Malawi federalism zealots vow to fight on: PAC ‘survey’ trashed

The Forum for the Advancement of Federal System of Government and Rural Development in Malawi (FAFESRUDEM) says the quasi-religious organisation Public Affairs Committee (PAC)   has no legal mandate to regulate and determine debate on calls for adoption of federal system of government in the country.

Bina Shaba (right) presents the petition on federalism

Bina Shaba (right) presents the petition on federalism

FAFESRUDEM has since distanced itself from statements, conclusions and recommendations made by PAC during the national follow up conference on federalism and inclusivity on December 10.

During the national follow-up conference on federalism and inclusivity, PAC announced that 64 percent of Malawians, who were consulted on the issue of federalism, rejected the federal system of government being advocated mainly by some individuals and political leaders from the north.

FAFESRUDEM said in statement that PAC’s pronouncements are misleading and inconsistent with the context and content of actual report of the interfaith organization.

“FAFESRUDEM considers PAC as a mere interest group without constitutional mandate, let alone legal powers to umpire, direct, regulate and determine the debate on the need to introduce federal system of government in Malawi,” reads the statement in part.

The statement has been signed by its president Dr Bina Shawa, his deputy Ipyana Nthakomwa, Secretary Luke Thawe, Spokesperson Dan Msowoya and their Technical Advisor Professor Fred Msiska.

The statement further described PAC as deceitful and trying to usurp state authority for its own agenda by bestowing upon itself the role of a demagoguery umpire on the federalism debate.

According to them, federal system of government is one sure means of guaranteeing and protecting the rights of minority groups in Malawi.

“FAFESRUDEM is now even more galvanized and determined to proceed with the sensitization program among the grassroots; and to pursue the long standing quest for direct dialogue with the State, under a totally new and objective mediator,” reads the statement in our possession.

But PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mulomole said they are not ready to argue with any individual or organizations failing to come to terms with its findings.

Mulomole also faulted FAFESRUDEM for using “hostile language” and for disputing views of Malawians who were engaged during the national and regional consultative conferences.

“It is not in our best interest to be arguing with individuals or organizations on the matter. Yes, we don’t have the legal mandate, but we have the moral capital or moral power to facilitate debate on any issue for the betterment of our country.

“This is the same moral capital that we used to enter into a dialogue with late Kamuzu Banda’s presidential committee on dialogue in the transition period from the one-party to multiparty system of government.

He therefore said they only shared the views of Malawians who observed that there are already on going reform efforts that need to be harnessed and reinvigorated for authorities to effectively respond to the issues that motivated calls for federal system of government.

“Malawians did not reject federal system of government, but they only suggested for progressive devolution within a unitary scheme. They said no federal system of government for the time being.

“Our study was done professionally and the findings were applauded by all the stakeholders, including the delegates. Maybe this people don’t know the background of PAC and its moral power. They should go back to our history. I have respect for Mr. Dan Msowoya and Professor Fred Msiska, but their statement is cheap with hostile language and very unfortunate to describe PAC as deceitful,” said Mulomole.

On FAFESRUDEM’s call to have an audience the President on the same, PAC Spokesperson said federalism advocates should pursue debate among the grassroots other than engaging the president, an employee of Malawians.

PAC, founded in 1992, is an umbrella body for major faith communities represented in Malawi by the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM), Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM), Malawi Council of Churches (MCC), Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) and the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM).

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30 thoughts on “Malawi federalism zealots vow to fight on: PAC ‘survey’ trashed”

  1. Owen Singini says:

    Many of those against federation are clearly ignorant of what a federal government is, or that they simply want to perpetuate the oppression of the minority in every aspect of life In Malawi.

