Malawi experiencing unstable government

President Peter Mutharika’s government has been in power for 20 months and yet it still appears to have not found its feet. The economy is in tatters and life for the majority of Malawians is unbearable. If the government is yet to find its feet, then it goes without saying that it is an uphill battle for it to find solutions to problems that Malawians are facing.

President Peter Mutharika with foreign minister George Chaponda

President Peter Mutharika with foreign minister George Chaponda

Imagine, the government assures people that it has enough maize in Admarc markets and yet people have to go through a lot of difficulties to access it. The best way to describe this maize is that it is available in the unavailable form. Malawians have to endure and be whipped into line for as long as four days before buying 10 kilogrammes of the maize.

The main problem of the DPP-led government is undecisiveness, which in turn makes governance to be unstable. It is time that government must prove that it knows what it is doing and should stand by its decisions. It is unfortunate now that government decisions cannot be taken wholesale because they are bound to change any moment and put everyone out of step.

At the moment, there is a lot of talk about government reforms which are expected to improve the economic situation of the country. Among other measures, reforms are there to tighten government expenditure.

Surprisingly, the same government which is trying to control expenditure is reported in the media to have dubiously contracted some UK-based agency to carry out a PR project to sale Malawi abroad at a cost of K295 million. If the country has to spend such an enormous amount to sell its image, then what are Malawi’s foreign missions for? Are such decisions to spend extravagantly made at Cabinet or personal level?

In fact, Malawi is not a new State that no one knows about. For it to attract tourists and investors, it must improve its facilities, which include roads and hotels in that way the country will sell itself. This is not space science that the government can fail to understand.

With all due respect, the Mutharika government seems not to know what the national priorities are. It does not make much sense in painting a picture that the country is ready for investors when the situation on the ground is far from it. Some investors might be promised land which is a scarce resource and a sensitive issue in Malawi. If government will grab land for the sake of investors, it can be rest assured of endless conflicts with the locals.

When the President came into power there was a lot of tough-talking within his government that even without donor budgetary support, the government can manage with resources within the country. Most people might have thought that the government had found a formula to prove that the 40 percent donor budgetary support was not really necessary.

Then it came as a real surprise when it was reported in the media that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, George Chaponda, was pleading with donor representatives in the country to release budgetary support.

Honestly, this portrays a weakness in the government of Malawi because it fails to stick to its decision. After all, the tough-talking was not necessary since before long the government has crawled back to its dishonourable position and start pleading for help. It is such unstable mindset which can force even the most trusted government supporters to say that though they like how the DPP-led government leads, but they do not know where it is leading Malawians to.

If President Mutharika and his government continue to be undecisive on important national issues, it might even lose out on important investment deals. This is not the time for striking deals first and looking at the formalities later.

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33 thoughts on “Malawi experiencing unstable government”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    As an Indian,What are you doing in our country leaving India some 15000KM away? You are not only found in Malawi,but in the whole of the planet.You are bearing children like rats that your population is almost on par with China 1.7billion human beings.So if you know how to rule why do you come to Africa.Iddi Amin Dada of Uganda expelled you from the country because of your corruption and theft.Let me tell you that I have been inyour country,the outskirts of Mombai is a hell on earth your children are bathing in contaminated water full of maladies and Iam proud to tell you that our townships are by far livable and smarter.Please,do not bite the finger that feeds you.And please do not smuggle our meagre FOREX to foreign countries where Indian mafias are stationed.You are lucky that you have managed somehow to corrupt some of the leaders that’s why you are boasting telling us that we have failed to rule our country,could you forthwith stop that arrogance and apologise unquivocablly to Malawians.However,time will come when you will come to your senses.for your information,India is the most evil and corrupt nation in the World.

  2. S786 says:

    Best advice surrender ur country to ur neighbouring countries. Malawians don’t know how to run a country. As a indian I say Malawians are not capable enough to run any country.

