Malawi gay man subjected to sickening homophobic attack 

Malawi Police have been called to investigate a possible hate crime in which a gay man was subjected to a sickening homophobic attack in the capital Lilongwe on Monday.

Gay attack in Lilongwe

Gay attack in Lilongwe

Photos posted on Facebook by human right activist Billy Mayaya shows Kelvin Gomani  who works at Crossroads Hotel was brutally attacked by unknown gang for being gay.

Gonani is indeed a renowned guy in Lilongwe who was arrested late last year for having homosexual sex.

Mayaya said police should investigate the attack and treat it as an anti-gay hate crime.

Recently, the UN  warned that Malawi needs to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)  people following comments from a political party spokesperson that gay people are “worse than dogs” and should be killed.

A spokesman for the People’s Party, Ken Msonda, made the comments on social media, and then later in a number of interviews.

Following the comments, Msonda was charged with inciting others to break the law.

This was after two civil rights organisations pressed charges against him over the remarks.

However, the Director of Public Prosecutions Mary Kachale instructed the Chief Magistrate’s Court to discontinue the case.

“It’s pretty alarming because essentially people will see that you can incite people to kill someone simply because they belong to a particular group,” the UN rights office spokesman Rupert Colville told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“It’s broader really than simply awful discrimination and incitement to hatred of gay and lesbians, it undermines the role of law in general,” he said.

Gay sex is illegal in Malawi and is punishable with up to 14 years in prison, however, the  government has suspended the law, according to Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu pending a  review on whether or not homosexuality should be decriminalised.

Meanwhile, press reports also indicate that homosexuals are facing challenges when seeking medical attention in the country’s public health facilities.

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo said his office is receiving an  increased number of homosexuals from all corners of the country coming to report and complain of all kinds of discrimination they face from medical personnel when seeking medical attention, especially after developing sexual reproductive complications or contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

“We have reports that instead of just treating them like any other patient, some medical personnel make fun of homosexuals, some refuse to treat them or ask them so many irrelevant questions. This is unacceptable and we condemn it in strongest terms,” Mtambo told a local paper.

Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) acting spokesperson and deputy hospital administrator Chikumbutso Tambala said the problem was that most homosexuals do things in secret, “a tendency that has led them into suffering in silence.”

Ministry of Health (MoH) spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe said his office has not yet received any complaint regarding the matter.

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151 thoughts on “Malawi gay man subjected to sickening homophobic attack ”

  1. I better choose jesus says:

    Ooooooh jesus is coming!

  2. Andrew says:

    Manofprinciples you are a sick individual for promoting hatred.

    Just ignorant Malawians, being gay is not a choice, nor is is an illness given to others like HIV, once thought of as a gay plague.

    So many problems and you worry about what people do behind closed doors, government has no right in the bedrooms of its citizens

    Homophobic people are usually insecure of their own sexuality

  3. manofprinciples says:

    thanks everybody who had a hand in beating this useless fella…..i would have loved is he died!!!

  4. rodneyminika says:

    All gay supporters open a public place & see how people will welkom that, i head somebody saying that a gay can fightback after he has been beaten by arightiouts man kkkkk i dont think he can manage to fightback, coz of his tiredness after bullshit deeds fuc off, may be you were born from gays , poor & silly beggars the best thing u better go to their countries that will support disobayers.shame to you the trapens

  5. mpotoguyz says:

    you deserve and you will regret being gay…..this is Malawi go to Uk if you want to be gay mbuzi

  6. john Payakwe says:

    did I hear that the truth of the matter is this guy on the picture stays with his nephew and he got money from a friend amounting to 200000MK so that the payer should have gay sex with the kid which happened but the young boy revealed to neighbours who got angered with such deed and beat up this guy to pulp…Billy just posted the photos without verifying what exactly happened

  7. No Innocent says:

    No commenting. God will judge all-made righteousness in the name of Udohr. any killing is sin. Leave Jah to do Her/His work

