two weeks.

“We demand that the concerns and demands which are linked to NAC should be addressed within three weeks from the date of delivery of this petition –today on 13th January 2015. Failure to comply with this demand, we will regroup and decide the next course of action in order to ensure that justice and sanity prevails on the matter,” the CSOs said.

While commending Malawi government for living up to its promise of increasing salaries of civil servants, the CSOs pointed out that Malawians are concerned that the recent increment defeated the principle of equity where the low ranked civil servants given the raw deal where the higher increment percentages were given to the high ranking civil servants at the expense of low ranking civil servants.

“The recent increments have presented a scenario where the gap between the senior and junior officers has amazingly widened further thereby putting to question government’s commitment to bridging the gap between the same.”

They raised the issue of controversial education quota system, accusing Mutharika of playing “hide and seek game “in addressing the issue as a way of selecting students into the public universities.

“The silence exemplified by the President raises doubts about his commitment to reforms and his own position on the subject matter as publicly espoused in his inaugural speech. It is unhealthy for a leadership to deliberately portray double standard on a critical issue like this one, and that the more clarity is given, the more likelihood the matter is put to rest,” reads the petition.

Some of the known people on the frontline during the demonstrations included executive director of Centre for the Development of People Gift Trapence, National Organisation of Nurses and Midwifery Dorothy Ngoma, Manerela executive director Rev Macdonald Sembereka, Malawi Congress Party spokesperson Jessie Kabwila.

Meanwhile, Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa said government will read thoughouly the petition when it reaches them and will respond accordingly.

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96 thoughts on “Malawi CSOs petition Mutharika, give 100 days ultimatum: Rains disrupt street protests elsewhere”

  1. JB says:

    Kodi ngoma ndi kabwira munali kuti pomwe Joyce Banda anatenga 73MMK ku NAC. Mitu yanu mwanva ndi MCP yanuyo

  2. Andrew says:

    I dont want Muharikas. Why voting for dogs? He married when he became the stupid president, not married for years, stupid dog Mutharika. Chakuba mulungu akuwona naweso ufa ngati mkulu wako

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  4. aurora says:

    these people have absolutely nothing to do…viva APM!! if you are tired go SLEEP

  5. Anonymous says:

    AMP is agood president l like his silence

  6. lindiwe says:

    Olo kukanakhala kopanda mvula anthu ake akanakhala omwewo. Maleaders a ma CSO 3/4 ndi akumpoto. Mulungubsazakupatsani mpata wolamulira mukapitiliza chonchi kuzikonda. Kuli Water for people anthu ogwira ntchito alipo 16 . 12 ndi a ku mpoto. Tiyeni yikondane a malawi. Tisalozane zala.panopa ana athu akukwatirana posaona ma regional boarders or tribes. We are all one . There is no elite group

  7. Kanyimbi says:

    Komanso izi ndiye zosekesa anthu 20 akuti akukatula madandaulo a anthu 15,000,000. Kuchita kuwonekeratu kuti alipo anawatuma. Ameneyo wangobetsa ndalama zache.

  8. nyapala says:

    u so called xhigawenga! !! Ndwe Mbuxi ya Munthu(person_

  9. Kes munthali says:

    Za ziii ! The only CSO I know is CAMA under Kapito, Ntambo, sembereka, Dorothy ng’oma, kwataine, Jessie Kabwila and Trapance are an alliance of opportunists, money hungry thieves and political failures worse than cockroaches. The reason people did not turn up is because, they are tied of being used as pawns in this dirty game, mwangwanayo anyani inu.

  10. Mdicai Longwe says:

    Inu a John Manyamba mademo onsewa akuchitikira ku mpoto kokha? Uku ndiye kulasa pambali kwenikweni. Nkhani ndi ya dziko lonse inu mukanyoza anthu akumpoto. Parliament building ili kumpoto mukuneko? Nanga anthu onsewo anali kumeneko anali akumpoto okhaokha? Chitani nthumanzi bambo osamangonena ngati zoona zake simukuziwona.

