Malawi fuel prices skyrocket: Brace for tougher times ahead

Malawians should expect tough times as prices of commodities are likely to go up following the announcement by the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) that the prices of fuel have gone up effective 3rd November, 2016.

According to a statement released by MERA signed by its Chairman Reverend Dr. Joseph  Bvumbwe, the fuel price hike comes after considerations in recent trends in the world of petroleum products prices and changes in other Macro-Economic fundamentals in the local market and their impact on energy prices.

The statement reveals that Kwacha has depreciated against the United States Dollar (USD) trading at K729.63 per USD at the time of review from K715.00 per USD as noted in June 2016.

The newly prices are therefore as follow: -Petrol will be selling at K824.70 from K788.30. -Diesel will be sold at K815.80 from K766.90. -Paraffin will be selling at K648.70 from K609.80.

This represents a 11.02%, 18.66% and 16.37% respectively.

The fuel increase  will certainly slash the incomes of Malawians.

Malawi economy is on death bed. Already price of food supplies are high.

Just recently, Maize was also hiked fromm K5, 500 to K12,500 representing a historical increase of 127%.

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30 thoughts on “Malawi fuel prices skyrocket: Brace for tougher times ahead”

  1. santana says:

    Useless discussion. Are you telling me that this is the first time to experience fuel price hike? Mukulankhula ngati mwaona zachilendo bwanji? Ma mini bus anasiya liti kukweza transport money? Ndani anagonapo ndi njala chifukwa cha kudula kwa mafuta? Kukokomeza kopanda nako manyazi uku.

  2. Opals says:

    APM (Automatice Price Adjustment Mechanism) woyee! You’ve however misrepresented the % rises Nyasa. What you have quoted are In Bond Landed Cost (IBLC) increases. MERA has only passed 50% of that to consumers; whilst the other 50% has been absorbed by the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund. Thus, the adjustments are supposed to read 4.62% (Petrol), 6.38% (Diesel) and 6.38% (Paraffin). Notwithstanding, can’t MERA be more transparent about the IBLC movement. Beyond indicating that importation costs have increased by more than the 5% APM trigger, doesn’t it behoove MERA to publicly avail disaggregated data about the variability of the various components of the IBLC? That would more wholesomely inform the public and preempt some obvious questions.

  3. Jacob says:

    Malawian parliamentarians are to blame. There was a bill during Bingu’s time that there shud be a oil pipe to run from Beira to Nsanje port to cut the expenses on transport but this was shot down b august house(anaikamo ndale). Today you govt is clear that on the international market fuel price is low but the fuel hike is attributed to transport costs from Beira to Mw. Therefore it is better even inu atolankhani athu do not just rush to report of present situation instead have a background as to why such a thing is happening; thats what i can call proffessional journalisim. just another exapmle is: following the bi-elections some commentators say DPP has lost popularity this is totally untrue becoz DPP and MCP have just maintained their seats which were already won in 2014. So to insinuate that DPP has lost popularity is uncalled for. As reporters are supposed to make good comments based on past as such the truth neither MCP nor DPP has gain popularity in these bi-elections.

  4. Vindele says:

    U aint seen nothing yet. Peter is going to make u pay 4 giving him Presidency seat.The guy is sick & wants more money to treat his ailment.He’s going to milk this country dry.

  5. Fuck Mutharika and the DPP Government you Evil Demons, Thieves, Liars, Adulterers ,Murders you are worse than the Lucifer In the name of Jesus I say Fire Burn To Hell will you and your Entire cabinet, party members and sympathizers Go If you are Lucky not to die such a dishonorable Death like your Late Brothers at least the Gates of Maula will Welcome you to the real World

  6. nyasimmaso says:

    one of the signs kuti this Government is ineligible to rule the country. Mukabera ndi choncho. sizinati nvula yayamba macoupon kuli zii. chaka chamawa nde tizanamizila chani. mbuli zokhazokha zakumana

  7. be humane says:

    blame it Joyce Banda for making automatic fuel pricing

    1. Jailosi says:

      If it APM ( Automatic Pricing Mechanism) was a bad idea why didnt /cant your inept and clueless joker of president reverse it you fool. Joyce Banda left us more than two years ago and i think its high time got life and accept that you are incharge and accept that this country is in a mess because you cartoons cant get things done.

    2. Vindele says:

      Iwe nde mbuzi yeni yeni mheeeee.

