Malawi federalists up North are out of their mind

The police should immediately effect an arrest on the anarchists in the North, led by Bina Shawa, who are operating under the masquerade of calling for the federal system of government to be established to devolve more powers to the regions.

Bina Shaba (right) presents the petition on federalism

Bina Shaba (right) presents the petition on federalism

After being allowed to march and present a petition calling for federalism as well as abolition of quota system of selecting students into public university to President Peter Mutharika last week, this group has now resorted to using underhand tactics to achieve its objectives by holding all of us to ransom to accept what they want.

The group said if government does not accede to its demand on quota system, it will remove all students from other regions attending school in the Northern Region.

But it was silent on students from Northern Region attending school in the other regions. I assume this meant these have a right to school in any region so they will stay put while those from other regions attending school in the North have abrogated that right and deserve to be chucked out.

Free people calling for change in the way they are governed is acceptable in any democratic society and is largely tolerated.

In Britain, there is a growing anti-monarchy movement that campaigns for the abolition of the Royal Family and wants the union to revert to a republic with an elected president as head of State.

In the US, every time there is a Democrat in the While House, petitions are signed calling for independence for some states such as Texas. These have even been louder with not only a Democrat in the While House but an African American.

These groups have largely been left to their devices because whatever they do, they do it within the ambit of the law and avoid causing anarchy.

Contrast this with our federalists in the North. It is ragtag bunch of wankers who want to divide Malawians and cause hatred among them to rise against one another.

Does the group ever imagine that Malawians in the Centre or South will just sit by while they chase their innocent kids selected to schools in the Northern Region just to make a point on quota system?

Is it the kids attending school in the Northern Region from the Centre or South who introduced the quota system for them to suffer for it?

What about the millions of the northerners working in the South and Centre? Should they also be chased back to their home of origin to balance up the equation, so to speak?

As a discerning Malawian, there are just a million things that I feel are not going right in this country. Poverty is getting worse in villages; corruption is endemic which means money which should have gone towards improving us all as a nation is lining the pockets of the few connected to the ruling elite; the national cake is unfairly shared with the Cabinet being a microcosm of it all and decidedly eschewed towards the South despite that all Malawians pay tax; public infrastructure is ever rotting as no one seems to care as the general efficiency in social service delivery is left unattended.

I can go on moaning about the things that are going wrong in this country until the cows come home but does it mean I should turn myself into anarchist and take it all on fellow human beings that have got nothing to do with it?

The answer is hell no. That is why the anarchists in the North calling themselves federalists are now taking it too far and should be stopped.

Why should a ragtag band of confusionists take this country to an abyss of destruction as if they are more Malawian than the rest of us?

They are just out of their mind and they risk losing even those who just had an ear to listen to their petty bar talk.

  • The article appeared in the Malawi News on June 20,2015 under the column ‘Hitting the Nail’
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51 thoughts on “Malawi federalists up North are out of their mind”

  1. God is Good says:

    You did not hit the nail but a stone!

    We are going to win this fight, we are going to make noise until you get tires! Mwavinkhungu imwe, vindele wa vindele Central and Southern no brains, kuyandana nge ninkhumba!

  2. Evangelist Blessings Mduli Chirwa says:

    If the police arrests any one of these guys. It means you have triggered violence which will only be ceased out after the life of innocent people is lost. My request is let the current government table the matter in parliament since its a national issue and see what the members of parliament will decide as they represent people from grassroots levels. Here in Cape Town we have already started meeting to mobilise and move forward with this Federal System of government being implemented as soon as possible to save our nation Malawi from another cash gate which will only be realised after the current government is out of office. The current government must know that by any means this System will come to pass in Malawi!!!!! Viva Malawi!!!!!!!!!!!! Viva Federal System of Government!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. omar ajab says:

    tsoka ligwera kangaude , wabisala mu pipe ya futi

  4. KK says:

    Mu thawi yomwe mumazazana ku Balaka Sec. amadandaula ndani?

  5. Nyikamwaka says:

    Welcome federalism. Development is our goal.

  6. straight Talk says:

    I love the people who contribute with sober minds Hetred will not take us anywhere but facts will determine the solutions. Each system of gvt have got pros and cons. Campaign for ur opinion with facts.

