Malawi CSOs ring demo warning bell, issue 7-day ultimatum for First Lady to refund NAC money

Civil Society Organizations  (CSOs) have issued a seven-day ultimatum to First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust  to refund money  amounting to K5 million she collected from the country National Aids Commission (Nac) to to fund activities that have nothing to do with the fight against the HIV/Aids pandemic or else they will hold mass protests .

CSOs leaders addressing a news conference in Lilongwe, demanding BEAM, Mulakho and NIB to refudn NAC funds

CSOs leaders addressing a news conference in Lilongwe, demanding BEAM, Mulakho and NIB to refudn NAC funds

The ultimatum is also extended to Mulhakho wa Alhomwe, a tribal grouping that President Arthur Peter Mutharika belongs and is its patron as well as the country’s National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) drew a total of K57.4 million from Nac.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday,  the organisations included Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation, Malawi Health Equity Network, Malawi Network of People Living with HIV and Aids, Manelera, Centre for the Development of People said  if the money is not refunded in the time given, they will mobilise Malawians and hold countrywide  demonstrations.

“We have for instance noted the first lady Gertrude Mutharika lame excuse to attempt to exonerate herself from NAC-gate by saying she did not use any political influence to get the K5 million. But abusing NAC funds is unacceptable. They should refund the money or else we will demonstrate,” said  CEDEP boss Gift Trapence.

Trapence said that CSOs will write all donors and Global Fund to inform them on the abuse of the Aids money.

Executive Director of Malawi Health Equity Network Martha Kwataine  said “Malawi has suffered too much to tolerate another dimension of cash-gate with the name tag called NAC-gate.”

“If she [Mutharika] thinks the lives of Malawians can be put on hold simply because she wants to promote her trust, then she should think again. We have given her seven days from today, inclusive of Sundays, and if she fails, she will have swallowed a bitter pill. If there is money that should never be tampered with, it is NAC money because Malawi does not contribute a single tambala to NAC.”

CHRR executive director Timothy  Mtambo said Malawians  have right to demonstrate peacefully on matters of concern.

“Madam First Lady should know that NAC has its window where it calls for proposals from institutions and organisations in the HIV and Aids response and not to solicit funds for unrelated activities in the manner that was applied in this case,” he said.

Mtambo said health and specifically AIDS funding in Malawi is mainly donor supported by more than 90%.

“The money is entrusted to government on behalf of all Malawians to reverse the AIDS epidemic. It is given on trust to Malawians for appropriate use as often stipulated in funding conditions. We therefore find it irresponsible for an elected government to abuse its power which would lead to Malawians themselves failing to cope with their already staggering health conditions,” he said.

But in an interview with Nyasa Times, deputy chairperson of the Mutharika Trust, expressed surprise over the manner in which CSOs are handling the issues,  saying it is being blown out of proportion.

Magalasi said his organisation has never been given money in form of grant.

“NAC invited us to come up with the proposal [to get funding],” said Magalasi.

Ironic enough, it is the same NAC which, a few months ago, was asked by Global Fund to refund the unaccounted-for money worth millions of kwacha.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health chief medical services director Charles Mwansambo told the Parliamentary Committee on Health that NAC is undergoing an audit following reports that it disbursed money to organisations which did not have core HIV programmes, but had links to the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

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103 thoughts on “Malawi CSOs ring demo warning bell, issue 7-day ultimatum for First Lady to refund NAC money”

  1. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Magwiragwira anuwo mwagwira nawo posagwira. Miyezi 6 yokha mwaba kale so much, nanga kungathere 5 yrs. Ai, apa ndiye mwamwa posamba agalu. Musanza basi. Ufiti, chani kwenikweni?

  2. Vavlov says:

    Don’t relent on this matter; make sure all funds dubiously obtained from NAC (first lady president,& others) pay back immediately. It is disgusting to see money meant to assist needy people is being misused by first lady, husband, national intelligence bureau and a tribal grouping. Sue these people. NAC should be audited immediately, am sure more funds have been misused. Who is heading, NAC? he should be jailed.

