Malawi faith leaders, chiefs gang up against US envoy on homosexuality

Influential religious and traditional leaders in the country have asked the visiting US envoy on homosexuality issues to spare time and have an audience with them before he leaves the country.

Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa V: Against homosexuality

Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa V: Against homosexuality

This call has come upon noticing that the envoy has only booked appointments with government and civil society organizations (CSOs).

A statement from the US embassy says US government official responsible for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex issues, Randy Betry is expected to be in the country for a few days where he plans to discuss Malawi’s stand on homosexuality with several stakeholders.

This selective schedule is what has irked religious and traditional leaders who say a discussion affecting Malawians cannot take place without their input.

Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) a platform of Roman Catholic bishops in Malawi has asked the envoy and the US embassy to reschedule his engagements so as to include church organizations on the list.

“Any discussion affecting the social and moral fibre of Malawi life should at its best be as inclusive and accommodative as possible. Our teaching and a majority of our faithful have spoken clearly against the bullying of our international partners on issues of constitutional change to accommodate homosexuality in our laws. If the envoy wants to get a clear picture then he should not limit his meetings to few institutions. We wait for him to grant us an audience within his stay in Malawi,” said Archbishop Thomas Msusa who is ECM Chairperson and head of the church in the country.

Also weighing in is Malawi Council of Churches (MCC) an umbrella body of evangelical churches in Malawi.

One of MCC’s executive members, Reverend Chatha Msangaambe argued that the timing of the visit and the scheduling is flawed as it does not consider the religious and cultural dynamics of the country.

“There is nothing wrong for him to meet government and CSOs but our problem is that without meeting the church then he will go back with a foggy picture of what Malawians are saying about the issue. Their denial of our sentiments does not help in how we discuss issues of homosexuality and move forward in mutual respect,” said Msangaambe who is also General Secretary of CCAP Nkhoma Synod.

Other religious bodies that have also demanded meetings with Randy Betry are Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) and Quadria Association of Malawi.

On their part, traditional leaders say as custodians of culture and day-to-day supervisors of communities they should not be left out of key meetings like these ones.

Inkosi ya Makosi Mbelwa V of Mzimba wondered why United States government is acting on misinformation from their representatives here in Malawi.

“Who can say they have listened to what Malawians on homosexuality issues if they leave out traditional leaders? He is representing the United States government as such we must meet him and tell him what 17 million Malawians are saying on this issue,” he said.

Inkosi Mbelwa disclosed that some of the chiefs on the panel to meet the US envoy include Senior Chiefs Lundu (Chikwawa), Lukwa (Kasungu), Inkosi Gomani (Ntcheu), T/A Chikumbu (Mulanje) Tsabango (Lilongwe) and many more.

Since the issue of homosexuality started making rounds in the mainstream media some months ago, debate has been prominent in the public sphere on daily basis with many Malawians rejecting proposals to change the constitution in favour of what they call ‘alien’ culture.

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35 thoughts on “Malawi faith leaders, chiefs gang up against US envoy on homosexuality”

  1. yakobo says:

    the bible says hmo is a sin so some one who is a believer hav no tym in discussing about this issues 4 he already knows the truth

  2. Kenkkk says:

    Tell him what real Malawians think.

  3. Exceed says:

    This whole gay issue demonstrate the arrogance of a white man and demeaning of our values by white people. This is another colonization attitude. If USA respect the dignity of Africans it should not impose strange American values on us. Respect demands awareness and allowing freedom for one to exercise his choices independent of a second or third parties.

  4. ABAMBO says:

    kodi APM ukukanika kuwauza azunguwa kuti homo. kwathu kuno ai asatinyanse ife mwinatu nanu muli momo nyansi zanuzo tatopa ife kumangonzimvabe tikufuna tiziganiza za mvula ife

  5. Katolitoli says:

    US is a country with no cultural or traditional ethics because the States were a dumping place for slaves from several African countries.

  6. Katenga says:

    My fellow Malawians let us all stand up and say NO to Mathanyula.Nyama zisatipose ife umunthu wathu.Mulungu wathu timenyereni nkhondo ife a Malawi.

  7. heartman says:

    heartman said:
    “I, personally, I don’t want no sponsor from no homosexual,” he declared.
    “We are a people of the Almighty God. We are a biblical people. Malawi is a Bible island. We live by the principle of the Almighty and in our Bible that we read, in the Hebrew Bible, we totally abandon homosexuals. We are against it. So we don’t need no support from them. Fire burn!!!

  8. Nellyn says:

    Churches please involve all your members. They should meet him in large numbers holding their Bibles. Let us hold peaceful demonstrations when he comes Karonga to Nsanje. God loves our country. We’re better off poor than become like them.