  2. miken says:

    why you are saying a tumbuka?
    fedaralism is not Regionalism ,federalism is the way how you can run the goverment,
    not a tumbuka

  3. Asiyileni Nailuwa says:

    Away with your so called federalism animal,fight hunger.poverty etc looming in the country then advocate for it later. I wish this nonsense could be allowed so that all the northerners be driven to their region first then start afresh. Aliyense apite kaye kwawo (region yache) nafenso kuno tipeze job zabwino,we are equally educated like yourselves but northern bosses are denying us jobs. mwachulukitsa ma northerners kuno. Guys admit them, but they must go to their region asatikwane anthu opondereza anzawo amenewa. Munthu akuchokera ku north without experience kuphunzitsidwa ntchito same qualification koma akaidziwa kukhala bwana wanu n’kumanyadanso mu corridor.
    Please find out from what happened in Rwanda in 1994 about the Hutus and Tutsis. Zinayamba chonchi, atsogoleri amisala kumamemeza anthu kuti “ife tikutsalidwa” mpaka zoopsa zazikulu zinachitika

  4. LYABAKOLO says:


  5. Anthu openga mwapanga bwanji? Mukuopamo chani mu Federation? Kkkkkikk Apatseni anthu chimene akufuna! Bwanji mwalola anamathanyula mmalovmoti muzaotcha?

  6. Mawa says:

    How many Malawians really understand federalism? How did PAC balance people’s knowledge versus their pro or against federalism? What platform was used to get people’s views. The report should rather say 64% of Malawians do not understand federalism. So we should start from there….otherwise I can imagine old people saying so you want the same stupid federation that Kamuzu broke to come back? No. Well, we need more debate on this and based on PAC report there is no basis to close the matter…we carry on…

  7. Mtondoli Jonasi says:

    I’m in USA and federalism works here and USA is Mother of democracy,So why Malawi is scared?

  8. Mtondoli Jonasi says:

    We need federalism we are fed up with current politians in power,Malawi is the only contry that is not moving forward interms of development.Muthalika brothers and Muluzi have killed Malawi.We the northerners we have had enough and it’s high time to part ways.God bless the northerners.

  9. moyo says:

    federal system? mmmmm…dziko la Malawi laling´ono li…monga lilili. sopanda pake.

  10. Yambani Mulemba says:

    Bina shawa was my classmate at chanco. He was a poor primary school teacher who came as mature entry. He appeared to all of us in his class as a mentaly ill old man then. In 1990 he was 55 years old and i dont know how old is he now. Probably over 80 years. Can we expect anything good from such mtumbuka? I doubt. Why is letter sign by these old age tumbukas only?

  11. Okay says:

    You needed to be a student at Chanco during the time of one Fred Msiska to know that indeed he is an educated nepotistic fool. Why not advocate for cesation if you think you can stand on your own? You can’t force many Malawians to go federal against their wish. a referendum on federalism can’t be done for the Northerners only. If you want to do such a thing alone then advocate for breaking away from Nyasaland, there after when you succeed, then we will evict you all the way from Mulomba in Phalombe to Chirimba Hills in Blantyre all the way up to Nkope in Mangochi.

  12. Sat says:

    If you see uprising in other countries, what do you think is a problem? I mean you PAC?oppression against minorities. In this kind of system to achieve our goals we will resist any aggressive by the oppressos,till we get what is important to us,that is federalism.

  13. Sat says:

    We the people of northern Malawi, its in our need to have federal system of government, we are sick and tired this thing of the south,we will fight with any means if necessary.

  14. utitiri says:

    Let FAFESRUDEM conduct nation wide consultations and come up with their findings and recommendations. There is no point for them to engage the President. The President is employed by us Malawians and PAC is representing Malawians while FAFESRUDEM is s group of myopic power hungry and full of nepotism blood sucking group of evil Tumbukas.

  15. Limwado says:

    Lets just forge ahead. Federalism will not take us anywhere

  16. blessing lipengs says:

    I am from Dedza ,I fully support Federal system of governance and dispute that only the North wants federal system. Federal System will not hurt anybody it will fast forward development in all our regions so that power is not only based Kumwera and in the hands of Lomwe only. Come and see Dedza,Ntchisu, Ntchewu ,Dowa the poverty level ! just like civil war ravaged Districts.
    50 years of democracy is such a joke in Malawi !let power be shared equally and let the Center ,South and the North share the resources.