  3. jojo says:

    The bastards asatisowetse mtendere of special r these guys? Mbava zachabechabe, we are badly disgusted with your powers.

  4. BISM says:

    Bravo CSO, that is what we expect from you! As for Dr. Collins Magalasi, remeber, you have a career! We have worked together on the UN Perception Survey, please opt out of this!!!! I am advising you as a friend!

  5. True man says:

    I second the idea abweze apo bii timatcha we are more than ready kumatcha.

  6. LU LU NGINDE says:

    makape awa abweze dolazo,

  7. NYAKWAWA says:

    Abweze basi amenewa akuchepera kaba.
    Last wk munalamula a Police kuti aphe MDF Soldier mpaka anamuomberadi with your Shoot To Kill Order- “STKO”

  8. NYATWA MJ says:


  9. Kamchitete says:

    Getrude, we dont want to someone dying of gunfire. Dont you also look at yourself as sick person. Makwatilakwatila awa will not take as a mile. Just refund the money or else you will, seven days is not five years. Why did start a trust while pocketless. Too stupid in the middest number one house

  10. Phungwako says:

    Apa a CSO mitu yanu sikuyenda, how could you involve Politicians and organizers of Tribal groups such as Ndamyo wa a Yao like Rev. Sembereka (why cant they disrob him, he now worthy of the title). He is a tribalist, murderer ( MH post election violence) and a FAILED politician……… koma mwati ameneyu nde opanga naye zinthu. This is how you derail a worthy cause

  11. Phungwako says:

    Kodi Sembereka amakamalankhula is PP talking or Civil society? Even the CSO are a bunch of politicians alibe legitimacy. anthu a DPP tulo mukolola even Sembereka kuti adzipanga phokoso zoona. I have never seen such a stupid unorganized political block ngati inu.

  12. chengolo says:

    @ 33.1 You have made my day!!! He smells rat because he himself is a rat sure kkkkkkkkk. Apapa wagwidwa ndi Geturudi Maseko Mutharika. If there has been a spate of robberies, and one robber has been caught, we punish him not those who we haven’t caught. Mbava ina yagwidwa yaku State House imeneyo is the reason for our demonstrations, wina abibidwa!!!!!! All of you opposing CSOs here go and mop the lake ife we are solely behind CSOs zobisa ayi. We are publicizing kuti THE FIRST LADY OF MALAWI, NIB AND MLAKHO HAVE STOLEN MONEY FROM NAC period. Let the whole world know that Malawi is being led by greedy thieves!!!!

  13. chengolo says:

    Plastic shoe ndi slippers zinakwatirana!!!!! Refund the money, we are not afraid of chigawenga chako unachiika as Inspector of Police umati chi Kanyama kaya Chinyama we don’t care chizakhala chinyamadi because we will throw it to the dogs. DEMO DEMO DEMO if this thief will not refund the money. MOB JUSTICE to these thieves basi shupiti. ALOMWE ndi mbava zoopsya pa Malawi pano koma akati kuchindana ndiye nambala wani.

  14. peter says:

    Please madam, First Lady just refund the money immediately. People are sufering with AIDs yet you allow to take the money. Bwezani Bwezani bwezani??????????? chonde bwezani ndalamazo

  15. nyekhulira says:

    Who presided over the grant offered? Was it isika or the Acting ED? If it is Bisika then no wonder mwamuchotsa dala ku NAC to conceal evidence….sizitheka mugwidwabe basi. If it is Davie Kalomba I think he has missed the direction which NAC is supposed to take. All in all, the message is clear ” OUR MONEY BACK OR ELSE WE WILL BE BACK IN THE STREETS AND THIS TIME MORE VIOLENT THAN BEFORE BECAUSE THIS IS A MATTER OF HEALTH MONEY WHICH IS AS GOOD AS LIFE SAVING MONEY”

    1. bogodo says:

      oosati violence man eeeeshi



  17. matutu says:

    All this is the fault of the executive at NAC. How can a genuine and integral executive allow this from happening? To please who? Has the executive know about an action and budget of any funding? Surely the BEAM budget item is not there nor any of such sort budget items. Very Fishyeeeeeee.

