Malawi drop charges against gay men: Anti-homosexual laws suspended, says Justice Minister

Malawi government has dropped all criminal charges against two men who were facing up to 14 years in prison, on allegations that they engaged in homosexuality acts in a suburb of Area 25 in the capital Lilongwe.

Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu and Solister General Janet Chikaya Banda: Malawi Police have been ordered not to arrest or prosecute homosexuals

Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu and Solister General Janet Chikaya Banda: Malawi Police have been ordered not to arrest or prosecute homosexuals

Malawian police arrested 19-year-old Cuthbert Kulemeka and Kelvin Gonani (37) and were charged with sodomy.

Their arrest attracted international condemnation with Human Rights Watch and the US government saying the arrest was against human rights commitments Malawi pledged to adhere to.

On Saturday Malawi’s Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu said all charges have been dropped for the two men and said Malawi is committed to adhere to “universary accepted human rights standards.”

Tembenu said Malawi government acknowledged the views expressed by international human rights bodies that the government should instruct the police that no one should be arrested on the grounds of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Justice Minister said Malawi government has committed itself to review colonial-era “sodomy” laws and possibly rid itself of this disgraceful colonial relic.

However, Tembenu said the process will be done “in consultation with the people of Malawi as prescribed by the Constitution.”

Tembenu said in line with the commitment to review the anti-homosexual laws, Malawi government has suspended laws against same-sex relationships pending a decision on whether to repeal the legislation.

He said government has “imposed a moratorium” not to arrest or prosecute homosexuals.

But   repealing the legislation would be an unpopular move with many church leaders, as well as the wider population.

Tembenu called on civil society organisations to carry out “intensive sensitisation campaigns on gay rights”; saying homosexuality is “alien to Malawian culture.”

He said investigations on the two men indicated that their case was not about gay sex but “the evidence indicated a case of indecent assault” arguing that prompted the Police to require medication examination to establish the truth.

“The ministry has not detected any prejudice or malice on the part f the conduct of the police,” said Tembenu.

Justice Minister appealed to international community to fully appreciate that the review of gay laws is “a highly sensitive matter” that requires understanding and accommodation of diverse views before it is fully resolved.

Gift Trapence, from the Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP), welcomed the announcement to suspend anti- gay laws as “an encouraging step” forward.

He said: “It is difficult to offer HIV and AIDS services to homosexuals when there are sodomy laws on the other hand.

“The same government is crimalising same-sex relationships and the same government wants to help them. This does not make sense.”

Malawi is a signatory to a number of instruments that protect people in same-sex marriages, including International Convection on Civil and Political Rights that guarantees the right to privacy and non-discrimination of all people.

Chapter IV of the Malawian constitution guarantees every person’s right to liberty, dignity, and security of person. Article 20 prohibits discrimination on all grounds, and article 21 guarantees the right to privacy. Section 153 of the Malawian criminal code, which criminalizes consensual sexual conduct between adults, and section 156, which criminalizes “indecency” in both public and private, directly violates the right to privacy.

These criminal law sections are also contrary to international human rights standards. Specifically, article 2 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights prohibits discrimination on all grounds; articles 3 and 19 secure for all the right to equality; and articles 5 and 6 guarantee the right to dignity and liberty.

In 2010, two Malawian men were arrested and charged with public indecency after saying they were getting married.

The prosecution drew international condemnation and led to some donors withdrawing budget support – a major blow to one of the world’s poorest countries.

The then-president Bingu wa Mutharika – who died of a heart attack in 2012 – pardoned both men on “humanitarian grounds” but said they had “committed a crime against our culture, against our religion, and against our laws”.

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152 thoughts on “Malawi drop charges against gay men: Anti-homosexual laws suspended, says Justice Minister”

  1. allan banton says:

    My nation don’t allow that pliz

  2. Khamani!! says:

    Chokani apa. Ma homo inu, asa! Tengani iyi kukamwa, Ina kumatako ! Asa!

  3. Amini Mussa says:

    even a president angokwatilira manyazi, he is completely gay, he has stayed dozens of years single, kungokwatilira udindo. how do you expect the country to run like?

  4. chris says:

    and so claims to be a god fearing nation. what a country and it’s leadership that doesn’t walk it’s talk. shame on our so called leadership, and so called religious organisations, pac , mam, ccjp who runs to voice out on typically political views forgoing their spiritual obligation towards the us bulldozed gvt

  5. kate says:

    My question to authorities is: WHy do you arrest these gay people when you know that you have no power to punish them? dziko la Malawi lili mmanja mwa a garu indeed!

