Malawi donors demand speedy probe into Njaunju murder

Malawi’s international cooperating partners have called for a “speedy and transparent investigation” into the murder of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate services Issa Njauju and warned against attempts to cripple the bureau through intimidation and bribery

British High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, speaking on behalf of diplomats from United State Virginia Palmer, EU representatives and others from Germany, Norway and Ireland who visited ACB offices on Thursday, said investigations now taken over by police into Njaunju death must be handled with great respect and speed to bring the criminals to book.

Michael Nevin, British High Commissioner to Malawi: Eyes speedy probe

Michael Nevin, British High Commissioner to Malawi: Eyes speedy probe

Nevin said the investigations should come to its logical conclusion.

“It is important that this particular investigation is concluded because this is a road to impunity,” said the British diplomat.

“We call on government and all sections of Malawi society to help and protect those who are in the frontline of defending Malawi’s rule of law,” he said.

Njauju was brutally murdered and his body thrown aside presidential villas along presidential drive in the capital city’s Area 44 on July 2 2015.

His body was found with two gunshot wounds according to an autopsy report and his official car a Toyota Hilux D4D double cabin was burnt down to ashes at Mtsiriza near Area 49 in Lilongwe.

Some sections of the society are speculating that ACB boss was killed by a “state-sponsored” mafia-style attack.

Post-mortem results showed that Njauju was shot twice in the neck and chest before he was buried near Lilongwe River.

Nevin said: “If people feel they can get away with the murder, a heinous murder such as this, then it will spread. It is important to send a message that this is unacceptable in Malawi.”

He also expressed the diplomatic community’s “deepest condolences” to the family of Njaunju.

Nevin further pointed out that the donor community will continue supporting government agencies, ACB in particular.

“The more we invest in fight against corruption, the more the money that will be saved, the more the money that will be retained for Malawi’s developmental projects in Health, Education and Agriculture among others,” he noted.

Njauju’s brutal murder has sent shockwaves among officers working in agencies investigating and prosecuting corruption in the country.

ACB boss Lucas Kondowe said officers are still “terrified” since the murder of Njaunju , saying “it has been tough” going .

Kondowe said Njaunju was not just an ordinary ACB worker but a key staff member as “a senior director.”

He said: “Obviously we are all in a state of shock.”

Police said investigations shows cashgate – probe into systematic plunder of public resources – could be the reason to Njaunju’s savage murder.

Director of training at Police headquarters, Richard Luhanga told a news conference in Lilongwe recently that the investigators are pursuing a number of conspiracies.

“We cannot rule out that murder is connected to his work [at ACB),” said Luhanga, a senior police commissioner.

“What we are doing right now is to connect the dots,” he said.

Luhanga said police are following up “a sequence of events” that took place a day before Njauju was murdered.

Police also hinted at what Nyasa Times reported that the murder of Njauju could have been a case of mistaken identity.

“We are doing our interrogations with various people and also analysing information that we are currently getting from the public. At the moment, all options are welcome,” he said.

Government through Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu has since said it is considering a comprehensive review of security of ACB officers and public prosecutors.

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56 thoughts on “Malawi donors demand speedy probe into Njaunju murder”

  1. Martin Mtambo says:

    Take a step further donors,nobody shouldn’t get away with this brutal murder of an innocent family man who has left his family in a hopeless and helpless state.

  2. kunena mosapyatila says:

    Sindikuonapo wabwino apa. The westerners kaya boma lathu la kola apa sono (corruption). Some of you are just making noise, a sign that you don’t know what is happening in your world.

    Wazungu cannot tell us what to do because they are also (have failed) failing to solve their high profile murder mysterious. Their govts are puppets of the hideous Jesuits and illuminati’s. These are the bad guys that are controlling the world and have distorted history(read about them and you will know). Ask the Britons, Americans, Frenchs etc who is behind the murders of Abraham Lincoln, JF Kennedy Senior and Junior, Whitney Houston and many other famous pple in history. You will discover that they tightly keep secrets concerning these cases.