  18. makito says:

    Hehehe. Is all I can say in disbelief.

  19. DRAKE says:

    The best thing is to refund the money not under this pressure but as the first family accumulates money to refund. Some people like the short lady Martha is trying to settle a score because she was removed from a board. Most of these people who are making noise are Joyce Banda supporters trying to transfer the cashgate pressure which is mounting and MUTHARIKA must fire or remove all JB cronies who are in the systems and are personally fighting this Goverment

  20. PEFECO says:

    tiyeni pamseu asatizolowere agalu amenewa.

  21. mlomwe wachitonga says:

    as much as i dont support cashgating & NACgating.demos have never solved issues in Mw. instead lives have been lost. enafe sitikamacha nao koma I believe after matching the said organisations will refund the funds otherwise, waist of time.

  22. The Patriot says:

    Malawians are no longer sleeping! They know their rights ! Am so happy that the CSOs have issued such an ultimatum! Tikodole basi, aikodola okha ife tinali phe kutiyamba dala! Abweze basi, okuba ndalama za NAC lero sagona timukodolera!!!!

  23. Mayi Bwampini G. Muthalika says:

    Zayambika! Pajatu zonse zikuyambila paja anasiyira malemu akuba ajawa.

  24. Hoitty says:

    Ndalama za NAC zimayenda choncho ma boma onse. sizachilendo izi. Ndipo madam first lady amangotsatira zomwe zimachitika mma ulamuliro ena onse. kungoti nthawi ino a Malawi achangamuja, they will NOT tolerate nonsense. It is time to watch jealously iver our money so that onse olowa ndale ncholinga chifuna kulemera agwe mphwayi. Check constituency development funds, cooperations etc

  25. Pichi says:

    Koma kuchotsedwa mu board ndi chiwawa eti?

  26. Dzukani a Malawi. says:

    Enough is enough kuba ndalama zopezapeza anthu akazayamba kufa chisawawa ku HIV uko tizati ndi ndani waphetsa anthuwa? NAC-GATE muboma la a professor ili.

  27. m'dzakupepe says:

    Abweze baxi

  28. chatonda says:

    Refunding the money is the only option and it will act as a lesson to other abusers of government funds. Do not write the donors until we solve the issue locally.

  29. SIZOO says:

    Ndiwe chitsiru!!! kaliwenso mkalasi galu palibe chanzeru wanenapo apa STUPID

  30. Stupidity says:

    Poreshenko, you totally missed the point, it’s the principle Dude!!!

  31. Patriot says:

    Chipani cha mbava.
    Mdala > mbala
    Mkazi > mbala
    Dausi > mbala
    DPP > Dzembayitsa Political Party

  32. Nkwanda Wilson says:

    democracy is bad

  33. KK says:

    Trapence if you will write donars to stop funding NAC, if they will pull out sponsorship who will suffer is Getrude Mutharika and Peter Mutharika or poor Malawians who are suffering from AIDS. I don’t understand you guys be reasonable enough when coming up with your points. You like telling the Donars to stop assisting this country, zinthu zikamvuta muli President zikumubvuta, muli ndi bvuto zedi, get to know that one day a leader of your choice will be elected and he will dance the same song you are singing, because another group will raise to bring him or her down.

  34. Nyamakumutu says:

    Kale linkati lidzibwelera inu adadziwa oyimba. Azikaziwa ndiwoaokoneza sure bula uncle akanapanda kutengela sure bwezi pano izi kulibe. Okwe kulanga amoyo akufa ajizinga. Ata mama yawa simkazi kupata mbasa atatewa akanakhala okhapee. M’mwemo ajingoyolowera.