  6. the president made the best decision for his people.

  7. mulweli kalikokha says:

    So now Malawi will allow men to sleep together!!!! sick sick sick and disgusting

  8. Moses says:

    You are very stupid,foolish people,why don’t you allow companies to establish porn companies so that people can get job and develop country’s economy.Anthu osapempher agaru.mukuwopa munthu mzanu obadwa,wodwala wakufa m’malo mowopa Mulungu.zitsiru nonse muli mu Cabinet ya Peter.Sick society

  9. Moses says:

    You are very stupid,foolish people,why don’t you allow companies to establish porn companies so that people can get job and develop country’s economy.Anthu osapempher agaru.mukuwopa munthu mzanu obadwa,wodwala wakufa m’malo mowopa Mulungu.zitsiru nonse muli mu Cabinet ya Peter

  10. The Most Concerned says:

    Tiye nazoni….. Wina atenga mimba Mulungu akakwiya muona.

  11. cashgate1 says:

    When the country is run by people who don’t have values, what do you expect? God will surely depart from this nation just like it happening in USA

  12. jbm says:

    God help us Amen.

  13. Andrew Fatch says:

    Living in danger the last times gwila bango.

  14. kangandiwamba says:

    Iwe peter,samuel tembenu ndinso janet banda ndinu asatana.zowona mukuvomereza mchitidwe umenewu? You are deliberately irritating the most high God.This current regime must brace again wrath of God,whether famine or floods and Malawians will soon become victims over their desperation for donor aid.Dpp leadership becareful of what you are planting today coz its exactly you will sow tomorrow,Mark my words,my foot……

  15. Mikeka says:

    How can you pick Christmas season to make such unholy announcent Mr. Minister?

  16. Bozo says:

    Leadership yavutatu apa. Where is our sanity? Please tell me that APM is not aware of the moratorium.

  17. Janjaweed says:

    When did Malawi Government know about the existence of international laws and legal instruments protecting the rights of special groups including homosexuals? so should justice Tembenu and soliceter Chikaya suspend anthomosexual laws today?, the reality is that, the government is under immense plessure from donors,turnining it into a rubberstamp with an aim of pulling itself out of economic shambles.It is high time Malawians lived up to their hard earned independence,51 years of independence should not just be on paper but in practice,otherwise am retorting to say, away with homosexuality! away with neocolonialism, we cannot betray our God fearing nation to donors demands.

  18. LYABAKOLO says:


  19. McWynn Mombetsa says:

    So we can say Malawi is a God fearing country with this nonsense. How shameful. I feel sorry for mother Malawi’

  20. ida says:

    Ma learned counsel awirinu is this the legacy u would want to leave when ur time is finally over at Capital hill? Wasn’t it not possible to hear our views first before suspending the laws?

  21. ida says:

    Prophecy ija yakwaniritsidwa.

  22. jokujoku says:

    Remember the very honest words of the late Bingu wa muthalika that he once said that ” satana anatifulatira mchakachi 2011″ koma mchaka ichi cha 2012 zinthu zisintha. Its the time he announced kuti basi panopa ndiyang’ana ku eastern kumene kuli chisilamu komweko samafuna mathanyula. Because of that announcement Bingu dies in 2012 before implementing the turn to the east project! !! These are filthy people. Bwanji kukoma kwake kwa mkazi. Let zitsiru do mabvi akumbuyo trupence undule bamusi

  23. Samuel says:

    Sons of viper. God is punishing your countries terribly. USA, UK, German, Denmark and all in support of this evil God is using the east to punish you more than ever before.
    they are coming like bees and you won’t contend them. You will be invest much than ever before on security and natural disasters just in vain. because you have chosen to disobey God the Holy one of Israel. Malawi, I urge you to obey God rather than men. Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13. Do not be frightened by these disobedient nations. They are what Romans 1:29-32 that they are God-haters, insolent, arrogant, ruthless, heartless. They have disobeyed their own parents. They have invented ways of doing evil even though they know that the punishment of this sin is death. God will fight for our battles. Whoever has ears must hear what the spirit says. So shall it be.

  24. rodger rodger says:

    evil upon us…lord of mercy help ud

  25. Piper says:

    Gay or straight…why does anyone need to care?? It’s no ones business !! Waste of public funds. You rely on aid and you still have time and guts to fight these losing battles. Pathetic.

  26. Jane says:

    DPP woyeeee!

  27. gober says:

    umathanyula wavomerezedwa ku malawi.Wina afune kaya asafune. ubwino wake sizokakamizana.

