Malawi gang hack man to death, extract brain

Malawi Police in southern district of Phalombe hunting for unknown assailants who hacked a 20 year old man to death and extracted the brain from the skull.

Gruesome murder

Gruesome murder

The deceased, identified as Sani Aubi, from Khanaja village Traditional Authority (T/A) Mkhumba in the district, met his fate Monday night.

According to Aubi’s grandfather, 66 year-old Jonathan Masulani 66, the deceased left his mother’s house slightly after supper at around 1900hrs for his brother’s house within the village where he supposed to sleep.

But it was shocking when his body was discovered around 0600hrs on Tuesday lying in blood at a nearby field.

The body had a cut on the neck allegedly from a sharp object and a deep cut (opening) in the head from which brain was allegedly removed.

Postmortem conducted at Phalombe Health Centre shows that deceased died due to severe loss of blood.

The motive behind this gruesome murder is yet to be established.

Meanwhile, the Police have asked villagers and the general public at large to assist in providing information that may lead to arrest of the unknown criminals.

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69 thoughts on “Malawi gang hack man to death, extract brain”

  1. Gowampingo says:

    Bible said you should not prayer is let these evils doers meet with GOD,Onily God Knows What to do wth them.Remember MPhoto Ya Uchimo Ndi Imfa.

  2. mapwiya says:

    very very shoking where are we going pliz love of money humanity haz gone lord pliz have mercy

  3. Jesus is coming indeed,how can such a terrible thing happen in that once a peaceful country

  4. Abou Rasheed J Issa says:

    the police must try to find out the source of these satanic actions.U can not walk fifty kilometres without finding a dead body.where z Malawi going?

  5. Bright Fungu says:

    Chepetsani asing’anga,muwona zinazi zichepa.Weed them out!Mwinaso pakhale lamulo lokakamiza a sing’anga kupita kutchalitchi

  6. wiseman khembo says:

    It was a warm heart of africa in those days bt now,I don’t know what wil be calling it.believing in sangoma’s,is also a big problem here in africa.such people if found,they mst b punished n I wish death penerty was back to deal with such people.

  7. Hastings Chikwenya says:

    La forty lidzakwana

  8. Proff. Centvinnie says:

    too bad for akhokhola, mulibe manyazi mkomwe.

  9. God First says:

    It is my prayer that those who did this should be arrested. David did the sin is secret but God said to him” You did it in secret but I will do this thing in broad day -light before Israel(2 Samuel 12: 12). May our God reveal these murderers. What man does in secret God see it(Mattew 6:6). And May Almighty God show tthe world who did this gluesome killing.

  10. Aferazao says:

    But these Mulhakhos and their juju beliefs.

  11. fight says:


  12. JDC says:


  13. aledi nkata says:

    I don’t know where Malawi iz heading to.WHY?WHY?Don’t we know tha there is hell to murderers?SHAME.

  14. Ni difference with xenophobia

  15. chitima says:

    a khokhola inu mwawonjeza eeeh !

  16. DOREEN says:


  17. Sinkanako says:

    zomvetsa chisoni

  18. Ngiyakufisela ntcheu says:

    How does the writer know this was done by a gang unless he/she was there? This is too presumptuous

  19. samina sangete says:

    Ndi zimene amakonda alomwe zimenezi.Chuma chamagazi.Let them finish each other.Akhokholi anthu oipa kwabasi.

  20. shaaaa! says:

    koma anthu aku m’mwera,mpake mukumakadzadzana ku labour office,kufuna ntchito, kuthawa zilope za anthu mukumapha aja.

    ndimasangalala mukamapatsidwa petty salaries.anthu olimba mitima ngati bwana anu muwanyoze, pano akukhaulitsani anzanu ma tsotsi ku theba

  21. wakummawa mario says:

    Iwe ukukamba za alomwe am sure you must be more than a salvage. Pali nkhani apa yoti ikhudzane ndi mtundu?xool yako unamalizira ku primary.Think twice b4 commenting wamva?

  22. Alungwana says:

    End of times

  23. nkunthamasese says:

    We are importing 1000 dangerous thieves from RSA.