  11. Diso says:

    Koma za nepotism ndifunse kodi inu a Traspence ndi a Mtambo kodi mu organization yanu muli antchito angati? Ndiye mutiudze their districts of origin. Thereafter we can talk about nepotism and quarter system. Lets be transparent here. I think tisamachotse chisiso chaanzanthu chanthu chili mmaso. Inu tapitani Ku FAO, UNICEF, WaterAid ndiye mundiuze who is nepotic

  12. baba says:

    Let the cso’s balance their books of accounts for their next funding now after organising another demo when they themselves have no answers to the problems Malawi is going through at the moment. why is it that in Malawi CSO’s are given much power than in countries where we adopted democracy? Is it misunderstanding the word democracy democracy.

    1. male pipo says:

      Amtambo zamasalary zisiyeni. Ndalama zimene tinkalandira uladakhala iwe ukadasiya kibungwe lakolo

  13. Bwitoto says:

    Zachitikatu basi ndipo nonse odana ndi ma demo pamtumbo panu ndiiiithu!

  14. mapwesea says:

    Mtumbuka msete zako

  15. chimutu says:

    atumbuka okhaokha pa ma wonder munaphetsa anthu osalakwa pa July 19 paja..kukupatsaninso dzikoli Vuto Lake chiyankhulo chizasintha kukhala chitumbuka..mtundu ozikonda inu

  16. Tuyuni says:

    John Manyamba mutu wako ndiozungulira, unganene kuti aku mpoto akungodziwa mademo basi? Sudziwa kuti inuyou kumwera mumangotiposa kubeleka ana ambiri, utenanti , kusoka zovala , makani ndi kuba? Koma inu sukulu ayi. Kungodziwa kulankhula chichewa mumaziona ngati odzindikira.

  17. nsanje port says:

    Stupid!! People are dying in nsanje north constituency with flooding…mungolimbana ndi zopusa instead of planning to rescue your friends…senseless CSO’s

  18. ine wanu says:

    Rains disturbed the Malawi demonstration really Nyasa schools us please osangoti zivuta Lil in planning and strategy

  19. First Lady says:

    John Manyamba mboliyako ones aliapawa ndi akumpoto okha

  20. Amaudindo akuziwa kuti ife ndianthu ofatsa that’s why akumatidyera masuku pamutu. Malawi dzuka. Big up Mr Mtambo , forward ever!

  21. chatty man says:

    Well done guys

  22. Kakha Erutu says:

    You have marched so what? You think you will manage to derail the president by your quack quack? In case you don’t know, The president (APM) is made of presidential material from Thyolo. If you don’t understand what I mean, go and ask your grandparents.

  23. Yankees says:

    In Mamas admin pple matched bt no body died, in previos bingus’ government adafa ambili, so dont intimdate pple kuti mademo amapha anthu, ankampha anthu ndiuja bingu koma these 2 leaders mama and APM, aah Guys kamatchani ka, mumadziwa kuti anthu akayenda mngakhale mayiko akunja amaona if u can sey tikuopa kuonekela poyela, enafe we can get u well, Kapito usakhaleso chete if commodities and Goods are going not to be cheaper nawenso ka Bang’eni osangoti Ngwindi paja mafuta atsikatu, Zimagalansi zosakukhalazo, unkangopezelera amayi kuda eti!!

  24. mukhitho says:

    Ukakamba za MCP uchedwapo chave manya vako

  25. mona says:

    Ma demo analipo guys boma lipange jack up ili lanyanya kuba

  26. Alungwana says:

    We need people like Kabwira and friends who can stand and speak for the voiceless. Amalawi ambiri ndi ozelezeka who can watch things getting worse akuti bcz we are the warm heart of Africa. Kupepela basi. No wonder the fuel price has gone down by 50% worldwide but here its 4%

    1. Anonymous says:

      Inu alungwana 50% world wide yake iti kuno ku RSA fuel watsika ndi R0.80 diseal 50 with Techrone,

    2. Anonymous says:

      Inu Lungwana musamanamize anthu 50% dziko lake liti kuno ku RSA watsika fuel ndi R0.80 unleaded petro R.90 supper ndiye musamanamize anthu watsika ndi ma cents kapena simumadziwa meaning ya 50%