  7. ALOMWE says:


  8. MELINDA says:

    dododo,whatever you call yourself.kodi inu simunatuluke kwa munthu wa mayi,mukutchura zinthu za mthupi mwa mayi?koma ma salvage ngambiri pa nyasa eti.

    yankhulani zosintha Malawi.osati zinthu zomwe makolo anu alinazo mthupi kapena abale anu.umphawi si zinthu.kodi ndinu londa kapena ogwira ncthito pakhomo pa munthu opanda khalidwe oyalutsa owalemba ntchito.behave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Winston Msowoya says:

    No African country could have put up with this African Apartheid ( Tribalism) that has terribly plunged the nation into an obnoxious political uncertainty.Yes Banda started all this dirty politics to divide and rule us like dead souls.Kudos to Dr Bakili Muluzi despite some short comings,he managed to unite the nation by scrapping quota system which is designed in similarity of former South African system which coerced African students to learn in Boer dialect.The situation changed when Bingu was voted into power erroneously and after his shameful demise,his brother Peter took the helm through unprecedented electoral rigging never seen in the history of our country and forthwith enforced the evil system,this time,with vengeance.What these unpatriotic leaders don’t comprehend is that students from north never cheat on exams,the fact remains that people from the north excelled in education right from colonial administration.What we see now are pure jealousies and ignorance that will never benefit any body but instead,we are regressing our political and economic development.Leaders come and go,but the people will remain to chart their destiny.l

  10. George Kasakula and the company?You can talk and vomit whatever you want but the truth of the matter is that you don’t feel the pinch.Northerners have been victimized for so long.Whether you like it or not tribalism and regionalism is real.These people have the right to be angry.They have had enough.Just imagine the quota system and the scenario of Mzuzu and Nkhatabay sec. Schools.The move was done delibarately by Peter Mutharika and his brother’s Dpp and lomwe friends as a provocation.

  11. Mbanangwa says:

    Mzuzu Government and Nkhata-bay secondary schools were filled with those of other regions. All students from the north were snt to community day secondary schools, non of them went to the central or southern region.
    What reason do th police have to arrest a voic of conscience? This article is biased.

  12. Dolora Bushi says:

    Comment ya Mr Dododo yochita kuwonetseratu ndi mzathu wakulira muma tea plantation.Palibe chanzeru chingatuluke mukamwa mwake.Muzithokoza internet yotapitsa ya K50 yoti nanunso mwapezako nawo kamwayi kobwebwetukako mutakhuta makaka Kuma estate a azungu.

  13. mwenecho wa sima says:

    A Mr Dododo its explains alot what a type of a person you are.Your IQ should be very low to engage in a sensible debate.Ukanakhala nkhuku tikanatha kupeleka ya Ulere kuti Agalu achite phwando poti ndiwe chichoti chonkerako kwa munthu Nanga nkutani.You too are entitled to your pea brained comments.Kaubongo kako kali ngati kantchetche no wonder without quota ndi std8 yomwe sukanafika.

  14. Dododo says:

    Agaru inu mwayamba, kodi mumaziona ngati ndinu ophunzira kumpotoko eti? Bwanji osamagwira ntchito, kuphunzira ndikumagundana komweko a nkhwere inu. Vindere vyachabe chabe kuda ngati manyi a nkhumba. Tangoyerekezani kupanga zomwe mukenenazo ngati simuona xenophobia ya ku Malawi machende yanu a tumbuka anthu opusa, zitsiru kwambiri,,,nyoooooo? mboli zanu.

  15. Dododo says:

    Vindere a tumbuka a manyi ngati inu, gwirani ntchito ku mpoto kwanu konko, sukulunso kwanu konko agalu inu muzigundananso kutchire kwanuko a nkhwere inu, pangani zimenezo muone xenophobia ya ku Malawi machendeyanunso mbalame inu eti tsankho chirichonse kodi mumaziyesa ophunzira mbuli inu mikongo ya manu mwamva.

  16. Fkajera says:

    AMALAWI ANZANGA Chavuta apa ndi kumvetsesta momwe federal system imagwirira ntchito. Osathamangira kutukwana ndi kunamiza anthu a kumudzi kuti Federalism izagawa dziko. Kodi tikanena kuti aku Neno adzakhala state/province paokha tikutanthauza chiyani? Tikuthanthauza kuti ku parliament pogawa chuma choyendetsera dziko, a ku Neno adzakhala ndi allocation yawo yoyendetsera ma project awo. Ndipo adzakhala akuyang’anira ntchitozo ndi kudzapereka report ku parliament. Kodi kumeneku ndi kugawana dziko? Abale musathamangire kunamiza anthu osauka. System imene tikuyendetsera dziko kuyambira zaka zoposa 50 panopa yalephera kutula dziko. Tiyese system yina yakayendetsedwa ka dziko. IMENEYO NDI FEDERALISM OSATI CHITAGANYA CHA MAIKO AWAIRI OSIYANA.

