Malawi Diabetic NGO appeals for assistance

The Jiya-Vannie Diabetic Foundation (JDF), a local non- governmental organization (NGO) advocating for the fight against diabetes in the country, says its efforts are being hampered by limited financial resources.

Jiyani: We need support to help diabetic patients in Malawi

Jiyani: We need support to help diabetic patients in Malawi

The NGO has, therefore, appealed for assistance from well-wishers.

JDF Executive Director, Ruth Walker Jiyani, said although the NGO has been in existence for two years, it needs financial support to reach out to diabetic patients in the rural areas.

She observed that in most rural areas people lack diabetes knowledge and there is need for awareness campaign.

“We want them to understand diabetes so that we can give them treatment and management options. Personally, I want to assist fellow diabetic patients,” said Jiyani, a diabetic patient for the past 20 years.

“I was diagnosed with diabetes in May 1995 and I faced the challenge of being blind after I was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy.”

“I, therefore, went to India several times for treatment and my vision was restored. I can now see. On my second visit to India I met other Malawians who were also suffering from diabetes and they suffered a similar problem. I, therefore, realised the need to start diabetes awareness campaign in Malawi,” Jiyani said.

She said she discussed the diabetes awareness campaign idea with several parties and eventually established an NGO.

“It (the NGO) is aimed at helping people with diabetes to reduce the risk of developing complications that usually affect them,” added Jiyani.

“We want to help patients by offering them treatments. This will be done after research, awareness campaigns, support groups, training and networking using different publications, radio and television programmes, as well as the internet,” said Jiyani.

She further said JDF has plans to partner other organisations such as the government and religious groupings to empower the nation with educational information and diabetes treatments.

“JDF will conduct awareness campaigns and seminars in order to raise funds to operate the educational aspect of the foundation. The funds will be used to purchase educational material as well as to conduct seminars and awareness campaigns across Malawi,” said Jiyani.

JDF, which was established in November 2012 by Jiyani, has trustees in Dr Stewart Chipendo, a general medical practitioner as its chairman, Mr. Lamion Gama, Managing Partner of KPMG, Gertrude Juma Mhango, a pharmacist, lawyers Chikondi Khondiwa and Margaret Munthali.

Mthunzi Don Whayo, a young entrepreneur, is also a trustee.

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16 thoughts on “Malawi Diabetic NGO appeals for assistance”

  1. Lol says:

    Is this some kind of a joke? U can’t be seriouse! Nyasatimes you are either blind or mwina payed a lot of mula to help promote this story! That money collected will go in her bank a/c & remain there, palibe yomwe athandizidwepo apa apart from Ruth!

  2. Fony says:

    This woman is a thief…google her story before you decide to donate to this fony cause that she has made up!

  3. Liora says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm…what proof do we have where the money will really go??? How can we trust U?!?!?!

  4. aurora says:

    my sister..You are a fighter.IT runs in our family,we fight we dont give up……The Jiyani’s we gonna team up to fight diabetes.LOVE U SISTER!!

  5. tuvitwana says:


  6. Mike siliya says:

    So ruth, uli kutengwa ngeti? Para yaye, tisangane ku inbox wapurika

  7. Annie Jones says:

    Great Job Jiyani. We need more people like you who use their experiences to help others.
    This young lady has shown strength in battling her complication.
    To the post by Mr Geoffrey please look her up on Facebook as Ruth WJ and all those who need to reach her as well she is on Facebook and has a page on there called JDF. Like the page and get in touch with the organization.

  8. ma says:

    Good work Jiyani. But please do not personalise the NGO by calling it your name.
    I was told that I have diabetis in 2012 by accident. Dr Chitsa Banda at Discovery clinic, city centre, Lilongwe has done wonders to my health. My reading used to be 300, now it measures 110. I am normal now.

  9. Andrew says:

    good job. will support you

  10. Geoffrey Henock Mbuzi says:

    How can I reach your foundation to assist my wife who has lost one eye already coz diabetes.

  11. manunkha says:

    if we want to contribute or join the organisation, what are ur contact numbers or email address

  12. ddiyere says:

    A lot are suffering diabetes, most merely not on its own but comes along as a complication . awareness is needed and we be heard of some committees having meetings I fink was last or yr ago. Outcome????! Koma allowance thooo bcoz we only herd of the meeting. Wat happened thereafter!God knows.

  13. peter mshali says:

    thank god u r ok ruth pliz wel wisher assist this organisation

  14. dalitso says:

    This is should be kind of NGOs getting support from government. Civic educating people of how to check if they have diabetes and how to overcome risks is a great way of building the future leaders of our country. Lately diabetes is attacking even young people ( type 2) usually this type attacs people when they are in 40 plus. There is need to educate people the importance of light exercises especially kids nowadays who do not movie an inch but doing games on tv 24/7.

  15. Honest says:

    Kabedwe kaliko kuMalawi. 1000 ways to steal.

    Nice pic!

  16. nachisale says:

    Well done! What a beautiful heart and face you have. May God bless your efforts and make JDF successful in its mission.

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