    The FBI, CIA, MI6, KGB and many other so called intelligent agencies are toy boys of the Jesuits and illuminatis. Even if these agencies can be invited to handle the case of Njauju, they cannot reveal the whole truth behind the murder. Why? Because they are going to cover up their brothers in conspiracy (the govt leaders) who are used by the Jesuits to bring misery on their own people (the poor citizens).

    Concerning MPS, forget about them coming with a tangible conclusion on this issue. How many controversial murders have gone unsolved? Evison “Olakwa ndani?” Matafale, Kalonga Stambuli, Sir James Makhumula, Robert Chasowa, Mwaza Murders and numerous others that you know. The police know what happened to our dear friend. They can’t reveal because they are either protecting their dear jobs or have already packed huge sums of cash gated kwachas to seal their proboscis.

    This is Malawi ladies and gentlemen where politicians feel free because they know that they have submissive subjects, who can say yes bwana even when they are being slapped in front of their wives and children.


  3. jimbo says:

    Who thinks that the Malawi Police will be successful in their investigation? Who has confidence in them? They too are corrupt and will never get to the bottom of this crime. If government agencies are involved, the truth will never come out. Clearly the donor community are already suspicious and are watching with great interest. So they should.

  4. The Patriot says:

    Zikakhala kuti boma likudziwapo kanthu sizisowa!!! Well done donors, even the ordinary people can smell a rat here!! Impunity should never be condoned in a democracy!

  5. chefourpence says:

    may be this time The Director of Public Prosecutions DPP is vindicated! We have a mafia in Malawi

  6. nick says:

    Mind your own business, Nevin, and get a proper shave!
    Donors may pay for the ACB but they have no right to interfere in police matters.
    Ambassadors should limit themselves to trade and diplomacy, or close down and go away.

  7. ziz says:

    Tell the donors that its Peter Munthalika and his friend who killed that man

  8. Zilikoliko ku nyasaland. says:

    MCP munapha nduna zitatu ndi phungu mmodzi,UDF munapha Chigawa,Kalonga, DPP munapha Chasowa PP munafuna kupha Mphwiyo DPP mwapha Njauju.CHIUTA WAKUMANYA VYOSE Few examples.

  9. wanzeru says:

    Nevin bravo bravo bravo, actually any sane Malawian is happy and grateful for what you are doing. All the negative comments posted are from Dpp ministers presidential Aids and all those linked to cash gate don’t worry you have the support of Malawian shame dpp

  10. Kaziwiziwi says:



    1. kawonga says:

      wrong position and parking

  11. nyaude says:

    why not hire FBI to assist poorly equiped MPS?

  12. Welcome donor community as Malawian citizens we need to know who is behind this killing.

  13. First offender says:

    Donors what are you talking about?you always do dirty things in your country but still you consider yourself saints among the poor black people

  14. Wizeman Paul says:

    Just bring your Investigators to help our local investigators if you really need speedy investigations.

  15. pat says:

    Does malawi still have donors??????

  16. Telling the Truth says:

    It is amazing to find out that there are many Malawians who are ignorant of the fact that we still have donors helping us in many areas. The only difference is that donors financial assistance is not going through govt budget due to gross misuse of funds that started with the late dictator Bingu wa Mutharika. Peter Mutharika and Goodall Gondwe know that without this off budget from donors Malawi would have been on its knees by now.

  17. Telling the Truth says:

    It is amazing to find out that there are many Malawians who are ignorant of fact we still have donors helping us in many areas. The only difference is that donors financial assistance is not going govt budget due to gross misuse of funds that started with the late dictator Bingu wa Mutharika.

  18. Alufeyo says:

    Nevin a very foolish paedophile who still behaves as if he is still a spy. The Malawi Govt is working day and night to solve this murder. Why are you foolish people not asking the USA to stop killing black Americans.