  27. william says:

    Ini odi wangu ndinkhani yondavwa munyaki ndemangayaki wati wena Mpoto kujaliyawaka vioneselo awa chonde nganya hinya vititi pweteka ukongwa Boma lamalawi chiyambi chaki avutika mbanthu ngati achina kanyama kulimbana ndi wambula kwawo yuwa watilamula vyaka 31 nkhuzanga Ada chingoli ewo mba Da chihana kuzimaliya Ada kadona wosi yawa nanga njumoza wakulamulapu malawi sono malawi widu uyu ngwakulamulika ndi machona ngambula kuvutikiya chalu kenaka nkhaku pweteka ukongwa kumbi vioneselo vyovengapu vyenga vyawenampotu peee?when I die I would like to be buried up side down so that the world should kiss my ass good bye.

  28. mr what what says:

    If threre will be no response within 100 days, Next action will be killing you personally. Ask Gaddaf

  29. Marioshona man says:

    You chigawenga your comment is rubbish. Do you mean to say you are more wise than millions of malawians who did not participate in your meaningless demo ?Check that in the end you will find out that it Is YOU who is ignorant. Take time properly. Idiot

  30. Mulopwana says:

    he ngongoliwa inu simukuona nepotism HRCC mo Mwakasungula anali wa ku mpoto,Mtamboyonso wa ku mpoto. Kodi regionalism n nepotism ikapose pamenepa? Ngati alidi serious ayambe kusintha amabugwewo. Atumbuka ali tho mmenemo ndiye mukufunanso muwunjikane mboma? Zanziii sizitheka mwagwa nawo nxt tym tizakakomana ku nseu konko mxiiiiiiiiiiii!

  31. Mbukavu says:

    Thanks to all players for the peaceful demonstrations

  32. Kikikiki mitumbuka imayenda lero. Why don’t you form a political party agalu inu so that you can take leadership legitimaly as the Mighty DPP did? Anthu anthundu wanji even aford ikukukanikani kuyendetsa ndiye boma mungalithe? And nepotism inayambira kumpoto enafe tikuchita mobwezela. All Malawians know this. Kagwereni uko!

  33. kangali says:

    kodi za cashgate zija bwanji sanapange ma demo.Pamtumbo panu atumbuka nonse

  34. Fathara says:


  35. Mmanganja says:

    A malawi azanga kodi mukufuna president wotani? APM is agood man . Iknow our problem is tinazolowerera kumenyedwa. My advice to the Pres. is go to plan B . Bwana dont be too soft to these Malawians, bwana we are used to threats only.

  36. Angozo says:

    Foolish the numerous problems can not be solved in 100 only even you Timothy if you were president you would not manage even problems your CHRR is facing can not be addressed in such a number of days you must be stupid.

  37. Poor Malawi NGOs kkkkkkkkkk! !!! As a Foreigner, I know Mr. Sembweleka is a failure., so is Mr. Mtumbo.

  38. datruth says:

    Yagwanayo ntambo pepa u av destroyed the image of ur organization malawi will never trust HRCC mbuli phuma

  39. Poor Malawi NGOs kkkkkkkkkk! !!! As a Foreigner, I know Mr. Sembweleka is a failure., so is Mr. Mkumba.

  40. chitima says:

    komabe mapuyayo mulphale wamva ndithu kuti ndalama za HIV/AIDS ku NAC sizoseweletsa !

  41. Michal says:

    Sound leadrship is a most priority,eg takng majority concerns of people, add up to real good leadrs,am proud to be a malawian as othr citzns deserv it. Bt pride wth more sufferings thn yet hearing worstng money for only individuals bcoz he/she is fat or has alot advantags to benefits,my citzshp is doomed and i dnt dserv a title!

    1. Yakata Mvula says:

      Osamalemba chizungu cha bwinobwino bwanji? Kupusa kumeneku ndi kumene kukutikanikitsa kumapanga ma decisions a bwino. Umbulidi ndi matenda.