  35. Zi anthu za ndale izi ndi mbava zonse.Palibe chabwino apa.

  36. Gimbogo says:

    Whether beam was asked to come with a proposal or not the patron admitted getting money meant for HIV and AIDS activities and used it otherwise so is Mulhakhowalomwe and NIB. So the money should be returned forthwith , the NAC board should be fired Mulhakhwalomwe should be dissolved Get rude should be removed from beam and NIB top brass should go and the demos should go as planned even after the money is returned so that this stupidity should never happen again

  37. mbuzi iwe says:

    Kwataine, ubwenzenso ndalama za Macra unakamangira nyumba ya Mfumu Kuntumanji ku Zomba ija.

  38. buzitu says:

    let them return the money to NAC. As Citizens of Malawi, we are ready to sweep the roads and market places. eeeeeeeeshiiii.

  39. chakwanuleka says:

    DPP is a party full of thieves. They are sitting on Mk92 billion which they don’t want anyone to probe into. DPP went on to steal over votes and now leading from an illegimate mandate. The bribed the judges to pervert justice and frustrated MEC on recount when it was clear our votes were stolen. Now they are in government and want to steal anything that gets near them. CSO we are so much behind you and will support them move

  40. Kakha Erutu says:

    Mr. Trapence, what will it benefit your country “…writing all donors and Global Fund to inform them of …”? We manage situations using the power of reason and NOT emotions.

    1. disappointed says:

      Very stupid man with zero sense of patriotism. At the heart
      of his activism is self. How does writing all donors and global fund help Malawians. I repeat this is stupidity that frustrates me from all these so called and really self-declared human rights activists.

      1. disappointed says:

        I mean there certainly other ways of dealing with these abusers of power than the suggested nonsense. If money were channeled through your office would you be different? You see what I mean? So the problem is not solved by asking donors to stop assisting Malawi. OK?

  41. short wamtali says:

    a comment no. 33 inde mukudzitsata koma nkhani ndiyoti aka kokha tiyenda nawo nafe. come on CSOs tiyende basi mpaka abweze ndalamazo.

  42. gudgado says:

    yeah….cso leaders press them hard. if it comes to mass protests….i will trot on the front line. this is being irresponsible, i mean how can a well known figure, first lady, be the first to act irresponsibly? examples of………malizani nokha

  43. Chikopa says:

    Munabedwa mziko muno 20BN ndi pp munali pheeee mpaka kazembe wa america jackson anafunsa kuti chifukwa chiyani mwangoti pheee lero mukuwuzidwa zomwe ndalama yagwila kodi mumayang’ana nkhope ? Nkhani ndiiyi kapena ilipo ina?

  44. Mr.Bambo says:

    So NAC is so porous so that it is that generous to the ruling elite.Much as i agree that Getu refunds the cash, i would also urge managment at NAC to resign for wanting to kill the organisation becoz of seeking favours from the Presidency by giving it uncalled for favours.

  45. Bob says:

    You are a fool cant you see the implications. The NAC gets donor funding in US dollars. The folex money his country needs for survival. Ndiye akasiya kutandiza coz of such abuse do you think your family will be ok?

  46. Ubweze Basi says:

    I support the CSO to hold demonstrations. Ife a NAC anatinamidza kale kale kuti atipapatsa ndalama after proposal yathu itadutsa koma mpaka lero sanatipatse. Pali ma Bungwe ambiri omwe ananamidzidwa kuti apatsidwa ndalama kuyambira mwenzi wa June 2014 mpaka June 2015. Ndiye wina kungokhuta uko ndikupatsidwa ndalama popanda chifukwa cheni cheni. Ufuna mamunako afe ndi Cardiac arrest eti

  47. poreshenko says:

    Insanity what is k5m? Do u think such cash can or might buy your lives? Fools

  48. Civial societies at it again.pakatipa mmbuyomu zolakwika zambiri zakhala zikuchitika,mwakhala muli ndwiiiii ngati akukupalani mmutu popanda wopanga matukutuku,tikuwonerani ndi amene akukutumaniyo,I feel sorry for you.koma ngati ili nkhani yake imeneyi,ayi zonena zambiri ndilibe,koma kumbukirani kuti munali ndi A Undule mmbuyomu,.