  8. King says:

    Mwina amadabulisa kuzembera akumphasa awo

  9. Phonera says:

    If U Think Gays Are Weak That U Can Just Wakeup And Beat Them Then U R Lying, Beat Another One We Will Fight Back, If U Kill One Gay We Kill 5 Homophobics, Stupid Malawians Busy With Gays While U R Languishing With Poverty

  10. concerned citizen says:

    guys wina aliyense ndiwochimwa…in the bible God said “you shall not do adultery” but still more people are doing that almost every minute but no one has never killed them for that. and it only shows people they do not care…why now??? leave them and that’s how they have chosen to leave their life the same way you choose your life… the least we could do is to spread the news of gospel so they could change willingly and we should pray for them. this is not a fight we can fight physically but in spirit, cause i believe its the the same evil spirit that are controlling them.

  11. Tt says:

    True God is NOT stupid, otherwise why have a son who spent 33 years on this planet living like a gay man, right? If there is one dude in the bible who is 100% GAY, it must be Jesus! 12 male friends, whom he loved so much KKKKK! No chic at the age of 30!!! mmmh and listen to this, before Jesys was arrested in the garden, what did he do? SPEND A NIGHT WITH A NAKED YOUNG MAN! this jesus was all GAY

  12. Antigay says:

    Malawi let’s kill all the gays, we broke roads to prevent police coming to rescue these satanists

  13. mahomwa barracks says:

    God is not stupid to create Adam and Eva other sin people of the community or country can punish the law breakers Guy and Leibian must be killed or UN must buy a country where these dogs and pigs must stay otherwise Kill them

  14. Gospel kunyenje says:

    Ndikuwona kuti amuchepesa akachilaso kumumaliza ndi mipini basi UN iziweso kuti a Malawi Safuna zopusa Osalimbana ndi njala bwanji Koma kulimbana ndi mathanyula basi Azikaziwa bakha kuti ine ndiliwesa apo ndiye kulibwanji munthu wa moyo kodi mwamuna anayamb apo wakhala ndi mwana?

  15. Gospel kunyenje says:

    Kodi ndani yemwe anawona galu wa mamuna akukwerana ndi wamamuna nzake?
    osangopita kwawo kwa azungu omwewo ndi kumakapanga zimenezo bwanji Malawi ndi dziko la mtendele koma pafikanapa ma gay onse akangopezedwa aziphedwa basi bwanji mukufuna kunyazisa Malawi wabwinobwinoyu?

  16. achita bwino says:

    ambuye timemnyereni nkhondoyi ife tachepa. chifukwa or tate wafuko lino palibe chimene akulankhulapo amipingo ayesesa kulankhula koma iwo ali duu! ambuye tithandizeni mumaona pena paliponse timenyereni nkhondo.

  17. achita bwino says:

    kodi muti amenyedwa? congatulations omenyawo munatani osangamaliza kuti a U N wo adziwe kuti ku malawi sitikufuna nyasi. inu a U N atengeni ma gay onse muzikakhala nawo zonse muzikawapasa kwathu kuno ayi.

  18. Prynce Bleu says:

    if the attackers are unknown, how do we conclude that it was a homophobic hate attack?
    if , the guy loves his rear end to be poked , does not mean everyone hates him for that. What if he was beat for ngongole?

  19. Billy mayaya is one of the useless and clueless dudes in town, this is vague and propaganda at its best. how ever if the Gonani boy is dancing to the tune of extinction then buy this you demons sponsoring this. imaging some fools are saying there is no witchcraft and yet the people are experiencing this day in day out what do you think? the Neno saga is the output. Now the gay issue is on the rise, what do you think? Anti gay attacks is the only solution.

    Ever had time to think why mob justice is on the rise? the answer is simple LAWS of the land are being violated by the enforcers themselves and the top brass in the name of human rights. remember that when the law is silent the people will speak through their actions negatively though.

