Malawi First Lady appointed VP for African First Ladies against HIV and AIDS

Malawi’s First Lady, Madam Gertrude Mutharika has been elected Vice President of the Organisation of African First Ladies against HIV and AIDS (OAFLA).

First Lady Getrude Mutharika now VP for

First Lady Getrude Mutharika now Vice President of OAFLA

Madam Mutharika was elected on Sunday during OAFLA conference held on the sidelines of the 25thOrdinary Summit of the African Union (AU) currently underway at Sandton International Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The First Lady contested on the position after being chosen by the Southern African sub-region of OAFLA alongside Zambian First Lady to be on the OAFLA main steering committee.

The Steering Committee is the organ of OAFLA that is responsible for the coordination of the organisation’s activities between General Assemblies.

Among other things the Steering Committee is responsible for, implementing the decisions of the General Assembly, submitting recommendations or proposals to the General Assembly and preparing the Agenda of the General Assembly.

The OAFLA Presidency went to Ghanian First Lady Lordinah Mahama.

Mutharika and Mahama replace Madam Hinda Deby and Jeannette Kagame of Chad and Rwanda who were President and Vice President respectively.

The Malawi First Lady and Madam Mahama, will officially be handed over the positions at the forth coming Health Financing meeting scheduled to take place in Addisababa,  Ethiopia in July this year.

OAFLA is a coalition of 40 African First Ladies who have joined forces to act as a voice for the voiceless in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The First Ladies of OAFLA are committed to using their capacities to improve the lives of vulnerable families through advocacy, social and resource mobilisation.

Mutharika officially joined OAFLA in January this year.

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27 thoughts on “Malawi First Lady appointed VP for African First Ladies against HIV and AIDS”

  1. kunyado says:


  2. xxxxxxx says:

    Amai timakunyadirani zedi. Osati zinazi zikuthawa dziko lawo lomwe chifukwa cha umbava.

  3. Nachika says:

    Ndiye pakuti English imavutirapo kuyankhula, zikatha bwanji zimenezi?

  4. knowkeep says:

    Ndiye mwati zili ndi phindu lanji iz?? stupid committees. Odi uko!!

  5. Chauvinal Economists says:

    This is a fucking joke; we should look into voting procedures and identify any irregularities. Remember what the husband did rigging elections. The culprit was involved in voting; oh shit, anyone heard that there will be such election? Most of all you stole NAC money and without reasonable doubt she wants to steal again. Do you have conscience; I can’t comment of kind hearted

  6. Sapitwa says:

    What about the K73m collected by JB foundation through abiti Namaloko? I see those commenting for BEAM to refund NAC are not mentioning about this other thief and those NGOs that also stole from NAC. Muluzi wa agalu ndi umozi and galu ndi galu ngakhale wina angakhale okoleka chi nsalu pa phewa wina nakhala wa Gay onse ndi agalu basi!

  7. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    Are you saying she is the Malawian First Lady or Ndata First Lady? Ine count me out.

  8. Patriot says:

    Za zi

  9. mavuto says:

    Congratulations madam we are ready to help you.

  10. Malipeya says:

    Aaa Cameraman muzijambulabwino amathu, musaiwaletu kuti inunso ndi amanu.

  11. Mphatso says:

    First thing she should do is order BEAM to return the AIDS money it stole. She can’t pretend to be interested in AIDS, and steal money earmarked for AIDS prevention/treatment at the same time. Hypocrisy.

  12. stephen waku kaya says:

    ona mwendo

  13. Helo says:


  14. Greencardless Malawian says:


  15. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Ehe Ehe Ehe!

  16. Greencardless Malawian says:


  17. Greencardless Malawian says:


  18. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    main problem is that she can’t speak good English, so i don’t know how she will communicate with various audience. amangodalira zolembeledwa pa pepara ngati a chair nthawi zimenezo kkkkkkkkkkkk

  19. ujeni says:

    First the husband was appointed to lead now the wife is vice president, is it because Malawi is seen as a country with more HIV and AIDS disease affected people? Why not appointed on the board of a bank like World Bank. Chilipo chilipo. We should not rejoice when we are depicted as disease patrons this is bad for Malawi image. Only an ignorant fool will smile for such degrading post.

  20. Kadakwiza says:

    So what?

  21. Bravo First you are source pride to Malawi for your VP election. Be examplary in championing issues of HIV&AIDS. As first leave short dresses to girls as our mother dress dressing which command respect . You are a mother for the Nation. I personally I am proud of you. I suue of Beam and NAC was discussed and that should not used to soil everything but a good lesson for you not to repeat. That is what happens when advisors want to eat with they mislead and fail to accept because they to eat with you . Beware of such advisors they dented you repution never repeat such a mistake you are now a National Figure. Beware of jackals.

    Congratulationals for putting Malawi on the Map ,Bravo First Lady you a source of pride for us all Malawians who love our country.

    Kaungu -Malawi.

  22. Teacher says:

    I have lost trust in these organisations. Clearly they do not do any background checks when choosing their leaders at all. Do they know that this woman stole some funds from NAC? Does integrity matter in these organisations?

  23. mbuyuni says:

    Congratulations to our first lady. This was a fair election, meaning that you deserved it. What made you qualify for this is among other factors the high HIV prevalence in Malawi.If this was known earlier on, that you will be an African weapon for the fight against HIV, the a location of funds from NAC to FBI and BEAM would have been delayed. Other wise congrats madam,challenges in life are lessons learnt. The wisdom from NAC from our good chiefs ie Kyungu etc will push us to somewhere.

  24. Nyaulembe says:

    Chifundo why asking a political question on non – political issue?
    Can’t you at times think normal? Now that it will be ministry of Health running the show will Cedep and others going to get a donation as K50 million they got last year?

  25. Yahudah says:

    It is all lies and a great conspiracy. It is the devil behind this evil woman jezebel who is truely ruling malawi behind her wicked husband. They are just hand picked devils doing the work of the muzungu to spread lawlessness(The breaking of the laws of YAH). They set a age limit and then promote unlawful sexual practices whoring (sex outside of marriage) in order to generate riches because of greed. The dogs know a married woman and man do not catch std/aids if they both obey YAH laws perfectly so these sons and daughters of wickedness sit down and plot their wicked scheme to destroy marriage and make it look evil in the eyes of man. These people are of the devil, and the desires of their father they wish to do.

  26. Chifundo says:

    How devoted is she in irradicating AIDS, given her non-AIDS BEAM project taking funds from National AIDS Commission last year? No respect.

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