  3. Winston says:

    Malawi experiencing unstable government,the head of State Peter Muthalika says so.Malawians,take this statement vehemently.He accepts openly that he has failed to run the what next? What Malawians could do now,is to boot him out forthwith and appoint an interim government with a caretaker President to run the affairs of the State for let’s say two years and call for national general elections under strict supervision of international personnel or observers.Leaving him into power until 2019,we are exposing our State to a tumultuous political breakdown with unprecedented ramifications never seen before.The rogue has failed what else you want to hear from him? We must act fast to avoid likely rivers of blood.May God our all mighty bless us.AMEN!!!!.

  4. Patriots says:

    Dpp led government rose into power without tenacity and game plan. Zero deficit budget only works in developed economies with vibrant industries where job creation echoes progress. The gap between the rich and poor is so gigantic, there’s no room to create a middle class to stimulate the struggling economy. 20 months in government with nothing to show due executive arrogance where the economy continues deteriorate with no direction. I implore the Dpp leadership to have authentic humility with a listen ear yeiding to the of voice of truth that signifies destiny of all Malawians who are in need of heroes ready to go an extra mile them.

  5. Bentby says:

    Peter muthalika is a toy, yes a mere joke, he doesn’t know nothing about governmenting, he better just resign or face cardiac arrest

  6. HPB says:

    It takes time for an economy to turn round after disastrous events like second term of Late Muntharika’s administration, Cashgate during Mai Banda’s Government.

    But such a turnaround needs a clear plan, well explained, with specied goal posts along the way and the means for getting from pint A to point B

    Surely, Government has such a Plan. But it is not articulated or coherently constructed. The State of Nation Address by the President and the Budget Presentation by the Minister of Finance are opportunities for clearly explaining to the citizens what Government intends to do to solve each major problem.

    Sometimes memories are short and patience runs out in times of hardship; as is the case now. That is the time for Government to continue to reassure the public about what is being done–showing results. Such efforts could also be reminders of those responsible for certain actions to be monitored and held to account for their performance.

    Those found wanting should be relieved of their responsibilities due to non-performance. That course of action would assure the public that Government is serious about delivering on its programme to turn the economy around.

    It does not also help for Government to be spending on luxuries when the country is hurting.

    Above all, the masses must empower themselves to hold Government to account; the Constitution must be amended to include a provision for recall of anybody holding an elected office including the President. That way politicians will be forced to wake up and do what they were elected for—serve the people.

  7. paul says:

    Our economy team Of Goodall and Chuka have to be comended, they have finsihed the kwacha , it took Mugabe 5 years to abandon the Zim Dollar, Chuka has finsihed the kwacha in 3 years from the date he has become governor we have moved from 167 to 720. The suprising thing is that he is still there, JB and APM are not finding any faults in the way he has devalued the kwacha. JB we understand that it was cashgate which went unnoticed at RBM so he survived, but APM what qualities do you see in Chuka, please let us know as we see eversince he has taken over as Governor only thing which is consistent is kwacha being devalued.

  8. mbani says:

    they cant do anything imagine 577

  9. Timvenawo says:

    It is to comment on things that we do don’t even understand.

  10. sam says:

    We are on Auto Pilot, economy is nosediving, Kwacha is soon to be replaced with Rand/Dollar as it is the new ZIm Dollar of Africa, Inflation is skyrocketing, World fuel prices have halved but here we keep paying same prices. Salaries for civil servnats are the same.Malawi economy s like a car driving down a mountain without a driver we are heading for disaster

  11. TINKANENA says:


  12. daudi mj says:

    Most of the farmers do not sell their produce at ADMARC but when hunger strikes, we complain that in ADMARC depots their is no maize. kkkkk Malawians. On PR I hope government is trying other means of getting assistance from donors. But we are good at criticising government always. We can’t move forward with this culture.