    3. Youna says:

      Why blaming JB on APM cluelessness? JB analiko bwino than man tilinaowa. Expect more troubles to come.

  8. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Quote my silence. There is more in it than in any words I can say.

  9. Patrick says:


  10. [email protected] says:

    Government has no clue how to run the economy

  11. Nsipe-Bawi says:

    Timanena kuti DPP si zinthu, mwaona? timanam? kusamva aMalawi.

  12. Youna says:

    Boma iloooo!

  13. zausiru basi says:

    u guyz a MERA ua doing nothing to our economy

  14. Gama says:

    Because we like suffering in silence we will let this unjustifiable increase go unchecked. I like the position taken by Kapito that he will no longer fight for Malawians again because Malawians don’t know their rights and they don’t care. Malawians are pretenders. We live as thought all is rosy with the leadership. Kapito indicated that he will only come in to fight again if we cry to a point of producing red tears from our eyes. The pain comes in the sense that when the levies are collected they are not put to good use. They all go towards funding mapwevupwevu. Malawi is a country thrown to the dogs.

  15. chilombo says:

    If anyone is planning to on the streets for this,count me i please. This is fucked up, we are using generators cos of power outages now mukukweza fuel kuti chani? And fuel prices are going down everyday on international markets inu mukukweza!! Kuzolowera kuba,mwaona zoti Escom sikupanga ndalama mwati mutibele through mafuta. KAYENDE BASI

  16. ANALYST says:

    Malawi ali pamoto ndithu! And wina ake abwera apa kupanga comment kupanga defend chipani komanso chiboma chimenechi! Mxiiiii

  17. The brain washed dpp foolish government, yet some silly senseless and useless poverty mind stricken individuals keep on talking nonsense backing up this evil devilish government. Headless people like who call themselves behumane, nyima, collings and other useless beings talk nasties castigating MCP and its leader yet dpp is a complete devil on the pulpit preached death of blind people. Malawians; let us burry this devil dpp and its evil leaders. Dpp does not even know how to run any type of economy, it is evil from head down to toes.SURELY ANOTHER CARDIAC ARREST WILL VERY SOON REDEEM US BECAUSE GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL.

  18. Chikaiko says:

    Wakwata kwa mphenzi saopa kung’anima!!! This is what we Malawians voted for….paja we wanted a very learned president…!!! There are more surprises to come.

  19. Mapwiya says:

    John Chilembwe, Dr Kamuzu Banda, where are you? Tikuzunzika. Atleast during Atcheyá’s time things were not this bad and its only now I realise that Atcheya anali Big Man. Eeeesh, Malawi, you are suffering.

  20. Great says:

    That means transport will also go up, so too is food. Koma ya

    1. Mulakho says:

      I have a problem with how these minibuses adjust their fares. Petrol has gone up by K32.40 or there about. Now if a minibus’s consumption is two litres from let’s say Chilinde to Town/Chilobwe to Limbe/Zolozolo to City Centre, the additional expenditure will be K65 per trip. This is supposed to be distributed amongst the 11/12 passengers in a Bongo thus forgetting about other overheads. Bu look here the fares will be increased by K50 per person translating into K600.00, doesnt make sense does it?

      1. folopensi says:

        True, a minibus amaonjeza.

  21. Great says:

    Nde kuti ma transport akweranso plus food. Koma ya!

    1. Be Humane says:

      Quite paradoxical. isn’t it?. The price of oil on the international market has just gone down so what has triggered this rise?. Its these too many stupid levies that you put on fuel that is behind all these painful and punitive fuel prices. And this cartoon of a president tells us that we should not ask for pay rise. Really?. What do you aspect us to do in this mess on an economy that you created. We don’t live on free things like you do. You are simply pathetic. Having you as president is simply a curse for this country. Take it or leave it.

      1. kanchenga says:

        At least the one who has allowed you to use his brains has done well. Ask him to share a little to mix with yours.

    2. Alex Banda says:

      To say the truth Malawi is a dead nation…timangovomeleza zilizose..we can not even act on zinthu zakuti we know afuna kutibela..look at maiko anzathu panopo fuel price is dropping down while ife akukweza..We are dead…thats o

    3. ernest phiri says:

      Nkhani yakukwera kwa ma transport njosachita kufunsa. DPP Woyee. Ife a DPP sitifuna za chibwana. Munva M’bebe, “this is nonses”

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