  28. The white man has now started bringing in sins instead of things to Malawi. Oooo how I hate this. Zoona tizilowetsa konyerera?

  29. Watson says:

    Tiyambepo yakumbuyo popanda kumangidwa ku Malawi tsopano!!

  30. mbuyuni says:

    We can justify in any way about same sex relations just to attract aid and have enough money for cashgate. The fact remains that we know physiologically the sense if not nonsense we are making out of these relationships. How can I have a right of inserting my manhood in a toilet or a pool of faeces and be proud of my rights. Let them conduct a study in animals if they come up with statistics of these un Godly rights. Animals enjoy the rights of incest but not same sex because of their own understanding of organ physiology.

  31. Mbonga Matoga says:

    That’s the dilemma that a country that rely on hand-outs from rich countries faces in cases like these.

    If Malawi was economically independent this broad day light assault on our very own constitution would never have happened.

    Now the govt is asking the very same civil societies it has been accusing all along of introducing alien cultures into Malawi to start campaigning for homosexuals, what a shame…………

    As long as we remain a poor nation we shall never be fully independent to govern our country the way that suits our beliefs….

    We can not have anti-homosexual laws but at the same time rely on financial aid from countries whose citizens indulge in homosexual activities day and night…………

  32. Antoni apaphata says:

    Kuwonjezera apo akuti these laws were suspended nthawi ya Bing tsopano mukuwamanga bwanji piano? Mitu yanu imakoka koma?

  33. Antoni apaphata says:

    Sometimes people should think before speaking. So far the reasons we have been told for these peoples being in custody are:-
    1- homosexuality
    2- for their own protection from the public not that they were arrested
    3- they were actually arrested for public indecency.

    Ndiye tidziti kuli zinthu zenizeni mmitu MA anthu akutitsogolerawa

  34. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    DPP Regime lyolyolyoc

  35. crazy stuff says:

    Let the sodomites burn to death together with their sympathizers

  36. Angoni a ku Ntcheu says:

    Homo ayi

  37. CITIZEN says:


  38. ANTI-GAY says:

    Ndiye kuti pano mwaloledza????????????????????????????????????? Shame on evil and adulterers generation. Your are scared of people and not God who created you and gave you the instruction manual. Remember when you disregard the instruction manual you always head for destruction. Suspending a law means yes to that act. You call it colonial rule which simply means our bibles are colonial books??????????????? SHAME ON YOU.

  39. Zambulo says:

    Komadi ndizoona kuti osauka alibe mawu. Umphawi wathuwu ndiwo ukutipweteketsa

  40. Dukes says:

    My poor Malawi,when it comes to these critical matters I wish Kamuzu Banda was alive he couldn’t have tolerate this nonsense

  41. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Let’s just scrap off the anti-gay laws. They are archaic. I don’t support gays but that is their choice just like those who chose to have 17 wives, 6 mistresses and 8 concubines.

  42. tiwonge says:

    Dziko lili mmanja mwa agalu.Zamathanyula zayambikanso.Bola amayi PP yanyamukaaaaaaaa.

  43. Evance_Mataka says:

    I don’t think we are currently having a leader in this country! Zanvesa chisoni!

  44. Akulisinga says:


  45. FBI geniune. says:

    Sodom ndi gomola ya fika, Ambuye loweleranipo apa.koma abale 400million idapezeka ku account ya mnyamata wa ku accountant general mu chaka cha 2011 ,tayilongosolani nkhani imeneyi.chinali chiyambi cha cashgate ngati musakuziwa.osamangomanga a pp onkha ayi.fotsek.

  46. Mbusedye says:

    hahahaha…thats very unfortunate on our part… only shows our weakness

  47. Pamajiga says:

    Kodi mukufuna musangalatse ndani. …? You have chosen to please man not GOD Almighty zoona…? Real christians pliz let’s rise up. Iyi ndi nkhondo. Anthuwa asankha kusangalatsa azungu

  48. kanchenga says:

    What is this. Poverty, foolishness or not knowing what is good for our Nation Why do weak people like A PM become leaders. These people have withdrawn their money our people are dying in hospitals and all they do is engage us in useless told about people fornicating through anus and we stop and listen. When shall we start listening to GOD. Now we need to liberate ourselves. We can’t continue living like white mens slaves just because of money. So next time and Cox Peters wife and she says. Peter can do nothing about it after all it is her right to give pushy to anybody she likes and it is my right funk her as long as she concerts as an adult. Burn some of these rights groups they are traitors.

