Malawi gay community demands recognition, respect of minority rights: Manerela+ orient religious leaders on advocacy

Members of the sexual minority LGBTI (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) group have called upon all Malawians including Religious Leaders to accept that LGBTI’s exist and begin to
recognise and respect their human rights.

Harold Kachepatsonga: Minority rights are human rights -Photo by Elijah Phimbi Nyasa times.

The call was made by some members of the LGBTI community at the end of an interface meeting with religious leaders and an orientation meeting of religious leaders on Advocacy and human rights in relation to

An LGBTI member told Nyasa Times  in an exclusive interview that they want to see availability of LGBTI care and intervention within the Malawian society.

“We want to see availability of LGBTI care and intervention as well as total respect because we are also human beings just like any other
person” said the LGBTI.

She further called for Civic Education to Malawians on issues of LGBTI community.

“People lack information and end up misunderstand and misinterpret issues so we need to civic educate them. People need to know that some of us are in the LGBTI group by wish its natural she said.

Facilitators of the meetings Harold Kachepatsonga and Allie Mwachande both from Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected with HIV/Aids (MANERELA+) backed the plea the
LGBTI Members made.

“These are human beings just like all of us and their rights need to be respected rather than condemning them. No one is perfect and there
is no big or small sin that is why as MANERELA we are engaging religious leaders to provide assistance on a spiritual point of view,” said Mwachande.

On his part, Kachepatsonga emphasised the need to engage religious leaders and train them in advocacy saying they are the right people that can help in influencing policies.

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37 thoughts on “Malawi gay community demands recognition, respect of minority rights: Manerela+ orient religious leaders on advocacy”

  1. komatu nkhani imeneyi tinathana nayo pakatipa!! yayambiranso?? hehehe Kelvin amenyedwanso again and again. kma asogoleri amipingo amenewa ndi satana zenizeni ndithu. paujeni pawo…..azisankhire okha

  2. immaculate says:


  3. winston msowoya says:

    Eh you fool,where did you hear from that SATANS have rights? Some of these things leave them to the whites,not everything from them is rational.A dog or pig knows his/her partner,why not a human-being? One day we shall eat our own waste-matters if we are told by the white people,SHAME!!!! God created man and woman for that purpose and that is why,he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.Africans,we must at times,be proud of our caltures which are congruent with Bible the book of God.If whites bring their cultures to us,why can’t we take our cultures to them? Factually,sodomy is the most satanic God cursed on earth.

  4. Thako Lambeta says:

    I think church leaders that can advocate for such sttupid things are also members of LGBTI themselves

  5. papapaa says:

    I can kill u myself if ntakuona yesera.,.I wish ntakhala president n kukuotchan ma gay n mabungwe omwe amayankhula nyasi zmenezo…lol but tzit saganiza poyankhula….even ur mom did sex with ur father kut upezeke then uzit ufuna uzipanga za same sex