  13. KUKAYA WA KUKAYA says:


  14. Vetran says:

    2019 lets vote for someone who havemigodi kunja malawi can be asisted

  15. Vetran says:

    2019 lets vote for someone who migodi kunja malawi can be asisted

  16. NYANGATAYANI says:

    Where are we going malawi? The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. May the Almighty God hear our prayers. It is obvious the government of the day has goofed with distinction. The only way out is for them to step down voluntarily. Otherwise more people are going to die of hunger and stress. As for you bootlickers, if you are full just stay quiet; you have no remorse seeing your countrymen perishing out of poor governance. Shame on you!

  17. Weekly says:

    Stop blaming the malawians have put malawi where it is now! 1.Talking bad about you country.2.Burning and torching buildinds3 Setting people ablaze 4.Blocing development and investors.6.killing tourists.who wants to visit or invest in a country where building and people are set ablaze,where villagers stone investors.malawi is where it is now because of you not the gvt.They is nothing a gvt can do in 20 people are a joke!

  18. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The points raised in this piece do NOT warrant the conclusion, even a suggestion, that the present government is unstable. That is hyperbole!
    Yes, there are challenges, serious challenges, many of which have probably never been faced before in our country. Yet, there are NO signs of instability. Nobody in the cabinet is happy with the state of affairs; but the cabinet is not the source of the funding problem.
    And seems like there is cohesion in cabinet: a bonus point for the leadership. These people did not go in government for low hanging fruit. Their professional records speak volumes.
    Is there any one out there who can argue convincingly that the cabinet is lazy, and is just sitting phwii (with arms crossed)? Can’t we all see ministers sweating like crazy, to solve problems? Yes, even problems of culture – the undesirable culture of theft (typified by Cashgate), high and even low level corruption? These are the practices holding us back. And APM is right: we have to get rid of this mentality, and criminal thoughts out of our heads, our psyche, and out of our culture, period, if we are to advance in any way.
    Therefore. it is outrageous to call this government UNSTABLE.
    Why did the writer not take the scientific approach of getting evidence first, and forming a conclusion from such. Rather than the lawyers approach: reached a conclusion first, then looking for evidence in support of it, prima facie?

  19. Palikanthu says:

    ADMARC maize is sold in undignified manner- In Malawi average family size is six children mum and dad. With 10Kg a family of eight will take 2 days to finish the maize and yet they were on the line for four days! Alima nthawi yanji if all their time is invested in sourcing maize? Those advising the president to restrict to 10Kg should consult nutritionists and demographic specialists and factor in umunthu!!

    Tell me is this what we voted for? Meanwhile someone is buying chimbudzi cha K65 million; buys Time Magazine for K295 billions for cheap propaganda with my PAYE without following procurement procedures! Arrogance and impunity of such nature does not belong to a democracy. APM should retire or is it Ben Phiri? If indeed he is a billionaire he should have bought chimbudzicho yekha because it is his incontinence that is necessitating that, so he is being a burden on the tax payer because of his old age bladder yatopa. Let him wear pampers it will be cheaper, or better yet leave to the youthful VP who can handle calls of nature iye adzikadya ma billion akewo ku US

    Watitopetsa nafe tikufuna a break from our hardships when will we see the benefits of paying tax? Dziko lizingokomera dala mmodzi wopanda mano??

    I want us to go on strike and stop paying PAYE until we see government using our tax money in a rational manner.

  20. mbanga says:

    We have been patient enough. even Bushiri is way ahead

  21. kukhala says:


  22. Kamdelero says:

    Many bootlickers in Malawi. Are u one of them? Very sorry!!!!!!

  23. Nangozo says:

    The truth is that things are not okay in this country.

  24. dzambo says:

    Go where and how. The president needs to repent of his sins and those of his brother. He needs to be held accountable. He has no moral ground to stop corruption when he himself and his late brother were right up to the neck into corruption and swindling of national resources. Malawians were then duft enough to elect a corrupt crew into government.