  49. mulopwana says:

    malawi in last days,,, a peter senderani…#Singing

  50. rasta Congo says:

    fire burn dem Babylon

  51. Tili Chenene says:

    Amend the constitution first

  52. Tina says:

    Stop this rubbish international interest. We don’t need gay things lots of problems Malawi. Bring voice to eliminate poverty. This will confuse people seriously. I’m in Europe 10 years I still don’t agree such marriages. Over our Fathers who has lived hundreds of years ago

  53. Yakobo says:

    A cry for my Beloved Country Malawi. The government doing what the satanic donors tell them than what the poor citizen want. Where are the vocal Chiefs? Next, we will be told to sleep with the dogs and will obviously accept. All because were are poor and we need money. To be poor is a crime indeed

  54. Kunta says:

    At least one step forward

  55. carlos daud says:

    God’ laws wil neva change….regardless ! may Allah guide our country

  56. says:

    Daniel…. U tok lyk Mugabe. Treat every part of your towel that wipes it buttocks nicely becizvone day it will wipe it face…….ikikikki.what a world!!!!!

  57. says:

    NgAti mtengo wa uwisi unakanika nkhani imeneyi ndiye amachita mtengo ouma shaaa Peter culdent have done it otherwise. I saw this one coming real Hot. This tym around it didn’t even need the whole Banki.-moon to come. One word from a Female American ambassador was enuf to Dr determine Malawisposition on gay issues..

  58. Alole says:

    Yeah! Amalawi what is gay? basi manyi kulambila satana eti!

  59. Charter says:

    How are laws legislated in Malawi? I thought Parliament is the only sanctioned body to create new and forfeit existing law? Why should foreign bodies force Malawi to break its own laws? Why not have Parliament legitimately reconsider such laws? The line that Malawi is using colonial era law is unfair. Laws created in the 1940s are much younger than the famous 1st to nth amendments to the US constitution which the citizens defend tooth and nail, including the amendment on the right to bear arms. Why are we so prone to bend to pressure? Not all laws defended in the first world make sense, yet those countries defend them fiercely. I do not argue that the laws in question are fair, I just don’t like the way we respond, period.

  60. Peter nkosi says:

    Have a look at this article on a foreign activist’s website:

    “Malawi outraged as West opposes revival of gay arrests”

    Colin Stewart has gone out of his way to search the internet for Malawian articles about these gay arrests. He has gleefully published on his blog every single speck of dirt on Malawi which he has managed to hoover up, and refers to hate-filled comments published (after moderation) by certain publications. His blog is aimed at other foreigners so that they too will start to attack Malawi over the arrests.

    I would like to see repealed those sections of the Penal Code which criminalise consensual, same-sex acts. However, after reading articles such as his, I temporarily lose sight of the human rights aspects of this case and join others in condemning unjustified, foreign meddling in Malawi’s domestic affairs.

  61. FBI geniune. says:

    How can we accept this,acording to our and culture and religion?koma a bale nkhani ya 400million inamangisa apolice aja mu chaka cha 2011 ili pati .ACB mukuwonati mulanduwu mukungowukhalira,tikanakuwuzani komwe a police anabisa manyumba awo.zowona wa police kumanga nyumba yakuti ngankhale minister osayikwanisa.chonsecho chogwirisa ntchito ndalama zakuba za misonkho yanthu.Ana awo ndikumatumbwa misewumu chonsecho zili mbuli.koma ndikuliwona la 40 likukwana.zowuluka zikutera.

  62. si inu mumenyela ufulu wa kumatako…ndili pano kumenyela ufulu wanyini…..ndikut nose agulu lakumatako ndisamaleni……zalowesako zinchenga Ku bloke kumeneko….ana Satan a inu…….azungu nose pantumbo panuuuuu…….

  63. very sad day, victory for the opposition this one

  64. govt says:


  65. devilsadvocate says:

    We need not to go public we just have to root them out silently. Burn them in the same house they stay. We are not free from our colonial masters they just changed the name to Dev.masters.

  66. Hadjah said says:

    Amalawi lets axcept to be ruled by Europe people, aaa mupaka kuvomeleza gay! Anyway akuti ufulu nde amene akufuna adzipanga zimenezi koma shame on you.

  67. advisory committee says:

    Weak govt. USA has some states that does not allow same sex but they are pressing on poor malawi to allow gay rights

  68. Ayo says:

    DPP always want to see for itself no learning from others. Joice banda decided to be quiet on this as if nothing was happening and that was nice to avoid embarassment with inconsistencies. Recently you said gay should access medical help @ the same time when you see them you arrest them. The same with shoot to kill. When police shoot and kill you dont defend them when taken to task but you continue to say police should shoot and kill without changing the rules.