    Take it or leave it Malawians really knows the laws of their land such that no white man or woman can tell them what to do. unless otherwise this will continue believe me one morning it wont be like this he will be eliminated

  20. Ino chiwalo says:

    Ofunika kumawatibula kumene amenewa mpake mulungu akutikwiyira chifukwa chanyasi zimenezi…………even the BIBLE limanena kuti aliese ogonana same sex ayenera kuphedwa ..bola kutakkhala SHALIA LOW

  21. Why not FORCE SAUDI ARABIA and QARTAR this homosexual culture, obvious you pink noses you can’t or you get killed but on MALAWI YES they are poor need to exploit them. KILL THEM INDEED HOMOS IN MALAWI.

  22. Gay Envoy says:

    This is fantastic! Next time just eliminate.

  23. Nathan says:

    Shupiti nonse ma activist a Mathanyula! Mukungofuna kuti zitsiru zinzanu zikumvereni chisoni. Palibe umboni kuti anathibulidwa poti ndi gay. Koma anachita bwino kumuthibula, anangoyiwala kumuwonetsa dothi la kumanda. Shupiti amathanyula nonse ndi onse okubakilani.

  24. Dumela says:

    Organisation ndi maso adziko pogonjetsa zoipa ndikupitirizitsa zabwino. Koma izi za a Masala zi zoyang’ana kuli ndalama nkuti and forget your culture and traditions its very bad.
    Dziko lirilonse liri ndi chikhalidwe chake. I thought the activists are educated, enlightened people who can under value the dignities, customs. Mr. President timba sachepa ndi mazira ake, show us that you are our president or else ask us to assist you.
    Azungu tinawanyamula panthawi ya ukapolo pano akufunanso tinyamulenso.
    A Masala inu ndiye otsogolera kunyamula a Azungu, very shame on you. Mwapangana ndichilinga a zunguwo akupatseni ndalama.
    Being educated African i can see how bad it is bcoz you feel as am talking to the white on presence fellow African then ndiwe dolo. You are saying homosexual its the right of any human being kkkk ok! Then Africa coz your good is our bad and our good is your bad.
    A Mayaya pamodzi ndiomenyedwa chonde nganiza bwino coz mudzakhala kapolo mudziko lanu lomwe chifukwa chazachilendo ngati izi. Kkkk. Kodi inuyo mudayambapo kuyesa kugonanapo ndi mzanu musiyanitsa ndakazanu.
    Haaaa wena! Madzi tilinawo ambiri ku lake, shire river for irrigation and make smart money and make your country big not the way you are doing, making your country small coz of other country’s modernized culture.
    Ndine wanu.

  25. opportunist says:

    Is this road accident or result of fierce fight


    haha..fighting for the rights of minorities is wat it is…..a Mayaya,mumenyerenxo ufulu wa “anthu ofuna kudzipha”asamayimbidwe mlandu si nanga its their right…Mbuzi za an2 mxiewww

  27. kkkk says:

    This story is trash, who wrote is had no concrete information but he decided to publish it anyway. Please give us substance and complete stories. One wonders where he was beaten, what happened? who witnessed? A Mayaya afuna awadyela achina USAID/UKAID ndalama pomawanamiza azungu kuti its happening. Was being a gay the real cause of him being beaten if indeed he was?

  28. mustaff says:

    Wopwanya.malamulo a mulungu haphedwe.chifukwa ngakale mundu.akanyosela mulamulo.a siko.lino chigamulo chimabwela nditu.nde ngati.andu. Amenewa.gamulo lake ndi kupha.basi chifukwa.ndi andu.ake a mulungu

  29. Machete says:

    Next time plz beat them to Death….Nice Job!

  30. antchona says:


  31. Tambala Msoti says:

    Well done boys!apo mwamukanda chabe next time
    akapezeka wina mumuthile acid ku mapwala and simbi yamoto pamatako

  32. Mtchona says:

    Kill them all these colonialists are satanists and they don’t want us.They want us to extinct by making us practice this abomination. If they want, they must take them all away. We will really swip them all away.

