Malawi CSOs unveil demo details: ‘Dress anything red’

Malawi civil-society groups  have revealed details of a  massive demonstration planned for January 13 by on the “deteriorating”  state of governance in the country and alleged abuse of funds meant for use in the fight against HIV and AIDS by private organisations with strong links to the President Peter Mutharika.

Red army: Back in the streets on Jan 13

Red army: Back in the streets on Jan 13

Among other issuses the CSOs will be holding street protests pressing First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beatify Malawi (BEAM) trust to return funds it obtained from National Aids Commission (NAC) worthy MK5 million which was not related to HIV and AIDS.

A part from BEAM, the organizers of January 13 demonstrations wants Mulhakho wa Alhomwe, a cultural grouping which President Mutharika belongs to return money amounting to MK9.5 million it obtained from NAC.

The CSOs also want President Mutharika to act on some of the challenges rocking the country such as the increase in industrial strikes and others.


In a letter to the District Commissioner for Lilongwe which has been copied to the media, the Inspector General, Chief Secretary to Government and CEO Lilongwe City council, the 23 concerned groups have said the demonstrations will take place in Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe Mzuzu cities and also Karonga district from nine in the morning.

“On behalf of the listed organizations, we write to notify your office about the planned demonstrations in line with section 96 [1] of the Police Act [2010] which requires the conveners of the demonstrations or protests to give notice of not less that forty-eight hours [48 hrs].

“These demonstrations are in protest of the unwarranted funding from NAC of HIV and AIDS funds to organizations that are not meant to receive such funding, and the general decay of the state of governance in Malawi,” reads the letter delivered to District Commissioner for Lilongwe .


The information is complete with the routes that demonstrators would take and where petitions would be presented.

The CSOs say in Lilongwe, demonstrations will start from the community centre ground via Mchesi past Kamuzu Central Hospital via Lingadzi round about past NAC offices and parliament building before delivering the petition at civic Offices.

In Blantyre, those participating in the demonstrations will assemble at Upper Stadium through the high way to deliver petition at Civic Offices. In Mzuzu, assembly will be at Katoto and match throughMzuzu Clock tower via the high Court roundabout before delivery of a petition at Civic Offices.

In Zomba, the plan is for CSO members and other demonstrators to assemble at the community centre ground then a match through Mponda Primary and direct to the Zomba district assembly to deliver the petition

According to the statement, in Karonga district, demonstrators will gather at Karonga round about and match directly to the district council offices to deliver the petition.


Organizers of the demonstrations say the protests, which will be undertaken by Malawians from all sections of the society, will comply with dictates of the law and will be peaceful.

Over 22 civil society organizations, including some rights activists endorsing the demonstrations in their individual capacity are expecting to take part.

“We trust, Sir, that by this notice, the relevant security organs of the government will take their rightful role as provided for in the Republican Constitution, and further, in accordance with section 40 [2] [d] in respect of prevention of obstruction on occasion of public assemblies, processions or demonstrations on the public roads or streets,” reads a statement released Wednesday.

The statement, signed for by Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation-CHRR- is said to have been endorsed by: Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN), Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP), Nurses Organization of Malawi, Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with HIV and AIDS, Malawi Network of People Living With HIV.

There is also the Citizens for Justice (CFJ), Civic and Political Space (CPS) , Church and Society Programme– Livingstonia Synod (CSP-LS) , Human Rights Defenders Forum (HRDF), Hebrews Misomali (In his capacity as a human rights defender), Benedicto Kondowe (In his capacity as a human rights defender), Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre , National Elections Trust ANPPCAN Malawi Chapter, Local NGO Forum on HIV/AIDS , Foundation for Community Support Services, Youth and Society, Child Development and Support Organization, Centre for Youth Development, Outreach Scout Foundation and Youth Watch and Society.

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79 thoughts on “Malawi CSOs unveil demo details: ‘Dress anything red’”

  1. The demonstration has nothing to do with PP zotukwanana ayi Be objective

  2. clement says:

    Martha Kwataiwe,I didn’t espect you to be used with minority tribe who are trying to bring confusions in our peaceful nation.Keep on but only those with nothing to do will attend your fucken demos.Thanks to Christian Service Committe and other CSO’s for not participating.

  3. Azo says:

    Tikakumana ku msewu konko!