  69. choka phiri says:

    What is pur culture and religion? Ar we Who brpught religion? What is African/Malawian religion? Africans speak about things without knowing our history. Dock we know how religion came to African? Dom we know What religion we had before Christianity came to Africa? To Day we talk like we are The ones Who created it. US religion as an excuse. We do horible things and use prayers. How many Cash gates convicted to 14 years? Is it Christianity to steal? Is it ok to kill Nyuunji or Chasowa or a school girl? why politkcal murderes are not convicted.Gays are human beings. y

  70. Abiti Mtila Akuba says:

    We new that being one of them yourself, uwakhululukira

  71. Alunta continua says:

    That’s not strange this president has something devilish characters mind you he has been in US for 2 decades and US is where more liumanating pple are and I don’t doubt is one of them, let’s pray heavly so that other things should not happen.

  72. My malawi you accept homosexual behaviour., yet you do not agree to abolishment of death sentense, whats the morality mr justice minister…

  73. chikutumbwe says:

    Apa ndiye ingonenani kuti mwavomereza! Yesu ndiye akubwera!

  74. Midfielder says:

    I thought it was in Joyce Banda’s time that the prosecution of homosexuals was prohibited?

  75. James kotoki says:

    Hahaha that’s it.what can you expect if the boss is gay

  76. ABONZI says:

    This is an assurance that Malawi is not independent country. We are governed by azungu, they make us suspend our constitution which someone swore to uphold. The consititution was suspended for aid purpose which is nowhere, let the Law of God reign over if we say we are God fearing nation. We have walked away from God fearing to aid fearing nation, case of homosexuality!

  77. Gimme a Break says:

    This outcome was inevitable. The loud and and undemocratic Malawians who were supporting the arrest even advocating the killing of fellow citizens just because they’re different, have lost, and rightly so. It’ll take a long time before the majority of Malawians accept that homosexuality is not a sin and is not foreign, but pang’ono pang’ono we will make progress on the upholding of human for all including those we don’t like.

  78. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Malawi getting out of hand now. We in this ship unfortunately.

  79. Amini Mussa says:

    shameful people,shameful minister,shameful president,shameful nation. I can prophesies fire in Malawi. chomcho ndiye mvula izizgwa yabwino? kenako mumva mphenzi yapha Wina Ku state house ndithu, ikalowa konko mpakana Ku bedroom yachifumu

  80. Safari Wakumudzi says:

    Were the locals consulted before the government signed such declaration?

    When was it signed, was it after Tiwo’s case or before?

    So the minister should not cheat us!!!

  81. Mapwevu-pwevu! says:

    Malawi is no longer a GOD fearing Nation, but a DONOR fearing Nation!! If their parents were practising such nonsense act PARMER and her GAYS bwezi alipo?

  82. patuma says:

    that will mean changing includind men on the definition of rape and related cases right?

  83. Amini Mussa says:

    Ndiye muone mmene mulungu angakanthire Malawi ndi zilango zplosiyanasiyana, malwi was one of beloved nation by God but with this laws we shud expect more fire from heven..mind you am not one of them, shamefull government.

  84. [email protected] says:

    Do you have powers to suspend the law on your own. Pleas musabweletse nyasi mudzikoli chonde

  85. Daniel says:

    It is important to protect and defend the human rights of unpopular folks – people you dislike – because one day anyone can find they themselves are the unpopular ones. That is why human rights are not a populatrity contest.

  86. Pedegu says:

    Zikamatele, chisonicho chili apo, timangonyadila kuti ulendo wakwathu wayandikila, zizindikilo zikunka zikukwanitsidwa

  87. a gay from karonga says:

    good move,thank you DPP govt,you are really a democratic party

  88. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    It will be far much easier now to legalise the growing and use of hemp as it has some economic benefits to the rural masses and no conflict with our culture. But this other topic will face an uphill battle ! This will be a heavy test for our democracy.

  89. TSAMBALIKWA says:

    This is a great victory not only to the arrested gay Couple but the entire Gay and Lesbian Community world wide, Malawians should exepect to see same sex Couples kissing each other publicly, Gay bars,Restaurants and Gay Rest house, I’m so excited that I can go to malawi with my long time gay partner Syabonga being a South African, Please Western counntries increase your aid to the poor people of my nation Malawi, Thanks to Mbuya Gift Trapence the great Michel Mtambo for the great job, KOMA AMALAWI MUTIMVA M’BEBE IFE MA GAY

  90. Green Grass says:

    JB must be having the last laugh. DPP was all over poking fun at her for being too submissive to donor demands giving the impression that they would act differently if they were in office. Now its your time to dance to the donor tune and please enjoy it.

