Malawi fake doctor gets 6-year prison sentence

Self acclaimed medical doctor John Ben Kamanga has been handed a six year-jail term by the Blantyre Magistrate Court after observing that Kamanga, whose real profession is shoe vending, needed a custodial sentence because his offense endangered human life.

The quak 'doctor' jailed

The quack ‘doctor’ jailed

The Form 2 drop out hit headlines last November when he was arrested at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre, where he posed as Dr Zizwani Mwafulirwa.

The fake Doctor pleaded guilty to all the five counts levelled against him which included impersonating a Public Officer which is contrary to Section 99 (b) of the Penal Code and Theft which contrary to Section 278.

Delivering her judgement, First Grade Magistrate Diana Kamwangala Mangwana observed that the gravity of the case of the accused involves human life; as such it was not proper to evoke Section 340 which says custodial sentence should be the last resort for first offenders.

The Magistrate did not spare the management of QECH and regulatory body Medical Council, for failing to tighten security at the Central hospital and cornering the bogus Doctor, saying negligence leaves a lot to be desired.

“This is a wakeup call to avoid repetition of the same,” said the Magistrate.

The Court learnt that the real Dr Zizwani Mwafulirwa had reported to Lilongwe Police Station on October 16, 2014 of the loss a black bag, two stethoscopes and medical books among others valued at K96, 400 at the Kamuzu Central Hospital.

In his mitigation, Kamanga, asked the Court to be lenient with him because he was a family man with two children one of whom was a person living with disability.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi fake doctor gets 6-year prison sentence”

  1. ine mmalawi says:

    Takuluwikidwa Apa Ndithu,

  2. ine mmalawi says:


  3. Mirella K says:

    Fellow Malawians, what’s your argument for this buddy’s high prison term? Endangered lives of Malawians? Hhhhhmm I choose to differ. Our hospitals are already more of dying sheds than curing dens! We already have incompetent, unmotivated doctors around who fight to bcom DHOs than practitioners! The best this incompetent Injustice system our our cld hav done is to let this poor idiot go n continue selling his torn 3rd hand shoes and lock all the people who siphoned millions of kwachas from govt coffers!

  4. nankhoma says:

    Okuba K62 Milion 3 years, fake doctor 6 years. A malawi Chilungamo mudatayiladi galu.

  5. Citizen 'O' says:

    Nkhani yeniyeni yabisidwa apa, there is no way munthu wamba angalimbe mtima kukalowa mchipatala kumagwira ntchito. There was need for thorough scrutiny. To me things arent adding up here. Nthawa yomwe amamugwira timamva kuti alipo angapo and the implication is that management imadziwa za anthu amenewa. Settling issues the Malawian way, kkkkkkkkk!

    1. mwewo woyiba says:

      Izi sizikumveka mpaka munthu wa JC level kugwira ngati Doctor osamugwira. Ma nurse osadabwa kantvhu, Language ya chipatala amaitha bwanji lay person negative Kamangayu? Osalephera anthu ambiri anataya miyoyo yao chifukwa cha usiru wa mabwana apachipatalachi. Amene ma

      uDoctor wogulawu wa Nigeria

  6. Thomas says:

    Are these in lightblue shirts and blue trousers are MPS if are MPS pls try change Uniform and Feed them pls

  7. MBACHI says:


  8. Mack Banda says:

    Hospital security is a sham. You mean the real doctors couldnt recognise a fake ‘doctor’ within their midist! Shame, very shame on the hospital management.

  9. Munthu Wabwino says:

    The fitting punishment was supposed to be death by hanging.


  11. James Matekenya says:

    Cashgate convict = 3yrs
    Fake Doctor = 6 years
    Consesual sex kumatako = 14 years

    My Malawi My home My shit!!! Everything upside down why not

    Cashdate convict = 14 years
    Fake Doctor = 6 years
    Consesual Sex kumatako = Zikwapu basi

    1. Kelvin says:

      Government wants Cash gate money to diverted back to the government

  12. Thyolo Thava says:

    He looks like chairman was ku Area was DPP

  13. innocent says:

    watsala doctor chris mlelemba aka mike banda another fake doctor reaping people.

  14. Me too says:

    Hidden hunger here! Is adult malnutrition/under-nutrition a problem in Malawi? What strategies and programs does the Malawi Police Service have to strengthen staff wellness? Look at the “doctor” in comparison to the law enforcers. It breaks my heart.

    1. Mirella K says:

      My friend, these aint MPS personnel. These are maguard amuChigumula ndi mwa a Manase momu

  15. True patriot says:

    The guy had connections with some high authorities.God has intervened.

  16. Hebrews says:

    Ma judge tapanganinso choncho ndi a Cashgate wa! Tawapatseni tizilango tokhwimirapo chifukwatu paonongeka miyoyo ya anthu yambiri!

  17. Masoapatali says:

    How about the gravity of cashgate! Does it not involve human life in someway? Someone got 3 years for stealing millions of kwacha from government and you tell me this is lighter than impersonating and stealing cellphones! It is high time our laws should come under review

  18. Stan says:

    Komano mkuluyu amalandila salary kapena panali zotani. Kapenatu anapangana ndi okumba manda kuti munthu akamwalila iye apeza kangachepe. Ameneyu pafunika life imprisonment with Big labour.

  19. joseph mvula says:

    Jst leave him akapitilize ya sapatoyo.

  20. joseph mvula says:

    Sano iyeyo aganiza chani jakison akhale chisongole koma nde tavutika nde ebola angayithe iyeyu.

  21. Ligwire ntchito lamulo.

  22. MMALAWI says:

    6 Years is a bit lighter considering the gravity of the offence. Aunt Tio got 14years for associating improperly with Chimbalanga where no one’s life was endangered. But this one put many patients’ lives in danger. Government should appeal

  23. Mtunga says:

    La 40 likakwana lili ngati tsiku lofa nyani, mitengo yonse imaterera. Siizi lero?

  24. Emmatuwa says:

    doctor 6years in prison akhoti mwakondera bwenzi mutamulamula zaka 10 m’ndende chifukwa ndi wakuba

  25. ntila banja says:

    Kuba kopanda ma plan, from shoe vending to dr, tsopano asprine dosage per day ya munthu wa TB anakhata kulemba kwache, zimene amalemba ma drs zija wina angawerenge, bola anakaba shoes ku Batatu or posed as shoes maker. Mxxiii

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