Malawi first engineering professor: Grant Kululanga

Malawi Polytechnic Principal Grant Kululanga, of a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima) will on Thursday be unveiled as first Malawian professor in engineering circles.

Malawian first engineering  professer: Kukulanga

Malawian first engineering professer: Kukulanga

He will also deliver inaugural lecture which will dwell on much challenges stifling engineering profession and the way forward.

Kululanda, who two years ago received a Gold medal in the World Register of outstanding scientists of the 21st Century for contribution to the world of science Socrates Committee, said with population growth, engineering could help offer solutions to challenges of housing and unemployment.

“Countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore have made great strides in their economy courtesy of products of engineering profession.

“Going ahead apart from training personnel in the sector, we want the country to harness the skills and begin to use them towards meeting some of the challenges being faced,” said Kululanga.

Kululanga holds among others a doctorate in civil engineering from the United Kingdom based Loughborough University in 1996 and also a master’s degree from the same institution.

He has served in the academic circles for the 23 years in various roles that include being head of civil engineering department, dean of the school of engineering and later vice principal before becoming principal.

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70 thoughts on “Malawi first engineering professor: Grant Kululanga”

  1. we hve profas yes what do they do to pull their fellows with their guts? We need pple who can pass on knowledge they have attained.

  2. The Governor says:

    I stand to be corrected. I thought the Polytechnic had professor Ngaiyaye in electrical engineering and electronics. This is the first one in the field

  3. manruga says:

    come on guys, why are you trying to discredit the professor . he worked for it and he rightfully deserves it. give praise where it is due. discrediting others won’t make you any better


    For one to be awarded a professorship all they need is to publish their work/research in reputable journals; at least in some cases.
    In the health sciences there are so many things that can be studied and published, so there are more professors in medicine than, say, in the mathematical sciences.
    Come to think of it; you would need to be an exceptional genius to introduce a new & simpler way of solving ordinary differential equations if you were a mathematician.
    Another issue, educational attainment and innovation are different things. Anyone can be an inventor regardless of their education: sometimes it’s a gift from the gods to you!!!! If in doubt ask Nikola Tesla whose intention (a/c) changed the world.

  5. NTABA NEPHEW says:

    hhahah professor on paper not admirable coz those village guys can lead better than those calling themselves prof. proof /show us what you have done than when u get the paper. it is put under ur suite case. how can it work? Mijiba ndimonga kasungu boy who innovated water pump deserves that paper not zinazi kufuna fame basi

    1. Mutu Umodzi says:

      Iweyo yako degree ili kuti? Ungonyoza anzako koma iwe udakanunkhabe utaka. Show us your credentials and then talk, yes, some sense next time.

  6. golo says:

    congrats are in order. you have spent years perfecting your art in this field of civil engineering. I hope the Govt will one day use you to greater effect in how our road designs, dam building with the greenbelt initiative in mind can be enhanced. This is grat and you deserve the accolade. Ndizolowera mkalasi izi osat zopasidwa pa manja kungofuna title yotchukirapo

  7. Saiti juma says:

    kuteleko aziphunzitsabe!

  8. 2019 tinva akuyimira u MP kudera lakwawo
    Studying just because there’s was an opportunity to study not with passion


    I refuse to celebrate a civil engineer, whether professor or village amateur, if the country cannot do a basic thing like provide water to its commercial city. Dont tell me we have cevil engineers when tarmarc roads are a luxury. This to me is just another sorry headline in this sorry country. Professor? Of what? What has he done aside from passing exams and drawing a few diagrams? Take a leaf from guys like Jack Mapanje and Steven Chimombo- Professors in English- attested by their novels, poetry and many remarkable literary works. Anybody in this country who knows law, education,economics and engineering is a failure. Any professor in these fields should be stripped of their borrowed robes and sent back to primar school!

    1. Mutu Umodzi says:

      Iweyo wapanga chani cha mzeru choti anthu kukuombwera mmanja? What have you done for your country? Bola anzako anaphunzira koma iwe kwako kunyoza. Ukhala savage basi.





  12. Ngwati Balamusi says:

    Congratulations Professor Grant Kululanga a product of Dedza Government Secondary School (Nyika Hostel) – Form 4 A of 1980/81 mwana wochokera ku Ntcheu. Show the people of Malawi how capable you are.