  91. Nathenje trading centre says:

    Malawians and Africans are the most primitive people in the world,disguising as “religious” people,sometimes we function as if we live in a cave,our way of life is very backward,we are so senseless and irrational in our thinking.

    We ourselves cried for “Democracy”,those in power by then resisted we fought them into the ground and finally we achieved “Democracy”

    Now the question is,when asking for “Democracy” did you know what you were asking for?because democracy is a crazy world,everyone does everything that he/she wants,so questioning and demonising gays does not make sense to me,it’s their “human right” whatever that means.

    Personally I see nothing wrong in legalising Homosexuality,here’s why;

    but before that let me ask the following questions;

    is there a sin bigger than the other?

    does anyone hold a monopoly of truth in religious issues?

    Now,if two consenting same sex adults decide to have sex I see nothing wrong in it,as long as that makes them happy,I have my own beliefs and so do they,I don’t monopolise truth and beliefs.

    At this end let me thank and congratulate our civilised President for this wonderful excellent decision.

    Keep it up Mr President,you have my full support on this.

  92. Kawonga says:

    Endtimes in progress, shameful

  93. mula says:

    If you haven’t had anal sex then you haven’t had sex before.Try it on your wife,then get a man,you will forget about your wife am telling you.

  94. Mathanyula says:

    I thought we got our independence from the colonial masters 51 years ago???? So why are we still being micro-managed by white folks, I know we are poor but please let’s not lose our moral campus!

  95. Getrude says:

    Mathanyula and his boys are chickens, cowards!!!!

  96. These are endtimes.Long time ago it was believed that men who lacked courage to propose a woman for sex enticed young boys for mathanyula but now under the support of demonic activities same sex is well defended even by rich countries. The intellectuals have also joined the band wagon. Why all this?GREEDY AND SELFISH. By design of the human body every part has its own responsibility. There is no way food could be taken from the bottom. and end up to the mouth. Anus is for passing out residues. Mouth is the entry point. No penetration will be done into the anus but through the vagina. American, Germany, Britain and whoever is interested in this evil acts you are free to come and get all the people who supports gay in Malawi to your countries and let them stay there. Don’t deport them they will be yours for ever

  97. La 40 Lakwana says:

    Malawi and APM are all in the hands of the Westerners, that’s the problem of rigging elections, he thought that he was going to be the head of state instead he is the one being headed by the Azungus, my poor professor being a foreigner in Malawi.

    What’s is the parliament doing, we thought Malawi follow’s the laws of the land ?

  98. Yambani Mulemba says:

    Kodi Palmer is more powerful than nyasaland govt? Kikiki wamukhwefula peter. Palmer woyeee?

  99. Sapitwa says:

    This may sound victory to you guys but you have chosen a path that is not easy.
    Every Malawian has his rights and with these rights:
    1. All christian churches and mosques have the right to deny gay and lesbian marriages even association.
    2. All private practicing surgeries and Doctors have got the right to refuse perform on HIV gay/lesbian patients
    3. I have the right to deny any friendship with a gay or lesbian person
    4.Any clubs have the right without disclosure to deny to associate with gays and lesbians
    5.I have the right to deny a gay or lesbian passenger to board my tax minibus to just say sorry sir/ madam, all seats are booked.
    6. I have the right to deny my help to a gay or lesbian by exercising my freedom of association.
    So by exercising ones freedom of association and rights, these people will suffer more than they think.They get help at government institutions and even there, some employees will shun them away just silently.
    You see folks, you can’t do contrary to what God had already rejected in Sodom and Gomorah. You can contact embassies and High Commisions and fight for these peoples rights but when it comes to my rights and my freedom of association, these peoples’ access to my services is a no go.

    1. You can ‘impose’ your rights mr sapitwa but so long as those rights dont infringe the rights of other people.

  100. zopusa says:

    Stupid pappets

  101. anadimba says:

    nkhani ndikudalira azungu. When one is dependent he is alwayz aslave

  102. However, Tembenu said the process will be done “in consultation with the people of Malawi as prescribed by the Constitution.”
    Let me start from there….

    If I ask do u want to consult us after you have already made your decision to release them?
    Come you are also not doibt the right thing what I know now is that the law is not suspended.

    I dont know much about the suspension process but I can make logical connextions, if MPs and Citizens are responsible for the impremantation of the bill then I ges they are also responsible to seat down and make suspension agreements. Thats either refrendam and deep research I ges.

