Malawi defeat to Algeria shatters Africa Cup hopes

Malawi national football team have themselves under enormous pressure to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations after losing to Algeria 2-0 at home, Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre on Saturday October 11.

Ng'ambi in possesion of the ball....Jeromy Kadewere

Ng’ambi in possesion of the ball….Jeromy Kadewere

Silence. after Malawi conceded a goal ..Jeromy Kadewere.

Silence. after Malawi conceded a goal ..Jeromy Kadewere.

Tough luck ! Dejected Flames after the game.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

Tough luck ! Dejected Flames after the game.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

Gaba started on the bench...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Gaba started on the bench…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Malawi coach Chimodzi and his assitant Jack Chamangwana...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Malawi coach Chimodzi and his assitant Jack Chamangwana…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Walk to the field of play....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Algeria bench....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Algeria bench….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Victory before a capacity 30,000 crowd at Kamuzu Stadium lifted Group B leaders Algeria to nine points from three matches after defeating Ethiopia and Mali last month.

Another win over Malawi in Blida Wednesday would guarantee the 1990 African champions a top-two finish and a place among the 16 finalists.

The Flames started giving false hopes that they would tame Africa’s highly ranked team in the first eight minutes.

But the ghosts came back to haunt after conceding in the 10th minute through  Qatar SC  central defender Rafick Halliche who powered home from a corner kick.

In the 30th minute Robin Ngalande connecting a good cross from Atusaye Nyondo but the goalkeeper Adrien Adi Rais Mbolhi denied the Flames an equaliser with a brilliant close ranger save.

Two minutes late Ngalande missed another opportunity attracting a cacophony of boos from disappointed fans.

Chiukepo Msowoya, who was handed a rare start for the Flames after being recalled to the national, also had his fair share of misses.

Msowoya failed twice to inside the 18-yard box towards the end of the first half.

Malawi attacked for much of the second half and came closest to equalising when captain and midfielder Joseph Kamwendo struck a post.

Flames coach Young Chimodzi substituted Atusaye Nyondo for Frank Banda then Chiukepo for Gastin Simkonda.

Out of form South Africa based professional Gabadinho Mhango substituted for fellow PSL professional Ngalande.

But Malawi failed to make the most of the chances as they let Algeria’s pedigree outshine them with a second late goal scored by substitute defender Eddine Djamel Mesbah who plays for Italian Seria A team Sampdoria.

In another Group B game Mali, who beat Malawi 2-0 in, cemented its second position after beating Ethiopia by the same margin to collect six points from three games.
Malawi  squad
MacDonald Harawa, Bashir Maunde, Francis Mlimbika, Limbikani Mzava, Harry Nyirenda, Chimango Kayira, Robert Ng’ambi, Joseph Kamwendo, Robin Ngalande (Gabadinho Mhango) Atusaye Nyondo, (Gastin Simkonda), Chiukepo Msowoya (Frank Banda).

Algeria Squad
Adrian Rais Mbolhi, Guiseppe Medin Lacen, Ghoulam Faouzi, Aissa Mandi, Rafik Halliche, Riyad Mahrez, Cherif Ishak Belfodil, Sofiane Feghouli, Eddine Nasr Yacine Brahim, Carl Medjani, Nabil Bentaleb.

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58 thoughts on “Malawi defeat to Algeria shatters Africa Cup hopes”

  1. iqbal says:

    ALLAHU AKBAR, by the grace of Allah, we shall punish Malawi 5-0 in Algeria. we have not forgotten the 3-0 you did to us, INSHALLAH

  2. Mnkhulang'ona says:

    Slow in attacking,Chiukepo should be dropped…

  3. Truck says:

    Malawi played very well but they missed their chances to score but next Match once you have find changes we must score in the second half Malawi dominated the Ground so don’t lose hope we can still beat Algeria keep it up Guys.MALAWI MOTO!