  19. choka phiri says:

    Malawi has become A MAFIA NATION. freightening people who are doing good is dangerous. But I wish there people wo tske a risk if we are going to live a life of economy. Mslawi will never wirk without donors. The donors hsve stopped giving money as budget but they are still giving mlbey direct to organisations that is donors money. Go to school and learn.Chines are not giving aid. They are building with their money which Malawi will pay back.

  20. chaiwone wawo says:

    One thing should be made clear to all who are castigating the donors claiming asiya kutithandiza. get it clear that they have not stopped funding Malawi. What they have done is to avoid channeling the aid through the budget of the Malawi government. let us be serious. We had a flood disaster. It is the same donors mukuwatukwanawo who came to our support. They still pump in money through other was. some of the people are praising china. You need to dig deeper and see how damaging the relationship with china is to Malawi. They are reaping Malawi, our leaders know that. All they will do is to show us the stadium and the conference structures. they will not show us the damage china is doing. Open your eyes

  21. choka phiri says:

    There is no justice in malawi for ordinary people. It has been likr this since indepedent. We call indepedent Do we have one? Sfrican have failled in social, economic, humanity,healthy. Etc. And failures always blame othetrs. Dont forget donors money is their money for Gods sake. One day you will end up killing yourselves. These machonas are there to get last money for their pension. Where do you seeba man of over 70 years ruling? Africa. I hate pepole who can not see wrong things.

  22. MIKE (mchewa weniweni) says:

    Ali kaka killed a person, with full evidence…but still he is moving freely in town… rubbish!!!!!!!!!

  23. choka phiri says:

    Mantanyula you are a man without brain. If God could talk he could hsve asked u to yhink human. Look at your nation what have you got? Do you trust. Chinese? Do you kmow them well? Do you think they are better than those colonial?

  24. the citizen... says:

    Its true don’t be angry with Nevin guys!!! The matter should be investigated with respected and the culpits must be brought to book. The tax payers money is being squandered the a few individuals and this deceased was doing his best to benefit the majority…why taking the lives of those working for good of the ordinary citizens? Those in power are behind this act of murder… Nevin is true and I agree with him… There funds are meant for the poor.

  25. phondogoma says:

    Point of CORRECTION . Britain is not our donor. It is just our mega bilateral partner in trade.China and Japan are our main country donors. Imagine Nevin has come to the extent of describing us as bag snatchers. He is lucky that our uncle passed away, he could have discovered he has been declared persona nagrata while landing on Hiethrow Airport in London.Thank God that two brothers can not be the same.

  26. Decent Citizen says:

    Mr Nevin what you are saying is right but if the murder is sponsored from the top,there is no way to corner the culprits.The police will destroy all the evidence.These type of cases have been happening in Malawi for so long they all end up in whispers.After sometime the noise will die down and it will be business as usual.They don’t care enriching themselves from blood money as longer as they can drive expensive cars and build mansions from questionable proceeds.

  27. ABM says:

    Malawi has donors in various forms otherwise most of these departments would have been closed by now. Mind your words. ACB, Health, Education, Agriculture and other departments are being supported by donors in various means.

  28. Mathanyula says:

    Nevin you are talking trashes in Malawi. I am telling you that no body will chase you back home this time. You cant force Malawi Government to speed up this case. Be aware that there are a lot of challenges our police or ACB are facing. After all you are no longer our donors. We are struggling ourselves to make life easier. You are no longer our donors. You are no longer our colonial masters. You are no longer our … We better work in partnership with rich China not you at all. You are just wasting your ample time partnering yourself with Malawian issues. Stop it. What development have you done in Malawi, only supplying marry meals in primary schools.look at China. China has come in Malawi in this decade. But China has managed to put up a stadium, 5 star hotel, Bingu International Conference, etc. If your brothers were doing what China is doing since 1896(British protectorate in Nyasaland), where could Malawi be today.

  29. gy says:

    pipo get murdered everyday all over the world, ma donors musatitopese

  30. Dominic says:

    Does Malawi have donors from outside? Please let us not confuse things, Malawi currently has diplomats as opposed to donors.