    Mr Chakwera this is an opportunity to tell us Malawians your view and leadership on this now before campaigning time starts.

  17. Alex Likoswe says:

    Both you guys are correct. If steps are taken, there will be no need. If not taken, continue with your agenda.
    More importantly, Tanzania is the only country that does rule on ethnicity( Easterly and Levine,1997).
    Ethnicity brings underdevelopment. Our leader being a learned person and who can read ‘Africa’s Growth Tragedy’ by the above quoted distinguished scholars could now turn around and adopt what PAC has the president

  18. Temwani Musopole says:

    If PAC has no legal mandate on the matter, then what about a group comprised of people from one region only? Where do they draw their legal mandate from that they must be making this noise? Shawa, Msowoya, Msiska, Nthakomwa, Thawe, etc… why you? Damn power hungry!
    If you have the clout to trash a religious group like PAC, how do you think we feel about you? You can hung and go to hell!

  19. Kumamvetsa says:

    There’s nothing good that come from the likes of Fred Msiska other than regionalist tendencies. You don’t even waste time to try to understand this one track minded educated fool.

  20. Kumamvetsa says:

    A Manyalika, “We want federalism”, who’re the “we”? Definitely I’m not part of your “we”.

    By the way how many people have you consulted yourself? Shame on you with your uncontrolled emotions

  21. Guantanamo says:

    Opinion polls of various groups on any issue do not close subject matter for debate. A vote does. There were many opinion polls towards 2014 general election but still we voted. I am puzzled by Jap Mhango, APM and PAC that debate be curtailed on federalism coz Malawian hv “spoken”. Which Malawians? Amongst a network of friends and relatives of mine none was approached. I draw two conclusions on this: either PAC or the SURVEY is deceitful. Government too is deceitful. Why? Coz at no particular point did any public broadcaster allow proponents of federalism air their views. But now that PAC has “voted” on our behalf govt is crazy and frenzy about it.


    Look at it this way; Dr HK Banda, an apparent “dictator” gave the people a chance to choose their destiny in a referendum. So, why are our “democratic” leaders trying to thwart any calls for a referendum over this matter? Let people choose what they want; even if it means a painful divorce a.k.a SECESSION.
    Now, the young ones will be surprised to hear that HKB, being a “dictator”, actually left it to others to choose between BT & LL as the site of his dream School of Medicine.
    APM, a being “democrat”, must accord the people a chance for regional referenda for federation or, worse, SECESSION.

  23. thinktankmalawi says:

    Atumbuka….you want federaltism yet you have businesses in south or central…you put up business infrastructures in all region but north….then you blame govt for underdevelopment….nonsense…

  24. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    I don’t see anything wrong for federal system. I’m staying in federal country. Everything is good. It becomes bad when you elect incomplete people in your region because other region progress just because they choose intelligent leader. I benefited from that system.

  25. Sapitwa says:

    PAC is a very renowned organization through which all of us relied upon in 1993 when no one could challenge Kamuzu. They have been instrumental in dealing with peoples’ challenges with UDF and DPP governments. It is therefore uncalled for to discredit it just because the results of their research are contrary to those who want federalism badly. If the results were +, these same people could have piled praises on PAC.
    Fortunately the government has acknowledged the results and they regard this issue as closed!

  26. Tony says:

    How did you choose the people you consulted. How is it possible to have black And white views on this issue? Are you telling me that there were no people who were not decided on this issue? If there were, which side did you put them? The NO side? You really should know the weaknesses of a YES and NO survey as it never captures the reasons behind people’s answers. So yes, either you(PAC) or your results are deceitful.

  27. Munyalika says:

    we wl not relent and we will keep on fighting no matter what

  28. Tony says:

    How did you choose the people you consulted…..?

  29. Munyalika says:

    We want federalism dont force us to be ruled by the oppressors

  30. Tonde says:

    Pacs language is mature measured and sober while atumbuka opusa a federalism akulankhula ngati asuta weed

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