    There are ten passages in the Bible that directly or indirectly refer to homosexuality. Homosexual behavior is viewed negatively every time it is mentioned, yet some in the Church today are saying that “loving committed” homosexual relationships are approved by God. A question I have repeatedly heard is “How do liberal pastors, seminary professors and bishops get around the clear teaching of Scripture on homosexuality?” I will answer that as we look at the Biblical passages on homosexuality.
    Genesis 2:18, 22. In this passage, God creates a woman to complement the man. God makes a woman, not another man, to fulfill Adam’s need for companionship.
    Genesis 19:1-9. The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their sexual sin, which involved homosexual rape. Liberals in the Church teach that this passage does not condemn homosexuality per se but homosexual rape. They would teach the real sin of Sodom was “inhospitality.” Actually, both are true. Homosexual rape is inhospitable. That this passage also condemns homosexual behavior in itself and not just rape is shown by the fact that Lot offers his daughters rather than see his guests raped. The Bible never says that God approved of Lot’s offer, but it shows how taboo homosexual behavior was to this follower of Jehovah.
    Leviticus 18:22 condemns sex between two men. Liberals point out that Leviticus also condemns the eating of pork and the wearing of a garment woven with two kinds of material. We no longer follow these rules, they contend, therefore we can ignore this passage about homosexuality. Not so. Jesus by His death fulfilled the sacrificial and ceremonial laws of the Old Testament. We are free to eat pork and not follow those Old Testament laws which were given specifically to the Jews to distinguish them from the nations (Mark 7:18). The moral law of the Old Testament, however, still stands. Leviticus chapter 18 also condemns incest (verse 9), adultery (verse 20), child sacrifice (verse 21) and bestiality (verse 23), yet no one is—or should—maintain that these laws are no longer applicable because they appear in the Book of Leviticus.
    Leviticus 20:13 teaches that homosexual acts are “detestable” and should be punished by death. Liberals say “If you are going to be consistent, do you really want to kill homosexuals today?” Our response: Israel was a theocracy, not a democracy. We are never instructed in the Bible to impose Old Testament theocratic punishments on other forms of government. But the Apostle Paul does state in Romans 13 that all governments, even pagan governments, make laws to curb human sin. Whatever the form of government, the Bible’s point still stands: homosexual behavior is grievous to God.
    Deuteronomy 23:17-18 warns against prostitution, including homosexual prostitution. They are “abominations to the Lord”.
    Deuteronomy 22:5 teaches against transvestitism (men wearing women’s clothing and vice verse) is an abomination to the Lord. Sadly, some in the Church today teach that if a male feels himself to be a female, it is permissible for that person to wear women’s clothing and even undergo sex change surgery.
    Romans 1:26-27. This is the clearest teaching in the Bible against homosexual behavior of any kind. Homosexual behavior is the consequence of mankind’s idolatry. Homosexual desires are called “degrading passions” and are said to be “against nature.” Liberals argue that this passage does not condemn “loving, committed” homosexual behavior, but only condemns child abuse, homosexual prostitution and promiscuity. But this is impossible to maintain since the passage is a blanket condemnation with no qualifiers. There is no hint here that that which is against nature becomes natural if the two people are in a committed relationship.
    I Corinthians 6:9-11. This passage teaches that people who continue in impenitent sin—including but not limited to homosexuality—will not inherit God’s Kingdom. Two words for homosexuality are used here, one meaning “soft, effeminate, the passive partner in homosexual relations” and the other being “male bed”, meaning, a male who has sex with a male. The passage teaches that some at Corinth had been involved in this behavior but had been washed through the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When liberals in the Church teach that one can inherit the Kingdom of God while continuing in this behavior they are being very cruel. Whether they realize it or not, according to this passage, they are encouraging people to go to hell.
    I Timothy 1:8-10 contains a list of gross sins, including murder, fornication, kidnapping, lying, and more. Included in that list is homosexual behavior. All these behaviors are referred to as “contrary to sound teaching.”
    Jude 6-7 (see also 2 Peter 2:6-10) teaches that the sin of Sodom was “gross immorality and they went after strange flesh.” Sodom is an example of God’s punishment of “eternal fire.” Liberals try to maintain that Sodom’s sin here is, again, inhospitality. But the words “gross immorality” and “going after strange flesh” are clearly a reference to the sexual sins of Sodom.
    Thus the Bible teaches that sexual intercourse is for a man and woman within the commitment of marriage. Any other form of sexual intercourse, be it heterosexual fornication or homosexual behavior, is forbidden by the Bible. The Good News is that through Christ’s saving death, there is forgiveness of sins for all who repent and put their faith in Christ (I Corinthians 6:9-11). The Christian Gospel holds out forgiveness and new life to those who have been involved in any kind of sinful, sexual behavior. For those with same sex attraction, God may indeed grant them healing and reorienting toward heterosexual marriage. Some Christians, however, may struggle with same sex attraction throughout their lives. Regardless of one’s situation, all single Christians are called to live chaste lives for the glory of God and for their own well being.
    Let us pray that the Lord of the Church will enable His Church to maintain the truth of the Bible in our confused age.

  7. Mulopwana says:

    Your rights are observed but don’t cry for recognition for being gay when the upright people don’t cry for recognition for being upright. Practice your sin in private as any sinner does but to say the church should allow gay membership when God says its a sin, then the church shd stop existing. SORRY.

  8. ronto says:

    Foolish, to Hell with your minority rights.

  9. Oh Lord have mercy on our souls…… in the book of Genesis, God created Adam and Eve, not ADAM AND ADAM OR EVE AND EVE!!!!
    Kodi Yesu akutani abwera liti? abwere awawotche a galu awa

  10. kampangomulamba says:

    Imeneyiso ndiye iti guys? kkkkkkkk

  11. be humane says:

    foolish advocacy. You mean religious leaders shoould start cherish evil acts? Then religion has to cease to exist. Much as we have sinners in the church but the church does not cherish sin. Your advocacy will mean religious leaders accepting them in the church but continously preach to them that they change and repent

  12. Nadzimbiri says:

    There’s something very wrong in the brains of LGBTI and its serious, they create a problem and want to take it to the society in order to confuse it. we have no problem you enjoying your sexual preferences quietly and privately in your community as any of us the normal ones do. As for the church the solution is simple… for those with a different belief from your current church break away form yours, you can call it LGBTI Church, and that’s the reason we have many different churches today, that’s my free piece of advice than confuse the current set of rules and procedures for your current churches. mwamva inuuu?