  4. partie says:

    number 61 mmaso mwa ambuyako mwana wa njoka iwe, this has got nothing to do with tribes, it simply shows how dull and stupid you are. what have we done as atumbuka, kupanda nzeru kumanenedwa kuja ndi kumeneku coz u wil neva find mtumbuka akuyankhula ngati akuyankhulira konyerera ngati mmene wapangira iwemu galu nyani iwe> u are actually the ones who think from the anus akapolo adziko inu

  5. Fooling others says:

    Ife a ma CSO tikukupemphani please a malawi nonse mutisapote, at least for once pa demo tikukonzayi. Anzanufe tadyatu zambiri nanga demoyi ikalephereka tizichita justify bwanji? Atipatsawo akuti isalephereke ayi nanga ikalephereka tidzabweza bwanji? Ndalama zambiri tagwiritsa ntchito kale, kumalidzitsira timanyumba tomwe tinaima chifukwa cha cashgate timadyelera ija. Of course ndalama zomwe taombazo tidya tokha monga mwa nthawi zonse. Tsono enanu mukamati mfwiii mfwiii mademo ayi ife a chi na Martha Kwataine, Macdonald Sembereka, Timothy Mtambo, Gift Trapence and Dorophy Ng’oma.

  6. Za ntiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,za njeeeeeeeeeeeeee …za ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,zohohowana,….zopanda mutu….zopanda mchere zenizeni

  7. God Hear Me says:

    Having analysed the trend of strikes, demonstrations and ultimatums; I think the problem is indeed beyond nacgate and salaries. One should be attempted to look at the organizations touting for demonstrations critically. It seems those organizing the 13 January demonstration are very strategic and they are looking at the next agenda after the demonstrations. Check the recent press release by Dorothy Ngoma and friends on Healthy workers threats for strike.

    Dorothy Ngoma after organizing 13 January demos goes ahead and connive with MCTU for the possibility of organizing another demonstrations in the name of healthy workers.

    When you were enjoying with Dr Joyce Banda you were not bringing these issues you people aaaaaa God be with us! Something is going on APM be on the look out.

    The strategy is simple; SOCIAL UPRISING LIKE EGYPT, TUNISIA, YEMEN, LIBYA, BURKINA FASO [recently] due to socio-economic distress.
    But the reasons cited in these countries by those who demonstrated were valid and you can not compare with Malawi. No wonder occasionally Dr Chakwera is making remarks siding with the strikers even during this time when he was supposed to be consoling JZU.

    Watch out APM it is more than just demonstrations

    Cashgate MK20,000,000,000 stolen, money in cars, trees forests, wardrobes but NO DEMONSTRATIONS NON NOT EVEN PRESS RELEASE condemning the act.

    Nacgate MK5,000,000 NOT stolen but because the organisations relates to APM


    To me the demonstrations are beyond the reason (s) cited the actual truth is
    Timothy Mtambo, Benedicto Kondowe, Dorothy Ngoma, Livingstonia Synod and others the issue is about QUOTA SYSTEM AND QUOTA SYSTEM nothing else these people have nothing to do with Nacgate or what soever.

    While Rev Sembereka, Martha Kwataine, Misomali and friends the issue is survival after failing to win elections and after being booted out of mipando yonona zinthu sizikuyenda nothing else these had nothing to do with billions of kwachas stolen, poor salaries and poor working conditions during Joyce Banda tenure so what is so special now.

    To the rest of the people its either just following like train with no idea of what our leaders are fighting for.
    So to all of you supporting watch out unless you are in the same political camp but let me assure you that this time NO NO NO and Not because APM will not DIE and so the thinking that since it is early CHILIMA can not take over hence elections shall be held so that Dr CHAKWERA can take over MY FOOT it won’t happen you are JOKING BIG TIME!!!!! and wasting your time!!!!


  8. zebe says:

    Demonstrations are the only way to show displeasure with authorities on issues affecting the society. It is only in Malawi where people choose to remain quiet and suffer in silence and demonise anyone who comes out and speak. Kamuzu sananame anatipezadi tikuyenda maliseche komanso opanda nsapato. With the way things are, there are enough grounds to march against this passive government

  9. jm says:

    Kikkkkk, koma atumbuka nde mumaganizira from ur bottom and not head. I wish u had minds to think with. Anzathu a PP, nde mbuzi zina zamamina! Kikkkkk- tiziona.

