Malawi first female minister Rose Chibambo down with heart attack

Malawi’s first female cabinet minister Rose Chibambo has been hospitalised at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital in Blantyre due to heart attack.

Rose Chibambo

Rose Chibambo

Her granddaughter Cecelia Kamanga said Chibambo was rushed to the hospital on Monday after the attack.

Chibambo was in the first Kamuzu Banda cabinet in 1964 and the picture of the young beautiful Chibambo is on Malawi’s K200 note.

Kamanga then drummed up support for her hospital bills and welfare saying although she is a hero, her picture gracing on the currency, she sometimes uses public transport.

“She had to request for transport to go to hospital,” said the granddaughter.

Chibambo survived a cabinet crisis in 1964 that saw the rise against Kamuzu Banda by some cabinet ministers. This led to the killing of Yatuta Chisiza and his brother Dunduzu Chisiza and other key cabinet ministers like Masauko Chipembere and Kanyama Chiume fleeing the country as Kamuzu mercilessly hunted them to have them killed.

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31 thoughts on “Malawi first female minister Rose Chibambo down with heart attack”

  1. Alungwana says:

    I saw her at BIC together with Tamanda Kadzamila and Gwanda Chakuamba. I enjoyed their presence last year as they were awarded honourally degrees for their unspeakable jobs. Grandy, I wish you well 200 times.

  2. I pray that God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob should heal you in Jesus’ name

  3. ujeni says:

    Get well the soonest dear Buya. you insipire me

  4. patrick says:

    healing mercies in Jesus name

  5. Tetilia says:

    Gogo Rose nyaZiba Chibambo has been blessed with caring children. She drives around in Mzuzu and amazes onlookers. It is indeed not every day that one sees a very elderly lady gogo on the wheel. Obviousl, her car may be off the road at the moment.

    We in the North value extended or clan relationships. I have no doubts young clan members like Kamuzu Chibambo are always there for this icon that is in the hearts of even us who have no blood ties with her. Get well soon Gogo nayZiba

  6. Nkombokombo says:

    A Malawi inu!! Mzatsiya liti kutukwana? Give your elders some the respect they deserve! The author of this article and the granddaughter have not forced anybody to give but only for those who have a heart to come forward to help. It is not proper to mention names and brand them as non thinkers towards their mother as some have perceived. Life doesn’t mean that all should own a car or everything, it comes at a time when somebody somehow will lack something. Galimoto zimatha nthawi
    zina and may not be easily replaced. Being someone in that legacy is not a mean achievement. Let us take pride in such people! Zosankhana mitundu sizitiphindulira!!!!!!!

  7. Pamajiga says:

    Kamuzu Chibambo zoona? Shame on you. Mayi ako kumavutika iwe ulipo? Matama onse aja? Chita manyazi! !!!!!!

  8. Chris says:

    Get well soon mama

  9. Mzaliwa says:

    So she doesn’t have a car??? Really? I think she is a Mom to Kamuzu Chibambo the Lawyer and presidential aspirant and yet can’t buy a reconditioned car for her mom! Shame..

  10. kangandiwamba says:

    Quick recovery Mamah!!!!

  11. tvendort says:

    Get well soon

  12. ngongoliwa says:

    This must b a young writer who doent know history, she didn’t survive that crisis, she was one of the casualties.
    This history even apm doent know.

  13. Naliyela says:


  14. So you want tax payers to foot her bill. Yet she has kids, relations. get well soon but dont expect our taxes to do that.pitani ku QECH

  15. Richman says:

    Get well soon mama Rose

  16. DADA says:

    In my thoughts and prayers, Get Well Soon Amama!!

  17. Namulauzi says:

    Get well soon mai.You were the true politician and a lady osati zinyau zalerozi!