  42. john manyamba says:

    zikuwoneka kuti jessy sadziwa udindo wake ngati mp anayenela kuzi pasa ulemu ndiye amakamatchila ndani poti iyeyo ali mbali ya boma manyazi ku mcp ndi chifukwa sakwatiwa akapanga masewera atha momwe anathera ma mp omwe amasapota joyce banda dpp ndi boma osati akabwira uhule uli tho

    1. Kenkkk says:

      You are the one who doesn’t know politics. Jesse has actually shamed all the opposition MPs. For a good cause like missuse of Nac Money all opposition mps or parties should have been there at nac offices.

      You can Understand pp being not there because they Also abused nac money but udf and MCP should have been at the front at nac offices.

  43. john manyamba says:

    akumpoto ntchito yomwe mumaidziwa ndi kuchitisa ma demo basi

    1. tonde says:


  44. Tiyanjane says:

    Ok, win win

  45. Chigawenga says:

    Malawians are a docile and pathetic people. We do not react even when the leadership is outright stealing from us. Malawians are a meek rot in the name of peace. It is of no surprise that our leaders continue to abuse their positions by taking advantage of our docility. If it was else where such behavior and treatment would not have been tolerated by the people. Yes the organizers of this demo might be looked upon as failures but all I can say is that this is a start . The DEMO has served notice to the executive that moving forward his nonchalance attitude shall no be accepted. Business as usual mentality and status quo shall not be accepted. The next thing Malawians need to learn is to arm ourselves and respond with force next time the executive demonstrates a carefree attitude towards our demands. Next time the Demos will not be peaceful so do not undermine us.

  46. mwiithotho says:

    Tumbuka nepotistic agenda perpetrated by Mtambo and undecorated by the concubine of ‘kongelesi’ second in command

  47. pragmatic boy says:

    Those who think the demos were useless you are wrong and you a have blind loyalty. When you wake up one day you will realize that it has even helped your leaders whom you support blindly to pull up their socks.

  48. Zamanyazi ku MW says:

    A Ngongoliwa, munalephera nokha pachisankho. Wait for another 5 years ok.

  49. Marioshona man says:

    Mphuno bi bi bi mu streets . Za zii!Amalawi tasiyani Kaduka . Things will not change because of your demo. Changes were already carefully planned.Absence of critical analysis in brain leads to meaningless demos. CheTimoteo chamba chikupwetekani. Tachisiyeni .

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Demos will bring change otherwise you will Not sleep. Changes have already started.

  50. mphwanye says:

    Mtamb’s organization is full of people from his home district . So this issue of nepotism doesnt hold . Remove the log in your eye first .

  51. BINTO BANDA says:


  52. Batawata says:

    Osadanda a prophet atiuza kale paja anthuwa samaliza kulamulira kkkkk. History usually repeats itself hahahahaha

  53. Maggie Lucius says:

    hehede silly demos when Malawians are being washed away with floods. Useless petition.

  54. opportunist says:

    It has happened as planned

  55. kayamawa says:

    Tithokoze ma organizers olo anakugwetsani mphwayi munaimabe nji pa mchenga, ndiye kulimba mtima kumene ife amalawi tizikhalanawo osachita mantha, mwayankhulila a Malawi onse, taona petition yapelekedwa, amati pali awiri or atatu mutha kupanga chinthu choti anthu amve.

    Kodi mwaiwala a John Chilembwe anali angati? anali modzi analimba mtima kulimbana ndi a samunda, lero tikudyelera.

    Yewo, Takunyadilani, Tawonga, Thank you.

  56. Ine Nchewa says:

    Tiziti kunali anthu kapena mvula inasokoneza poorly attended demo mwina mvula inasokoneza maybe

  57. njovu njovu says:

    useless & nonsense demo!!KABWIRA amakataniko kumeneko popeza amati people with HIV r moving corpses? I. wonder

  58. mtila zomba says:

    Za ziiiii asaname pano kuti mvula yatsokoneza kunalibe anthu guyz. kabwira ndi yemwe anabweretsa anthu pa pick up anawatenga ku chitara,salima kkkkk

  59. Chikopa says:

    Hehehehehehe! Stupid organizers! The only people who have benefited from these stupid gatherings are police officers and TV Crews who will receive allowances including the Nyasa Reporter. Next time Jessy Kabwira should bring along her husband and kids.