  49. thimbwiza says:

    @29 Kangaroo court, you are very big disgrace to the Malawian society,I didn’t know that we have stupid people on this nyasa forum, if you are intellectually compromised the best thing to do is to keep quiet rather than exposing your intellectual deficiency here. Your comments are not relevant here try to look at things without political connotations and be objective not subjective.

  50. Nzwanya says:

    CSO’s? stupid dogs, go n’ investigate @ NAC who an hw many functions they’ve funded b4 n why is NAC silent? Whos is the complainant here? Tchewe vindere munatiphetsera anthu dat july 20 wht do u want nw. Why u ddnt giv de ultimatum to ur stupid JB on cashgate and her contradictory statements AND WHY NOW? Look for another loop hole girls! Vintchewe!

  51. John says:



    ANDALE KUSAMVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Bazuka says:

    Malawians of good have the legal right to demos since the government is bent to destroy the lives of innocent HIV/AIDS infected & affected people. Whatever explanation one gives to whitewash this hineous crime by Peter & his wife Getrude the truth remains ndi Mbava zoopsa izi. NACGATE has come too soon even before JB cashgate is concluded. Peter will steal K400 billion at end of his term. Mark my words.

  53. Umunthu says:

    #33 please be patriotic! Getrude waba ndalama za a Malawi. These Malawians are just fighting for their money. If Getrude and Peter really love this conry, before Tuesday next week , they will have refunded
    Ngati wadya nawo, zako izo.

    1. Baba wa Boyi says:

      I am more patriotic than you.

      Was Gertrude asked to give back the money and refused? If she refused then take her organization to court. If she has not been asked officially, then the first step is to ask her to give back the money not to demonstrate.

      So you mean you will demonstrate until she gives back the money? Mumagwira ntchito yanji?

      What are you going to do with those people whose businesses will be looted? Anadya nao ndalama za NAC? You know as well as I do that there are people like you who want demonstrations kuti mukatyole Masitola aweni mukabe.

      There are so many ways to get that money and demonstrations are the last resort.

      You say these Malawians are fighting for their money, you do not even know that the donor who provided that money wants its money back, so while I agree Gertrude should give back the money, it will not go to Malawians it will go back to Europe, including what was already used on people suffering from AIDS.

      You are just an ignorant looter.

  54. Mzati Weni-Weni says:

    I wonder why CSO’s are talking about one side of the story and only choosing bits of the story. Why not tell pipo the truth? Is Beam and Mulhakho wa alomwe the only NAC Beneficiaries????? the answer is NO! haven’t some cultural/ Religious organisations, not directly involved in HIV/AIDS got funding from NAC before? the Answer is Yes infact some have received much more funding than BEAM and Mulhakho combined. NAC has funded Faith/ Church organisations before which are not directly linked to HIV/AIDS issues so why the Fuss? so the synods should refund the cash as well????

    and is NAC forbidden to buy space at a function and put up banners of their choice? banners that will disseminate HIV/AIDS prevention????

    Mukufuna chani kwenikweni?

    1. Stupidity says:

      The difference is that this a Head of State and his ugly looking wife who have deviated funds meant for men, women and children with HIV-AIDS

  55. Baba wa Boyi says:

    What is an ultimatum?

    Have these organisations been asked and refused to cooperate?

    In line with ultimatums, there has to be punishment for not non-compliance, who do these people propose to punish? will the demonstrations punish Getrude and Mhlako wa a lomwe, or ordinary Malawians who want to go about their businesses?

    Are these groups going to accept responsibility when people start looting, because in most cases those that rush to demonstrate do so in the hope of starting a fracas to enable them to loot.

    have they asked NAC to explain how it came to pass that cash was given away? Because, if as Magalasi says “they were asked to prepare a proposal” the funds were given in line with NACs funding guidelines. NAC should be the one taken to task.

    The problem with organisations like CSOs, there is always one or two people that bulldoze proceedings to for personal agendas, and that is what is happening at the moment, people are trying to overturn the election results through holding government to ransom.

    The money given by NAC can be asked for back without demonstrations.

    I smell a rat!!

    1. dadaboma says:

      You smell rat because you’re a rat yourself.

