Malawi flood victims protest sex ban among married couples in camps

Married people who are camping at Mchenga Camp in Malawi’s southern district of Chikwawa are protesting the decision by chiefs whose villages are camping there to ban any sexual engagement between married people within the camp’s premises.

Men at Mchenga Camp sexually starved.-Photo by Harry Chibwe, Nyasa Times

Men at Mchenga Camp sexually starved.-Photo by Harry Chibwe, Nyasa Times

Chief Chisowa -- no sexual contact in a camp.-Photo by Harry Chibwe, Nyasa Times

Chief Chisowa — no sexual contact in a camp.-Photo by Harry Chibwe, Nyasa Times

The concerns mostly from married men say the ban has put them at the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS because this would force men start looking for other women somewhere to sleep with.

A married man who declined to reveal his name for fear of reprisals said it is very unfortunate for the chiefs to ban ‘legal sex’ around the camp.

“The issue is that some of us have been seeing our wives right here upon proper arrangements with elder women they sleep with in tents. We would sometimes sneak into their tents during day times when most of the people go away for piece works. There was no problem. Everything was done normally,” he told Nyasa Times.

He said it is inhuman to think that married men can stay three months without sex while they see their wives every day. He asked the chiefs to reconsider their decision.

However, village headman Kusowa told Nyasa Times said the ban is aimed at enhancing sanity and discipline at the camp.

“Yes we have announced that ban because we don’t want to see men inconveniencing other women just because they want to have sex with their wives. No man should be seen in women’s tents for sex. That’s what we have been saying,” he said.

He also says he wonders why men should protest the ban because some men live three to four year in Johannesburg without sleeping with their wives back home.

“And what is the problem with having a three-month break. They will do it after they return to their respective homes,” he said.

He, however, said some organizations have been distributing condoms to the floods affected people at the camp which is a temporary home for over 600 people from ten villages.

“We don’t have problems with condoms because this is another way of preventing the spread of HIV but we can’t allow them to be used around the camp,” he said.

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87 thoughts on “Malawi flood victims protest sex ban among married couples in camps”

  1. gudgado says:

    Mafumu,mwatani kodi? Asiyeni azibambo akhwasule akazawo. Kodi mafumu, anakunamizani ndani zoti Ku Joni mwamuna amakhala aka 4 osachinda? Zopusa zimenezo. Mukuletsa at hu kuchinda ngati kuti azichinda akazanu? Asiyeni anthu aviikane basis…..Mafumu opus a zedi……

  2. New Generation says:

    Ukasowa mphale usamaswa phale,ana amakhala ali kuti?

  3. J.Banda says:

    They are suposed to know why they are there ? And if those pple are willing to do so.why cant they go to up land and make there on sherter to be free ?

  4. Kaliati Galu says:

    Anthu amenewa kukonda kuchindana eiishiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. apao says:


  6. gaba says:


  7. Hoitty says:

    Tazingobunyulani azibambo inu, bwanji kodi?

  8. believer P says:

    ban them that must be done with respect,instead not in the tents,YES I SUPPORT THE CHIEF” BRAVO CHIEF KUSOWA!!”

  9. mery julius says:

    Boma lichitepo kanthu zinthi zisanafike povuta.

  10. Batuso says:

    This can’t be a serious problem as far as I know that the real Nana sangalore zopusa zanuzo tikakumana kotchola nkhuni Mafumu mwagwa nayo hahahah!!!

  11. Bristol says:

    The government should treat this case with urgency otherwise people will contract HIV/AIDS within the 3 months because of lack of proper planning & provision.

  12. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Nanga mafumuwo zikutha bwanji?

  13. we the best says:

    hahaha.. ma exile avuta pa camp

  14. aunt so says:

    Koma ndiye simukuvutika ovutika sakhala ndi nyele ofuna chisembwele azipita ku malumu kumeneko ndikosungila anthu ovutika

  15. gong'onthwa says:

    true married people can’t spend three month without sex,thus unfair leave those who are willing to play sex to play mafumu osalowelera.

  16. IKLC says:



  17. Please help the men says:

    Please chiefs. Do not push these men into commiting sexual sin. There is always a solution. Just set up extra tents if resourses are available special for that. They are all adults and they will know how manage it discretely.
    The government needs to look into this as well. This is a good way of applying funds from NAC as the way of preventing and fighting stds and Hiv.

    Make sure the erected tents are for legally married couples only. We do not promote sexual sin in the camp.

