Malawi diplomats finally deployed: PAC approves new names

Several High Commissioners and ambassadors appointed seven months ago by President Peter Mutharika have now been posted to their tour of duty.

Kalebe:  Got his Visa

Kalebe: Got his Visa

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation spokesperson Quent Kalichero has said most of the appointees who have already left include Chimango Chirwa who is Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union (AU), Brian Bowler (United Nations), Charles Namondwe (China), Perks Ligoya (from India to Kenya) and former chief secretary Hawa Ndilowe to Tanzania.

According to Kalichero, lawyer Necton Mhura will be going to the United States of America (USA) next week and Ted Kalebe has since obtained his Visa to Belgium and is scheduled to depart next week as well.

Others expected to take their posts include Chrissie Kaponda (South Africa), Edward Sawerengera (Brazil) and Frank Viyazi (Mozambique).

Kalichero said the diplomats were waiting for communication from their hosting nations

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times understands that Parliament’s Public Appointments Committee (PAC) has approved six other presidential appointees to Malawi mission abroad.

The six include Ken Mphonda (United Kingdom where Ben Sande was recalled), Michael Kamphambe-Nkhoma replacing Voice Mhone in Germany who was rejected by PAC, Anne Kumwenda (Zimbabwe) replacing Thoko Banda .

Others were Wilfred Ali as Ambassador to Kuwait, Isaac Munlo as High Commissioner to India and Caroline Bwanali Mussa Ambassador to Egypt replacing Yunus Mussa who was also rejected by PAC.

PAC chairperson Lingston Belekanyama said they interviewed the diplomats and sent the results to the appointing authority.

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30 thoughts on “Malawi diplomats finally deployed: PAC approves new names”

  1. Wampwesa says:

    Atleast kumazinthako, ena anamanga middzi mma embassymo

  2. henrymussa says:

    does one have to be DPP to get a diplomatic job. This is what is pulling Malawi down.

  3. amnzeru aku mmawa says:

    Nanga ku Nigeria bwanji? Mukuopa Boko Haram?

  4. lucy phiri says:

    This is great!!! Nazitere bwezi zili bwino.

  5. Kambani mpaweni says:

    Zowonadi abanda

  6. chapola says:

    osakapanga za ndale kagwireni vepi ya bho

  7. Akatswiri says:

    Give him another good post in Malawi coz he is die hard of Dpp

  8. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Congrats guys, go and work for mother Malawi.

  9. Shakeman Comrade Namwali says:

    Nanga Yunus Mussa wakanidwa chifukwa ninji? Ngati vuto ndimapepala afake he must face the law.from Blantyre Bangwe

  10. tukombo says:

    Ada Banda A Thoko come home to tukombo. There is money in farming. You can go into fishfarming, chinangwa, mpunga etc. etc

  11. maveras says:

    mmmmmmmmmm no coment

  12. Lydia says:

    Meant to say grand kids in tow and not “toll”

  13. Lydia says:

    Koma mpakana a Kamphambe-Nkhoma zoona. A mdala amene aja alipobe? He’s my father’s age, with grand kids in toll! My dad retired many years ago. It’s time, Mangulama, Kaphambe, et al retired already – geez!

  14. Mr Nice says:

    Where is Ntaba? Please those who have an idea tell me through a comment here

    1. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

      Ntaba refused to go to the Uk and continues to practice medicine at KCH as he has been since 2012 after JB got into power. I think it was a good move from him to be in a career that saves lives than one the corrupts and takes lives in the name of politics.

  15. nana says:

    Well done by rejecting valentine yunus mussa a person without quals he was minibus driver for his own buses lo

  16. nsonga ciswe says:

    Kodi Ku blazil ubale wake ngotani? Skill me.
    Mphonda UK maiiiiiineeeeeeeee. Paja kwao no kuti

  17. SHIT says:




  19. aaa…fotseki!according to Eleson Bakili Muluzi.

  20. Kadakwiza says:

    90% from Lomwe belt. Malawi will never develops. Our country is cursed.

  21. clement says:

    Am against sending Mw Muslims to Muslim countries. Any qualified Malawian shud be free to be sent anywhere in the world. Does Egypt, Kuwait, etc send their Christian nationals to Mw as ambassadors? This ill tendency began with Bakili

  22. Koma Kumeneko says:


  23. John says:

    Mphonda UK really? Are you DPP guys serious. This is a big mistake you will live to regret. The guy is PP

  24. Fwangalubiro says:

    May be Bowler must be good, governments have changed but he always features

  25. CBM says:

    Nanga ineyo?

  26. Mapyiya says:

    Koma Bowler mmmmmm,I think even God will give 1000 yrs to stay on earth ,some pipo will never change,sometimes give us achance to vote thru news paper or social network

  27. German wings co-pilot says:

    Its high time people should apply for these positions than just appointing

  28. ujeni says:

    Bowler to UN kikikikikiki ehede ulu, are we serious as a country? Zuma where are you, tell Malawians the truth here.

  29. ujeni says:

    Same old names recycled and enjoying all the benefits that Malawi has to offer while people down there are risking tbeir lives trekking to South Africa just to get a job to feed their families

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