Malawi economist, academician Ben Kondoole dies: Burial Saturday

A distinguished and well known economist and academician, Prof. Benson Kandoole, passed on around noon on Tuesday at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe.

Kondoole: No more

Kondoole: No more

A family relation, Sophie Kandoole, who works for the National Registration Bureau as Deputy Director, told Lilongwe News Agency (LINA) that the family was in great shock at the death of their family pillar.

She said her uncle had been suffering from diabetes since 1996. She further disclosed that this year, he was also found to have problems with his kidney and subsequently succumbed to death due to cardiac failure.

“The whole family is in shock at the death of my uncle, he was at the hospital receiving medication but we didn’t think he would leave us, we hoped he would come out well, we were talking to him this very morning,” complained Kandoole obviously battling tears.

Kandoole said: “My uncle was the pillar of the family and most of us relatives are in good positions today because he worked hard to teach, train and advise us how to be successful in life.”

She said Prof. Kandoole was the last born in a family of three, two men and one and Prof. Kandoole was the last born with the other three already dead as in their same order of birth.

Kandoole came from Kasankha Village, T/A Nankumba in Mangochi District.

He graduated from the University of Malawi in 1971 with a Bachelor of Social Science degree.

Kondoole briefly lectured at the University of Malawi before leaving for the United States of America where he obtained his Masters and Doctorate degrees both in economics from 1974-79 at the California State University.

He spent most of his life at the Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) in Lilongwe where he worked for fifteen years as its Executive Director from 1993 to 2008.

Kandoole also served in several other positions some of them were; Chairman, University of Malawi Council (2005 to 2010), Chairman, Task Force for the Establishment of Council for Higher Education (September 2007 to present), Chairman, Publications & Editorial Committee, Economics Association of Malawi (2001till his death), Chairman, New Building Society Board of Directors (1994 – 1999), Member, Presidential Committee on Privatization (1994 1999), Chairman, Board of Trustees of Development of Malawian Traders Trust – DEMATT (1984 – 1990), Chairman, Alexander Hotels Limited (2002 till his death).

He also held responsibilities on the international arena such as Organizing Secretary, Southern African Universities Social Science Conference SAUSSC (1984-1985), External Examiner, M.A. Thesis on Public Expenditure, University of Zambia (1983), External Examiner, National University of Lesotho (1990), Visiting Lecturer, MA Programme, African Economics Research Consortium, Nairobi, Kenya, (1993).

As an academician, he also had publications to his credit some of them are: Twenty five years of Independence, Dzuka Publishing company -An overview of Economic and Historical Developments in Malawi since Independence (Co-author, June 1989), Mini Loans for Small Medium – scale enterprises in Malawi OSSREA, Structural Adjustment: Short Run Gains and Long Run Losses Proceedings of SAUSSC (1988), Mobilization of resources for National and Regional Development in Southern Africa, Social Science Conference (SAUSSC) Proceedings, MIE (Co-editor, 1988), Impact of Fertilizer Subsidy Removal Proceedings of SAUSSC (1988), Maize Marketing and Food Security Proceedings of SAUSSC (1988), Guidelines for Improving Evaluation Methods and Techniques in Malawi UNESCO (1984).

Prof. Kandoole was married to Neema Josephine Kandoole (nee Chilombe), an accomplished health professional who retired at the position of Deputy Director in the Ministry of Health.

He has left four daughters; Rehema, their first daughter who is married to Mzonde Mvula. She is an economist, working with the Reserve Bank of Malawi. Brenda, second born, married to Andrew Morley, a Briton. She is a financial accountant with Bearing Transmission and Pneumatics Ltd, in Derby UK. Third born is Priscilla – An economist with the World Bank, Malawi Country Office. Vanessa, the last born is a medical doctor with Ministry of Health, Zomba District Health Office.

Four grandchildren; Alisha Morley, Chelsea Mvula, Ryan Morley and Aretha Mvula.

Peter Mandala, also a family member described Prof. Kandoole as a very humble man, always cheerful and very approachable and liked joking.

He will be buried at his village, Kasankha in Mangochi this Saturday as they are waiting for the arrival of her second born daughter who lives in the United Kingdom. Funeral ceremony is taking place at his retirement home in Area 12 in Lilongwe.