    If at all Malawi has donors then it is Malawians themselves who are donors of their own country because we are running this country with our own resources (though little and not enough) and not from the so called donors from outside the country. US, UK and others are donors for other countries but NOT Malawi currently. Please call a snake a snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    May I also humbly request the diplomatic community to stop making noise. Their respective countries have HUGE issues that they themselves are also failing to settle them down.

    REMEMBER: Western countries do not wish African countries well. They are the same ones fueling war and civil unrest in some African countries for them to exploit our scarce natural resources for their wealth. Malawians please wake up – let us stop painting the diplomats as SAINTS.

    More surprisingly, WHY NOT LEAVE US IF WE ARE TOO BAD?. WHY NOT GO TO THEIR GODLY COUNTRIES AND LEAVE US ALONE?. That should ring a bell in our heads Malawians. They are alleviating their poverty here in Malawi.

    Currently, having them or not is same thing, for nothing we are getting from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    Ena mwina mumadya nawo cashgate money. All diplomats are saying ia that justice should prevail.

    DFID has programmes in Malawi though not directly related to budget support. so they still have a lot of work to do here.

    Take it or leave it probe must indeed be speedy n transparent. let those involved face the law. vuto ndi loti malamulo athu apply to poor ppo only not thoae with cash.

  32. nyonyo says:

    Nevin this is my last warning to you stop poking your nose in our you think the president and responsible authorities are sitting phwiii doing nothing?…Please get over the fact that we are no longer colonized by you.

    1. Amalawi says:

      Mwayambapo , mudya dust soon

  33. Mhesha says:

    Up To this point? We know the issue is very crucial, Britons and Americans including your European friends, your coments here manifests the imperialistic mind in you that is unfortunately refusing to die. When comes to security issues, Malawi we are far much better than you. In fact your security agents have plates full of unresolved and un concluded tasks and you know them pretty well. Why pushing this underfunded government in that manner yet you said you will not support us. We have our own way of handling internal matters. Leave us please.

  34. the little Guru says:

    it a pity that some people think the only way of finding peace is eliminating those who challenges us. Njauje is no more, his was a painful and a brutal death. but the sun of justice will still shine on Malawi one day. my wish and prayer is that “may the investigations on his death be the first investigation to change the history of investigations in Malawi.”
    how many people have been killed like that, investigations begins and the their conclusions up to today has been revealed?!

  35. Kish says:

    The current situation in Malawi is shocking.
    Law and order and corruption are the first that must be tackled.
    Law & Order was excellent and there was no corruption during Kamuzu Banda’s leadership and that is what Malawi should strive for with the utmost urgency. Malawi can achieve that even without Banda’s type of dictatorial style of rule.
    Corruption is greed at the expense of the ordinary man who is suffering greatly.
    The elite are getting richer and richer, enjoying luxury of every kind while the poor are struggling for the very basic daily needs. There should not be such a huge gap in living conditions.
    One wonders why is the government not completely supporting the Revenue Authority in the collection of due taxes?
    All leaders should first and foremost think of the common man, rather than putting their interests first. They should think of WE ALL rather than ME, my family, my colleagues and my circle only. Where is patriotism?

  36. America says:

    Fucken bastard u donas mukulephela kutithandiza lero muziti nyo nyo, and mukulephela kuyendesa maiko anu lero mufuna muzitilowelera ife? Tifufuza tokha omwe adamupha m’bale wathu koma osati inu mulowelele go to hell

  37. Richard. Banda says:

    Donors,donors Who do u think they are.Gods?Nö matter what It Can Cost please God help US discover ourselves.Will we wakeup 0neday and become a sovialanestate?only God knows

  38. Khamani!! says:

    Mwayalukatu … You can’t even investigate one murder and bring this issue to a conclusion . Malawi is a failed state… It is a land mass occupied by sleepy people ruled by a mafia … There is really no such thing as a Malawian citizen when people can be killed like animals without investigations. Nanga zilipati ? Mmxxii

  39. Omex70 says:

    Iwe nambala 1 you are so stupid. I think you are one of the criminals in Malawi. We want justice to be done on Njauju’s murder. Any sane person would want justice to prevail on the matter and your statement seems you are backing those merciless killers of Njauju.