    2. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Hahahaaaaa! Zavuta kuchimake wina alira…tinkakuuani, mulungu si munthu kapena nzanu…

    3. ndangodutsa chisale says:

      DPP sympathizer and looter.

  56. Frances Tyler says:

    This would be impressive except that the CSOs have such filthy hands themselves. As for APM, you didn’t just vote him in People, you allowed him to run for office!! He’s all yours now…Live with it! Who’s really shocked? Better than JB and her clowns that’s for sure.

  57. Mau Apaseli says:

    Sweet Music to my ears

  58. manonyo says:

    God allowed u guys in DPP to steal our votes for a reason and soon it will come to pass just repent your sins and follow Christ Jesus

  59. Kangaroo-Court says:

    Mbuzitu ndi inu mukutokota zopanda nzeru,do you know what does AIDS mean?I means Acqiured Immunedifficiency syndrome,meaning to say Acquire=what you get from somewher,Immunedifficiency=lack of immune or body sodiers,syndrome=an organism or agent.
    Now AIDS is the combination of many diseases a person can suffer,and they are some diseases that you can suffer because of Ubve,suppose you are HIV positive ,getting meds but if you are careless you can suffer.Optunitinstic diseases can get advantage on your Ubvewo.
    Mukutokota zofoira if you dont kow,more over a NAC akudandaulirani kuti Mrs Mutharika anawakakamiza kupereka ndalama?and that akusowa ndalama zogwiiritsira ntchito akudikilira budget ina?Bwanji kodi a Malawi,mukufuna akutameni ndani?mukufuna mudziwike ngati inu ndiye anzeru?Dziko lonse lino che Kwataine ndinu anzeru?munapita ku NAC kukafufuza mene dongosolo la ndalama lidakhalira?Nkomwenkomwe mankhwala mesa mumanyoza boma?ngati makhwala adzasowe,kaya akusowa osalankhula mwanzeru ndi boma kulifunsa kuti likuchitapo chiani?mumafunsa NAC mankhwala akasowa muchipatala?
    You have lost truck guyz,ndipo kaya ndi ma demo kaya ndi chiani mukungozivutitsa,chifukwa a NAC sakudandaula ndipo inu ngomvetsa chisoni bwanji!!!Inu,suppose family ina yapeleka thandizo like chimanga ku banja lina,kaya banja lolandirayo lidapempha kaya lidatani.ndiye banja lina lapadera lizidandaula kuti awapatsiranji,ai koma akabweze yet aini akewo misala imeneyo!!!koma guyz!!Openga akuchuluka mu dziko muno ndithu!TIMANGE ZIPATALA ZA MISALA ZAMBIRI I can see tht we are havng alot of cases now and in the near future.SHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!KKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MWAGWA NAYOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mumafuna muli inuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

    1. Ma battery a mlakho says:

      Now I believe iwe Kangaroo court either umadya nawo or ndiwe mlomwe/mbale wa these thieving are brainless.Pathakopako

  60. matchonisa says:

    Kodi mlako nchiyani? I humbly ask those involved in prosecuting cash gaters to investigate mlako, BEAM and NIB. Thieves!!! fyaaa!!!

  61. aheli moto says:

    abwenze abwenze abwenze asamazolowere amenewo abwenze abwenze abwenze basi iya totapa ife ndi atsogoleri ochita divert ma funds . ndikuti abwenze basi. milaho ya anzanu a ngoni a chewa ayao samatapo ku NAC iny=uyo kuyerekedwa mwati poti ndife ndife hooo mwauponda mubwenza basi munya muona ndalama za anthu ovutika ndi hiv izo . ndikuti bwenzanix10000000 zaweni izo

  62. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Gertrude, instead of becoming an asset to your latest husband, you have now become a liability . Without mincing words, simukukwana asisi . Zasolobana .

  63. mayo says:

    Gertrude could not form any club until she became first (second) lady? which employee at NAC released this money? who authorised?