  10. kwabaniso says:

    Kodi Demo yi ndi ya K5million ya Beam ? kapena K75million ya Joyce Banda Foundation International???????
    K5 million ya Beam yabwezedwa koma Joyce Banda sanabwezebe K75 million, kapena wakutumani ndi Joyce Banda kuti muchite Demo? anayiwala kuti iye ndi amene anayamba kutenga ndalama za NAC? a CSO mwalemba mmadzi, Demo sikhalako, Joyce Banda wanuyo waululika

  11. Kenkkk says:

    The maturity and indeed tolerance of dpp and its supporters will be tested by this rightful demo. This will define dpp’s respect for democratic values and human rights. The world is watching!!!

  12. yuona says:

    Tapanganinso organize football game ya BB ndi any local team to spice up the event.

  13. Clement says:


  14. HOLY HOLY says:

    The devil is a liar. THIS THING WON’T HAPPEN WON’T TAKE PLACE IN JESUS’ NAME! Do u understand shallow minded tumbukas

    1. Jesus Child says:

      So Tumbuka people are not Jesus’ children? Who do you think has kept Tumbuka people strong and focused – through 50 years of marginalization and ridicule from you. Of course it is Jesus wa chilungamo, wa ulunji. Amen

  15. J. Manda says:

    Ngakhale ine sindili wacilomwe koma atumbuka enanu mwanyanya. Maka iwe den nambala 56 kodi munakhala bwanji? Ur aeguments doest auger well with what mlakho executive said. They said clearly that they didnt receive cash but service. Are u mad the tumbukas? What do u really want from mlakho? Plse shut up.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Because you are blind or deliberately refuse to see what eagle eyed people see in this saga. You only believe what your people tell you as the only truth.

  16. pwiyopwiyo says:

    I’M READY IN RED even Now,Bravo CSOs Ma Demo! Ma Demo! even school going kids are taking to the streets!!!! Why not us Tinavota!!!!!!!

  17. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Time waster for a lot of people. Time well spent for Mtambo and Trapence because they will be paid handsomely by their political masters who will sponsor these dubious demos. But one thing is for real: nothing tangible will come out of these so called demos.

  18. Kasenye says:

    The Cry Of The Masses Is The Cry Of God. Once God Raises His Voice, Things Are Brought To A Halt As Is The Case With This Poor Administration! God Is Watching Every Detail Of Your Clandestine Moves! Lets Move On God’s People And Bring Down This Shameless People Together With Their Bootlickers. Bravo CSOs!

  19. Den says:

    I have belaboured myself to read most of these comments, it would seem a certain trend is emerging (typical of Malawi) the Mlakhos are seriously opposed to this as others are freely eager to participate in this freedoms. My only question is that, Why is Mlakhos knowing very well that it has, if you like fraudulently obtained NAC cash not just give it back? We have the Mzimba heritage,the Chewa and the and Ndamo Sya Ayao groupings (some of which existed before Mlakho) who have never been this crooked. Why should Mlakho pretend that it is perhaps the only cultural/tribal grouping? This is the only challenge we as Malawians have. Mlakho MUST give back the money. Mumayambilanji chin thou choti simungathe kuchiyendetsa bwino popanda kubako ku NAC ok.

    In the same vein, BEAM should give the money back, I mean the money they unreasonably and selfishly got from NAC. It’s better to use lavish pits than have someone get away a ventilator fron a dying patient in a hospital so that she can sell to buy a plastic rubbish bin ayike mumsewu (zopanda mutu)

    People have the right to demonstrate against any ego and arrogance of Mlakho and BEAM refusing to give back the money. I do not understand the arrogance of even refusing to thank people, who in their own well considered view saw it fit for Mlakho to give back the money. They contributed the cash (if they genuinely did it) and gave back on behalf of BEAM only to have an arrogant individual refusing to acknowledge that they knew the fellows and that they did not do it on your behalf, shaa arrogance at its best!!!!!!!!! So this time you need to give it back right now

  20. Nyapapi says:

    I can challenge you right now and bet my middle finger, these demos won’t happen coz they do not make sense!

    If they were against NAC then yes it was sensible but these CSOs can not dare do that as then they will not be able to ask for funds from it!