  9. John Black says:

    Traditional authorities are civil servants and do not make policy. They should implement the law, they do not make it.
    Religious authorities should stay in their churches and mosques and look after the spiritual well being of their flock. They should stay out of politics and governance.

    1. Dear John. When crisis comes and seemingly beyond political prowess, religious leaders are called upon to pray. Should they then be left out on important political avenues like this and air out their convictions? Oh come on!

  10. Drake says:

    USA is a country that is very confused its responsible on the miseries affecting the World now, they use bully tactics and carrots to force weaker nations to follow their confused ways.
    Even the lady who is the Ambassador to Malawi exerts oppressive power upon our leaders tosubmit to their demands, this is very bad and uncalled for. They must respect our culture and the custodians of our Culture, they have the money, weapons and every material blessing but they cannot defeat our own conviction and cultural beliefs. God will punish America if they dont repent, rember sodom and gomora.

  11. adona kuseli says:

    Koma ku embassy ndi kuembassy kuno, amayiwa kumadzalalika zimenezi. Koma akuoneka achikuliletu. Ambuye timasuleni munsinga za satana. Mayo ine ndithawire kuti? Moti kuli zii koma tiona zinthu. God have mercy on us.

  12. Only the Truth says:

    Up to a level of having an envoy on homosexuals? America, your nation emerged from a stand of fearing and trusting God. Even you currency attests to this belief with its inscription: ‘In God we Trust’. How did it get this bad? What went wrong? The effects of this turn-around are all over for anybody to see. American jails are full; guns kill thousands of Americans every year; the economy is going haywire, and morality is at its lowest point. The America we used to look at as the role model a few years ago is losing it all in every field. You cannot fight God and win.

  13. makwinja says:

    Homosexuality in Malawi? No.
    Our culture and religion does not allow this. You whites are somehow stupid. You brought these Bibles long time ago in a bid to bring christianity to africa by Missionaries,in the names of like Dr. David Livingstone and Laws. Today you are against the teachings you brought to us. Are you Mad? Zithanyulanani kwanu konko kuno uvewo ayi.Stop this at once. Ife tinabadwa amphawi,tidzafa tili aumphawi basi.

  14. phiri says:

    Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda have strong leaders who can stand the pressure but us our leaders are weak.Donors stopped helping us long time ago why try to please them now. I support those who say no to Mathanyula..

  15. NZOZO KUNUNKHA says:

    After negotiating with the immoral COS and Government officials go back home discuss with your govrnment to shut off the HAARP machine which is seriously affecting us unlike those petty issues we have already voiced it out…… NO then what more do you want to here. Meet our representatives as well. Remember a coin has two sides a head and a tail.

    If you really love……. Then why the Haarp was developed? do you think we are all blind? we need the normal rains here…….. shut it off completely until the rain season is over….. Do not track me down because of the truth. I don’t fear you and its my right to voice this out mwandienjeza tsopano…… Malawians just google HAARP you will be surprised these bustards are KILLING US.

  16. ADE says:


  17. Gina says:

    how would you feel seing your son or brother turning into gay..Its very bad..Please say no to Gay..Its demonic..The devel is @ work….

  18. Mathews Wa Thomson says:

    Malawi Is Not America,nor It’s Uk.We Are Malawians Not Americans;We Are Black People(Africans)….They Should Not Always Tell Us What To Do.We Are An Independent Country.
    We Are Saying NO!…NO!…NO!…To Gays…Nothing Else.

  19. Goddiea says:

    He is foolish! Can a wise person spend the nite travelling just to tel a country with its own laws that we should be gay!
    Let him also book appointment to meet me and Msonda!!

  20. mashego says:

    I don’t think this subject is subject to discussion however, the way this issue has been entertained especially in the government departments and CSO perimeters it simply shows that these entities hardly care about Malawians and all that defines Malawi. I don’t see the reason why we should be spending our precious time and energy discussing how wrong is wrong.

    What government and the CSO are doing is taking us to the market when we are not on sale and offering us for sale when we dont have a price tag.

    let us gang up and confront them. Let our pens sound the alarm and you ministers and technocrats will you not resign and fight with us…

  21. zachep says:


  22. bk phiri says:

    Infact it is detestable and an abomination to allow him to come here in the first place but since we have weakness almost in everything, I would want this guy to address Parliament before he goes back. We would want to show them that homosexuality is none negotiable issue and no amount of pressure can change our position.
    America must realise that its being unreasonable and undemocratic on this issue. They have become democratic dictators and I wish Malawians converge in their numbers at the airport and demonstrate against this evil.

  23. Lipenga says:

    They can’t do the same to Iran ,Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,Afghanistan, Iraq or China .the very donor communities are busy trading with all the Arab countries and they dare not bring this issue to them.China and US trade freely yet China has one of the worst human rights record in the world yet they can’t do the same with Zimbabwe. Assad has killed his own people with chemical weapons and the entire country destroyed yet they can’t go there and kill him like they did with Gaddafi in Libya because they are afraid of Russia.