  64. Mafikizolo says:

    At last, Malawians have woken up from their slumber . We are proud of you CSOs . Let’s take these crooks head on . Time for raping the country with impunity is now over . They stole the elections . Now they also want to steal money meant for poor people . But Malawians have now drawn a line in the sand . And anyone who dares cross that line will feel the full force of our anger .

  65. Bonzo says:

    Money is money basi asiyeni adye

  66. John says:

    Oh sweet Malawi. Sweet anthu anga. Zonse palive nchimodzi cholongosoka. Azungu komwe aliko angoseka ati….” iiiiiii abale, atsogeleri awa ndiye mbewa zotheratu”. Ati chani chizungu chake chija? Oh jah.. KLEPTOMANIACS! That is what happens if the people in power have absolutely no idea how real life is like in the villages. Let them go there, and see how people that are suffering from TB and HIV/AIDS look like. Let them go to the hospitals and understand how malaria is torturing little kids. Then they will realise what a selfish act it is to have done what they did.

  67. Mikoko says:

    This animal called Cardiac arrest is coming again to Malawi just see somebody, but don’t worry it just want to see somebody and they say it will join the demos after the demos it will go back to where it lives.

  68. Ngongoliwa says:

    APM is waiting for a time bomb. Critical issues are not being attended to. This reminds me when he was Education minister he failed to settle crisis and was moved to another ministry but now at that position where do we move you to??????????????? We should expect more crisis soon or later, if this is the way you manage mother Mw

    1. me says:

      move him to clean toillets but even to this job he dont fit
      maybe he could sit inside a cage and eat peanuts i think that will fit for that man.
      even when he go to us for dinner in white house all people critisize them dont even now how to stay giving a bad image to the country.
      put both of them in the cage him and his first lady

  69. Boma lakuba ndimo lilili palibe chabwino apa Mutharika tingomuthamangitsa

  70. Jimmy says:

    PLz Getrude leave that money meant for the Sick ppl,thats why m,mafa ngati agalu bcz anthu amakudandaulan.You cant jst take money from NAC and use it to launch your fucken poose BEAM which has nothing to do with Malawians.

  71. maxwell Nsani says:

    When you are doing your activist work, people like Reverend Mac Donald Sembereka, who is a politician belonging to a party, PP, which is a rival to the DPP should not stand on the same podium because you will be accused of being sent/used by opposition. sembereka stood for MP on a PP party ticket in mangochi central constituency and he cannot be on that podium as a member of a non governmental neutral organisation. let them be involved in the background not the forefront, alowetsa mphepo such a worthy cause that you guys are fighting.
    Just saying….

  72. Jimmy says:

    Koma Mbuzi ndimbuzidi eti,anthu akudwala kusowa ndi madzi akumwa mdzipatala iwe kumatenga ndalama kufuna eti kutolera zinyalala!pali nzeru apa?

  73. Mfwethu says:

    I hope the CSO leaders won’t be silenced in anyway, coz the one heading NIB now is a dangerous man, you remember those words that he said in front of late bingu concerning one john kapito, tingomusowetsa bwana ameneyu, so CSO leaders watch out otherwise everyone is behind your move, esp Mulhakho should return the money indeed. NAC what were you thinking funding a tribal grouping and Dr Magalasi, we didnt know you can stoop so low like this defending the money BEAM got from NAC. Everyone knows that a letter bearing the names of the people at Plot # 1 is already an order and not a request!!!

  74. nosaf says:

    No comment. ndilibe lawyer.

  75. Aferazao says:

    Dr. Magalasi you will throw your integrity to the dogs just for the sake of being Gertrude’s ********** leaker. Wake up man and see the world.

  76. kukukuki says:

    koma boma alimva kuwawa

  77. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You should be very brave to come to an extent of covering yourselves on Nacgate. Just return the money.

    All those contributions were supposed to be done before you came back to Malawi to join politics.

    It is today that you have remembered you went to Dedza Secondary School ? Why did you not make any contribution during the sixty years you in the bush ? You now have money to splash and yet money is a problem to Malawians . Tionana , you are getting our government and taxpayers money to wrong people instead of raising our salaries.