  21. mr what what says:

    tiyeni komko ndipo zisakhale za mtendere ndiye si demo imeneyo ndi kuongola miyendo

  22. Kadakwiza says:

    Pafunika demo ija ngati yapa Joburg yaah! Angamve mubebe a bomawa. Chifukwa yimene ija akakoti Demo, palibe munthu wopita ku ntchito, palibe minibus yonyamula anthu kupita nayo ku tauni. Akapeza galimoto kutentha. Munthu aliyense apite ku Demo. Nde demo yapa Joburg. Koma maganizo anga ndimati mwina lipatseni boma nthawi at least chaka likalephera nde kuzipanga ma demo tsopano. Koma pano boma lidakonza zina ndi zina mwina zinthu zizayenda bwino masiku akubwerawa. Ine ndimati ma demo ayime kaye mpaka May 2015. Pano kukadali mmawa. Anyway good luck.

  23. J. Manda says:

    Koma zowona ine ai anthu akamanena kuti atumbuka anthu ozikonda samanama eti. Mukupangisa misonkhano usiku ya atumbuka okhaokha kumemezana kuti pasikulo azatuluke mwaunyinhi wawo. SHAME ON U ALL THE TUMBUKAS.
    Anthu samanama kuti palizomwe mukufuna osati mademo. Mademo mwangozerako. Ine ndiye ai sindingayerekeze kupitako.

  24. golo says:

    Very right to demonstrate and show them that power belongs to the people -Burkina Faso a case in point

  25. Anonymous says:

    Who are this peope talking like they own Malawi ,which money are you talking about .The demo will never change anything but damaging ask pple from SA they will tell you what exactly they benefit from demo if is not breaking shops is killing go on and we shall see

  26. gona nkulawe says:

    any transport from nkhatabay to mzuzu .or any one to provide tpt

  27. jupiter says:

    Tiyeni—-RED ARMY?…..kkkkkkk….mmalo momakapalira chimanga uko….
    Amene akukutsogoleraniwo apeza ndalama inu mukangotemedwa za ziii…..Mukapanga zomwe mukuti Demozooo…akawaonjezera zina naga si well done!, inu wa ku clinic ena ku police…

  28. Mulomwe Weniweni says:

    Nkhondo simanga muzi, chakula apa ndi dyera. To hell with your demos. What will you profit from demos, kupusa basi. Kodi atumbuka inu, inu, inu, vuto lanu ndi chiani? As long as am alive, mtumbuka sazalamulirapo dzikoli, ukumva iwe Mtambo?

  29. Matchado says:

    Go konko basi . These matchona need to be taught a lesson . By being calm, it doesn’t mean that Malawians are stupid people . So many things are going wrong in this country . Previously capable men are being made to look like fools in the eyes of their families , all because of the blunders of this stupid government . Tatopa ife and mkwiyo wathu muzauona pa 13 January .

  30. Fathara says:


    1. MMALAWI says:

      Osamakonda kutchula pachabe dzina la Mulungu chifukwa Yehova sadzamuyesa osachimwa wakutchula pachabe dzina lakelo

    2. Mccarthy says:

      WOtembeleredwa ndi iweyo, because you cannot. Fight for your Country

  31. happening boy says:

    Its not about Christians or Moslems even pegans participating in the demo, its about being a Malawian, if you don’t see the necessity then you better hung yourself because you are useless to society.

  32. Wanex banda says:

    Chakula ndi dyera anthuwa asathpusitse

  33. fathi slshehaab says:

    please amene simukudxiwa chimene chabvuta or chikupweteka khalani komanso fone mutseke…osamafumnsa kutu zikuyenda bwanji ayi mumva tikadzabverako.
    media pilo do not di live brooadcast lets hav blackout til xonse zachitks mumvera kwa ife!

  34. Saini says:

    I will be there God bless

  35. vitselekwete says:

    Mukuti boma libweze ndalama? Nanga cashgate ikuchitika m’mabungwe anu bwanji? Undule anathawa ku CHRR chifukwa cha kuba, Sembereka anaba ndalama ku HRCC, mAPHUNZIRO FOUNDATION MANARELA. Dikilani tiyambe kubvumbulutsa zambiri ku MHEN, CHRR, Church and Society Livingstonia, Citizens for Justice. Don’t take the speck out of somebody’s eye when you have a log in your own eye! Baibulo imatelo! Tipange forensic report mu mabungwe onse. Tione alimbe

  36. Hebrews says:

    This time around police should target the leaders when shooting! Because if this march was in good faith, they would marched against Cashgate, Jet gate and maize gate where a lot of billions have been lost and a lot of lives have been affected! What is K5million as you compare with K23 billion/K92billion kwacha?

