Malawi deserves good leaders not these thieves – Lunguzi

Dedza East Member of Parliament Juliana Lunguzi (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) says Malawi deserves good leaders and that 2019 elections should be credible to enable citizens put in powers people who would serve them better.

Lunguzi: Malawi does not deserve thieves in power

Lunguzi slammed hand-clappers, saying there are people “who chose to be blind when critical issues that affect this country happen.”

The outspoken MP is on record saying in parliament: “We are leaving in a period where we are wondering why Malawi cannot develop. This is because we are choosing a few families to rule us and to steal from us.

“We have seen the evidence here.  We have Cash-gate in this country; we have people found with money in their houses.  It is everywhere, why? Because we chose people at a ballot place who have ruling power to go and lead us.”

Lunguzi said Malawians want to see a credible election in 2019 so that they can elect good leaders.

“We all know and we have evidence that right now, the people who are in the Executive are thieves and because of that, we want to clear the ground.  We want the local Malawian to benefit,” Lunguzi said.

But Lunguzi  pointed out that not  everybody in government is a thief.

“I am not saying everybody but we have had evidence that there are so many people doing tricky deals in this country and we cannot overlook that. Since they are all clinging to power, come elections they will come and continue these shady deals,” said Lunguzi.

She continued:  “Malawi deserves good and honest people to lead them so that we can prosper.  It is one thing to say that we want integrity, but when you go on the ground there is no integrity. “

Lunguzi said State produce trader ADMARC is selling maize at K12, 500 “not because it is supposed to be the price, but because somebody wanted to get a cut in the maize deal.  These are the people; we do not want to go in to power.”

She was apparently referring to fired Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda.

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peter mshali ku salima
peter mshali ku salima

dont let juliana lunguzi down is saying truth ,how i wish mtsikana ameneyu awinenso 2019

Namaliya N. G.

Linguist should stop commenting about thieves, she knows the reason, her late father! MHSRIP

Now we can see that Madam Lunguzi is just furious that she is not among the thieving families. When the MCP was in power she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth whose source was stealing from government coffers. The Lunguzis were controlling police and intelligence resources, taking farms for free and building hotels and houses using government money and police labour. There was no ACB or ODPP. The top civil service was full of people from central region only. You had to be Lunguzi, Tembo, Kadzamira, Kandodo etc for you to have chance in life. If madam… Read more »

Just another hand clapper who hates the truth. If Malawians have people who think like the way you do, why is it a surprise that we continue toi be the poorest of the poor. Lunguzi is calling a spade a spade. No need to try and castigate her because her father was successful. I am sure if he was a thief like Muluzi and Mutharika those two would have made sure that her father paid back what did not belong to him. That is what all Malawians should demand from thieves like Mutharika and chaponda.

kholowa mkabudula

You are looking good lady in that uniform, well presentable! Mukafika pa mbava osabisa chaponda ndi mbava yoyamba. Kunenepa konseku mkumabela anthu osauka. Tell them!


Mmmmmm sogolo lanu mayi linatheka chifukwa cha ndalama zakuba adadi anu mayi palibe wabwino including you chipani cha Manolo any chinatilamulra kwa zaka 30 with one radio no TV panalibe asusanananu lf it had been kuti iwe unali modzi waphokoso bwenzi ng’ona itakudya

Lt. Frazer Chakhaza (Rtd)
Lt. Frazer Chakhaza (Rtd)

Yes, I like how Juliana Lunguzi articulate issues. She makes sure that she just dwells on the relevant topic(s) basing on facts and avoid attacking personalities. She is a true model of a leader and we need such leaders in parliament and cabinet. I hope that people in her constituent will vote for her so that she can retain her seat come 2019.


Madam Lunguzi, the following are attributes of a Malawi that can prosper:
1. An independent ACB
2. An independent NAO
3. An independent oDPP
4.A credible Office of Assets Declaration.
5. Non interference in the management of quasi Government companies.

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