  17. andrew says:

    its pathetic that no one seems to understand federalism…anarchy is on the verge of hiting malawi if our leaders do not tread cautiosly….

  18. zex says:

    only God knows the future of this country

  19. william says:

    Most of tumbukas they r residing in SA so auzeni azanuwo kuti mutumbuka samadalila ndalama zokha ayi amalima and he always have plan b, musati sokose ndi titchito topusa taulonda, kusamala ana a mwenye ku limbe. Fusanani ngati mutumbuka alibe nyumba kwao. Kutiyamba dala eti’

  20. william says:

    I wonder why george is including chewas from the sentral region. Chewa ppl r complaining about u too southeners and they don’t like u like we do, so when u talk don’t combine the chewas. Soon we are off of u ppl they will follow to have their own, this is not about tumbuka alone its about leadership u seems to be busy scaling us with stuped job (tchito zama india ku BT)that tumbuka who work in BT what typ of job that u have in BT that u can harassing us these ppl r very educated they can go to UK, USA, they will find a better job. We r tired calling us names u can keep ur job and ur better town us u call it. There’s many places that we can have a better job and a better life. So go to hell live us alone.

  21. Aliyawo says:

    For every action to be taken by Northerners,there will be a reaction… Wait and see

  22. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Which growing group in Britain are you talking about? To the contrary, the monarch seem to enjoy growing popularity in the UK. Talk of the EU referendum, yes.

  23. brave one says:

    am a northener,but i agree with most of the folks here,these people are stupid and have no clue what they are saying.To this bina guy i say screw him.When violence starts tikakhala kwawo.dumb motherfucker!

  24. Mzuzian says:

    All house cleaners and gardners ‘kumayadi’ aku Mzuzu amachokela ku mwela ndi pakati. Ambiri a iwo ndi a ku thyolo, kwawo kwa Muthalika. Ndiye mukamawafunsa kuti bwanji kuchokela komwe kumwela kuzakolopa nyumba za a ‘Tumbuka’ amati ‘hiii, ali pa ntendere ndi anthu khumi omwewo ankazungulira Bingu, pano akuzungulira Pitala.


    This issue will not simply go away. Authors have come and gone. Through this protracted discourse we have laid bare that which was hidden in our hearts and our TRIBALISM is all too real.
    The demands again:
    1. Federalism or Secession
    2. Rotating Presidency
    3. Abolish “Quota” System
    4. Appointments on “merit”
    5. “Equal” development
    6. Recognize Mzimba “Kingdom”
    …….er er
    It will surely require some divine wisdom to bring forth lasting solutions to these.
    But then, my author, “… a ragtag bunch of wankers…”?? Ha ha ha ha!

  26. Ichocho says:

    Atumbuka.mukudya chamba chambiri kumpotoko eti?

  27. john says:

    northerners r stupid pple. can u do yo survey and find out how many of u are schooling in centre or south and compare those from other regions who are in northern region xools?

  28. Kennedy says:

    A proud Mtumbuka. I will not tolerate hatred among malawians because divided there is litle we can do united there is litle we can not do. Am calling upon all well wishes malawian to sitdown and resolve the problem caused by southern Leaders their are the one to blaim. Good citizens like the central i doubt if they can do this. Hence north and central should comeup with solution, what do my fellow malawians think about this??

  29. Alex Likoswe says:

    The solution is to promote one nation agenda. Hard work ideals. This should be done in word and deed. All Malawians with aspirations should be supported . We can do it . Chilima can.

  30. henz says:

    I have never ever seen northeners going to south or central to grow tobacco for them to earn living but people from south and central going to the northen region. so when you’re writing please don’t create enemity btwn malawians.

  31. abale samalani says:

    Is there any difference between the northerners and boko haram?. I for one don’t see any. Alshabab started like this. Watch out.

  32. Jendayekha says:

    Typical Standard 1 type of journalism, NO EDUCATION WHATSOEVER, NO use of God given brains oh! my God. Go back to school and give us something worth reading not this kind of poor primitive stupidity in the 21 century.

  33. Optic Computer says:

    Americans agree that rucism is still alive, in all institutions. In Malawi, people from the centre and the south believe, and are convinced, that only people from the north are tribalists. My American socialogy professor, said that the worst racist do not believe their actions are racist towards other minority, or even majority groups. I see a lot of trabalism in people who write articles on national unit. You don’t leave others behind if you want unification.