  40. mwahana says:

    There is sense in what donors are saying “Rule of Law” must prevail in this country. Getting resources even from the DEVIL to have this case concluded should be a priority. Whether they have withheld aid but want to assist in this case let it be!!!!!!!!!

  41. Professor Seyani says:

    Maxon Mbendera and your mate Nyirenda can you see what is happening? Are you happy? Zowona umphawi wa kwanu was equivalent to the cost of crucifying 16 Million plus Malawians in the hands of these murderers? Serious!

  42. william says:

    Mzunguyo sidzikumuklhuza izi. iye akuti ndi donor donor wakutiko, dziko laake liti aaaaaa zopusa. asayankhulepo coz iye si donor wathu ife tili pa zero aid budget no need for donors to speak anything. am sorry for the Njaunju family for the loss but mzungu asatikwane

  43. mchombolende says:

    Zanu zimenezo ine zisandikhuze. Kodi akapha ineyo mukanati chani? Wamisala waphedwa kapena wakuba waphedwa? Muisova, muisova.

  44. Kwafaani says:

    Oh no! No security for ACB but Ben Phiri!

  45. Zama Donors Zamkutu says:

    Koma these people take us for a ride ndithu. We Malawians are very daft. these are the same people who are refusing to provide financial support amidst a multitude of economic problems the country is facing. Now they are shamelessly recommending government to solve the Njaunju Case. mmh musandikwiyitse mwanve….inu mumapanga fund police kapena ACB? uchitsiru eti that is why Bingu anakuthamangitsani inu. while I sympathise with the Njaunju family for the tragic loss, i am of the view that investigations about the case do not need the blessing nor advocacy by DFID.

  46. Bushiri says:

    We malawians we need justice on this case real this country it will not fea or going backword in maffia style. We christian and we want to remain that way umuntnu pawanthu.

  47. Rhodrick Junaid Kalumpha says:

    Justice for Issa. Every day we pray that the perpetrators will not leave in peace.

  48. akukonde akukonde nkhoma says:

    Malawi can be funny at times. when was the best time to review security details of ACB staffs??? after murder or before murder??? was it not obvious that these people needed security?? If security personnel such as Police could not expect such threats to ACB officials, I wonder what they learn in class then. Was it not common sense????
    The only time i checked when Police could struggle to capture culprits, was when the state was involved in the crime. is it not time our police go the forensic investigation way?? six months training at Police Training School in Limbe is not enough where crime strategies are advancing.

  49. Professor Seyani says:

    This DPP government is full of crooks, vulgers, mahule, hardcore criminals like masa ngwi, kaliath, Henry Musasa, mathanyula, joliji chapondamanyi, chilima mpunaga, Dause and others. You cant expect logical conclusion of investigations when its them who had engineered this murder. Take a look at Chasowa issue. We Malawians nde dzitsiru mapeto poyika agang’athawa mu boma. These are first class criminals who know nothing apart from killing, fucking and thieving

  50. Chejumo mai Banda says:

    Dont say donors demand: do we still have donors. Fotsekie.

    Just it is good to speed the probe.

  51. Chipalamandule says:

    MK 577 Billion iphesa anthu ambiri.Boma limeneli tikuliziwa.Have you forgotten about the university student Chasowa?

  52. Emmatuwa says:

    mafia aMalawi kupha sinkhani boma loipa ili sindinalionetso.

  53. peter muthanyula says:

    Donors are now micro-managing us. Do we force the American government to act when black people are tortured and murdered by the Police in America? Do we force the British government to act when Moslems and black people are segregated against, deported or murdered in England? Leave domestic issues to the domestic institutions, please. This is why Bingu issued a PNG to some of you guys. You poke your noses too deep into domestic issues. You withhold your lousy aid, yet you still want to continue enslaving us?Shupiti zanu atsamunda inu!

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