Malawi Finance Minister rejects poor health reports: ‘I am old but fit and well’

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe has rejected accusations that he is in poor health, downplaying reports that pushed on a wheel chair from a check in point to a boarding lounge at OR Tambo Airport in South Africa.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwes: Iam fit and well

The 81-year-old minister  confirmed he was wheeled at the airport because of a recurrent backache.

Speaking in Lilongwe on Thursday in a series of pre-budget consultations, Gondwe said he  was enjoying good health.

He played down assertions that old age is now catching up with him.

“I am fit and well,” said Gondwe at Bingu International Convention Centre.

“I could have made these remarks while seated but I thought I should stand at this podium to show that I am fit contrary to social media reports that I was old and dying,” he added.

He said it was true that he was wheeled to catch a flight back home.

“What happened was that airport personnel at OR Tambo Airport I was struggling with my walking and thought I would be better served on a wheelchair so they brought me a wheelchair just to ensure I moved fast to the next point of airport service.

“So I am fit and people should not worry about that.”

Commenting on the 2017/18 National Budget, the Finance Minister said the financial plan is  set to roll out on July 1 would remain at K1.2 trillion.

Gondwe said such would be the case because of improvements in the economic environment.

He said they want to “ equate the domestic revenue with expenditure.”

Gondwe said places where government priorities demand more money, they will  increase the funding and those areas which are less productive they will decrease the money.

The minister said government will consider suggestions made by stakeholders on key priority areas, including issues to do with climate change.


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12 thoughts on “Malawi Finance Minister rejects poor health reports: ‘I am old but fit and well’”

  1. Napwito says:




  2. Nyaka says:

    It is very normal from the elderly to use a wheelchair in these big airports, mudzaon a mukadzakwera ndege zitalizitali. No issue at all.

  3. john says:

    I feel that politics or serving in high public office like ministerial or presidency should have 60 years retirement age as is the case in civil service. This no doubt will create an opportunity for the youthful generation pamipando yonona, mind you” sabola wakale sawawa”.

  4. Bazzoka says:

    Please just admit that mwasakala. Old age is not a sin but a blessing. You have done
    your part let others take over. ISAAAAAA.

  5. Goodall Gondwe adzafera mu ofesi kumene.Kodi a Malawi enanu mukufuna Goodall afe or what? kodi inu simudwala?It does not matter at 81 he is performing well in Govt.Otherwise the poor performing Malawi wud not be doing well to keep on convincing international community to flock in with assistance if it were not for Goodall’s image.He is a renowned international figure in monetory circles.Azungu akumudziwa and trust his financial english.Am not from the North.But musiyeni agwire ntchito yake.Imfa ndiyo idzamulekanitsa ntchito yake koma osati oh! Goodall angofa wakalamba.Ndiye wakutsutsani.He has been frank that like anybody else would do, he had a recurring backache at OR Tambo Airport in SA and he is now fit and well.Thats it! Long life Goodall,our finance manager in Peter Muthalika administration.

  6. ya_smooth DJ says:

    The man is too old to be carrying the countries purse. In fact he should be home enjoying with his great great grand children. Sad he is clinging to an office he is clearly struggling to keep pace with.

  7. Gome says:

    The old man has done his part, I don’t think he new tricks that he hasn’t used in his drawer. He has memories all potential problems as to when, how and where they would occur and so too there solutions. the job is no longer challenging nor exciting. IT IS TIME TO REST IN PREPARATION FOR A FULL REST.

  8. Harawara says:

    What kind of organization or company can employ a 81 old who struggles to pull his feet. The DDP isn’t serious with its 5 year economics project. Are there not competent, patriotic economists in DPP that can fill his post. What is so special with him? Old age affects every part of man. It starts from the head down to the feet. Dont ignore nature. Early ripe early rot!!!!

  9. BlackImage says:

    Oyenera kudandaula ndi abale ako ndi anzako enafe tilibe nawe ntchito or utafa lero palibe chimene tingaluze cashgate ukulya wekha

  10. pixy says:

    What makes him think that people are worried about his health?His family yes but not everybody NO

  11. Vinjeru says:

    How can having ” recurrent backache” and being “fit” be at one place? Atumbuka dzatengeni munthu wanuyu watha basi. Mukufuna achite kufera muofesi?

    1. Chigwere Pa Euthini says:

      Vinjeru kaya ndi Vinjere,sunatiyankhu bwino,mpaka ”Atumbuka dzatengeni munthu wanuyu watha basi?” Waganiza bwanji pamenepo nawe?

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