  13. Rift Valley says:

    Tisaiwale late Prof. Landson Mhango, former Vice Chanceller, Mzuzu University

  14. ANALYTICAL says:

    I don’t envy these Enngineers (and such similar professions in Malawi)! They do NOTHING other than switching ON/OFF ESCOM switches for loadshedding (Electrical Engineers); supervising the building of school blocks (Civil Engineers); or breaking cars for sale of spare parts (Mechanical Engineers)! I would rather be proud of my homeboy William Kamkwamba, who despite not having studied Engineering, but has managed to come up with something worthwhile (his entire village is with electricity, no need of ESCOM blackouts!) Zoona tizichita import even ma toothpicks from China???????????????

  15. BalakaGuy says:

    Koma akanakhala wa ku mpoto ndiye mutasokosa,mbuzi.Well done prof.

  16. Dat iz de incoming enginner,,,,,,bt wl dis add value To de nationz, probs?

  17. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    These useless professors of Africa. Anzanu kunja ma professors amakhala ku lab inventing shit. Making discoveries. Inu basi studying and doing consultancies to make your fat cheeks bigger. Za zii. Spend time inventing zinthu. People will come to you with those accolades. No sweat

  18. industrial revolution banda says:

    Malawians likes titles very much.Having a mere title for a Malawian is a great achievement.Even mere needles are imported from China.The polytechnic has been there since 1965 koma ntchito kulumikiza ndi kumasula zimene anakhonza Ena.Some of us are yet to be convinced with some of these titles.There is no creativity or innovations with these professors of ours.China,India,Malaysia,Indonesia have moved out of poverty because their creativity and innovative ideas.Abale ndi njinga yakapalasa yomwe? singano amene?

    1. Chikadzakowani says:

      Have you considered that the three countries you have mentioned had the political will and actually funded their national research and development? R + D is not cheap, it requires a government to be committed and properly fund research institutions. Our university colleges are funded only to the extent that they can barely keep running.

      Another insane thing we do in Malawi is take highly trained professionals out of their labs/classrooms/workshops etc and put them in admin positions. Go to Ministry of Health headquarters and see the number of medical doctors doing administrative work. These professionals accept the admin posts because they get more money and perks. Why can’t we give them these perks while they are still doing their professional work?

      Grant is Principal at the Polytechnic – daily swamped with mundane admin issues when he could be teaching and doing research.

      It is easy for us to hurl abuse at our professionals, but we also need to be honest with ourselves. Are we funding our professionals adequately? Are we ‘abusing’ our professionals by taking them out of their areas of specialisation in the name of promotion? Development does not happen by chance – is Malawi doing enough to get the best out of its professionals?

      My heart bleeds when I see many professionals in ties and suits pushing paper in offices. Why do we bother spending so much training them when what we want are administrators? And why do we spend billions on FISP when half this amount invested annually in R + D would make a much bigger impact in many areas including agriculture?

  19. Zagwa says:

    One other big problem in Malawi is that Economists and Lawyers are valued more than other professions/disciplines. But when you look at their contribution to national development ….NEGLIGIBLE! Busy drafting retrogressive laws and nonsensical MGDS documents that no one realistically follows. Look at a really developing nation RSA, they have less than 15 strategic outputs, we have countless in the MGDS? Abandon ship NOW! Wake UP! Those outputs are NOT achievable. Let our development be driven by value-added exports… Vehicle tyres from rubber, processed agri-produce and many more. Osati zanu zoti sizinapindulirepo Aliyensezo. Give these professors a chance osati Laws of Malawi all the time yet you can’t even arrest straight forward cashgaters.

  20. Clement says:

    Till date with all professors we have in our colleges and universities Malawi still imports small things such as watches , we have Polytechnic but there is no innovation and invention taking place in Malawi

  21. Alfred Newmann says:

    Engineering has a tremendous potential as the engine for Malawi’s infrastructural development, and one can only hope that the more engineers we have, the more we are heading toward that goal. Our main rivers like the Rukuru in the North, the Bua in the Centre, and the Shire in the South and their tributaries need to be artificially revamped with dams, canals, and other water systems in order to maximize their contribution to agriculture, health, transportation, trade, tourism, and other sectors of our development strides. I’m looking forward to this.

  22. bubu says:

    FIRST ENGINEERING PROFESSOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

    Not to take anything away from Professor Kululanga, but the author of the article knows very little probably.