  18. Patrick Majoni says:

    Thi issue needs to be treated with integrity.We sexual beings and nobody can deny that.You have heard of patients in hospitals sneaking to have sex what more with these people whose problem is not physical.There must be proper arrangments other than just making arulling.Let’s be realistic here,we are talking of people(Malawians) not animals without rights.

  19. godobaman says:


  20. godobaman says:

    Ntchito yawo ndiyomweyo kunyenga mwauchidakwa. BAN THEM.

    1. Jang`ala says:

      Asiyeni azidyana inu! Kodi bwanji kukhomelera anzanu pa zabwino?

  21. Chief Chasowa must be gay otherwise he would understand that dick can’t live without pussy for so long. He wants them men to become gay like him so they can be doing him in the butt.

  22. Nkasai says:

    We are all after effects of sex and conceived under different circumstances !who knows u were conceived in a camp!! Then u could not be around kkkkkkkk

  23. phodogoma says:

    Why not patronizing sex? Life is too short. Some of us we are very poor so that our wealth is this game and we play the game on only that of my life partner. You will see when you start taking mkunguza. Should we return back to masturbation. Why? Tizibandulana anthu ena akutiona mumatenti omwewo a UNO . Sindingathe mwezi osaonapo ayi. Shashasha.This is the most serious problem floods have brought to mwana Nsena. i thought people for human rights would come with the suggestion that there must be a special tent where men can hide for his wife in turns through out the night. We say it that Tim0thy Mtambo do not fight for us but his own benefits. Shaa mbandiza eti.

  24. zanga phee! says:

    koma asena ndi alomwe chigololo nde munachivetsa mpake mukusowa pokhala kumakakhala m’mbali mwa shire.

  25. Masasa,Golomoti,Monkey Bay says:

    No need to complain why cant you use surrounding bushes ?

  26. manyasa says:

    How do you do sex in presence of your children in the Camp?? eishhh koma Alomwe? this tribe?

  27. Ndamasulidwa says:

    malo ogona achitidwe ulemu ndi anthu onse

  28. Ufuku says:

    malo amene aja sitikanda ndi mwala ai zimakandana zokhazokha asiyeni akumva kuyabwa

  29. Simple Soldier Aaron says:

    Sex is jst lyk a vote. hw r u sure that pple will OBEY & not get ivolved iN SEX activities, men 4rom MW WHO WORKS in RSA thy always hv sex tht u hv 2 knw bt not wth their wives, so is ths w@ u mean, did u think of HIV/AIDS, gud of nice orphans w hv n MW? FIND OTHER MEASURES PLIZ.

  30. changatomba says:

    Koma dzina ukamva mmmmmmm instead of solving up your problems you are busy patronizing sex in camps shame at you mmmmmm simukuvutikandi zoona moyo odalilawo untha pompano.

  31. musa says:

    Mbali zonse palibe chanzeru apangapo pamenepo. Ngati atafunisisanadi akonza kupita patali kukapasana zimenezo. Nawo mafumu asowa malamulo oika ku camp.

  32. heya says:

    the guy to the right luks horny eish dufikot kupilira

  33. True patriot says:

    If people are being denied their natural conjugal right,as is the case at this camp,then don’t be surprised shall you hear cases of gays and lesbians,which is againist the natural law and setting.However innovations are result of necessities.

  34. CB says:

    Look guyz,the only pleasure left for the poor is sex,,allow them,asafe pawiri chonde,,

  35. Ndikanakhala peetor says:

    Hahaha Pa nyasaland

    Ufulu wa makwatidwe wavuta apa

  36. Felix nyirenda says:

    Michira ikuyambwa azibambo. pajatu ena amamwera mthubulo nde eeeish apa pali nkhani.

  37. kodi mukufuna kubwelerakonso????? bwanji mupezekeko malo ena, gvt help these people, kodi kuzigulira malo kuja kwatha??? so we want next year be the same story? why?????

  38. makito says:

    Malawians, let us be sober. The government and NGOs should be able to find a temporary solution to this problem. Sit down with representatives of the people ad ind out how this could be resolved. One idea that comes to mind would be to have a tent meant for ” adult consultations” and a roster could be drawn for these consultations. The people themselves should organize the roster and enforce it.

  39. Lekani says:

    This is so pathetic!! Peaple are thinking ways of helping you day in day out without resting and not even having the chance of having sex ukufuna iweyoyo in their descent homes with their lovely wives and you are here mabvuto ali tho!you dont even kno what tomorro might bring ukukamba za sex are you serious? You mean you cant stay for afew months without it? The first right you are supposed to fight for is shelter,food and clothing. Let those who are donating hear this,itell you,you are finished. May God help you reason like like a normal human being, Amen.