  60. mgebegebe says:

    its too early for the demos, give him atleast 2 yrs. and then talk, amalawi mwatani kod

  61. Chipapwiche says:

    The message has been sent not only to the government, but also the organizers and demonstrators. I dont think the way it has gone is the way they expected it to. Its clear Malawi has civilised leaders and the Mtambos will always think twice before any demonstration. The issues raised begs several questions as to what really was the purpose of the demonstrations. However, of all, I just wish to applaud the government for allowing a peaceful walk. The ultimatum given makes no sense at all. Surprised to see Kabwila demonstrating for walking corpses

  62. Noxy says:

    A very useless demo I have never heard in my life.

  63. Tikukufufuzani mma NGO mwanumu tione ngati mulibe Nepotism, Regionalism etc. I know of Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre, CHRR ( kwa uyu amati Mtamboyu opanda nzeruyi and zoyankhula zake zazzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. So these NGOs mentioned above muli atumbuka thoooooo mumaaona ngati sitikuonani? Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Ngongoliwa says:


    1. powder says:

      ndi anthu angati amenewa? zankutu

  65. BalakaGuy says:

    God hear me,Alomwe ndi ife angoni,asena,amang,anja,ayawo,timacheza bwino kwambiri,sipakhala vuto linalililonse ayi,ndi chifukwa chake kummwera timavotera mwa unyinji,1994_Bakili muluzi,1999-Bakili muluzi,2005 UDF-Dr Bingu wa mutharika_2009 Dr bingu wa mutharika,2014 Prof Peter mutharika,tsono iwe ukati Alomwe atilamulire ukutanthauza cha?Alomwe wo mmesa amachokera kummwera,anthu a kummwera sungatigawanitse mitundu wachepa wamva timamvana kwambiri,Nde ukatii Bingu anatilamulira,Peter atilamulirenso ukutanthauza cha?anthu amenewo ndi anzeru ndi chifukwa chake mmbale wake walamulanso,zimenezo nde nzeruzo.ine ndi mngoni wa ntcheu,koma ilike the Mutharikas and i married there,so what exactly are u talking about?



  67. Stateman says:

    Atumbuka tsopano

  68. Ine Nchewa says:

    A police and ma jounalist thanks for increasing number of demostrators it was peaceful indeed

  69. Nambewe says:

    !Mwamudziwa Mulungu touch not my appointed ife zomwe tikuona ndikuti kumwamba kunasanduka Police kuletsa ena kuyenda maka akubawo .Mvula was covering Peter.APM yimba nyimbo ya Grace Chinga “Ndimangomva zothaitha kuti adani agonja”Ine kungokhala chete.kkkkkkkkk mademo mademo ndamva kukoma

  70. dyton Chiwaya says:

    Mudzadikile kutsogolo. Za Zii ndale basi. Mukulimbana ndi Alomwe. Ngati mufuna boma build a strong base. Koma apo bii game iri kummwera.

  71. mlomwe says:

    Ife tili busy ndi ntchito zakumunda zipangani mademo anuwo kenako njala ikakumenyani muziti ndi Dphiphi…fotseeeeek

  72. Mmihavani says:

    Hahahahaaaa what was the purpose??? You had no agenda. Shame on you. By the way you should be the last person to talk about nepotism. How did Undule employ you? How come everybody in your office is from Karonga and Chitipa?

  73. Hebrews says:

    APM is not an empty headed President! He does not practice confrontation politics. He is a learned man who knows what to do when and how. You CSO were used to the previous President who were going on podiums and start shouting then you say ” a good leader” Nonsense! Mwanya mwaona mumaona ngati akuletsani! Ndiye mwapindula chani?

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      What can an uneducated, tiny, Muntharika bootlicking nobody say?

  74. Man Ifeyo says:

    Mumati mutani petition yapelekedwabe a polisi sanawombele munthu akanatero neba wawo anakawakhapakhapa ndi zikwanje monga zikuchitikira.shame on you!!!