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66 thoughts on “Malawi economist, academician Ben Kondoole dies: Burial Saturday”

  1. natus says:

    RIP Prof. Will greatly be missed

  2. Taluza munthu ofunika kwanthu kuno, maka akubanja ndi amfumu akasakha, anali ndodo yao. May God bless him.

  3. ndadabwa says:

    He’s was indeed a very educated man but stood against the very ethos of education as he was a strongest proponent of quota system . Death is death and everyone shall go through it but we should worry about the legacy we leave behind us . MHSRIEP

  4. may your soul rest in peace

  5. m3 says:

    A very smart and intelligent Student at Malosa Secondary School in the 60’s.I He was a ‘D’ ife tili ma ‘F’. i later met him at MIM in 2006 still imparting his knowledge to Students.Mzimu wanu uuse mu mtendere A Kandoole,and may the Lord soothe your grieving family.

  6. Nasan says:

    Muzikamba za ulemu awa ndi malilo ophuzila sazatha malawi otsogole ndi chisomo

  7. tsamba says:

    The Fig Tree has foreign. I have great respect for the Prof. Always humble and cool. May His Soul Rest in Peace

  8. charles says:

    mr kandoole ,you were indeed a pillar of peace.may his soul rest in peace til we meet in heaven

  9. Nabanda says:

    I have nothing to say only God knows

  10. namarokoro says:

    An article very well written. For us who did not know the Late Professor, the article gives a detailed description who the gentleman was. Rest in Peace Prof!

  11. DRC says:

    May his soul rest in eternal peace

  12. golo says:

    I first met him from way back in Zomba. Very accommodating man. MHSRIP

  13. kaka says:

    The works of your hands Prof have touched every Malawian that matters in Malawi. Name them, they know it. At Chanco you were a real marvel in the 70’s to 90’s. You taught and you were an administrator. Then you made MIM. RIP

  14. Komadi dziko la Malawi silabwino kulikondetsesa chifukwa chake cha munthu mulibe. Phunzirani pa moyo wabambo Kandoole. May you rest in peace

  15. innocentphiri says:

    Abig loose to the poor nation,malawi. Educated people will never be apresident in malawi we vote idiot tobe our president and living pple with such good cv.

  16. Njoka Saweta says:

    Tamva nao mbiri…..Kulongosola bwinobwino kuti uje anakwatila ndi mzungu…uje ndi Mmalawi mzake…Uje amagwira ku Reserve Bank……Uje ku Chipatala…..The bottom line is RIP old man

  17. ...igwe says:


  18. boyd says:

    thank you for teaching.

    and guide when working together. rest in peace

  19. Alufeyo says:

    Pepani a Bambo Kandole was not yao but a Likoma guy. Am not saying ayao saphunzisa ana awo but just trying to correct you. You may wish to know that Mangochi has many Likoma people who all belong to the Anglican church eg Sandes Zinganis etc

  20. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    Professor, mzimu wanu Mulungu aulandire ndipo muuse mum mtendere. I will never forget how you made me choose that course and not this one during the week of orientation in 1991. If I had gone ahead with the other course, I would not be a graduate today. Because of you, I graduated. May you rest in eternal peace and may the Almighty God comfort members of your family during this time of difficulty.

  21. Bob says:

    RIP Prof.

  22. Tili Chenene says:

    Ndiye ana alongosoledwa!

  23. stanly nkunika says:

    my condolences

  24. Nyasosera says:

    MHSRIP. Patriotism imaphetsa. Ku central simalo abwino ayi. Mwaiwathu bwa? Ambiri izo mukudziwa bwino

  25. thinktankmalawi says:

    Real PHD….not zinazi

  26. Namiasi says:

    Kumanda kunka ma prof amanu abwino kusiya ma proffessor opanda manuwa?aziti ndakunyadilani kwambeeeri

  27. me says:

    The first time I heard of him was when there was that nasty staff strike at MIM in the 90s. People were calling him a dictator and they wanted him out.

  28. Amawo says:

    REST IN PEACE. Your input in my life as well as many others that you lectured is appreciated. A truly brilliant and intelligent professor!

  29. KAMTEDZA says:

    My condolences to the family. However, I think the time that the Prof spent at MIM was less than the time he spent as a lecturer at Chancellor College. Therefore the correct phrase should be he spent more time at the University of Malawi than elsewhere. When a Unima staff member gets a scholarship to go and study for their masters and doctoral degrees he or she still remains an employee of the University of Malawi. Even after coming from the States in 1979 Dr Kondoole remained a lecturer at Chancoll. He left Chancoll when he was going to MIM in 1993. He was there when I was doing my degree fr om 1981 to 1986. Finally all I can say is that we rest before we die when we find our rest in Christ Jesus. Dying then is just going home because for us to live must be Christ if to die must be gain. Once again my sincere condolences to the family.

  30. aorin says:

    I admired his smoking habits at chancoll.He was my role model.I still like my puff because of you!

  31. Mwapheranjiru says:

    Pepani anafedwa onse, Malawi wataya mwana wofunika, Malosa Secondary School yataya mwana amene anali nyali ya sukulu yao. Mzimu wao uutse mtendere.