    1. Bwana wosamalankhula motumbwa/monyada moyerekedwa inuyodzulo usiku madamu anu amakuchotsani ludzu ndipo munasangalala mumvekere APA NDE EEE MAKE ….ndiye mungamalangize azanu kuti AKHALE FEW MONTHS inu mumakanika ngakhale week imodzi

  40. Bravo chiefs you are not there for peace you could have even going fasting so what is sex after all

  41. pijo says:

    Men rape even when there is war, nde what more tima flood? Here obviously people have no entertainment or recreational activities. There’s nothing to keep their minds occupied. All they can think about is all they have left is their wives. Can izeki and jakobo please go and entertain these people. Mr jokes, manganya and winiko please you are in the line of duty here. Please please

  42. Najere Chitekwe says:

    Sheikh ali pachithunziyo sangailore imeneyo.

  43. Achimidzimidzi says:

    No guys. These people need to be considered fairly. They got married just for that special event.Judo and wrestling.

    Can bring my ‘tent’ which can used for this purpose at a small fee of K1,500.00 per bout? Surely, I am going to make money.

    Can someone write a business plan for me,pls.

  44. iwe Chingolopiyo nde mtumbuka amaganiza mopusa panya pako dog kind

  45. Nyapapi says:

    Mukatere mupasane mimba

  46. Winford kayange says:

    I think this chief is abnormal & what he is saying doesn’t make sense at all coz u cant stay 3 month without sleeping together with u’r wife who is just close to u and in good health if its the case they should make special tents for the married couples for sexual activity otherwise he dont love his people & he should think x2 and reverse his dicission, if he compare wth those who travel to SA does they go with their wives & just staying there? am concerned.

    1. special advisor says:

      The issue, the way I Hera it, is about convenience. You surely cannot even ask elderly women to arrange “temporary evacuation” of s communal tent, just so you can have sex with your wife? This doesn’t sound right. Sex is a very private matter. Though we do it, discretion is needed. I think the chief is right. Let there be sanity.

  47. Murray says:

    Apa sinkhani ya chigololopena chiwelewele. anthuwo akufuna kugona ndi akazi awo. Chovuta ndi chiyani apa. Its the hasbund looking to have sex with his wife not someone else.

    Kodi nanga a mabungwewo akupeleka bwanji makondom? kodi akufuna azidya katundu wa eni ndi iwowo.

    Kukhala pamavuto sizitanthauza kuti usakhale ndi nyengo yoiwala mavutowo. Ntchito ija imaiwalitsa mavutotu. Eeeee asiyeni anthu ndi ufulu wawo.

    Akanango wapezela malo a ulemu oti azikachezako aliyense ndi mkazi wake. Pilizi

  48. Chawanangwa Mlori says:

    This is a very sensitive issue and it should never be left to be determined by a local chief alone alone. These people are already running away from trouble and they do not deserve to be treated like animals . They are must equally be treated like everybody else. Some of the mfamilies in the camps belong to religious groups, please involve their Pastors and networks in the fight against HIV & aids

  49. Tsono mutinji? says:

    #2 Patriot you are right. Akanakhala atumbuka they would have gone for ages without conjugal business nanga si alongosi a chitumbuka akunowa ayi!

    1. Listen Carefully says:

      Check with Mkhito who left his chewa wife for a tumbuka woman

    2. Hoitty says:

      Ask Chakwera, Chilima too

  50. aisha says:

    Koma anthu inu mwapitila mavuto Ku campko kapena dama? Mmene mwavutikilamo muziganizaso zachigololo? Kapena mukulandila zambili eti? Kumene kotu ndiye kulepheleka mwamva?

  51. Wodzichepetsa says:

    Alomwe ndi asena kukonda nthubulo, komanso chiswa bumbu
    Munya muona muzipwala nokha


  52. Steve Austin Stone Cold says:

    Asena tsopano kupoyilira sex basi

  53. Chief is right, pa ukhondo ndi ulemu wathu, infact mtenti mmagona athu ambiri guyz, y cnt undrstand that????

  54. gogo says:

    chiwelewele chavuta apa

  55. AMUNAMUNA says:

    To save one’s life, allow married couples to be meeting at their convinient. It is their right.