  4. Gogo says:

    I heard that the players had a moutain meal of mugayiwa &utaka b4 the game,so how can they run and win the game.Again they were kneeling b4 there fellow players to show respect which Late Kamuzu taught them,so how can they win.Again the flames were all dwarfs compared to there fellow gaints.

  5. Victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I agree with Bomanile,
    The boys put in a grand fight, but the finishing was a problem…Unfortunately it’s the finishing that matters. Usually when you miss a lot of chances you end up getting punished later. Need more work up front. By the way, why was Gaba brought in last 10 minutes? Possibly the coaches know better.

  6. Concerned says:

    ndimo vikuwila usange mcharo mukusankha mitundu.thank u God.

  7. Mr.Bambo says:

    You are very right Bongololo.This team ingakuphe ndi High blood pressure.

  8. Stocker says:

    1.2.3 – 1.2.3 viva algerie
    our team can do best what it did in malawi
    but the malawi team is also a very strong

  9. Ras says:

    Kinnah Phiri

  10. Francis Luwani says:

    Ntchito za fisher zikusowa . please consider the guy

  11. CHIKWAWA says:

    young chimodzi is too young to coach the national team, ngati analephela super escom bwanji ntnal team?fucken chimodzi

  12. Gaba says:

    Nyamilandu look at the status of vip u bloody ass hole

  13. medo says:

    very stupid y dont u use kondowe! U deserve loosing bt do the players have that mind of wining any game they play or they jst play for the sake or to b seen pa TVM/MBC

  14. Jones chims mayaya says:

    Stupid flames.what a shame,failing to win at home?u were confident that u wana win coz u bt them in 2010 forgeting that this is dfrent squad and coaching panel.playing profesional ftbl doesnt necesariry mean that u r best than local players.if ngalande is playing only 5 min at Ajax,hw can he play 4 flames.4 al R.S.A prof.itr only ng’ambi who is fit coz he is having ful gm tym @platnum stars.even south africans rspct hm 4 bng at gaba,he is just making [email protected] is young indeed as hz name @ bafana coach,mashaba ephraim,h is using mre locals and yng stars to build future team and they doing gd.knw this..chikwawa untd can b loosing bt having quality players on the other hand blts can be wining bt without in form plyerz.ths is reality in ftbl .it just dpends on two rzonz.RESOURCES @ gd XPERIENCED COACHES.i thnk ntbl is our game nt men’s game.

  15. Nyapapi says:

    I have always said that the lame national team will only start winning when Walter and his idiots of coaches pack up and go!

  16. giftsuleiman85 says:

    I don’t think Malawi will perform acording to our expectations becoz 1. there are too much corruption look some players are not erigible to play look @ Chiukepo Msowoya he failed to convert chances .2. Wat cretaria do coaches follow inorder to select players I wonder. 3. Our coaches are failing to polish up the front line , look we don’t have a killer stricker to finish into the net. 4. In footbal we don’t go for useless big name like Chiukepo Msowoya who failed to score by having two clear chances this is very shameful to a big name like him. Yah sometimes it helps but I was very disapointed to see such a big name , experience player failing to convert chances. Yah good job for captain Joseph kamwendo ,Chimango Kaila & Ng’ambi. On my point of view its a pity to malawi failing to utilise the chances we had @ home soil.

  17. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    A loss is a loss, Flames wil not make it to the last 16,Young and Jack my advice to you is start looking for the coaching jobs, and to some players its high time you gave room to the players who are willing to adorn the jersey with pride for sake of the country. What are pain of losing 2-0 and when Flames go to Algeria, they wil be buried in the hot sand.

