Malawi deputy speaker advocates for quota system for women MPs

First Deputy Speaker of Malawi Parliament  Mrs Mcheka Chilenje Nkhoma has advocated for quota system for electing women in Parliament as the only key to increase the number of women representation.

Mcheka Chilenje Nkhoma in Geneva.

Mcheka Chilenje Nkhoma in Geneva.

The deputy speaker was addressing the United Nations Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva Switzerland on Sunday (12 October 2014) where she is the leader of Malawi’s delegation of seven Members Parliament and officials.

Chilenje Nkhoma wore a brave face and revealed that most Malawian women  have no financial muscle to compete with male politicians.

“Therefore, Madam Chairperson, affirmative action, and quota system in Malawi should be prerequisites if we are to eradicate some of the challenges facing women in Malawi,” said Mcheka Nkhoma.

Chilenje Nkhoma reiterated on behalf of delegates that  Malawian women are still fighting for the  50/50 representation in decision making positions.

Mcheka Nkhoma said Malawi do not practice affirmative action and  instead the country uses first past the post electoral system when it comes to electing members of parliament.

She said out of 193 strong house only 32 women have made it into parliament the  in the last Tripartite Elections.

Nkhoma said that Malawi has  3 women as cabinet ministers in the government out of 20 ministers .

The deputy speaker said although parliament women caucus group strive to champion issues that concern women, male parliamentarians are also so supportiv.

“For example, Malawi parliament managed to pass bill on gender based violence and other bills concerning women so let me emphasise that we need a strong political will to support women because research so far has found that Constituencies which have women representation find that most of social basic needs such as water, roads, food and shelter are addressed,” said Mcheka

Chilenje revealed to the UN that there are several factors which contribute for the low representation in Parliament saying that low women education levels is a major problem in Malawi saying

“52 % of  the population in Malawi are women but the women remain the least educated and this puts them at a great disadvantages politically and the electoral system of first past the post does not seem to favour women,” said Mcheka Nkhoma.

According to Mcheka Nkhoma, culturally, the Malawi society in general does not accept political leadership of women.

Another challenge according to s Mcheka Nkhoma that women faces during the elections is that most women do not have the economic muscle to favourably compete with men during political campaigns.

In the 1994 to 1999 first democratic parliament there were only 9 women MPS out of 177 MPs (5%) that was during Dr Bakili Muluzi regime and in 1999 to 2004, Parliament had 14 women MPS out of 193 MPS representing only 7% while in 2004 to 2009 that was during Bingu wa Mutharika regime, Malawi Parliament had only 26 women MPs representing 13% and in 2009 to 2014 the Malawi Parliament had 43 women MPS representing 22%  and lastly in the 2014 to 2019 only 32 women have made it to the  House representing 16%.

On Monday the First Deputy speaker made another Paper presentation in the General Assembly in the IPU Conference on the achieving Equality ending violence against women.

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31 thoughts on “Malawi deputy speaker advocates for quota system for women MPs”

  1. Aferazao says:

    Why do women always want to belekedwa? They have made so much noise on gender equity, Why can they not now do a lone fight to hold position on their own merit. No quota business period.

  2. Jere says:

    Basi?Kunyamula mutu wanu,kuukweza ndege,kukupatsani mpando mutu uli mmwamba ndikungolakatulapo za quota.Malawi ndi Southern region yake,koma guys,where are we taking this country to?Basi,kulipira 2 million ya ndege….mutu uli ndengu ndengu,kukasaka support ya quota?I thought you fought for gender,and we are equal in everything?Now gender siinakwaneyi,komanso quota pa ma elections.Koma anthu kumeneko sanaseke?Malawi kumvetsa chisoni!The only thing we can export to the world is the evil in quota system?

  3. bongololo says:

    Quort system is the best in Malawi

  4. johnM says:

    I think in Malawi, a lot has been done to promote the plight of women. It is up to the women to take advantage of the opportunities that have been made available to them and not request for more favours.

    You can’t put in place quota for elections because that would be going against the will of the people as it would entail that candidates would be forced on the constituency. That would be undemocratic

  5. Omchekachilenje says:

    aaaaaaaaaaa this is non starter. anthu azivotera yemwe akumufuna. kenako muyamba kubweretsa quota yakuti 50/50 ya kufunsirana mabanja.

  6. Cgi mzimu says:

    Inu anthu amene mukuchita comment za Dzina la Nkhoma ndinu Mbuli komanso zitsilu Kwambili Esther asiya bwanji Dzina la Nkhoma pamene palibe proper divorce Kennedy has not followed legal divorce procedudure he Forged and got a fake divorce paper which is not Valid.Let Kennedy follow a proper divorce process so that Esther stops using his name.Ife tikudziwa Kuti Kennedy ndi Hule akuopa Kulipila chonde Ummasule mkazi wabwinoyu ,wokongola ife timukwatile Krnnedy ndi Galu Wabodza Kwambili amangofuna kumuonongela mbili Esther mkazi wooopa Mulungu and She is a Successful woman! Koma Wagwanayo Dziko lonse limadziwa Kuti Kenedy ndi mwamuna wozunza akazi Chifukwa Cha UHULE kwa Esther amangofuna Kukamubela Ndalama Galu Kennedy pamodzi ndi Mahule amzake wonseeee

    1. Mr.Bambo says:

      Forgery is a serious crime in Malawi.If indeed bwana Nkhoma dared to forge the divorce papers or certificate let somebody commence with the citizen arrest procedures

  7. dadaboma says:

    Senas and Lomwes are addicted to Quotas. They can’t fight to win or earn anything. They are cowards in every way. They fear competition and want good things come their way on silver platter. They are not living in the real world – they are living in Utopia. The Real world is about competition, beating others and wining to earn the good things. There is no sweet without sweat, but these people want sweet things without sweating for them. The only thing they know best is getting sweet good things through Quotas, not working or striving for them. Lomwes and Senas – the dull, the lazy, the cowards. Mcheka you’re a disgrace. Quotas must be abolishe. People must learn to work hard to earn good things – we’re sowing seeds of laziness in this country by wanting to advocate for quotas instead of learning to deal with our weaknesses and improving on our shortfalls. We cannot develop as a country with this mentality. That is the more reason why this country must be split so that the hard workers can be fairly recompensed, and the lazy can begin to starve to extinction.