  56. twaleya says:

    mafumu ndizoona kuti zimenezi zizichitika koma munaganizira kuoopsa kwake ngati azibambowa mukuletsa kugonana ndi akazi awo muwaleletso kutuluka mu camp chifukwa mzibambo amakhala ndi nyere pafupipafupi amasiyana ndi mzimayi ndiye ngati mzibambo angatuluke mu camp ndiposavuta kupanga zibwezi kunja kwa camp mwinaso kumagonana ndimahule kumene mapeto ake atenga matenda akabwelera kwawo apasira mkazi wake ndiye kuti mwapha anthu ambiri komaso ndilamuloli muwona kuti ma banja ena athera ku camp konko mamuna atapeza mkazi wina.sizoona kuti mamuna wabwinobwino angakhale zaka zitatu wosagonana ndi mkanzi ndimkazi yekha amene amapilira mamuna wake akakhala ku ali ku southafrica koma mamuna amapeza kachibwezi konko or amagonana ndi mahule.chonde apatseni amuna chakudya chawo

  57. General Aididi says:

    Strange indeed. You need to have sex when you are happy and ready NOT when you have lost all your belongings and do not know who is going to donate your next plate of mealie meal. Nanga azimayi akatenga mimba muli ku camp how are you going to look after the unborn young? You mean you can not wait for the appropriate time and location?

    The Chief is damn right.

  58. Ngungudya says:

    Ku juberg mwayesa azibambowa amangokhala kkkkkkkk pitanikoni mukawone

  59. Nyapamphi says:

    all chiefs who cotrobute to ba sex in camp were empty their bodies dried his bodies no eptised thats why he baned sexs

  60. Ineyo says:


  61. Zobanduka says:

    There has been millions of dollars in the name of flood victims aid, give each family a tent of their own…. A sex ban on married couples is not a solution!

  62. mmmm! malamulo emawa! mafumu pangani zoti mikango idye! nanga zoona mpaka ikadye kunja chonsecho nyama ina ili kale mu ukunde? lamulo lanulo mulionense!

  63. Jabulos says:

    Abale, be sane. You mean you cannot wait for only two to three months. That is why mumatha kugwirira mkazi kapena nyama kapenanso mwana wang’ono chifukwa choti sanakhalebwino.

  64. gogoda says:

    Atopa ndikubunyula anthu abambo

  65. Hamu says:

    Why distributing condoms when sex has been banned in the camp? doesn’t make sense let them make sex because its their right to do so.

  66. Boko says:

    I think this chief is insane. How can you ban married people to have sex. Its unheard off. This is promoting prostitution and helping in the spread of HIV & AIDS. Truly this chief is insane how can one compare the man in South Africa and here, its obvious those in SA get sex from other women there. Does this chief really believe that these SA man stay for three years or 3 months in SA not having sex. Zachamba basi. Chiefs like these should not be allowed to lead people. School is very important, pitani kuschul madhara chief for you to understand the impact and effects of what you are trying to make these people do. Fotseki.

  67. ellias munthali says:

    kkkkk kaya mutani mwavutkatu

  68. Police says:

    Tione ngati afe. Munthu sakhala ndi moyo ndi zimenezo zokha

  69. Marko says:

    They should take an initiative themselves Chamba is illegal but still smokers still consume chamba illegally.I suggest what the chief is saying is that from look of things there is that need of control becoz without control the camp will turn into a gommmora…..there are children there there is a need for these guys to respect themselves so that younger ones should return the respect.This will result into children being responsible citizens or else risk them bcome womanizers and prostitutes…

  70. Kanyimbi says:

    The story needs debating and there is no problem but with the thinking of people like “Patriot” number 2, we sometimes wonder whether this person was born by accident or not. Zikukhala ngati samayenela kubadwa. Kondomu inachita kuphulika kuti abadwe.

  71. mxii says:

    Azibambo the chief is now policing bodies, anthu aGender akati ayankhulepo mumati gender gender chani. musova. koma kodi are women not decision makers when it comes to sex, are they only recepients

  72. phodogoma says:

    Lions will eat grass. No question about it?

  73. idi amin says:

    he he he he koma kumeneko

  74. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mikango yavuta pa camp.

    Chonde osadya ndi makanda womwe . spare the girl child.

  75. vinjeru says:

    chief the idea is perfect but the people (community) were supposed to be part of decision making rather that decision takers.

  76. wakukaya says:

    Fighting for their conjugal rights abambo kkkkkkkkk zoona

  77. Patriot says:

    A sena ndi alomwe ngofanana zochitika, they are all animals (dog kind)

    1. chingolopiyo says:

      iwe nde nd bakha wen wen, kuganza mopusa ngat mtumbuka bwanj

  78. charlie hebdo says:

    Masterbation is the answer!!!

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