  75. Ine Nchewa says:

    Ma demo peaceful thanks police for the good work…even to countries with strong democracies the ruling party has the mandate to choose people they comfortable to work with thats the beauty of winning an election……The President has that mandate this is a fact lets think through with our demand….for 30 years MCP was in power Chewa was the word true or false…learn to be realistic and factual for the country development not falsehood…God has its own time for everything and is merceful

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      You cannot commit compare a dictatorial rule and a government 20 years after transition into demicracy. God is watching and he will act accordingly. Vengeance is His. Go ask Tembo how he is feeling now that God has taken aWay his wife yo make him face himsekf and think! Ill say this again Vengeance is the Lord’s, its a matter of time that you will be answerable to the souls that that yiu are tortouring now. Analiko anzanu ena ankanena choncho, nawonso anayiwala kuti theres a higher power than them….be very careful what you say and what you do….

  76. Jabulosi says:

    Culture of Mpando wonona as away of thieving and getting rich fast!!!! Unless this is changed Malawians will always be crying after all these are Recycled politicians!!!!!


    Why giving this government tough time and expect it to change everything in just 8 months it has been in office? Ngakhale mukadakhala inu simukakwanisa kusintha chirichonse within a year? aMtambo ndi atumbuka anzanu opanda nzeru ndi ozikonda muziuzana kuti Malawi does not belong to u only, tonsefe ndi a Malawi ndipo anzanunso ali ndi nzeru kuposanso inu. Ngati mukufuna leadership, wait for 2019 and try ur lucky then osati kumatinyasa apa pomwe muli a chitsiru komanso madeya.

  78. vindere says:

    Zimavenda zinachita bwino kusapita kuma Demo chifukwa ndi zimene zikanasokoneza ma Demo. Zimavenda zaku Malawi ndi zimabulutu heavy.

  79. God Hear Me says:

    Koma atumbuka, achewa, ayao, angonde, atonga, asena, amang’anja, etc etc ndife wopusa kwambiri tonsefe basi alomwe kumatilamulira? Komanso pachibale pachichimwene. Wamkulu kulamulira kenako wamng’ono mwina 2019 mwana wa Bingu or Mwana wa Peter who know?????????

    Ndiye titani? Basitu ma demo womwewotu mpakana 3030 kkkkkkkkk

    Bolani azathu ayao analamulirako kawiri Muluzi and JB. Achewa at least ngakhale kamuzu anali wa fake komabe anatinamiza kuti anali wa kukasungu……….kkkkkkkk

    Nanga mitundu inayi makamaka mtundu wangawu Mtumbuka ine ayi ndithu ma demo basi or else Federation/Secession no turning back kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Undule = Demonstrations, reason = kusankhana mitundu mboma
    Mtambo =Demonstrations
    Shawa = Demonstrations
    Kondowe= Demonstrations
    Trapence =Demonstrations
    Kyungu =Demonstrations
    Ngoma = Demonstrations

    Let us warn you that ngati muzitisankha mitundu mboma ifenso tizikusankhani mma NGO ndi mma campany. Tawuzana kale a Tumbuka tonse No NGO or whatever bungwe should employ NON MTUMBUKA . KKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  80. donie chigwambala says:

    I don’t have any problems with these demos which have happened…but frankly speaking I hate TRAPENCE he is always advocating useless issues such as homosexuals…fire burn battybwai

  81. Mkwaso says:

    Mwina pano atumbuka and your associates mitima yaphwa otherwise I am failing to figure out what the critical issues are. I think you guys just need attention but using wrong and ineffective approach.

  82. Patriot says:

    Demo was against NAC, Beam ndi Mulakko.
    President tiribe naye ncthito koma mbava zaku Nac, Beam ndi Mulakho

  83. Kadakwiza says:

    You can cry even harder, the DPP government don’t listen. Only Joyce Banda was a listening president. Not zinazi.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      But your dpp govt and its thugs like you are shaking. We will be a thorn on your side, you will never be comfortable as long as we persistently pinch and pierce you. Matama basi!!! You have got the message.

      Nobody i say again nobody is bigger than malawi and the people of malawi.

  84. gule says:

    if u want change in govt tnen wait for elections in 5 years time. its called democracy

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