Malawi discovers new mineral deposits: Minister anticipates booming mining sector

The Malawi Government has expressed optimism that the Country-wide High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data will propel government plans of diversifying the economy.

Msaka: Malawi eyes mining investors

Msaka: Malawi eyes mining investors

Data obtained from the survey conducted between September 2013 and August 2014 which involved radiometric and gravity methods has been launched on Thursday in the capital city, Lilongwe.

Results from the survey, shows that there are mineral deposits across the country but Geological Survey Department is yet to interpret and conduct ground follow-up for the whole data set. However interested individuals and companies can still access the data and conduct their own interpretation and ground follow-ups based on their interest.

Speaking when launching the results, Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Bright Msaka, said the results from the survey are impressive enough to greatly improve the mining profile of Malawi.

He said this data is likely going to attract more investors and lead to stimulated mineral exploration.

The Minister then said from such intensive explorations, the country will start earning more revenue from the mining sector and possibly end the overdependence on Agriculture sector.

“Malawi’s economy has been agro-based since independence, relying a lot on revenue from major cash crops, in particular tobacco. However, various factors including the global anti-smoking lobby, unpredictable and hostile climatic conditions among others, have heavily affected the agricultural sector and subsequently, the country’s agrarian-dependent economy” noted the Minister when speaking on sidelines of heavy dependence of agriculture

To further enhance economic diversification and realize sustainable economic growth, Msaka mentioned that Malawi also will implement number of reforms in the mining sector.

He among others said government will introduce number of initiatives including enactment of mining related Acts.

In his remarks, European Union Head of Delegation to Malawi, Ambassador Marchel Gerrmann also noted that the new data marks beginning of development of mining sector as well as economic diversification and broadening of the resource base.

But he stressed that Malawi ought to be more transparent and properly manage resources generated from the sector including contracts and licenses to fully realize potential of the mining sector.

On other hand, Ambassador Gerrmann, hailed Malawi’s interest to join Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) saying this is a right direction geared towards more transparency in mining sector.

On 6th November, 2013, Malawi launched the Country-wide High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Survey at a function held at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, kicking off a massive search for high value mineral deposits.

The search involved low flying aircrafts hovering over the whole country and the exercise was widely known as ‘Kauniuni.

US$ 5.7 Million from World Bank Mining Governance and Growth Support Project (MGGSP) loan (amounting to US$ 25 million) was spent in acquiring the airborne data while, European Union co-financed the Project with a Grant amounting to 4.1 million Euros.

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32 thoughts on “Malawi discovers new mineral deposits: Minister anticipates booming mining sector”

  1. Phwado says:

    Mutidyerenso agalu inu ngati Kayerekera.Pamsana panu!

  2. kanenani says:

    What a stupid government thisone is?. Squandering money on sensiless function.
    I thought ye gona tell us whereobout the minerals are.

  3. Expert says:

    IF data need interpretation then how did minister know we have new miniral deposits?

  4. John Paul says:

    Stupid DPP party is where all the mining monies will go.

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    From Angola’sAtlantic waters to Southern Sudan’s swamps,Afica has become a novel frontier for Western oil explorers where production and revenue are rising daily.The continent is crying out for foreign investment but,human rights groups say,the oil companies may be doing more harm than good by enriching u democratic and corrupt governments,fuelling civil wars and most dangerously,polluting the environment.
    Fundamentally and painstakingly,the exploited masses of Africa from oil rich areas have seen appalling benefit from gargantuan revenues generated in their regions.The money just vanishes.It is repatriated by the uncouth multinationals.In case of Angola,it went straight toward arms purchases during that civil war that costs two million lives.
    Regrettably,in the Niger River delta,where oil giant She’ll and other Western culprits,pump up to two million barrels per day in joint ventures with the Nigerian government while millions of people still live in abject poverty.Nigeria,with the population of close to 200 million people ,more than half by far,are mostly extremely poor,but their nation is,in one respect at least,fabulously rich.
    In Malawi,one of the ten poorest nations on earth,people,especially the segregated northerners are seing the two designated mines viz: kayeyekera and Muchenga as complete failure and pontentially dangerous health wise.Mchenga Coal Mines have been in existence for about ten years or more,but look at the houses and other social structures around them reminiscent of the medieval age.Malawians must not be hoodwinked into believing that the overwhelming majority of our people will benefit from the dirty oil extracted from our splendid and clean water that makes its fish very tasty and special.It is therefore bunkum for anybody to support this idiotic and suicidal of extracting gas and oil from our lake,hence,guaranteeing the devastation of our existence and the generations to come.All in all,the revenue collected from oil and gas will end up in the pockets of Peter Mutalika and his boot lickers.Just look at Botswana to the south which was also a British Colony and was left poor like our country,today Botswana is running the leading and strongest economy in our continent while Malawians were busy dancing,singing,ululating,adoring their messiah day in day out. Our existing problems are squarely created by excursionist and ethnically dominated leadership and if we do not fight this trend,our problems will be endemic.ALUTA CONTINUA,VENCELEMOS

  6. Hamdra says:

    Wasting God given resources for Malawians for some greedy foreigners and a few greedy politicians.Malawis with its useless obsolete mining laws that do not benefit the common Malawian.


    ….TELL US
    WHATs WRONG REALLY?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Observer says:

    Eyeing mining investors to venture in what we ourselves don’t even know what’s down there? Serious? Bring those investors and let them get richer at the expense of Malawians. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!!

  9. Prescott says:

    i do not think there is any substance in what Msaka has presented today. The meeting was a total waste of resources. What Malawians want to know are the actual quantities and locations of the said minerals not speculations. Please! Spare us from the trash.