  78. nyaphaphi says:

    koma ngati ali joyce akukutumani please make sure you also march against the 67 million kwacha she took from NAC too

    1. jolly says:

      This one is in a court of law. So no demo required.

    2. chitipa wenya says:

      Ndalama anatenga Joyce ku Nac ndizitino, satana akukugwirisa ntchito iwe, ndakudziwa paja wadya nao nacgate, that’s pure satanic

  79. kwa phelewera kwathu says:

    What a pity!!!! The so called well educated and sofistcated people their lives is dipending on mulpractices.

  80. saini says:

    Here comes demonstration watch out of other 20 July where 20 people were killed by Malawi police

  81. Central says:

    APM, the best to do is to reclaim the green card basi ndikusowa pa Malawi basi! Pasavute apa!! Nanga titani ndi checkmate imeneyi?

  82. Uhudi says:

    Abweze ndalama zimenezi kumene chifukwa anthu ambiri akuvutika omwe ali ndi matenda amenewa, ndiye wina ali mbuuu nkhope azikatenga ndalama zimenezi pofuna kutola zinyalara basi. Kutione nkodi kapena ife a malawi chani? Ngati akufuna kupeza ndalama azipangisa ma fund rising dance osati ndalama za anthu ena. Mbuzi zimenezi ziyenera kubweza ndalamazi or tiyenda kumene. A dausi nanu kuti chani, Alomwe inu chani kwenikweni mubweze ndalama zimenezi insa. Nanu NAC anthu amalemba ma proposal ofunika kwambiri koma madikira mpaka zakazaka kuti apeze ndalama ndiye awa masiku ochepa kuwapasa ndalama zosenzi. NAC is not a donor fuck????

  83. Chindazi says:

    Abweze basi……. am on the way to collect the cheque from BEAM…. akutitengela kuntoso anthuwa……..

    I think this is the reason they suspended NAC Executive Director so that the can play around with AIDS money…. MBUZI INU…

    MUZAFA IMFA YOWAWA….. Mwamuona Lutepo….. wasala pang’ono kusikila kuli chete….

  84. Issa Kabudula says:

    With me I can say – they must be allowed to demonstrate, and I see no reason to why should first lady be forced to refund the already used funds? It was given to her to be used and not to be kept, so what the hell are we talking about? Human rights with Democracy brothers and sisters must be understood – at first the two can not work hand in hand, those who are in the human rights, should know that others too got their own rights, so the first lady it was her right to receive the funds to the proposal she submitted to the NAC.

    Its unfortunate for the human rights body to say “we will write to the international funders/sponsor to stop” what is this? Who are we fooling brothers? This Malawi belongs to Malawians, therefore lets exercise umunthu in dealing with the matters of the masses. Mobilising the people will not serve any thing, what can be an alternative is to say next time NAC must fund projects only of HIV/Aids – Malawi need a lot of developemnts initiatives, tikutha mphabvu ndi zithu za ziiiiiii. Tikule a Malawi.

    1. Stupidity says:

      Issa ! You can say all you want. The money that this ugly woman stole is made available by our development partners and their tax payers. It is therefore within order that they know how there monies are being diverted to enrich Mathanyula and “wife”

    2. Chess says:

      All these blunders within six months!!!! Koma ndiye mutikwana.

  85. me says:

    nice.who is she to have a foundation in 6 months?its for helping people?
    lets see if she is going to give the money or not?
    that money is to help people so she must give the money now tomorrow nothing else.
    that money is from the people not gertrude mutharika.
    this is a crime of political influence gives jail all over the world why not there?
    all this things are happening where is ACB.
    OH they want a raise.
    sorry people im saying this but this moment nothing is working there only times of unger are coming and too fast.

  86. GONAMKULAWE says:


  87. Anangokwatirana Mbala zokhazokha Kuteloko Pano ali busy Kusakaza chuma chaboma anya awona chaka chino chokha sitilora I wonder why our Police officers tolerate this nosense Had I been one Ndikanawapha Anthu amenewa Atinyasa atikwana achoke

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