Malawi donors demand speedy probe into Njaunju murder

Malawi’s international cooperating partners have called for a “speedy and transparent investigation” into the murder of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate services Issa Njauju and warned against attempts to cripple the bureau through intimidation and bribery

British High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, speaking on behalf of diplomats from United State Virginia Palmer, EU representatives and others from Germany, Norway and Ireland who visited ACB offices on Thursday, said investigations now taken over by police into Njaunju death must be handled with great respect and speed to bring the criminals to book.

Michael Nevin, British High Commissioner to Malawi: Eyes speedy probe

Michael Nevin, British High Commissioner to Malawi: Eyes speedy probe

Nevin said the investigations should come to its logical conclusion.

“It is important that this particular investigation is concluded because this is a road to impunity,” said the British diplomat.

“We call on government and all sections of Malawi society to help and protect those who are in the frontline of defending Malawi’s rule of law,” he said.

Njauju was brutally murdered and his body thrown aside presidential villas along presidential drive in the capital city’s Area 44 on July 2 2015.

His body was found with two gunshot wounds according to an autopsy report and his official car a Toyota Hilux D4D double cabin was burnt down to ashes at Mtsiriza near Area 49 in Lilongwe.

Some sections of the society are speculating that ACB boss was killed by a “state-sponsored” mafia-style attack.

Post-mortem results showed that Njauju was shot twice in the neck and chest before he was buried near Lilongwe River.

Nevin said: “If people feel they can get away with the murder, a heinous murder such as this, then it will spread. It is important to send a message that this is unacceptable in Malawi.”

He also expressed the diplomatic community’s “deepest condolences” to the family of Njaunju.

Nevin further pointed out that the donor community will continue supporting government agencies, ACB in particular.

“The more we invest in fight against corruption, the more the money that will be saved, the more the money that will be retained for Malawi’s developmental projects in Health, Education and Agriculture among others,” he noted.

Njauju’s brutal murder has sent shockwaves among officers working in agencies investigating and prosecuting corruption in the country.

ACB boss Lucas Kondowe said officers are still “terrified” since the murder of Njaunju , saying “it has been tough” going .

Kondowe said Njaunju was not just an ordinary ACB worker but a key staff member as “a senior director.”

He said: “Obviously we are all in a state of shock.”

Police said investigations shows cashgate – probe into systematic plunder of public resources – could be the reason to Njaunju’s savage murder.

Director of training at Police headquarters, Richard Luhanga told a news conference in Lilongwe recently that the investigators are pursuing a number of conspiracies.

“We cannot rule out that murder is connected to his work [at ACB),” said Luhanga, a senior police commissioner.

“What we are doing right now is to connect the dots,” he said.

Luhanga said police are following up “a sequence of events” that took place a day before Njauju was murdered.

Police also hinted at what Nyasa Times reported that the murder of Njauju could have been a case of mistaken identity.

“We are doing our interrogations with various people and also analysing information that we are currently getting from the public. At the moment, all options are welcome,” he said.

Government through Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu has since said it is considering a comprehensive review of security of ACB officers and public prosecutors.

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Martin Mtambo

Take a step further donors,nobody shouldn’t get away with this brutal murder of an innocent family man who has left his family in a hopeless and helpless state.

kunena mosapyatila
Sindikuonapo wabwino apa. The westerners kaya boma lathu la kola apa sono (corruption). Some of you are just making noise, a sign that you don’t know what is happening in your world. Wazungu cannot tell us what to do because they are also (have failed) failing to solve their high profile murder mysterious. Their govts are puppets of the hideous Jesuits and illuminati’s. These are the bad guys that are controlling the world and have distorted history(read about them and you will know). Ask the Britons, Americans, Frenchs etc who is behind the murders of Abraham Lincoln, JF Kennedy Senior… Read more »

Who thinks that the Malawi Police will be successful in their investigation? Who has confidence in them? They too are corrupt and will never get to the bottom of this crime. If government agencies are involved, the truth will never come out. Clearly the donor community are already suspicious and are watching with great interest. So they should.

The Patriot

Zikakhala kuti boma likudziwapo kanthu sizisowa!!! Well done donors, even the ordinary people can smell a rat here!! Impunity should never be condoned in a democracy!


may be this time The Director of Public Prosecutions DPP is vindicated! We have a mafia in Malawi

Mbowe Mulambia

Donors knows more


Mind your own business, Nevin, and get a proper shave!
Donors may pay for the ACB but they have no right to interfere in police matters.
Ambassadors should limit themselves to trade and diplomacy, or close down and go away.


Tell the donors that its Peter Munthalika and his friend who killed that man

Zilikoliko ku nyasaland.
Zilikoliko ku nyasaland.

MCP munapha nduna zitatu ndi phungu mmodzi,UDF munapha Chigawa,Kalonga, DPP munapha Chasowa PP munafuna kupha Mphwiyo DPP mwapha Njauju.CHIUTA WAKUMANYA VYOSE Few examples.


Nevin bravo bravo bravo, actually any sane Malawian is happy and grateful for what you are doing. All the negative comments posted are from Dpp ministers presidential Aids and all those linked to cash gate don’t worry you have the support of Malawian shame dpp

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