  10. John Thomas says:

    The article is extremely misleading and creates false hopes – no context whatsoever was given by the minister. Mr Msaka is obviously not schooled in mineral issues and is not competent to talk about these matters. For such an important presentation, the ministry should have used a suitably qualified geologist or geophysicist to make sense of where we are at with the surveys and that there are many years down the line before we can say for certain what the findings are and what they mean.
    in a nutshell, the airborne geophysical survey does not and cannot result in anyone making such bold statements.
    What the survey identifies are anomalies that maybe associated with mineralisation. The presentation was obviously meant for the gullible non-technical individuals. No investor would jump up on the basis of the findings.

  11. Michael says:

    These minerals are not profitable for malawians but politians.Dispite closing Kayerekala What benefit have the country gained?

  12. Katangale says:

    The Title of the article is quite different from the content. Nothing worth reading about. Not informative either.

  13. Ngwachi says:

    The whereabout and kind of mineral would have added value to the discovery news-unfold the information.

  14. Elwin says:

    I hope the minerals found should be a blessing to Malawians not a Curse as we have seen to other countries.

  15. michie says:

    The headline is very attractive yet nothing inside

  16. Why don’t you just tell us what you have found? tell us where you’ve found what so that we can go there and commence with illegal mining,because that’s only way we can get our fare share

  17. peter muthanyula says:

    Let the colonial masters come and loot once more. Tulo too much Malawians.

  18. mk says:

    This information is scanty indeed.

  19. Analyst says:

    You say the results show that there are mineral deposits across Malawi BUT you are yet to interpret and follow up on the same!!! Sindiye kugonako kumeneko? Mukudikira ena adzakupangireni ndikukuberani? Mzanu Paul Kagame pa Rwanda pomwepa samalora zatulo ngati zimenezi. Kwa iyeyo the results are nothing if they are not followed up. I remember watching him furious with his ministers because they did not follow up with investors after they went to attend an investment forum in UK. The guy is smart sizathuzi.

  20. straight outta blantyre says:

    zisandikhudze. paja enafe timangomva sitidya nawo. uranium ndiye uyu anatha ife osawona phindu lake. mungatiwuzeko kuti ndalama za uranium zinagula chani pa malawi?

  21. Izi sinkhani zonyadira zimangobweretsa mavuto osaneneka mdziko

  22. MK says:

    i seriously expected more info than this. i expected something like “we have gold in Mwanza etc etc”. when are we getting this information Mr Minister?

  23. Zotsekesa says:

    Same old story. Same old Civil service. Same old Malawians. Same everything. Do you think anything will materialise out of this? Who does not know that Malawi is no different than any surrounding countries? We have minerals indeed. It does not need to any Mzungu to tell us that we are sitting on vast resources provided by God. Dont we know that we have water from Karonga to Nsanje? Yet we can not have food, electricity even water foot!! Malawian it is high time we woke up from slumber. Lets mobilize resources to tap on the vast resources God endowed to this country. Forget about inviting foreign investers. Lets do it our selves with tax payers money. Let us stop wasting money on trivial things. Stop stealing from Government coffers. Lets think big.

  24. Maurice says:

    A DPP mwayamba kale nyere kuti pamenepa tiwadyelanso masuku pamutu aMalawi. Samalani pano ndiye tili ready kukukutana zinthuzi ndizatonse

  25. CHONCHOBE says:

    Msaka afera zaeni. Amuikira dala ku ministry imeneyo akudziwa adya naye kamunthu kokonda ziphuphu aka. Petre Munthalika pretty new by reshufling the cabinet kuti Atupele katangale samudziwa ndiye kuti azipanga za chinyengo ndi iyeyo ayaluka. so anasankha oba naye wabwino ngati Msaka. Koma nawe Peter sumamva y r u doing this by appointing Minister whom ena are not experts to the field yomwe wawasankhira unduna wawo? Uzisankha minister according to their profession osati zauchitsiru ukupangazi. Zoona ungasankhe Bright apite ku Mine, mmalo momutumiza ku OPC. This is y the ministries which don’t have expert ministres do fail Malawians. shupit!

  26. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Big taklers. We always celebrate the future for nothing. Akagwere. This is empty talk.

  27. Ine says:

    Before we start talking about future mining prospects, this DPP govt should first explain how they managed Kayelekera. They are the same thugs that robed us of Kayelekera which in my view brought in more than what Tobacco gives un in a year. How do we trust them?

    And the opposition and civil society should also be more vigilant this time. This mentality of govts being semi gods is what has kept us as miserable monkeys for 51years. Wake up Malawi!

  28. Malawiyano says:

    Tell them Ambassador , the Munthalikas are crooks , Malawians are stupid they don’t know that all the mines are attached with the Munthalikas own conditions these mines are with their more shares. The beneficiaries are the Manthalikas , they steal all forex to go and bank in the foreign countries.

    God save our countries .

  29. Hansou says:

    Mineral deposits but Malawi ain’t got the expertise and capacity to mine and process the minerals. So it will be same ol story, foreign expatriate company comes to exploit the resources and Malawi will remain as poor as it was yesterday

  30. Kwataine says:

    a pusi otilamuliranu mubesanso ngati Kayerekela

  31. The real ujeni says:

    We have heard this before, give us a break. All countries surrounding us have booming mining industries and are rich than us, we get excited like little toddlers yet we are 51years old. We just lack leadership in Malawi.

  32. Charter says:

    Does Bright Msaka know how to interpret geological data? No wonder this article sounds Trump-like (appealing to emotions, but no substance).

Comments are closed.

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