Malawi fuel prices go up: Time to dig deeper into pockets

Bad news of the move –motorists will have to dig deeper into their pockets following the upward adjustments of fuel prices by Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA).breaking newsfuelhike_reactns1

The   regulator adjusted upwards fuel prices effective Friday May 8, 2015.

Petrol has gone up from MK696.30 to MK723.60 representing a 3.92% hike. Diesel has gone up from MK705.50 to MK734.60 representing a 4.12% hike. Paraffin has gone up from MK609.30 to 633.20 representing a 3.92% hike.

“Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) considered recent trends in the world petroleum products’ prices and changes in other macroeconomic fundamentals in the local market and their impact on energy prices,” a statement by MERA board Chairperson Dingiswayo Jere said .

The statement further has indicated that the pump prices have gone up because of an increase in the same on the world market as well as the stabilising of the local currency.

Malawians have enjoyed two fuel price reductions this year due to the lowering prices on the global market and the appreciation of the kwacha.

But recently MERA acting chief executive officer Elias Hausi warned that the price of petrol may be adjusted upwards in April if the regulatory body does not have enough money in the price stabilisation fund (PSF).

On the reduced uptake of fuel in the country, Hausi attributed this to large truck operators who are opting to buy fuel from neighbouring countries because prices are lower there.

“Our projections this year show that we were supposed to be consuming 25 million litres of petroleum products a month but we are only using 21 million per month because truck operators prefer fuelling outside the country.

“Apart from that, there is also the issue to do with blending of petrol and ethanol and I believe it is being done accordingly; hence, the statistics showing less uptake of fuel,” he said.

Malawi’s major donors under the Common Approach to Budget Support (Cabs) are withholding budget support for Malawi worth $150 million (over K60 billion) following the revelations of massive public funds abuse at Capital Hill popularly known as cashgate.

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19 thoughts on “Malawi fuel prices go up: Time to dig deeper into pockets”

  1. nyakwawa says:

    Why Peter the so called DPP President was saying that chifukwa cha mfundo zakayendetsedwe kabwino ka boma,wakwanitsa kutsitsa mtengo wa mafuta a galimoto kawiri motsatana.Now we malawiana we expected the price to go down furthermore due as tobacco has just been sold pa msikapa. Why mafuta akwera yet fodya ali pa msika. Asamaname Galu ameneyu kuti ndi Boma lake.The fact is malawi is using automatic fuel pricing. Now when the price go up or down on the international, the same applies to olur country. Si boma la DPP ayi BOZA LENILENI LA PETER MUNTHALIKA LIMENELI. Asamatenge tonsefe ngati ana. Lets wait and see. Tigulatu mafutawa pa MWK 1,200 .00 BY 2016. Thats is the down fall of DPP.

  2. Viva says:

    Kodi nonsenu ndi ma economists? Attributing the hike to every possible factor ? Omwe akweza akudziwa chifukwa ndi ma economists.. Ife katiyeni tidzingolira basi..

  3. Jelbin mk says:

    Very swift when it comes to adjusting fuel prices but very reluctant when it comes to reducing them eish!! this MERA is a big in Malawi

  4. the devil incarnate says:

    “the statement has further indicated that the pump prices have increased due to an increase in the same on the world market as well as the stabilising of the local currency” i thought the former would affect the entire world automatically and the latter would have a positive impact, are you kidding us all or what? typical of a country whose leaders are the most incompetent, educated illiterate and intellectual impotent!

  5. Tengupenya says:

    awa nde malodza: MWK appreciates and price of fuel escalates! global fuel prices fall, and local pump price goes up! what will happen when the held currency finally tumbles? nthawi ya alimi kugula inputs? MWK igwatu pa September/October pa.

  6. Kenkkk says:

    This is expected because of world crude oil prices have increased, we should expect price rises at our pumps. Whey crude oil prices come down later, we will also expect mera to reduce the prices.

    Next time crude oil prices fall, you should quickly reduce the pump prices without waiting for us to prompt or force you to do so.

