Malawi deports M23 rebels to Democratic Republic of Congo

Malawi has deported four M23 rebels and more than 80 other Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) nationals who entered the country illegally using unchartered roots.

The suspected M23 DRC rebels arrested in Malawi's Karonga district.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda, Nyasa Times

The suspected M23 DRC rebels arrested in Malawi’s Karonga district.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda, Nyasa Times

Department of Immigration’s repatriation officer Vincent Chalira confirmed on Saturday that Malawian officials intercepted two separate groups of Congolese asylum seekers who attempted to illegally enter the country through Chiponde border in Mangochi district and and Songwe in Karonga respectively.

“After screening them we discovered that some of them were affiliated to the M23 rebel group. Since they entered the country illegally, we deported them back through Tanzania border,” he said.

M23 rebels have been fighting the DRC government in the east of the vast central African country since 2013.

According to Chalira, scores of asylum seekers from the DRC, Eritrea and Ethiopia have been flocking into the country which has widely been seen as a safe haven to them.

“The country’s borders are long and wide, such that people are mostly being helped by some nationals of neighbouring countries to cross into Malawi,” he said.

He said the Malawian government was planning to relocate its refugee camp from Dzaleka in Dowa district to Karonga, a district bordering Tanzania.

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14 thoughts on “Malawi deports M23 rebels to Democratic Republic of Congo”

  1. kambwe says:

    anyamata a Boston Ntaganda amenewo..

  2. zion says:

    Zomwe amachita kwaozo akhoza kuchitanso kuno.

  3. busy signal says:

    Do u think munthu wothawa nkhondo amakhonzekera passport I think u don’t knw the word immigrants mean. Those ar the oppressed pple u need to give them a place to live until everythin is ok for them. Komanso inu a FATHI ALSHABAAB kumalemba zomveka ndi sukulu yanji anakuphunzitsani kulemba zimenezo

  4. north says:

    Amalawi mantha akuopadi. M23 imaopsa kwao osati kuno

  5. Jelbin mk says:

    By the way what criteria do you use to identify someone if he belongs to a certain fighting organization since they don’t go with identity documents with them?

  6. Jelbin mk says:

    Malawi be careful with these claims,you should just say “we have arrested illegal immigrants from DRC other than claiming that some are members of a certain fighting group to avoid reprisal from those groups ask Kenya about what am saying here. Am calling these groups because most of them do not qualify to be called terrorists because they usually fight for a might oppression or segregation that force them to fight.

  7. John Mponda says:

    Be careful,these pipo could bring Ebola here…why Malawi very soft in our border posts?

  8. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    komatu nfi ngoxitu imeneyu inu a boma rebels mpakana….akamphunzitsa anzaeo kuni ngati mmene bokoharam ikuchitira ku negeria… zinkhslanso bwino..where id nivlida and tesm….mphenzitu ukunganipa ngwe ngee! anduna ndi apm mukutani kodi? is this defending our borders &country

  9. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    relocating camp not a solution try something else…ngati ifficer wama refugees ndi mlendo wakwina basi aziwlora..ndipo akamsbweras onse azilandira khasu mbeu kuti alime mpiru csbbage madmba zskudyku zipatala ma pridon ieowondo szilsnfira 20pct of ze profuce plus the refugee sllowance ta soap sugar….

  10. Fathi Alshehaab says:

    relicating csmp not a solution try domething else…ngati iffuce wama refuges ndi mlendo wakwuna basi aziwslors..ndipp skamsbeers ondr sxulandura khasu mbeu kuti slimmd smpheanye mpsnj or kumskslims dimba zskufys xseo xins ku zipotsls zsnthu ot msulzs xombs mximbs prudon etc

  11. Madebwane says:

    Perfect idea gvt

  12. mwiithotho says:


  13. Victor Julius says:

    Those who help these illegal immigrants should also be punished

  14. prinquo says:

    simunawamange kukawaponya mundende bwanji ngati momwe muchitila ndi ena? mukuopa m23?

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