  33. Ruben Kacheche says:

    How sure are we that it was issue of gas ? Suppose he organised it himself to look like an attack in order to win favours ? Suppose anali ndi ngongole or picked a quarrel with some one? Why attack him alone without partner ? Ras sakhala guy. Suppose it was true he was attacked because of za u guy what is wrong ? You die for what you belief in or does he know that we don’t like gays. If he is really a guy then that is wage of sin. Mugabe called them dogs so if you beat a dog do you report to Police ? How did Billy know about it zopangna basi

  34. ELINA MAONJERA says:

    ndathidzimula nawo mbuzi imeneyi ndi anthu omwe anaphetsa bingu ndi heart attack moreover ndiomwe akupangitsa kuti malawi azikhala akuvutikampaka pano ken msonda woyee!!!!!2019 woyee!!!!!

  35. heterosexualist says:

    Hee! Palmer Virginia, have you seen the consequences of imposing strange culture on other nations. All gays in Malawi will be killed according to Ken Msonda, an elder in Malawi. Watch out.

  36. yassin hassan says:

    achita bwino kumenya even akanamupa



  38. jahd says:

    osamatinamiza apa! ndani anayamba wamenyedwa coz ndi prostute! what about fonication, rape, mitala, ndi zina zotele they are forbiden in the bible! why concerned with gay as it is the only sin in the word? sin is sin no matter what kind of sin is! we are going to face judgement, remember being so close to be there, is not being there! akususa anene!

  39. STEVE PHIRI says:


  40. babylon system says:

    Am so much surprised with these so called human rights activists. I wish mugabe were a malawian leader so that he could deal with these guruz. How the hell can these people be pushing for such disgusting acts? How the hell can they be telling police what to do huh? What evidence do they have to prove that the guy was attacked for being gay?? These foolish americans should one day tell israel, russia etc to legalise gayism. tiwone ngati angawamvere foolish.

  41. Lesten Black says:


  42. Wakumudzi says:

    How sure are we to conclude that he was attacked because he is a gay? So Mayaya can now command the police what to do and how to treat the case even before it is investigated? My Malawi! May be chifukwa ndife akumudzi, sindinamvepo kuti bambo X, abwera ndi akunyumba kwawo bambo Y, kudzagwira ncthito kuno ku Africa, nanga si kwinako sitinafikeko

  43. God s love says:

    Only God can Judge not even you nd he say if anyone of you hve not sinned cast d first stone, you pretends

  44. Mkanda says:

    I don’t think and believe that this guy was beaten by being gay. Unless facts are laid bare that is the only time I will see that this was purely homophobic.

  45. Wadza says:

    He may have been attacked by genuine thugs and coz he is gay activists are taking advantage to prove Nsonda was wrong.

  46. Cpt zebode says:

    ma gay enanu mwaona? Pemphani ma citizenship ku UK ndi ku States akukutumaniko. ….

  47. Phillip Samuel says:

    they deserve to burnt alive for that animals are better than this stupits.
    congratulations to the one who who done this

  48. The Analyst says:

    This story is too shallow for anyone to make out any deep sense from, on reasons why the man was this severely clobbered. Nonetheless, whatever the reason (s) or wrong (s) he committed, what is known is that . . .
    “As we sin; so do we suffer.” – The High Septon (Game of Thrones)

    And most importantly . . .
    “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” – Otto Von Bismarck

    Let other fools or wise men hear this and perhaps learn . . .
    . . . One of Uganda’s most prominent gay rights activist David Kato, was murdered in his home on 26th January 2011, a week after winning a court case over a tabloid that called homosexuals to be killed.
    . . . Also, a prominent gay rights activist in Cameroon Eric Lembembe, was found toutured (feet broken, and face, hands and feet burned) and killed in his home on 15th July 2013.
    . . . The same with Maurice Mjomba in Tanzania and others just too many to count.

  49. Austi Pilirani says:

    Even the Bible in Leviticus 19, verse 13 says if a man have sex with a fell man as he does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable, they are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads! So i see no problem.

  50. Kaotic Mind says:

    Lev. 20:13 read that and come back to me with your gay talk! Why are we such puppets and cant make decisions on ourselves but we have to wait for some international bomboclart to sort things for us. Look at nature, its really beautiful but things work alternatively left and right, wrong and right, male and female. It is disgustingly sad and unfortunate you old men are putting us youts in dispear!

