Malawi envoy Mphonda presents credentials to Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Malawi High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Kena Mphonda, on Tuesday, 13th October, 2015, presented his Letters of Credence to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain marking the official commencement of his tour of duty to London.

Kena Mphonda and Mrs Mary Chokani Mphonda with Queen Elizabeth II

Kena Mphonda and Mrs Mary Chokani Mphonda with Queen Elizabeth II

On their way to Buckignham Palace

On their way to Buckignham Palace

Malawi High Commissioner Kena Mphonda and his wife with The Queen of Great Britain

Malawi High Commissioner Kena Mphonda and his wife with The Queen of Great Britain

Malawi diplomatic members in UK, from left to right: Mwai Dausi, Mrs Linyama, Mrs Chokani Mphonda, Col Linyma and Kondwani Munthali

Malawi diplomatic members in UK at Burkingham Palace, from left to right: Mwai Dausi, Mrs Mkandawire, Mrs Chokani Mphonda, Col Linyama and Kondwani Munthali

The Queen received the letters at a ceremony held at Buckingham Palace in London.

In a time-honoured ceremony, the Malawi High Commissioner and his wife Mary Chokani Mphonda were collected by a State landau, a red royal horse-drawn carriage and were escorted by Her Majesty’s Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps.

Mphonda and his wife were accompanied by members of the diplomatic staff, including Defence Attaché Colonel Sydney Linyama, press and protocol officer Kondwani Munthali and Mwai Dausi.

During the presentation, Mphonda delivered a message of best wishes from Malawi President Peter Mutharika, to Her Majesty the Queen.

Mphonda also assured Her Majesty of continued strong bonds of friendship between the two Governments and the people of Malawi.

On his tour of duty, Mphonda who has replaced Benard Sande, said after the presentation, “I am grateful to His Excellency the President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, for the privilege to serve my beautiful country and its people at this position. I will, during my tour of duty, endeavour to sustain the cordial and excellent relations Malawi and the UK have enjoyed since 1964.

“ I will also herald Government priority areas of increasing trade and investment between Malawi and Britain and encouraging more British people to visit Malawi apart from different socio-cultural exchanges that currently exist.”

Mphonda was Chief of Protocol in the Malawi Government prior to his appointment as Malawi’s envoy to London and is a career diplomat, after serving in Washington DC in the United States of America and in Bonn, Germany, in previous tours of duty.

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28 thoughts on “Malawi envoy Mphonda presents credentials to Majesty Queen Elizabeth II”

  1. Nasan says:

    Koma a malawi munakhala bwanji zomwe mumaziwa ndikuyang’ana zolakwa zokha zokha ndizaku phwanya sikulina

  2. John Mwalungila says:


  3. Anyamata a kwa Jali says:

    Ambwiye ifetu takondwera kuti mukutiimiriara ku Mangalandeko. Mulungu akusongoleleni

  4. decolonised mind says:

    Typical slave mentality, as if wearing a suit is not enough he decided to dress in an English attire to impress the master. We need to emancipate ourselves from this inferior way of thinking

  5. MCP????? says:

    Dress Malawian!

  6. James kotoki says:

    Amayiamafunakugwadapoperekamonikwa.Queen anachitakuwaletsa

  7. Pitala Paulendo says:

    Kena Mphonda, beware of Mwai Dausi!!!

  8. Mirella K says:

    Idyani masausgewo anyamata ndi atsikana. Ife kuno ku Blantyre chisambireni dzana…madzi kusowa!

  9. Myao says:


  10. ziboda says:

    Why wearing morning suit to see the queen? Those things are worn on celebratory occasions like weddings or royal Ascot in UK. Let’s stop copying everything ife a Malawi..A simple smart suit would have been enough not those funny hats and tail coats..well done to the ladies at least they wore African is attire. You will not see a Nigeria diplomat wearing such kind of attire to present his papers to the Queen. .he will be in his full mkanjo regalia..let’s be real and be proud of our own identity. You ruined that photo opportunity.

  11. Make Bebe says:

    Anzanthu kukadya money ulaya kaya ife tizapondako hmmmmm ukapezeka mwai wa ntchito bwana ambassodor mundiganizile ine mbale wanu

  12. safusa says:

    Nothing special here| Malawians what do you know|

  13. John Magalasi says:

    mwavala bwino amayi awo ndiye kavalidwe kabwino osati mayi mulbuluku kwa alendo next time chitenje.

  14. mjiba says:

    well done fellas umu ndi mmene zimakhalila imeneyi timati first class diplomatic dress chikakateya kukawona queen uyenela kuchiphinja basi ndi kamodzi kamaneka zimamuchitikila munthu mwina kuchoka kwake mpata ngati umenewu siwungapezeke. All the best as you embark on this career you represent Malawi at the heart of the colonisers. Remind them of the sins committed in Nkhatabay massacre in 1958, by the way inform them that we do not need gay aid and they need to lift the visa requirement for Malawian to enter and work in Britain. We did not give Livingstone, Buchanan, Sir Harry Johnstone, and Henry Henderson ViSAS when they came to Malawi did we? They came, colonised us, stole from us, all without VISAS and now we want to go to the UK ViSA. Change that your mission goal number 1. Diplomacy nowadays must not be business as usual, if they dont agree let them know that Malawi will pull out the commonwealth.

  15. Pete Nyandoro says:

    Umo ndi m’mene ma Envoy amavalira nthawi ya Ngwazi Dr. (weni weni) Kamuzu Banda, malemu wa ma standards.

  16. MASTER PIECE says:

    nonsense why in English attire are they representing Malawi or the UK?

  17. Matongo Phiri says:

    Kena Mphonda a very professional man. We need such kinds as diplomats

  18. nyambose says:

    Azimayi osavula awa ndiamene amapeza mabanja abwino pano ali ku britain atavala national wear yayitali koma akukumana ndi ma queen osati azimayi ovula pa facebook tatopa nako kuvurako.

  19. Patrick Chipeka says:

    Hearty congratulations, Kena. Hardworking and principled, you deserve the position. May God guide you.

  20. Pat says:

    Mphonda doesn’t sound lomwe thats why nyasatimes is silent. Akanakhala mlomwe bwezi mutatiuza kwawo, mayi ake, azakhali ake, tsiku lomwe anadziwana ndi Peter etc. Mwayamba bwino, pitilizani regardless of where someone comes from. We are all malawians and I’m always proud of that

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      Auze, iwe nzanga.

  21. RayAnne says:

    Can we all please read a little bit of Franz Fanon… why are they dressed like the British, aren’t they representatives of their OWN SOVEREIGN nation? I would love to see the picture of how the Nigerian or Indian envoys dress….. this is so SAD!!

  22. Mmalawi says:

    I am sure the team impressed the Queen, Mrs High Commissioner and other lady looks represented Malawian women well the men must have had the Queen smiling that these know how to dress. Congratulations now make your presence in London count not parties

  23. Frank Chirwa says:

    Congratulations Kenna, This is Wonderful. Wishing you all the best.

  24. duduzi says:


  25. Cashgate1 says:

    I like the cultural aspect of dressing Mrs Mphonda displayed here. Being Malawian is what we miss in most of the ladies. But the husband, seems he dress to impress the Queen

  26. Mwethu says:

    I love the attires, definitely a good representation and impression matters a lot with the Queen.

  27. Hd says:

    Congrats ken

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