  7. zenizeni says:

    Chakwera was right. Mukunamiza anthu kuti kwacha ikupanga bwino. But on reality it’s useless. Mukupwetetsa anthu. If kwacha is doing gud as ur preaching we cud have a decrease not an increase in pump price

  8. phwado says:

    As I am writing the world fuel price is 1.11 US Dollar aprox. MK448.00/litre and we are paying MK 724.00/litre.full day armed robbey.Indeed Malawi and its leaders are cursed.Babbysitter leadership.A one toothed hippo-look-alike leader with a toxic mind,leading a country with 99% toxic citizens.A country with a toxic president from a toxic tribe having toxic loaded taxpayers bank.Here in Malawi almost everything is toxic.Toxic wives.toxic girlfriends,toxic CEOs,toxic staple food,toxic judges and its judiciary syste.Toxic Lutepo…….toxic Mphwiyo……Please The Creator heal this toxic poor Malawi.This a plea from me your non toxic creation.Amen

    1. Kanthu Ako! says:

      Do you produce oil in Malawi?

      If not why have you not included transportation in your cost?

      To hire a bus from Malawi TRANSPORTERS to SA was seen to be twice as expensive, therefore with such high prices, you will find that at 724 that is a bargain.

  9. nyamalikiti says:

    Fuel in mozambique is almost half malawi price which international market are we talking about? This means all items will start rising. Its all because of old man Goodall Gondwe. Akulipilira ngongole Mulli instead of giving MERA to stabilize fuel. Maeconomists a pa Malawi, fake basi!

  10. Josephy Mwanamvekha says:

    Fuel is still cheaper buying from neighbouring contries and yet someone is saying due to rise of oil on the world market, why is hike affecting Malawi only….I leave this government if you dont give me a comprehensive explaination I am tired of serving government which is full of croocks starting with the President, cabinet ministers, MP, (Allan Ngumuya one of them) He dont even know what to oppose in government. He brings a humilliation to government benches

  11. Batuso says:

    Kwa omwe amatha kuwelenga malemba sangakhale odabwa coz izi zinanenedwa kale kwangosala nkukwanilisa,ano m’masiku owawisa omwe ogula sadzakondwa ogulisa akukondwa zedi lolani mawu ake akwanilisidwe koma tsoka kwa uyo opangisa kuti akwanilisidwe.

  12. PWTKZ says:

    Inu bwana Yosefe Gambatula,mukudziwa kuti for for the cashgaters to be still enjoying themselves without being arrested is coz of the corrupt judicial system? I 4 one doubt ngati pali lawyer wachilungamo mMalawi muno!Ukangowapatsa nda lama basi Mulandu watha!!God is th only best judge!

  13. But I thought this would not happen now, considering that farmers are now selling fodya! Why Now! My first attention goes to how the minbus association of malawi will react with this hike in fuel. Sakweza mitengo yoyendera pansewu?

  14. mphwache wa bingu says:

    The rise is due to increase in oil prices on the world market. Follow news

  15. rasool says:

    Mbuzi za anthu dzikoli mukulitenga ngat kuti mulungu anapangila inuyo kukwela kwa mafuta kwainu ngati ndi vuto ma million ali tho mma bank vuto lili kwa ife anthu ovutika

  16. Golde Mulimbika says:

    AMalawi tizingolira mpaka kale vuto ndi atsogoleri adziko lino. Chuma tilinacho chokwanila kaliwonela komanso tikusankha anthu opanda luntha, osazipeleka,adyera, ongozikundikira chuma iwo eni. A MRA akupanga ndalama zambiri pamphindi imodzi, a custom and exercise,road traffic, city assembly,MBS, GO and NGO ndalama zikupita kuti mpaka fuel kukwera chonchi? Atsogoleri koma akati pandale basi tikumana pa2019 muzatifuna ife makasu anu.

  17. yosefe gambatula says:

    So donors are withholding theirs moneys and the common Malawian is paying the price for the incompetence of the clueless woman.You know all these people who were moving with sacks of money in their cars and yet nobody has received a proper punishment apart from a few just to hoodwink Malawians that the law is working.What is so special with these these people that the mass Malawians should suffer because of them?

  18. nyayo says:

    Mukunama inu. Why fuel is cheaper in neighbouring countries? Poor fiscal policies. School siyinakuthandizeni inu.

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