  51. guarantor says:

    Leviticus 20 verse 13
    ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

  52. vendor says:

    This is good I wish this Man was killed. he is a disgrace to our society. he openly shows his gayism and and blags about it. kill them please

  53. mk says:

    muzafa infa yoyawa,, …..,,, ,,,,

  54. Gift says:

    Am Ready To Join Them Pliz Call Me On 0882897131

  55. cydreck thanthat says:

    for the wages of sin is death…………………ihave no coment on that

  56. JPeron says:

    Shameful behavior for the nation of Malawi and for the people who did this. Malawi will never be successful until ALL people are free to live their own lives. Barbaric what happened.

  57. sam says:

    Although many people do not agree to there ways of living but God has not told us to beat them mercilessly

  58. johni says:

    Koma ma gay amenewa anamuonapo mkazi atavula? Ofunika kuzawatengere wina azangowapatsa ka flash ka ma thigh a boo ena ake tizaone ngati sazatota.

  59. wopa uyo wandasange says:

    hey!wat you have done is fantastic we don’t want gay is Malawi,we want another one to do it public so that he WL see it

  60. A_G says:

    I am not pro-gay, but what has been done to this man is damn wrong. Even God is angry. You cannot do that to a fellow human being!

  61. Kill them before they lay eggs

  62. Jimbo says:

    People are not gay by choice, they are born that way. Their sexual preferences should be respected. Of course they are different in this respect to the majority of people, but that is no reason to persecute them. People who do so are no different than brute animals which pick on, harm and even kill another of their species which is an any way different to the majority. Homophobic Malawians, of whom there are very many, need to grow up and show understanding, acceptance and some Christian love towards their fellow men who cannot help being the way they are. To behave otherwise is to demonstrate how backward and primitive they are.

  63. Lloyd says:

    This is appalling. How anyone can do this to another person is beyond me. I hope the criminals who did this are prosecuted. Shame.

  64. mphatso mumba says:

    tiyeni tikonkhonthe nyama zimenezi chonde. tizinva zina osat zimenezi. mavuto ndi ambiri kale ku Malawi.

  65. Mzozodo says:

    It seems this Kelvin guy is out of sorts. Yesterday he was driving around in Area 18 with 4 or 5 of his fellow gays, and boasting that he is richer than those who are straight. The problem with Kelvin is that he does not want to give people their space; whether one is straight, but when you look attractive to him, he will always try to lure you as much as he can. The fact is he has money indeed and he uses money power, that is why he is able to coax boys 15 years his junior coz he can offer them K25, 000 to sleep with him, with the boys acting as man. It was such type of behavior that got him beaten some time back at Chez Mtemba after bouncers confronted him when he was busy kissing with some kid at Chez. Billy Mayaya should have investigated what really happened, there are a lot of gays in the society, open ones for that matter, but why is it that it is only Kelvin who gets into such trouble?

  66. Majoti Chimuzanga says:

    This guy seeks relevance everytime he opens his dirty mouth. Is he the only gay in Malawi poti yekhayo amangokhalila kuthibulidwa? Recently anamutidzimulanso paBwandilo for his loose tongue. Iye azingodhinditsa kuthako kwakeko aliphee and not take it to the streets into the public sazawona akulondoledwa kunyumba kwake. Koma when he wants to boast about it in public nde nkhani inanso imeneyo.

  67. kphiri says:

    kodi agalu inu munthu asamenyedwe? anthu ambiri a straight akumenyedwa mwinanso kuphedwa, koma siikukhala nkhani …. ndiye poti ndi wa gay muli amumenya chifukwa cha u gay!!!!?

  68. Gay Envoy says:

    Dzuka Malawi dzuka. Bravo LL.

  69. FOFO says:

    Kodi mbuzi yamenyedwa apayi ndiyenso ndani.

  70. chibwatiko mbekamachuni says:

    Adrian how on earth did you expect the gays to come and complain at your office?

  71. Gay are dogs says:

    Sexual reproductive complications,palinso za reproduction apa?