  13. southernia says:

    We will kill you with your so dom agendas.i hate these animals. Try it here you will see the fate

  14. southernia says:

    We will kill you with your so dom agendas.i hate these animals. Try it here you will see the fait of it

  15. amwenye says:

    repent or die.
    we are a religious country.
    not athiest.
    no filth here. go fo ur stiff in europe or america

  16. mkhristu says:

    amabungwe inu do not support everything! remember you were created by LIVING GOD. so you MUST do your work according to HIS will. you act as if you were born before 6months of your mother’s pregnancy. Is there any verse in the HOLY BIBLE or QURAN that allows nosense which you are talking about ???

  17. mkhristu says:

    kodi mwatumidwa ndi satana? this is Malawi NOT America!

  18. Prophet Mboro says:


  19. [email protected] says:

    zokhomelerana mbolo kumatako

  20. [email protected] says:


  21. Changaputwa says:

    Chimeneco ndiye camba. Mulungu sangankhale ozelezeka kupanga iwe

  22. Kodi mukamati Religios mukitanthauza chan? Ngati mukunena za matchalichi nde kambani zina chifukwa mufuna kuti mulungu alange dziko lathu mwachangu ana anjoka inu

  23. Zachamba says:

    They must be stupid ….if countries, through NGOs haveOk given these people money they must be joking …arrest these people rhis is not our. Culture bu american culture because even in europe countries like England her majesty doesn’t like this… ireland Russia they doesnt like it……. boma tawamageni zitsiluzi…. tibvutike nd nkhani, za cashgate then ma gay chamba eti adzimagidwa koma atamenyadwa kwambili….

  24. Mbulazina. says:

    If there is Hail out there some who will jive or jazz in are these kind of creatures.

  25. Emmanuel says:

    pepani tatopa ndi matembelerp mukubweletsela kodi akhala bwanji atsogoleri a chipembedzo pamene akutsutsana ndi mawu amene akuntumikila Mulungu amene ndimamupembedza YEHOVA amakana zimenezi tsoka iweyo amene ukulimbikitsa zoipa zimenezi

  26. Flex says:


  27. Thako la Nkhuku says:

    Kachepatsonga yambolo kuti idzilowa bwino kumtumbo!

  28. Tiyeni uko! Shatapu zanu!

  29. Mzozodo says:


  30. Thandie Majiga says:

    Nyasatimes, you haven’t mentioned the name of the religious grouping that participated in their meeting,
    Please name the religious leaders that were present and the church which they belong

  31. Ovahambwiyanga says:

    Che Harold inu tazingonyengani Jane wa Zembani yo osati kumanamiza anthu zopusazo ayi. Trump has put his foot down on these open evil acts and will never fund this shit. Tell your Uncle Rev Sembereka the same okey

  32. Peter wa Mathanyula says:

    “These are human beings just like all of us and their rights need to be respected rather than condemning them. No one is perfect and there
    is no big or small sin that is why as MANERELA we are engaging religious leaders to provide assistance on a spiritual point of view,”
    I find this statements to be coming for a foolish mind. You mean religious leaders should embrace this sin because all sin are equal in the eyes of our creator? If yes they should embrace adultery, murder as well as other sins.


      shut up its donor money speaking not you

  33. Hoosen says:

    No wy.

  34. Zinenani Zoona says:

    The problem with gays and lesbians is they want to be seen. Straight people do not go about singing how they had sex with their wife. Which rights do they want? If they want a church which allows G&L then let them start their own church. They have the right to start it anyway. Don’t blame churches which say no to gay and lesbians: even those who drink or do cashgate don’t go to church blowing their horn, they also drink secretly. If they want to live together, let them find a word and not MARRIAGE because marriage is simply man and woman. G & L just want to create a storm in a cup. Palibe nkhani apa. Ma allowance apita ulere.

  35. PATRICK BANDA says:


  36. ndakwiya heavy says:

    Ana opusa zedi inu you saying NO ONE IS PERFECT and mukuzilimbitsira mtima instead of making people to be perfect your trying to make them more imperfect shame on you better you not born in a woman ndithu matemberero akhale pa iwe and your mtundu forever shupiti children muzafa imfa yowawa ndithu do you how good it is done by a woman and a man GOD is not stupit as you to create male and female……. mumuziwe YESU ndi ophunzila ache

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