    Landson Mhango? Kasomekera?


    1. mboma says:

      yes late professor landson mhango, professor who worked in UK for 40 years, the writter seem not to know much

  23. Nama says:

    I remembr one Bingu some time back saying you engineers one day i will lock you and keep the keys you shall only see yor wives when its time to eat.I will lock you till you INVENT.Kaya anaona chani Bingu??RIP

  24. Gaga says:

    R.I.P Landson Mhango the professor we knew in engineering congrats the new proffesor in engeneering

  25. Student of commerce says:

    What kind of proffessor is he? Even a pin-folo for mothers to use for baby nappies this guy, his faculty members and all his final year students they can not make. Completely useless and waste of tax payers money. High school students in Japan etc can make electric toys and cars that actually move by remote control, this man and his team even metal chair so they can use in his class or office they can not make. They will ask government to import chairs from China. Nothings to celebrate here my friends, waste of time and money. Mxxi

  26. WAWA says:

    Amalawi lets appreciate eventhough , hes not from the nothern region..Number 21 thuli, i can easly tell ndiwe mbuli eventhough you are from the north..u will never go far ..the truth is this man they say Hes the first prof in engineering its not us but they say ….as such lets wait and see …the fruits of his knowledge ,apart from this man there is one lady in mancherster Uk anali mmalawi adasitha nayenso ndiwomaliza masewera, ndiwa kumpoto but lets appreciate anthu akachita bwino……….Zabwino zonse man

  27. Ma says:

    These professors are the dullest individual s in Malawi I have come to know. They are the ones destroying Malawi and Africa. Look at David Cameron or Obama are they professors? But how brilliant they are! !!go to hell and rot professor.

  28. Namihavani says:

    mphale izi mwapanga chani inu even water pump yomweyi tizichita ku gula from China iya

  29. jubeki says:

    Pangani zanu osamangonyoza ngati jubeki

  30. jubeki says:

    Pepelishto maghulake pangani zanu inu

  31. malawi is still importing tooth picks from china!

  32. malawi professor says:


    But the problem in Malawi is that Malawi professors really do not have any innovation to show for the benefit of Malawians. Even Kamkwamba of wind mill fame, now doing first degree in the USA can be regarded as more innovative than some of these Professors! Its more academic than practical and something worth reflecting on by our ‘learned’ Professors.. kaya a nsomba, or mbuzi, theology, miyala, music…..

  33. Profesor wina2 zamulaka nde be careful

  34. Gogo says:

    But the way he looks with a very big head resembles the lomwes who eat stones.Compare him with APM,they are one & i dought if in this head there z any substance.

  35. fathi slshehaab says:

    I have akways thot our priffs shud vd doing rezsadch not pepar pushdrs in offuces.
    moto sanfapange even toothpick from chimpsipsi cha nzimbe or air cleaner ya cardboard? however i saluteu proff kululanga rise &rise!

  36. Sad-Huss Mthunzi-wa-bowa says:

    Congratulations Prof G. Kululanga. Please show the world what Malawians can do in Civil Engineering. My memory tells me that there is another Engineering professor in the name of Professor Zakari Kasomekera.

  37. machendy says:

    can you and your boys please invent something now? or even if you can assemble a torch its ok. what about cheap sewing machines, nanga small water pumps bwa?

    oh, sorry i forgot that we get all these from china. what exactly do malawian engineers do after they finish school?

  38. Zoona Phiri says:

    This is another addition to useless Malawian professors. I am yet to be impressed with Malawian professors. They can hardily innovate and or invent anything in their fields. All engineering works are imported yet Poly is sitting bwiii ib Blantyre. The many agriculture professors at Bunda are contributing nothing including their farm which is failing to feed them. Tell me which professor is worthy his/her salt and I will show a professor who failed to run a greenbelt in Malawi, professors who have failed to run a simple college farm, professor engineer who can not develop a simple tube or bicycle. Another one is failing to run a country. Professor is but a title with little significance.

    1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

      Mawu mawu mawu. Ntchito basi kupanga tima consultancy to fatten their pockets

  39. amp says:

    Congrats man. Glad you can make it in a profession neglected by the government.

  40. Thuli says:

    Landson Mhango was the real germ osati Mphale zanuzo.Zapangapo chani zimenezo?