  24. yale says:

    So sad indeed -RIP

  25. Budalazi says:

    Amene apha uyu ndi a MCP? UDF ndi DPP muziyankha!!!!

  26. MAYIKOTO says:

    Iwe 24 Funzo; ngati sufuna kuona zithunzi izo nzakonso. For some of us the picture has said much more than the text. Abale tilandire Yesu, tayamba ISIS kunonso?

  27. Sipidy says:

    Mpaka zakhuzana ndi SDA? what is so special with SDA Christians? i thought we read the same bible? osangonena kuti bible likuti chakuti bwanji? @Number 31.

  28. gift says:

    Shame malawians

  29. ibrahim makwati says:

    kuyesa zida zaufiti ngati zingayende zachisoni

  30. titus Scoti says:

    God’s Favours Ministries akuti izi zikuchitika chifukwa Mulungu wakwiira Malawi. What path etic thinking! It just shows that some people are not well-travelled and they dont read world news. kukuchitika zinthu kunja kuno. By the way, God is no respecter of boundaries because He never created them.You just need to read widely or watch National Geographic and other Tv channels to know what is happening worldwide. Some of us have been to see the devastation caused by earthquake in Taiwan; Earthquake and Tsunami in Iwate, Japan. I could not just conclude that such calamities were inflicted on the people because God was angry with the people there. Tiyeni tisiye Mulungu akhale Mulungu! Tisamupangire zinthu ayi. Let’s strive to righteous koma sikuti mvula ikachuluka kapena kusiya msanga ndiye kuti tonse tachimwa ayi. To me that is irrational thinking. That’s my opinion.

  31. MLOMWE2 says:


  32. titus Scoti says:

    The issue is not about Alhomwe. It is about criminality and being human. It reminds me of the book “Lord of the Flies” which i read at seconday school. Those in the know realise that there is brutality world over. You may wish to know that ISIS, Al Shabaab, South Africans, American police etc have committed heinous crimes lately. Are they Lhomwes? Not at all. Criminality has nothing to do with tribe. Those that read current affairs know how serbs and muslims slaughtered each other 2 decades ago. Lately we had cases of brutal killings in Central African Republic. Kwathu home konkuno there have been kuphana kudulana mikono and ujeni country wide.

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      A Titus: Awuzeni anthu onyoza mitundu ili yonse imene sili yawo.
      I like your rebuttal/commentary.

  33. Jackson Mulera says:

    These are the signs that the World is going to an end, so repent! Repent! Malawi Repent!

    1. Mad Professor says:

      Is it? How come we have had such brutal murders take place in other countries for hundreds of years? Read your history books and check out for issues to do cannibalism and other inhumane acts. Did you read or hear of that guy in the early 2000s who chopped of a man’s head and kept it in his fridge as a trophy in Germany? It was only discovred by police after a long time. I wonder if the world was about to end on Germany ended. How about the Rwanda genocide? How about the the Janjaweed in Darfur, Sudan. Do you ever follow what they do? It’s as gruesome as what has happened to our fellwo Malawian in Phalombe. They have been even extracting unborn babies out of their pregnant mothers. Its that grissly.
      Furthermore, what would you say of the gas chambers in the concentration camps during the Nazi Germany against the Israelites during the 1939-45 Second Word War?

  34. mbani says:

    Alomwe mwabwelako ku Joni

  35. ri says:

    we ar living in end times, the world is now ripe for Christ’s second coming, prophecy is being fulfilled in our very eyes. For serious SDA Christians, these events are awakening to their faith, “as it was in Sodom and Gomora, so shall it be now, & this is just de beginning for many evil happenings will surely cover the face of de earth

    1. Prince Fari says:

      But these have been happening all over the world for ages. So we have been living in the end of times since we were born as well as since our forefathers were born.

  36. khamtitiwa says:

    matsiku otsiriza anthu aziphana ngati nkhumba. akagwidwa naye asove.