  18. Ndye munenanso kut chan? Kapena Algeria inali nd mankhwala2?

  19. vuto ndi kusowa kwa mastriker a natural otha kulimbana ndi madefenders mosawaopa. Look at simkonda, ngalande pang’ono. They should take defenders so that midfielders can move into spaces osati zomangobweza mpira kumbuyo. I am a nomad koma fisher analakwa chani? Natural wingers like him amasaliranji osawagwirisa ntchito? Kapena ndi mfititu kuti mukuopa. The guy is inform knows what to do at the right time ndiye mukungokakamiza osewera ena kusewera ku wing zomwe zikuvutanso. Mpira oloweza unatha inu macoach, consider performance sizoti mwina asintha ndi mpikisanutu uwu wa mapoints. Chiukepo anatha take deus mkutu or chawanangwa kaonga anthu amene akuchinya panopa, taonerani mashaba ku joni, sakusewelesera maina ayi.

  20. Munyepa Vetekhu says:

    Tiyeni a Malawi tizitha kuvomereza zinthu ngati zativuta,game ija inali yayikulu

  21. Pamene Kinnah atakhaulitsa the desert foxes in 2010-we rejoiced! But becoz Malawi is too nepotistic on choice of players, we cannot progress well as a nation.

    1. drakes says:

      Please forget about Kinna he also messed big time in2010 it was tactics by the coach that was chases by Pililani Kachinziri COSTANTINE not Kinna we need a foreign coach simple.

  22. Charter says:

    Sindikuonapo timu apa! Izi tatiyeni tizisiye, let’s support the Queens. The men’s team will get nowhere. Just look at size difference of the players in the pics!

  23. COLBY MAJON says:

    Kupeleka ndalamazina team italuza pakwawo ndiuchisilu bettar kuthandiza athu odwala mzipatala apa team iyi isapiteso shame malawi

  24. redhouane says:

    but Algeria win dude

  25. Kwame says:

    Ndiye Jersey Yanyuwani Kuiyambila Nkuluza!Shame.

  26. gitonga says:

    Plse use Gasten not Chiukepo and Banda not Kaira. Viwagalu vi flames

  27. mlomwe says:

    the problem is that kina phiri is stil coaching the team. This tumbuka man acordhing to achewa inu vindele vakufikapo. Nde mwawina.

  28. Federation says:

    Federation of Vipya republic 0 Algeria 2. Flames match has not taken place yet.

  29. Alexius says:

    U dont Love yo Country,

  30. Bibo says:

    I have never known coaches so dull(excuse my language) like Young Chimodzi and Jack Chamangwana.The reason why I am saying this is because as coaches,they should have understood the strength of Algeria first before selecting players to camp in readiness for their opponents.Football is not about speed only but also strength and fitness.

    Algeria Is a team with a lot of strength and very good at counter attacks.To me,regardless of their performances at club level,Esau Kanyenda and Dziko Mkanda would be good starters for this game assuming they were invited.Why invite Ngalande who is also a bench warmer at Ajax Cape Town ahead of Kanyenda who has experience against Algeria in Angola and who is also stronger.Am not saying Ngalande or Gaba or Msowoya shouldn’t have been invited but invitation priority should have been on strong and taller players because not all games are the same.The other thing is I don’t see any logic of not focussing on using wingers to create goals and thinking the midfield should be packed with non wingers.Why not improve the strength of Gerald Phiri Jr who is a natural left winger?Also Harry Nyirenda could fit well as a defending midfielder due to his limited height.George Nyirenda could also make a good defending midfielder.

    I said sometime back that these coaches Malawi is clingingclinging to are worsening the situation.The problem is the ‘Buy one get one Free’ retail option has no value for money.There is need to have a vision in football for Malawi to become powerful otherwise mediocrity will continue under such kind of coaches.I knew from the game against Mali and then Ethiopia that all wasn’t well.The win against Ethiopia was another fluke that fooled soccer followers.

  31. Akilly 2 says:

    I’ve alwez been saying dat vimiyendu kulemera anyamata aFlames awa bola the QUEENS!!

  32. Chiukepo was always in the right position. But if he only had dribbed on his right during his second wasted chance we could have taken something from that crucial game. That defender was already inclined to fall with a simple dribble. Try also to be precise when shooting at goal. We will win Blida. Gud luck.