    1. Demo says:

      Kodi Atumbuka munakhala bwanji? Kuzikonda bwanji, Cabinet akasakhira merit mumati mukufuna quota, sukulu akati tigawane malo, mumati quota is evil .Chenicheni mumafuna chiyani?

  8. MaiMai says:

    Kodi Mayiwa dzina la Nkhoma akulirimbikiranji? Uhule eti? Nkhoma anakusiya kalekale but till now Esther.. mc…nkhoma kukakamira bwanji????

    Komanso umbuli mayiyu degree ya agriculture yoberekedwabso sikukuthandizaniyi… eiiish soo dumb…can’t even get what you are saying. …

  9. Odala Tili Odala says:

    What is equality anyway?

  10. Odala Tili Odala says:

    Silly idea! Is a woman gonna be in parliament bcoz she is a woman, thats all?

    1. Piper says:

      What’s the difference if someone can be at university just because they come from the south ??? That’s what quota system is isn’t it ? What were thinking when you were endorsing it ???

  11. chilungamo says:

    This is utter rubish.Where does this madness stop, is nothing sacred?Africans hate female leadership plain and simple.Just analyse the trend of the last elections and you will agree with me.Natutaly women are not meant to lead.Any man with normal mental faculties cannot support such nonsense.Only men that have been feminised by western social engineers can subscribe to this drivel.That explaination that the women lack financial muscle is a bold faced lie.What about the heavilly financed former female cabinet ministers nay president banda herself that failled misserably at the polls?WE HATE FEMALE LEADERSHIP!!!!The sooner you get that through your socially engineered scull the better it will be for everyone.

  12. Quota system says:

    No comment

  13. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Ok. Quota system is more appropriate in political appointments, gender balance and youth participation in national affairs than in the academic world where intelligence hence merit is more legitimate.

  14. Kaya says:

    @quota system, Munaziyamba muzisovaso, hope da system will also come apply to families i.e. Each family sending a child or two in publc schools or universities.

  15. lastborn wa noma says:

    nana wayamba bwinotu,koma chonde mwano usiye.nanga dzina la nkhoma sunalisiyebe?mesa banja lako linatha?

  16. JJB says:

    Are Malawians this dull?

    How do you use quota in voting for women?

    Are you going to force people to vote for women or force parties to have only womwn candidates?

    What idiocy.

  17. nomy says:

    thats a non-starter, most women are dum. mukufuna ku parliament kuzaze mbuli za azimai?

  18. Unango says:

    This is the way to go, Mr. President APM, listen to the wise views, most countries that have progressed on women leadership have followed the affimative action way, i.e constitutiona l quotas, party candidates quotas or such other forms that assure that some seats are reserved for women both at parliamentary, local government and including cabinet positions…. Thanks Nana Chilenje for beating the drum louder on this…we gender sensitive men are with you..we can only hope the Malawi government and local politicians will listen to such noble cries….

  19. Munthu Wanzeru says:

    Mmayesa mmafuna equal gender opportunities? Compete farely then and get the seats on pure competittion basis not affirmative action.

  20. Piper says:

    If quota system is good for our university selection, then it’s good enough for everything !!! Let’s adopt it without delay !!!

  21. madzi akumwa says:

    aaaaaaa zopusa….. dzikoli latikanika tingogawanapo zida apa

  22. Kaning'ina says:

    I love Esther she is a very intelligent woman a woman of substance Congratulationd mam!!! Keep on trusting God as you always do!! He will continue guiding you and fight all your battles!!

  23. Chipwilikiti says:

    This is stupid or bullshit. you had all the chances to chose your fellow ladies but you voted for men. To me, Malawian women are the most useless people in this world since they can’t use their numbers to manipulate votes to their favour. What you know is uhule and kukawa amuna ndalama basi . Panya panu nonse!!!

  24. eye eye says:

    Even in established democracies in developed countries, the number and % of female MPs is low, some even lower than the representation in Mw Parliament…so its not only a MW issue and concern, and its not only about having the financial muscle….there is more to it….

  25. chatonda says:

    Why advocating for quota on one hand and refuse it on the other? Why telling people in Geneva and not right in her own parliament in Malawi where laws are made?
    What picture does this Nsena wants to portray?

  26. Harrison says:

    Another Joke to mother Malawi. Gender equality and quota system brings inequality right away. These are tools used to brainwash people to thing its done in good faith but alas!! Not at all. Where is equality when you have 1000 brilliant men and 100 brilliant women to be selected to schools you take 80 men and 80 women? This translates to 8% of men and 80% of women selected!! Is this equality or inequality? So does the quota system. Lets go for merit and stop bullshitting on Gender equality and quota system.

  27. The Patriot says:

    This is better Quota system rather than the Quota system based on District of Origin! In this case it can easily be shown that women are disadvantaged for being women and men take advantage of this.No study has been done yet to show that some districts are disadvantaged because of their location to merit Quota system based on District of Origin, all we have are myths and baseless allegations!

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