  37. wagwa says:

    upitako wekha. bola ikanakhala nkhani ya cashgate ija Nanga ka 5million! !

  38. Mzika ya Mw says:

    Winawe ukulandira ma ARV koma chifukwa cha umbuli ukuti palibe zifukwa zopangira mademo pa 13th January. Funso langa ndi lakuti kodi akasiya kukugulira ma ARV ulimba or kapena udzatha kugula ma ARV daily?

  39. akatswiri says:

    You Blantyre venders matendawa simukuwaona mmene akufalikira,you are happy kuti ndalama za edzi anthu odzikonda adzipangira maphwando mmalo mugula makhwala,God is watching you from the distance.

  40. DANIEL PHIRI wa Mutharika says:

    why should someone call democracy ungodly, this has nothing to do with GODLY issues. MALAWI lets work up from this deep slumber of crying in silence. for how long shall these dirty politicians steal from us? kugona amalawi kuthe.

  41. Man of God says says:

    I am against reclaimed CSOS demos,they are selfish people who just wanted to benefit from it and make many people to suffer, why don’t they much when the same NAC gave grant to organization of Joice Banda and other non related HIV Organizations?
    Anthu akubawa muwasiye apite okha kunseuko, anthu adyera osakonda dziko lawo.
    Mupatseni mpata APM alongosole zinthu.

  42. Thyolo man says:

    The one who is against these peaceful demostrations is a bad citizen. A true sober Malawian will definitely give full support. If you are anti demos then just know that you are not wealthy living in Malawi.

  43. Govt should be the first to fear the Demo. The solution to this is not to hire people To shout on the president the only way to end this is to give people what they want.It is not about fat salary but people want affordable president do cheat people that the govt has no is only an empty head can say that.Are you saing that we dont have any thing to sale to earn money?mr president cant u remember if u are amalawian what Kamuzu did so as to make malawi kwacha more powerful than dollar .The best to reduce the cost of living.U can do that by reducing tax on goods which automaticaly will reduce the cost of commodities.wake up mr p.If u dont listen u will soon cry.Let us love our people.u are happy saying that kwacha is on the right truck while farmers have already struggled in buying farm inputs.whay type of leaders are u and yet u hire people to shout on the radio.In our party (MAFAP) we cant allow that.more to come.

  44. Wa ganda mseu says:

    He who it fits let them go ahead. no objection if they gona be peaceful. but police need be professionals in administering security during such events…..we hop freedom of expression will not be blocked. proper steps have been followed.

  45. STEVEN says:

    Kodi ndikapita kudem ndipezako chiyani? aa basi ndikagwire ganyu ndizapeze chakudya cha pakhomo, uku amasayinira ndokulu okha okha a mabungwe oyenda chokhala ife okaputha buye kukerakera nuvutika

  46. cso's follower says:

    Demo can’t fail coz we r tired of stupidities. Now we r true Malawians with open minds. Go to hail with ur failures.

  47. cso's follower says:

    A Malawi tinayamba kupenya osamatijaira pano. Mumvanafe kuwawa. Mulibe ana mmalawi muno koma cholinga kusokoneza, kuononga ndalama za a Malawi osalakwa. Musamale komanso muuzane. Where have u been all ths tym? Go where u hv been before.

  48. Achimidzimidzi says:

    The most painful part is the president can about Capital Cashgate but he is silent on NACgate. He is said to be principled but his principles are selective then. Let do the demonstrations its another way of expressing discontentment.
    In chichewa they say,’Khoswe akhala pankhate sapheka’. Kapena. Kuti ‘ Muvi oyang’anira umalowa m’maso

  49. Marioshona man says:

    All stupid individual Malawians will help Mtambo and Trapence to source funds into their families through the meaningless demonstration . God will purnish all Demo perpetrators.

  50. Munthu odzikonda mtumbuka says:

    Dziko tigawanepo iri!