    The west takes Africa as a play ground . Thank u Kenya and Uganda for standing yo ground .

  24. Joseph says:

    Lord have mercy

  25. khumakhuma says:

    This issue is becoming delicate. Why should government allow such unwanted guests after all after withholding aid, we have no business with them. Palibenso kudyola mzungu , mfiti zatha ntchito izi. Instead of having guests aiming at resumption of aid, angry malawians will go to the airport and throw stones at him/her and this will shame the government. Malawians should stage demostrations at the time of this visit!!

  26. wa ku Mitchesi kuja!!!! says:

    Q: If the devil (or as we Malawians also say, Wasataniki) requested a discussion with the religious leaders, would they accept the challenge?
    That may as well be the stand of the US envoy. The USA knows that those opposed to human rights for LGBTs in Malawi, are inflexible. Why even waste time and his breath talking to them? Fair position.
    Malawians: backward thinking, pathetic philosophy, and full of false pride; hypocritical and unrealistic. Dogmatic for nothing.
    What principle are they invoking when denying these rights?
    Msogolo muno tizikadya kuchalichi olo ku nsikiti konko eti? (and who will we be turning to for food aid, tomorrow? The same USA!)
    By extending civil rights to LGBTs, we are not selling out anything. Indeed, we are only moving with civilized society.

  27. 2016 welcome says:

    When this Tumbuka/ Ngoni realise that killing animals for their skin is evil they will live to regret. I hate it!

  28. Mkristu wa Yesu Kristu says:

    ECM, MAM, QAM, MCC and traditional leaders, your concerns are as good as for all Malawians. What you need to do is to write Malawi government, CSOs representing these animals and US embassy booking an appointment for the meeting with Randy Betry. Tell them you need to meet Randy when he comes to Malawi. I am sure the US will not allow to be called fools by granting you an audience with the envoy. If this will be the case as I suppose it will be, call the CSOs representing gays, bisexual, transgender, intersex and lesbians for a meeting with them on the issue where you will let them know you will have to meet Randy Betry in USA. Then finally solicit funds from well-wishers to sponsor the trip. I hope this is well articulated. Wishing you all the best and God bless beautiful Malawi.

  29. mathanyula says:

    Good idea.The so called gay envoys or anal sexual experts should reschedule their programs in Malawi to meet the following:

    1. The government officials as suggested

    2. The CSOs as suggested

    3. The Church leaders ( not suggested)

    4. The Chiefs ( not suggested)

    5. The few selected local people whose anuses are needed by the developed countries.

    I know for sure that these gay envoys have been invited by Virgina Palmer. Why from USA? Now Virgina is quiet trying to be an innocent flower. That is bad Virginia.Very bad. God has to punish you before you drive Malawi towards gomorah and sodom culture.

    These white he goaties are very interesting. First they brought slave trade in africa, later they brought trade and christianity ito fight slavery. Now they are bringing satanism.For what? Very interesting. This is total war. At first I thought our ancestors were fools for accepting slavery idea in the 18th century from these white eagles. Now they are on our neck in this 20th century with satanism. Lets wait and see who will win the battle against these serious sins according to Gomorrah and Sodom teachings.

    My fellow Malawians we better die poor while our acts please the Almighty LORD. White man go to hell with your your blood money and blood human right idea. Leave this to everyone’s ego.

  30. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Randy Betry must be a very stupid person.

    Please with due respect, Americans should not make laws for Malawians.

  31. Buyelekhaya Nginde says:

    I would ask the USA envoy to extend his visits to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan.

  32. BigMan says:

    if i were government, i would realise how distractive this issue is becoming to Malawians and the government itself. you would agree with me that there are more serious and oertinent issues that need to be addressed then the issue of a few idiots trying to be having canal sex.
    Please stop this trash and focus on development issues. not these fools.

  33. mpopoma says:

    If I were a president , I wouldn’t have even accepted the envoy to come to Malawi to discuss the gay issues. I would have told him to hell with your alien culture. We don’t have that abominable culture in Malawi. We thank our religious and traditional leaders for the quickest action against home sexuality. We don’t want Malawi to become sodomo and gomola.
    A good president can’t be quite on this pressing issue. Don’t sleep Mr president. Tell the courts to stop cornering msonda. Be brave like msonda. Don’t please the whites but Malawians since they never voted for you. They withheld their aid. We don’t need aid that is connected to home sexuality. We are proud Malawians with moral obligation. I salute Malawians.

  34. Kanyimbi says:

    I think these white pigs have nothing to do in their countries. By the way how special is an anus? So these pigs from the west want to force us to think that the anus is more important than the vagina? Perhaps they were born through the anus.

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