  34. Sweet Boy says:

    A representative a feduro jekete ngati chibulandi. Siwusiwa ukuwapangitsa kupusa pagulu munthu mkulu-kulu? Osangopempha anthu akuvulireni jekete zeni-zeni bwanji? When advocating or advancing some public issues, personality matters.

  35. Baba wa boy says:

    Does your silence in condemning the quota system, and the fact that two secondary schools in the North have students only from the south, and none in the south has students only from the north mean you believe there is nothing wrong with these practice?

    In the household, if you keep beating your dog for no reason at all, it will turn and bite you, but as usual, it is “Always galu uyu!!” forgeting the beatings.

    Personally I do not believe that Northerners would suffer should they be given autonomy. The truth of the matter is, the majority of Northerners are outside this country due to unfair practices, therefore even if you sent all northerners back, including spouses, there will be more jobs and more spaces for school, than there are people. In any case There are more legitimate rich Northerners than there are thieving rich southerners.

    Say something else, anthu bakumpoto mwawakhuta waka.

  36. Mwanaka says:

    I can’t believe this is coming from GK? May I ask him. Do you any school in the Centre or South which has only students from the north?
    Do u also believe in quota system?

  37. Majid Aboobakar says:

    It all started with Kanyama Chiume, Alec Nyasulu, Mwalwimba, Chisiza brothers for favouring their “wakukaya pera” syndrome. For those who have been to Chanco will tell you that atumbuka sabwereka buku munthu wa ku central region kapena southern region. The Law faculty was full of tumbukas, the employment in parastatals has always been skewed in favour of northeners. Come on people…let them go back if they want to. Lets put a border post at Jenda. When they want to come to the centre and south ( a different country from theirs) they must get a visa!

  38. hp del says:

    I think the writer of the article above did not do the home work before releasing the article. The heading of this article has a tone of hate speech against the north which will not help us either in South and Central region. Maybe we need to put on shoes that the northern guys wear and try to reason together. imagine Blantyre Sec school selection comes from Lilongwe and none of the students around the community, town, city or Region. How would you feel?
    Federalism has work in many countries like the great nation of France, India, Germany, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, etc. It works well for them and these are strong and Rich Nations.
    The challenge Malawians has is that we are angry and selfish people. We don’t accept a change. Let us hear our brothers and sisters then reason together.

  39. Sweet Boy says:

    Now you can see reasons why HKB chased these Hoo Sapiens to go and teach each other in their dead north. As rightly put, if title for tat principle is applied they are the ones to suffer. Who doesn’t know that this business of nepotism came up with these same clowns. Now people have mustered your trade and you are crying foul – stupid dzitumbuwa!!! In fact those schools they are talking about are national schools and not regional or district schools. Rarely are you going to find students from the south/Central regions at chaminade but Nkhata Bay, Mzuzu yes. Go ahead you idiots and see who will cry the loudest. Do you think we are happy seeing you plonkers distributing our land/plots to each other in Blantyre, Zomba and Lilongwe? Even jobs; when late Mkandawire was heading MCE Board in Zomba all the staff came from the north starting from a gate man, messenger, cleaner etc. He even had the audacity to chose which house was to go to whom. A junior tumbuka could live in kalimbuka and a senior southern/central could live in ndola or saint mary’s even at times renting at chikanda. Did you hear anyone mentioning about federalism from these two regions? Bwanji mumafuna za bwino zonse zikhale zanu. I can smell the deeds of Joyce Banda who is still plotting from the background to create chaos and confusion in Malawi.

  40. Mpoto says:

    George, I think the size of your brain is very shallow like that of tilapia. You seem to be one of the most useless and worst writers Nyasatimes has accepted to publish your article on this column.

    For me I would not worry if all northerners are set to move back to Nyika. We will have more creative people creating jobs right here in their Nyikaland. What we have seen already is not new or strange experience. Look at the following:

    i. In November 2010, Bingu wrote an order against promoting people from North to any government position. This apparently was meant to suppress the Northerners,

    ii. In April 2011, Bingu ordered a zero recruitment of people from the North into any government position.

    This is all beside the reintroduction of quota in 2009, the collection of bribe from Kayelekera mine of Paladin in 2007.

    After all we the people of Nyika have a big experience of being chased from other regions and if you chase us again it will be nothing new to us but if we chase you from here you will cry because it won’t be normal to you.

    Now in all this, I see that whatever we can do we will lose nothing because even if we stay put we gain nothing with all these orders in place.

    Kasakula if you say police should be on our backs, most of these policemen are not from Nyika and they will be gone to other regions.