    As of now let me say Malawi is a gay country and no longer God Fearing nation. Its probably not making sense.

    I know Africa is bound to the terms of Doner communities, during the times of Kamuzu Banda the country was making good progreeses but now mmm I cant say.

    I voted fo the president just for him to offer protection but it seems he doesnt care fo the people anymore….

  103. Chauta says:

    What a shame!! Christians have surrendered to satanists because of dirty money. There is a thinly veilled satanic assault on humanity disguised as human rights. Next is the legalisation of abortion(satanic ritual murder or child sacrifice), prostitution(satanic ritual sex worship) and pedophilia(satanic initiation rites) The west is a luciferian outpost. That is why life there doesnt make any sense at all. Everything is inverted. Good is evil and evil is good. Healthy is sick and sick is healthy.

  104. ALC709 says:

    This is farcical and clear backwardness in our morals as a people. This plan will bring curses and people practicing it should brace themselves for untold vices

  105. if you have legalized homosexuality then that means we can marry our sisters or brothers, or even our father’s or mother’s because its our own human rights

  106. Mtundu Wanga says:

    Good move. These are our own fellow Malawians and they’ve wronged nobody. Police time should be devoted to arresting criminal like Paul Mpheiyo and other cash gathers

  107. Justice Minister says:

    Wicked evil men of earth. Floods, Famine, Economic Crisis, Insecurity, Police Brutality, Jealousy, Envy, Corruption, Poverty, Stress and all Evil deeds will never depart from us. People of only lip prayer not heart prayer and fear of God. Thanks to God His Holy Word is coming True while I am alive

  108. Kent says:

    Okay, serious?

  109. Mlomwe says:

    DPP mukaifuna ija ndiye imeneyi.Dziko la Malawi laonongeka kamba ka Azungu.God have mercy on us

  110. Sheriff says:

    Nanga atakhala kuti mmodzi mwa iwo ndi wa zaka 16 ?

  111. Bigimani says:

    As I expected. Mw being remotely controlled! 😐

  112. Observer says:

    It is quite interesting that the anti-gay laws have now been suspended and will eventually be removed! One reason, some quarters scored political points over Joyce Banda was the argument that she was capitulating to Western demands to allow same homosexuality. Little did voters see that the push for such an agenda would not only be to JB but to anyone taking the hot seat of Malawi presidency. These are signs of the times.

  113. Muslim says:

    It is very sad to see my country falling into the hands of satan becoz of the few who are worshiping the west,despite knowing that the west worships Satan, My msg to Peter Muthalika and Samuel Tembenu prepare some hard times which almaghty Allah is going to inflict upon u very soon and u shall have no peace 4 the rest of ur lyf and after u die! See my Name…….

  114. Mtondoli Jonasi says:


  115. mbuya says:

    hahaha! ya Malawi no backbone anything goes as long as mzungu speaks. PAC what next ?

  116. General says:

    Tembunu ndi Mzako Mathanyula anthu otemberedwa ndi Mulungu, inu ana asatana prepare the falling of ur gvt very soon and face the consequense of ur hypocrite. DEMONES!God is going to punish u ppl very bad soon or later

  117. JIHAYE says:

    So the law is suspended and then there will be consultations. so what happens if the people say no to repealing the law? Government is in a fix on this one. On one hand it wants to side with the views of many Malawians and on the other it wants the money from the donors.

  118. Mahera says:

    Malawian leaders, where are you taking our country to? You mean you have valued the views of foreigners more than your peoples views. You are the ones who facilitae mob justice through these weak decisions. Malawias a nation we have our culture and we have to uphold to it. Malawi is not a 5ay please nation please. I will personally mobilise people to 0atch against your silly opinions.

  119. The Analyst says:

    Tsono Tembenu and Peter and whoever is advising you; are making a grave mistake! You are choosing the Devil and abandoning God? Are you sure you are selling your country to the Devil for aid? So you have the ball to undermine the power of God to feed Malawi and choose the power of the Devil and men? Beware of wrong choices! I wish Malawi had a strong leadership! Who does not know that homosexuality is a wicked act of Devil worshiping? This is a sad and regrettable day for Malawi! A dark cloud has befallen Malawi! Don’t you read the scripture and hear poetic voice of reason?
    “Before they could lie down, all men of Sodom . . . surrounded the house. They called out to Lot and asked, ‘Where are the men who came to visit you tonight? Bring them out to us so we can have sex with them!’ Lot went outside to them, shut the door behind him, and said, ‘I urge you, my brothers, don’t do such a wicked thing.” – Genesis 19: 4-7

    “Later, God condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and turned them into heaps of ashes. He made them an example of what will happen to ungodly people.” – Peter 2:6-10

    “Mudzafa imfa yowawa” – Robert Chiwamba
    What shall the rest of us do since the government has given in to the Devil, for want of donor money which they want to steal? Lets hear what the scripture has to say . . .