  51. wosamba says:

    Ngati pali wotenga chiletso nthawi ndiyomweyi osati usiku pa 12

  52. Mr.Matakoakanapansi says:

    Ive come to believe that malwi will not change until Jesus come to save His peoplen chimola nsaje dani wankulu malawis adalakwe kumuika mnation athem. selfishness DZIWANIthe living God akuonawa cilungamo ndipo coona sicipondeledzedwa APM limba mtima God is WITH YOU GOD BLESS MALAWI and all the enemies be defeateds! kambaanga mwala questionable CSOs integrities!

  53. Patriot says:

    Don’t kill democracy by bringing in the police to kill innoncent people and firing teargas anyhow bcoz demonstration is a RIGHT, but to protect them.

  54. acn says:

    I will b there. What about in our locations where many concerned are. We need to uproot this devilish and very corruptible government

  55. Political Analyst says:

    No wonder mbava zandale zonse zakwiya.Don’t disturb this democratic right please.Hoping the police will fairly provide the necessary security.

  56. rif says:

    Shame on my christian brethren who will take part in these ungodly things!

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Usadzinamize… so you think it is more christian to steal from the sick than to speak up for those who have no voices?

  57. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    What about time frame for government to come up with solutions? Way forward in case of failure to do so?

  58. Chabecheker says:

    The demo has to be routed through roads that are less busier to traffic and areas where there no shops to avoid disturbance to other road users and malicious damage to shops

  59. What for then? I suggest that everyone in this country feels like he can manage to be a president( to run government machinery).Im against Nacgate and I urge APM to have a say in silence and bring an immidiate resolution.On the other side,Im greatly against demonstrations organised by these so called ‘CSOs’ with the aim of sucking fat allowances from their respective ant-christ organisations with agenda that you are representing Malawians but while truthfully you are representing your families.I challenge you that you lack credibility and humanity when it comes to addressing crucial issues.

    A teacher by professional suggests!!!!!

    1. yonayona says:

      Love this!
      Anthuwa akulu ndi dyera!

  60. Tom Cruise says:

    Tibwera in large numbers

  61. mtila zomba says:

    za ziii zopanda ndi mchere omwe.count me out ndidzakhala ndikugulitsa mipando yanga ku mchesi, mukazangoyerekedza kundiswela shop mundidziwa maka maka iwe kwata ine

    1. Kakha Erutu says:

      Of all the districts, why Karonga only? Ndi chifukwa chache ndaganiza zongokulozani atumbuka nonse kuti mufe. Mukatha kufa, Mpotoland yonse tizaisandusa malo otayilako zinyalala.

      1. They want to prove their dyera Paramount Chief wrong when he refers to himself as “WE”

      2. Kenkkk says:

        The most important district in the country. Enawo ndi a yes bwana yes bwana ngati inuyo !’

  62. Real African says:

    Yes, where things are not fine, we have to show we are conerned. But I see this move misplaced. I would have appreciated much if these CSOs had involved discussions not rushing to demonstrations.

    1. Mr.Bambo says:

      What kind of talks are you talking about?Didnt you hear both Beam and Mlakho agents defying openly that they can never ever refund the money?Dzuka Real Africa dzuka!!

  63. opportunist says:

    We have taken hid of the clothing and which is straight forward to follow

  64. Chipoya LJ. says:

    now i know the motives of these so called CSO especially by the Lilongwe route itself. why such a long distance in Lilongwe. now i know that its not onlyJB who is behind this demo but someone in a certain big opposition party which its stronghold is Lilongwe and the central region. will see alot of its party zealots. yes, a hyna hiding in sheep skin.

    these people (CSO) just want to capitalise on malova of Nchesi and other vendors even those of Bwandiro and A/18. why not gather at KCH round about and go straight to DC’s office? its a distance enough for demos.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!

  65. atumbuka muphetsa anthu osalakwa _i warn you we will shoot and kill if you start vandalising property of people

  66. jesus is lord says:

    This is just a load of trush total waste of time we have had Demos before and nothing but damaged shops and looting comes from it so when you read all this talk here you can’t help but wonder what’s the real motive here coz surely its not about making the government act on anything.

  67. Zansete says:

    Ife tichita zionetselo chifukwa ndalama za NAC sizoseweletsa Ai,tikufuna kupeleka uthenga kuti ndalamazo mubweze tigule ma arv,kodi Gertrude ulibe chisoni?

  68. kasoto says:

    tili konko

  69. Red army says:

    kukuchedwa kucha

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