    In all this Nyika will not lose anything but get back its human resource that the motherland has been crying for. Most of the NGOs will close down in other regions and money will come home to Nyika. Companies most of which belong to Banyika will relocate home to Nyika.

    In summary chasing one another from each others region will be good development. Don’t think that we love you and if all Banyika come home we will not miss you.

    Good Bye in advance.

  41. Kenkkk says:

    Just campaign peacefully for your federalism which I am personally against, I would prefer peaceful campaign for a secession referendum in the north.

    No need to threaten to chase students from other regions studying in the north. Again peaceful campaign against the quota system is much more effective. Only blind and tribalists can see the merit of quota system. The arguments for abolishing it are much stronger than keeping it. It is one of the reasons malawi education is lagging behind and becoming inferior to other countries education. The whole world knows that our students going to university or secondary school are mostly not selected On academic performance merit but rather on where they come from regardless of academic grade achievements. So don’t complain when our Malawi degrees are not recognized in most countries, why should they recognize degrees given to mediocre non deserving students?

    Quota system is killing the cream of malawi best students from all 3 regions, not just the north. Malawi education quota system is killing Malawi education. You can always help those that lag behind but never penalize your best academically gifted performing students, that is what and how it is done elsewhere.

    So please campaign peacefully for your federalism and the abolition of the quota. Don’t start your crazy ideas of threats to the country. The govt has already realized how crazy the quota system is following the revelations of some secondary school selections. The dpp manifesto as i understand favors the abolition of the quota, so why not you dpp mps from the north or elsewhere are not pressing the govt to implement its manifesto as it is doing to other promises such as cement and malata?

  42. Jelbin mk says:

    The writer of this article may be right but what is his views on the mutiny if the president on the petition? It seems he doesn’t care about their concerns and he (the president regards them as less Malawians who do not deserve attention) hence the frustration and even if you may arrest them you will find it very difficult to convince the court that they were orchestrating anarchy because they were forced to do or conduct themselves in that way with the mutiny from the presidency. Am sorry to call your article half baked and biased

  43. lhomwephobic says:

    you kondowole munchers need to grow up. we’re only after the minerals and natural resources in the dead north. when we finish mining them all, you can have your own country ok?

  44. Nalimata says:

    Namby pambie tumbukas must go back north. They grab all our jobs and all our land here and they still pretend as if all is not well with them. Hypocrites northerners. I am really tired of these thieves.

  45. mphini za mutchafu says:

    No comment this is sensational and sensitive

  46. Alufeyo says:

    Lets not blame Northerners for suggesting that we take our childten out of their schools. Instead they should be prepared to leave central and southern regions back to their home. Actually govt must dectee that no Malawian should own land in another region other than his or her own. Take Ministry Lands where Mrs Ivy Luhanga is busy approving title deeds for Northerners only abd pending applications from people from the south and centre. I challenge Chibingu the minister to publish a list of people who have been issued with title deeds you will discover that 89% are Northerners. Aliyese kwawonkwao basi.

  47. mshani says:

    The president is the source of the abnomalities, he is slow to respond to the petition. This force federalist to speak or act out of furiosity and immotion.

  48. chefourpence says:

    Hoza John I agree with you! Why should good schools in the north be encroached with Southern brats? Very unfair! They must go! Equittably, why should Natioanl Bank, NBS, FMB just to mention a few organisations in the south be encroached with Northern zombies? These too must go! Tit for Tat they say. Southerners want their jobs and land back. And when Mpotophobia begins your guess is as good as mine…..

  49. tumbuka of nyika says:

    Hoza John you are a very stupid and a deadly Tumbuka. What deep analysis are you talking about. The point is whatever nonsense the drunk federalists from nyika are saying, they shouldnt touch students from south and centre schooling in the north. If they dare try that madness, they will open a can of worms. People of the south and centre will also not stay idle. There will be anarchy as Tumbukas are being chased to the barren land of Nyika from schools, work places and business premises of the south and centre. That nonsense that these idiots masquerading as freedom fighters are yanking, should be nipped in its bud.

  50. tumbuka of nyika says:

    Atumbuka ndintundu osokoneza in this country. Akufuna kuyambisa nkhondo basi. The hidden agenda of federalism has now been unveiled. This reporter is right I support arrest of these namby pambies.

  51. hoza john. says:

    George, your article shows lack of facts on why the northeners are calling for ferdelism. They have been neglected for so long. About quota system, why should all gvt schools be enchroached by students from south and centre?

    It is within this range that, I feel your article fails to tackle pertinent issues here. Otherwise thus poor journalism.

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