  18. Kanchenga says:

    HERO MY FOOT If these bwenubwenus had not destabilise Malawi we would not have ended up with mijomba and anus fucking leaders in this country. These are the people who painted democracy so beautifully that the innocent illiterate Malawian villager thought it was heaven on earth. As a person it’s sad she is hospitalised but hero or government support NOOOO. These people should jump into public transport just like anybody else. After all they brought the problem.Grand daughter look after her just like the lest of us are doing. No tax money Children are dying in public hospitals because of poor leadership facilitated by these so called freedom fighters who ended bringing misery to ordinary Malawian in the villages

  19. The Most Concerned says:

    Get Well Soon Mama Romathinda!

  20. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Everybody should be responsible for their own wellbeing after politics or politics! Otherwise izi ndiye zija zopepela za Dossi ndi mkulu wache Chakwamba!

    But on the other hand I wish her good recovery.

  21. prince Munthali says:

    People …mayi akudwala tiyeni tiwafunire zabwino,doesn’t matter kuti kaya sanapange chani ndi chani koma ndi nkhalidwe lathu a Malawi kumufunira zabwino muthu…anyway MAMA ROSE nikukhumbirani kuchira luwiro mukuti khogza MAMA

  22. Dasibomu says:

    Moses Dossi has brainwashed almost every body. For some of us. Who know Rose Chibambo very well, she has not reached the stage of berging. But Dossi has contaminated our thinking.

  23. Pimpozi says:

    If she was the first female minister so what? I thought she was being paid from our taxes when we were in dire poverty so what is special about her here? Was she a volunteer?

    All I am getting here is that Kamuzu and his bloody MCP were indeed ruthless killer machines. Untill now, the nyau MCP remains a secret society.

    I Wish her a quick recovery though.

  24. zeni_zeni says:

    KANTIANISM THEORY STATES THAT “When we want to help a person, we should not do it because of status of that person in our society. We must help one another because helping is generally good”. KAYA ANALI NDUNA KAYA MUNTHU WAMBA KOMA TIYENI POFUNA KUTHANDI TITHANDIZE MONGA MUNTHU BASI. ROSE CHIWAMBO WAS CHOSEN BY KAMUZU NOT MALAWI SO THIS SHOULD NOT BE SEEN AS SOMETHING WHICH SHE STRUGGLED TO ARCHIVE. The fact that she has no car, that is not an issue. Mind you limenelija linali kale kugula galimoto sizinali zophweka. Be forwad tilinayo leroyi masiku amenewo kunalibe. NDIKUWAFUNIRA KUCHIRA MWANSANGA!

  25. Joseph Banda says:

    SO ACTUALLY MOSES DOSSI WAS NOT A FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. torgo nodo says:

    wishing you a quick recovery mayi, get well soon. to the granddaughter, we must accept responsibility of taking care of our kinfolk by ourselves. my mother is a hero to me as well but she also uses public transport.

    what we must do is to all join hands and fix this comedy called malawi. god himself has grown tired and has left us because there is no love here.

  27. Osman Lastnumber says:

    Boma likufunika lichitepo kanthu pazakudwala kwa Madam wa osati zomathandiza munthu akatisiya,,, Wish you all the best Allah will be there for you #Ameen.

  28. Mzimba pa Boma says:

    Koma atumbuka ndinyatwa she was the first woman minister in malawi anthu odala inu.Iam really sorry about her sickness lets help her
    she’s a hero.

  29. Tk says:

    In agreement with Kho Uja this story should rather have focus on the ailing Rose Chibambo and perhaps focused on how she has found herself in a position to have to beg after serving her country and also perhaps for those who are too young to know her what did she actually contributed apart from being the first female minister

  30. Kokoliko says:

    Pliz gvmt assist her with some basic needs include transpot
    It is senselence to see someone whose face is important to the nation,being troubling in that way
    Is my wish if gvmt take solid action against that Drama

  31. Kho Uja says:

    Uku nde timati kukwatanitsa nkhani uku, Kamuzu zumukhudzapo chani apa? aah ndi sukulu zanji zomwe munakaphunzila utolankhani man, penapake-tu

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