  37. lesta says:

    Alomwe mwafikapo,thus y killing chasowa was not an issue for you,i agree with #ujeni above that malawi must sort herself before blaming south africa,alomwe chepetsani iZi

  38. God's Favour Ministries. says:

    Mukudziwa aMalawi,Mulungu wakwiya ndi dziko loipa la Malawi taganizani Mvula yambiri mu January inapha anthu ambiri,kenako chilala chadzaoneni,posakhalitsa albino kumasakidwa ngati sianthu,abale athu ku Jurbeg kuphedwa mwankhanza lero ubongo ngwachani? Eeeeeee Nyasaland ee.
    Mumvano zigawenga za mmakhothizi mawa zili ayi tamupeza olakwa ndipo chilango chake azikasesa mtoilet ya yapa msika kuti ena atengelepo phunziro: mfiti zobera mavoti.

  39. Liv says:

    K so zombies r real!

  40. But why all this in our mother Malawi???

  41. Isaac says:

    This is our nation let us not allow evil to triumph. Prayer is a big weapon to conquer evil.

  42. Funzo says:

    Do this organisation have no respect for the deceased? Showing the poor man’s mutilated body is not acceptable.

  43. munthu wabwino says:

    This is way too much!!! Kodi tatani anthufe?

  44. Anderson Benedict Alikyfi says:

    Ahlomwe doing what they know best. Kodi Ahlomwe munatani????

  45. Better say it says:

    Ndiye mlomwe ndiziwa ine ameneyo. ihinga!!!

  46. [email protected] says:

    so bad, whr is de peaceful country heading

  47. Kokotowa says:

    Alhomwe bwanji mukuchita zofanana ndi atumbuka?

  48. Black lion says:

    Where is this wourld going?

  49. Benard riviel says:

    In terms of murder, according to dairy reports Malawi is becoming worst land to inhabited to human. Where our love has gone to? Let’s behave like God image, not Animals!

  50. Iiiiiiiiih!Moyo wake womwewu wa temporary wu?After all nobody who is alive even those who have just been born today shall never be alive in 120 years to come.Lord have mercy!

  51. Mbwete Mbwete kunya kwa mbuzi! says:

    Alomwe tsopano, izi ndiyevzokonda zawo.

  52. nyau says:

    RIP, Koma postmortem yo mukuti wafa due to severe loss of blood? achipatala nanunso simukuona kuti brain achotsa

  53. Kwaderatowi says:

    It appears the devil in Malawi resides in the southern region especially among the Lomwe tribe. Almost every evil act in Malawi originates from this region, why? Kwachuluka mbuli, ntchito kutchera tea. Achule inu ndithu…tea amatchera?

  54. gift mwale says:

    Albinos akusowa pano mwayamba kuchotsa ubongo..Kulemera sikunkhwima its o abt hardwork fellow Malawians.

  55. ujeni says:

    Malawi should sort itself before blaming South Africa

  56. Munthu - The Citizen says:

    Nde akagwidwa azilipitsidwa K5000 kwacha basi! Cry my beloved country.

  57. ujeni says:

    When the Ehiopians are caught, you find the vehicle and drivers are from Southern Malawi. Whats going on in the south

  58. ujeni says:

    Southern region is full of killers/ murderers and robbers and these are the people who overwhelmingly voted for Peter Mutharika. Birds of the same feathers fly together

  59. George phiri says:

    Catch them and kill them too. Wopha mzake aphedwe. This is so brutal.

  60. Chakuchaku says:

    If it’s bcoz of worth then know that God sees everything.

  61. phwakambwa says:

    zayambikaso, kukhwima kwamtundu wanji kumeneko, chuma chokhwila sichuma ndiukapolo chonde amalawi siyani zimezo, tili pasiwa ndi anzathu amwalira ku john nde tilirenso kuno? siyani chondeee!

  62. che kalanka says:

    It’s not that these criminals are not known, it’s only that people tend to conceal the identities of the criminals. We need collective efforts from every community member to report any suspected criminals. MHSRIP.

  63. stephen says:

    koma alomwe

  64. Malawi,where is the humanity concept?Mulungu akanangobwela aweluze dzikoli umunthu wachoka.

  65. kaphirintiwa says:

    koma guys, extreme crime ku southern region mukuwonjeza. if its not brains then its breasts, eyes, bhuya, mshadada…bwanji kodi?

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