    1. arkmm says:

      coz he was a mtumbu mtumbuka? za zii, I even never heard of that name before

  41. Tiko says:

    I salute you bwana Kululanga. Once my lecturer, in fluid mechanics.

  42. Mhesha says:

    Congratulations for this record breaking!

  43. Chabecheker says:

    There is another malawian prof.of mechanical engineering at universtity of western cape; his name is prof Modify Kaunda;he was awarded that title 5 years ago after writing several articles and teaching and lecturing many years including university of malawi at poly.
    So it is not true that Kululanga is the first malawian prof in engineering. Check carefully pliz

  44. Lizwelithini says:

    useless, how is one person will develop this country?

  45. Kalanga says:

    Wiseman! God bless u Sir!

  46. alukosyo says:


  47. chibade says:

    congrats prof.kululanga!.anthu ngati inu ndi omwe malawi angapindule nawo pa ntchito za infrastructure development.

  48. Akulisinga says:

    Ndamva kukoma kumva zoterezi my advice to prof kululanga Don’t join politics kuti mulemekezeke.

  49. Innocent says:

    Congratulations – I admire the zeal and focus!

  50. Abdul says:

    Prof. So many years of studying to acquire a Phd in engineering that’s fine but my question to you is that how many years have you studied your religion so that you can understand what God wants of you?.

  51. munthu wabwino says:

    He certainly is not the first Malawian engineering professor. Zacchary Kasomekera is an emeritus engineering professor. There could be other Malawians who attained professorship way back. All in all congrats to Prof Grant Kululanga. Its to mean achievement.

    1. Chithumwa says:

      The article should have clearly stated ‘first homegrown professor of engineering’ – meaning the first professorship conferred by the university of malawi. The other Malawian engineering professors have been awarded by foreign universities.

      Whatever the case Professor Kululanga needs to bring back sanity to the Polytechnic. The current situation where academic years are so out of sync with the rest of the university should not be allowed to continue. While the first years who were selected some four months ago have already reported to Chancoll and KCN, the ones selected to Poly have no idea when they will report for classes. Some estimates put the start date as October 2015 – more than a year after their friends at Chancoll and KCN!

      Kululanga and his team need to get a grip on things. What’s the use of being a full professor if you can not even manage to adhere to a reasonable academic calendar? Kululanga should imagine how we would have felt when we were students at this college in the 1980s and our calendar was as haphazard as he has allowed it to be? His 6 year engineering degree would have taken 10 years to complete…

  52. daMbano says:

    Congratulations sir we are proud of you

  53. Achawa says:

    Wawa, odi uko amuna alowe

  54. ada says:

    Congratulations sir we are proud of you, am inspired

  55. ada says:

    Congratulations sir

  56. wangalusa says:

    Good and fine that Malawi has engineers but show me a mechanical product on local market made by these engineers that is benefiting a Malawian!

  57. brutsha says:

    Congratulations for the impeccable academic achievement. But what I long to hear is exactly how these high academic accolades translate into something tangible to benefit the common man. Because that’s the essence of education. For instance , because of his unprecedented academic brilliance, Mark Zuckerberg discovered Facebook and we are all using it. Rudolf Diesel discover the diesel engine and we all enjoy the diesel powered vehicle. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin and it’s one of reliable antibiotics used in hospitals to treat the sick. Albert Einstein discovered uranium and we use it for nuclear energy and military arsenal. Now in Malawi we import everything ranging from toothpick to motor vehicle spare parts. If we want to construct a bridge across the Shire river engineers have to come from outside. I know we need consultations but sometimes it gives the impression that we don’t have brains.
    Sorry if someone feels offended here but that’s my take!

    1. my right to speak! says:

      Engineers do not come from outside. You are ignorant.

  58. Dick says:

    Is this one a Chewa or Tumbuka!! There is a mentality that people from the north are the most intelligent people of all regions!! kkkkkkk

    1. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

      In the grand scheme of things we are Dickhead. In many respects. Ask your mum. She she wishes she was fucked by a Tumbuka and didn’t have you

      1. Dick says:

        Ujigundenge, Maximus!! Uli ni suzgo

  59. BalakaGuy says:

    Had it been that he was coming from the North,tikanabooka mmimbatu’Bravo prof.

  60. de' Morgan says:

    Takunyadirani munthu wamkulu

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