  25. Sapitwa says:

    To declare a country unstable requires understanding of what this means. It is a broad subject that many people apply to declare a country or situation being unstable without fully understanding the broad elements. I therefore disagree with the writer on the reasons she has cited on her conclusions to declare Malawi experiencing unstable government.
    First and foremost, Malawi is not in economic tatters because of disappearance of 40% budget aid or because of the current government. It has been as a result of our foolishness in thinking that Donors owed us that aid over the years from 1964 until 2013. Most of the money that got stolen over the years was from this 40% aid. It was therefore politically correct for APM to remind Malawians that we had to buckle up to endure running our affairs in the absence of this 40% aid. This did not imply that we did not need aid or that we closed our doors to plead with Donors to resume aid. It is therefore incorrect to cite this as Indecisiveness.
    Who is so stupid not to know that government got its priority right on hunger and that it ordered maize which is plenty at ADMARC depots?. It is again the ever tricky and foolish employees that are corrupt that are selling maize to business people. Some of these employees as we hear facing the arm of the law.
    All the other issues are so trivial not worthy mentioning. One can not fail to give someone a gift simply because there hunger at the hospital.
    In my opinion, this government is stable. It is resilient and can be singled out as most outstanding to survive in the absence of aid for the first time. It can not be expected to sail smoothly in this void.

  26. KARU UNITED says:

    To the author, the expression is it space science or ROCKET SCIENCE, i believe it’s the latter.

  27. dinyo says:

    I think we need national prayers for leadership brains

  28. anadimba says:

    zavuta basi.wamkulu alira..koma poti to him life is normal , akafa ndi njala akutsutsa ngati anaona mnyumba mwake muli chimanga. Chi jappie ,to please his master inorder not to get fired. Paja jappie ndichani? Eya eya mwakhonza

  29. chokani Banda says:

    Who put them in power? Why can u not force to go? This problem with Malawi. U dnt understand that democracy demand a person chosen to perform. Despite that u are suffering they are living luxuly life. Even if we were dying like flies they would not change their lives of living. Big cars, house allowances, travelling with allowances, fuel allowances school fees for their children in expensive schools. Body guards. Etc. This is because Africans dont change. Malawians expect donors to give them money to live the government officials live. Malawi is for those who are in government. Not for all Malawians or poor. Malawians believe God will solve the problem for them.

  30. levelheaded says:

    You can only have no problems on something that is already at your home and not the maize stocked at admarc deports. We struggle to withdraw our own money at banks and what about some maize to be accessed by the less previledge at admarc deports with no any profits at the end of the sale? This cheap maize is basically meant for those that can not afford to buy for the whole year just after harvesting.

    Chemwa if you don’t know zinthu zina its even better to shut up.How can you ask why government is contracting some international firms to do the work already assigned to our diplomats? Have you been on employment? Had your institution never once contracted say outside marketers to beef up the already employed marketing team? This is practiced everywhere even in developed countries.

    Wastage of space and time.

  31. ADE says:


  32. The Analyst says:

    Honestly what good can come out of somebody surrounded by people wearing faces of Mwanamveka, Chaponda, Dausi, Malopa, Msaka, Ben Phiri, Atupele, Chilima, Chiyembekeza . . . et cetera?

    . . . These people are individualistically too “smart”, too “powerful”, too greedy, too selfish, too everything . . . , for their own good, let alone APM’s and this country’s; to make a system that functions. They are there, not to help APM lead/rule, but just to play the game of thrones.
    . . . It thus doesn’t have to come as a surprise to anyone with brain cells with tails, that after 20 months, there literally is nothing that one can point at with a finger or a fingernail, as having been achieved by the govt. Literally nothing! At least, if our ears could hear just a plan of some sort, maybe. Alas!
    This said, those who cared to listen or attend the Innovation Gala by MBC, heard APM say “Thinking needs patience.” Perhaps he is being patient with thinking, forgetting that . . .

    “Buluzi wa easy, anampana n’chitseko.” – Malawian Youths’ Slang Proverb

  33. ..... says:


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