  32. Peter says:

    So sad he used to be our board chairperson waybck in 1995

  33. Mbanangwa says:

    The eulogy about the children make me question the idea behind the article. Eulogy should have mainly centered on the man himself. May he rest in peace!

  34. Wampwesa says:

    A good leader he was, always giving a listening ear. RIP Professor

  35. KARU UNITED says:

    Prof. Kandoole was indeed a very humble man, but i doubt if he could rightly be described as someone who was cheerful, at least, not in public.

  36. Mlauzi says:

    RIP Prof. Eternal rest grant upon them and may light shine upon their eyes. May they rest in eternal peace, amen.

    Nyasa Times needs to give a correct account of the late Prof`s career. Your portrayal that the late lectured at UNIMA briefly in the 1970s is factually incorrect. The late Prf Ben Kandoole also taught Economics at Chanco in the eighties alongside with Prof Chinyamata Chipeta, Dr Elias Ngalande, Dr Maxwell Mkwezalamba et al. I can visualize him walking along the corridors carrying a brief case

  37. MCHEMO says:


    He helped students who were taking Geography and Sociology under the BA Humanities in the 80’s at CHANCO to be recognized under the BScoc program – due to his arguments, me and my friends ended up with a BSoc. Important man.


  38. makito says:

    RIP Prof. Ntchito za manja anu zikukuchitirani umboni even after life on earth.

  39. mzawo wa ana awo says:

    Oh sad, may his soul rest in peace. I know his children, ana abwino kwambiri

  40. KARU UNITED says:

    A bambo, not all people from Mangochi are Yaos. Mangochi has people who trace their roots from Likoma island, Chewas & Lhomwes to name but a few.

    1. nene says:

      especially TA Nankumba area is not Yao

  41. chosatheka says:

    rest in peace uncle Kandoole.

  42. Masozi pela says:

    RIP. You were my lecturer in Public Finance. Benson talked at Chancol for many years, not briefly. He even taught the likes of Dr Maxwell Mkezalamba. Nyasa Times, please do proper research before you write articles.

  43. Mpini Walezala says:

    I remember him as the Vice Principal at Chancellor College in early 90s. RIP.

  44. Bolero says:

    Rest in Eternal Peace my Prof at Chanco.

  45. YK says:

    You fought your battles mr. Pro. RIP

  46. mwana mulopwana says:

    Hamba Kahle Professor , You fought a very good fight and you really achieved , no wander all your kids followed your footsteps and have achieved , Go well and Rest in peace

  47. Happy Eduardo says:

    Abambo, Prof Kandowole was not a Chawa at all. He came from T/A Nankumba. Please check your facts-not everybody who comes from Mangochi is a Chawa.

  48. Benjamin says:

    So sad…,rest in peace!

  49. Peter Mathanyux says:

    Rest in Peace Professor. Kumanda kupita anthu anthu nkumasiya dzitserekwete dza ma professor and fake doctorate degree holders.

  50. He is the one example of people who achieve alot success in life he is my model

  51. Kk says:

    Such a distinguished lecturer at Chanco and a good fellow. You made me the economist I am today. I can’t help but notice how he has educated his kids. They are a marvel. Rest in peace Prof.

  52. Kamuzu Mbewe says:

    Koutsoyiannis! BK was cool dude. RIP

  53. Alufeyo says:

    True he was very humble to the extent of not building his own house. Ayi zabwino zilidi kumwamba. Go in peace great humble man we shall miss you.

  54. Abambo says:

    Achawa otere opita ku school komanso kuphunzitsa bwino ana amasowa. Kapumeni bwino Proffesor

  55. karoda says:

    I learnt a lot from him. May his soul rest in peace

  56. Basikolp says:

    Rest in peace

  57. Here we go again says:


  58. peter says:

    May the soul of Prof. Benson RIP

  59. May his soul rest in eternal piece til we meet in Almighty’s glory.

  60. john says:

    Koma bio imeneyi ife za ana awo zikutikhuza chani?Rest in Peace Prof

  61. The best man I had encountered at Chancol. I heard no complaints about him from other people. He was a rare human being who has also managed to educate his children. Some of us have seen our children being arrested for cashgate and others involved in robberies like Rev. Kadawati. Rest in peace Ben.

  62. George says:

    May the soul of prof kandoole rest in eternal peace and the almighty God take care of the family members as they mourn the father, husband, grandfather, Uncle, cousin, nephew who has passed on.

  63. saindi misale says:

    RIP Prof. You were distinguished at Chirunga .

  64. Achimidzimidzi says:

    True son of Malawi. Sure he was a humble man.


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