    “If a man has sexual relations with another male . . . both have committed a repulsive act. They are certainly to be put to death.” – Leviticus 20:13

    Mob justice is the way of dealing with this evil act. If you think you are safe by being neutral on this issue, you are cheating yourselves coz . . .

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, choose to be neutral.” – Dante Alighieri

  120. Thanduxolo says:

    Amalawi mutimva kuwawa. Tiyeni nazo.

  121. says:

    I exactly saw this one coming and coming real Hot. We alwez fight loosing battles

  122. says:

    Lyolyoylyolyilylya Aushishe aionekikikikiest!

  123. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Dziko lathu lomwe koma kulamulidwa ndiazungu!!!!!

  124. Patriot says:

    Chibvumbulutso 12:12 “Tsoka mtunda ndi nyanja, chifukwa mdierekezi watsikira kwa inu wokhala nao udani waukuru, podziwa kuti kamtsalira kanthawi”


  125. Murray says:

    Osauka alibe mawu……….

  126. Mrs Bandak says:

    “The then-president Bingu wa Mutharika – who died of a heart attack earlier this year”
    This is wrong

  127. Koma zondabwisa amalawi zoona mwavomeleza gay chifukwa mukufuna chithandizo koma ayambe ana a minister yo abwere poyera tiwawone kaye ndipamene ana athu azipanga apobiii!

  128. Ineyo says:

    I will concur with Moya, Zau satana, uchitsiru ndi utchisi

  129. mussa says:

    Koma umphawiwu

  130. Shem says:

    What about federalism? Can’t u do it the same way? Why not askPAC to conduct an oopinion poll on this issue as well? What’sthe due process for suspending laws?

  131. I think we are now ruled by eurpe people,zoona tidzikwatirana amuna/akazi tokhatokha what z that amalawi? Amene alindiufulu apange koma azungu inu give funds first tipanga zimenezi.

  132. Tidzichita chobaya paliponse tidzikumana nawo anaMathanyulawo

  133. lackison says:

    Just say we allow gays in Malawi, finish . Not bla bla bla

  134. Koma says:


  135. Dr Fletcher Phiri says:

    We are still under the arm of our colonial masters

  136. Dr Fletcher Phiri says:

    This case makes Malawi justice is a mockery and devalue our justice system. As long as Malawi is poor and depend on begging from Western countries, there will never be justice as the western people either living in or out of Malawi are above the laws of Malawi and are more powerful than our courts and parliament

  137. Makeresi pawa says:

    If you agree the man to man marriage as a legally one while is a notorious offence since ever, why not to allow one man to kill another man.??

  138. Chilombo says:

    Munthu ukakhala opempha umasanduka galu.Umapanga chilichonse wauzidwa olo ukudziwa kuti ndichonyansa

  139. Elias says:

    Muwatenge inu a America kaya ndi inu abulitishi ngakhalenso ajeremani mukawasunge popeza mumakondwera ndi anthu ochitana kumbuyu

  140. Makeresi pawa says:

    That Judge is not a good guy for African culture!
    He has to be sacked as a judge!

  141. I can see kuti apa basi tatheka, umphawi wativuta koopsa.

  142. Chilungamo says:

    Zopusa zokhazokha. Palibe chabwino pa Malawi. Dziko lapita ili.

  143. Mr Ntibo says:

    Ha Ha, you have been told leave homos alone or else no budgetary support!!! But this is good, Police should not Waste tax payer and donor Money molesting two adults doing their thing, even if they do that in Public in their cars. Spend time catching thieves including mathanyula peter and his cashgate thieves.

  144. Bigman de apstle says:

    Oh! Thats terrible, i pitty you my beautiful mother Malawi.

  145. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Malawi uja kalanga ineeeeeee!!!!!! Kodi nkuterooooooo! Ambuye inuuu

  146. darth vader says:

    a poor man has no say ndithu. apa ndiye mwatsegulila mathanyula chifukwa cha aid. bola ma lesbian amasangalatsa akamaseweretsana ma offals awo, koma pa mathanyula pokhapo ndiye mwalakwitsa. you shouldn’t have made the arrest public.

  147. Malawi says:

    So we fear people not GOD where is our conscious

  148. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

    Chilango kwa mulungu basi

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