Malawi CSO’s rebuke ‘govt propaganda’ against Jan 13 demo

Malawi civil society organisations who are planning peaceful protests on January 13 against “bad leadership” have condemned what they call government-orchestrated propaganda to demonise demonstrations, saying that is contrary to the freedom of expression.

Mtambo:  Demos a right for all

Mtambo: Demos a right for all

The CSOs are organising the demonstration over the prevailing political, economic, administrative and governance stalemate currently facing the country to be held in all the major cities and selected districts.

Spokesman of the demonstrations, Timothy Mtambo, said it is “retrogressive” for government to attempt stifling rights such as that of expression and assembly.

Mtambo, a fearless rights activist who is executive director of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) caution the DPP government from “any effort that is aimed at curtailing these fundamental rights by way of issuance of threats and mobilization of anti-demonstrations cadres.”

He stated: “It is important to state that the right to freedom of expression through demonstration, written or spoken statements has nothing to do with whether demonstrations are justifiable or not in the eyes of a third party.”

Mtambo called on government to “address the challenges” and provide the needed leadership.

The CSOs maintained that the planned demonstrations aimed at providing the citizens the platform to air out their grievances are still on.

One of the issues the CSOs are calling for protests is the issue of the National Aids Commission’s (NAC) financial grant to Beatify Malawi Trust (BEAM) and Mulhakho wa Alhomwe (MWA).

But some activist under the banner Civil Society Youth Consortium (CSYC), believed to be bankrolled by government, have condemned the CSOs for politicizing and demonizing the ‘noble work’ the two institutions are doing in the country.

NAC is said to have given BEAM and MWA K5 million and K9.4 million, but this did not go down well with some CSOs under the Grand Coalition, arguing that the two institutions do not have HIV/AIDS intervention programmes to warrant such financial support.

It is against this background that the groups have organized the demonstrations on January 13 2015 as a way of forcing BEAM, MWA to return the money they received from the Commission.

But CSYC spokesman Luther Mambala claims that the demonstrations are “politically motivated” and aimed at advancing the interests of ‘few selfish individuals’.

“We are pretty aware that a right to demonstrations is provided for in the Constitution, but we are against the idea of rushing to the streets without engaging the parties involved in the matter.

“Why are they refusing to give dialogue a chance?  They (demonstrations) are not in good faith; demonstrations should have been the last resort,” said Mambala.

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Connex Chilaka Ogalu

Ma demo alipo basi kaya ka radio kena kapange ma intimidations otani

Mtambo ask Mwasungula he failed to control chigulu cha anthu chomwe anapita nacho ku mseu. Mind you there is no peaceful demostration. You cannot say it will be peacefull as if you know the kind of people who will go to the street with you. Let me educate you, my young boy, akamati anthu akukayenda ku mseu ngati demo ya dziko lonse, kumatuluka anthu okumwa mowa, osuta chamba, now there is no way you can control munthu wa chamba because chamba its like a drug munthu akasuta mutu wake sumayenda bwino. Ndi aja amayamba kumphwanya magrocery anthu, kuswa magalimoto anthu… Read more »
Opepela ndi amene azapite ku mseuyo, chifukwa chipolopolo chikakutibula ndikufa, wafela zako. Kodi ndi atsogoleri angati adafa nawo pa 20 paja. Ngakhale Mwakasungula ndi Rafik olo kukandika ata. Anafa ndi anthu ogundika ngati iwe ndi ine. Mmmene ndinawonela ine nthawi imene ija aMtambo simungandiputsise olo pang’ono. Ndithu tikafele 5million ya ku NAC, kodi moyo umagula ndi 5million? Mukanatiudza mwina kuti tichite demostrate because of Cash gate, jetgate, kapena chimanga chinaola mma silos chija zinali zomveka, chifukwa cashgate anali ma Billion ambiri, ndege inali ya ma billion, chimanga cha ma billion. Koma zoona anthu akataye miyoyo chifukwa cha 5 million ndiye… Read more »

thats stupid coment


Friends, the strategy of blaming it all on Tumbuka people has outlived its purpose. Malawians now know better. It is just not working – what with the hundreds of thousands of our kin from south and centre who are peacefully working and doing businesses in the north. We may have to convince these people first that the northerners who are accommodating them are actually evil people.. Let us just re strategize


Kunena chilungamo JB ndi bulutu. Martha Kwataine, Sembereka mbuzi za anthu.zoona munthu wanzeru angamamvere Trapence bulutu wachabechabe anachosedwa ku MRA chifukwa cha umbanda. Martha nae ndi mphuno zakozo. Atumbuka anthu omvesa chisoni nanu ndi mabulutu


Taaoneni a Mtambo, better for you to demonstrate in support of your’favorite’ federalism

Connex Chilaka Ogalu

Go ahead all NGOs

Kakha Erutu

Ma profile a anthu amene akupanga phokoso wa sakundidalitsa olo pang’ono. These are frustrated non entities who are bankrolled by satanic organizations. Ongofunika kuwapemphelela basi.


The wakwithu are behind this

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