  33. Bomanile says:

    I think second half Malawi played well and created several good chances which they failed to convert. Young Chimodzi should spend some time drilling the boys in goal scoring.

  34. dyakumusi says:


  35. chembwie says:


  36. matt tuzzi says:

    Sorry guys, Algerians warriors were best organized and more willing to win than your ashes

  37. opportunist says:

    Why do you sideline Fischer in national figure? .What a sin did he committed that u fail to forgive if I have powers to forgive any person

    1. nyasaland says:

      kkkkkk Engilish abale talembani yolondola ,,, nanga what sin did he commited,,,,;;;;;grammer how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. abunuasi says:

        you can go ahead and export your good english to the uk, could be a good source of forex!!

    2. Tobiyasi52 says:

      go back to school

  38. Out of the grave says:

    Corrupt Malawi govt./FAM Officials;cannot,and will never produce a team that will be victorious. Apa, boma likungoononga ndalama, bola ndalama zimenezo azigulira mankhwala mzipatala. Nonsense, mbuli inu!

  39. redhouane says:

    1 2 3 viva Algeria
    Algeria very strang sorry flames

  40. captain says:

    We lost to one of the top teams in the world. Flames tried and the boys did a good job congrats flames

    1. Bongololo says:

      Achimwene; they even lose to some of the worst national teams in the world. How else could that be explained if it’s not to say that the Flames, I mean Ashes, are simply a waste of time and money. Let’s invest these resources into netball, at least we’ve seen tremendous successes there.

  41. SOTHINI says:


  42. Zindaba says:

    Hard luck guys, u really tried your best…….remember you were playing the No. 1 team or so, on the continent. This is soccer you never know….do not give up !!Go MA FLAMES GO !

  43. clement says:

    I told you before to recall Esau Kanyenda before it is too late.He alwayz work hard and take defenders at the same time he creates chances.Look at Siyabonga Nomvethe still playing for Moroko Swallows at that age and Alhdra former Egypt goal keeper playing ’till what’s wrong with E Kanyenda?

  44. Shymantis says:

    Malawi played well but missed many apportunities to score. The strikers need more training.

    1. Zonama says:

      The strikers do not need more training, but rather the coach has to select strikers who know their role. How can a team have both strikers on first eleven playing that way. Seriously, we need to have ambitious strikers like Kanyenda, and better still, call those that are doing well in the league. We are all aware that the strikers we have are only using their names. Look at the way Chiukepo and Atusaye performed! I fail to understand why the coach decided to bring in Gaba. Robin was outstanding in the field of play. That was a very good team less our strikers. I wish the coach had started with Gastin infront

  45. Ayi anyamata zikukhala bwanji kuti tizimenyedw pamudzi panthu?tayesesani kuti zitakhala zotheka nafeso tikawamenyele Kwan

  46. FCK says:

    Our men in the pitch were giving to algeria respect and were slow in their apeoach to the game i still think they can pull a surprise in algeria as long as they play attacking football, after all they have nothing to lose, substitution should not be taking time thogh its a shame to lose at home its too much anyway we wish them well as they travel to algeria tomorow MAY THE GOOD LORD HELP THEM.

  47. Bongololo says:

    I promise you that the Kavukuku All Stars football team can do a swell of a better job than these so called Flames. In fact, judging from their performance during the past decade or so, the Flames should respectfully change their name to Ashes. It’s a name that would suit them better.

  48. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    aaah! Cry my beloved country! Ku Algeria u wll have nothng to defend for. Just go flat out to attack wth 3:4:3 formation. Chiukepo should not make the trip, he’s a waste of tax payers’ money. Ths is only trying to be fair to him, iyenso akudziwanso. Let him accept kuti watha!

  49. Makumba says:

    Malawi now is in good form,deafted by two goals only. These boys really tried,keep it up flames

    1. Bongololo says:

      Celebrating a loss; this sums up the caliber of Malawi National Football team. It is mediocre at best.

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