  72. Mogonapamhanya says:

    From what I have heard Kelvin was boasting and challenging married women that their husbands sleep with him. The women were then infuriated and organized themselves to have the homosexual man homogenized.

  73. Tt says:

    With or without religion, good people will do the best they can, the bad guys will do the worst they can, BUT its TAKES RELIGION FOR GOOD AND SANE PEOPLE TO DO OR SUPPORT THIS, religion is indeed the poison in our blood, malawians! Just because some fantasy book and the bigots who wrote it were homophobic does mean modern men who have reached the moon should behave in the same way! Your gods are so fake, to a point that even a monkey would not believe in them! Wake up malawians, history will always repeat itself. People whose ancestors were taken as slaves, by the slave owners who were strongly motivated by the very same fantasy book (bible) are now making their own kind to be slaves. Very very ironical!!

  74. don chigwambala says:

    let us just kill them they are useless…if they want let them just go to europe & america where they support this stupid lifestyle. we are black africans who have never grown up in this shit so why bringing it to us to practice….bomboclat pussieclat let us kill or burn dem alive!!!

  75. professor El_Madahdoah says:

    yeah gay is prohibited.. but it should not be the reason to kill someone for being gay. God created mankind and if a fellow mankind kills the other it is the biggest crime ever against God. those that kill will suffer the consequency. so if someone has no affection for women what must he do? Masturbate? No!!!!. they are some people who biologically are male but have female stimuli vice vesa. leave them u cant force someone to do what he does not want to. Infact GOD GAVE HUMAN BEINGS THE FREEDOM TO CHOSE WHAT BEST FOR THEIR LIVES.. LET HIM BE THE ONE TO PUNISH THEM NOT ORDINALY HUMAN BEINGS… AAAHHHHHHHHH GOOOOSHHHHHHHH….. LEAVE THEM ABEG….

  76. xyz says:

    It takes a human being to understand and accept other people the way they are. This is why God created humans in his own image. The problem with many Malawians is that they think they have a monopoly over God. This blind faith and misguided faith makes them think they have the right to selfishly judge other people and mete out atrocious punishment on God’s behalf. Nobody has a monopoly over God! Our blind and misguided faith in religion and superstition is so dangerous and murderous that it breeds intolerance in our midst and undermines reason. No wonder Malawi is still wallowing in poverty after 50 years. We have a lot of bigots in this country masquerading as God’s children.

  77. Parallel Market says:

    This should not be surprising. In Malawi homosexuals are not allowed because homosexual acts are illegal. Trapence and Mtambo stop wasting your time defending sin and a crime in Malawi. Note that this ‘gay thing’ in the picture has received a deserving punishment although not enough because he did not die. He needed to be killed for being gay in Malawi.

    Mtambo and Trapence you better shut your mouths on this disgusting behaviour. If you doubt the power of Malawians on this issue try to practice homosexuality yourself before our eyes. Homosexuals are worse than dead and rotten dogs and they deserve no mercy.

  78. Wagwatu says:

    Surely, we do not want these gays in our society.

  79. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Trapence and Mtambo hired fellow faggots to beat the shit out of this homo so that they can have some shit to talk about!

    I also see a hand of that American Ambassador in this, she must have bankrolled the whole operation!

  80. mbwiye says:

    Tangoganizirani agalu omwe amene mumawawetawa, munayamba mwawawonako akupanga za dama amuna okhaokha kapena akazi wokhawokha? Ngati agalu amaganiza chonchi ife anthu tilekeranji kugaziza.

  81. chimwamasuku says:

    mmmmm how can we prove that he was beaten by being gay. Kodi ukakakhala gay ena nkukumenya pa zifukwa not for being gay anthu muyambepo kumati amumenya for being gay. Its a shame indeed. Kumenyedwa its wrong but who can prove that he was beaten being gay?

  82. Gama says:

    Gays are selfish people. They came to this earth through somebody, and they don’t want others to come to this earth. God created man in his image and told to fill the earth to it’s brooms. Mulungu sazengeleza nalo lonjezano

  83. James says:

    Being Gay is being angaist Only God will judge them.. Who are we to kill them. We dont hve tht authority.. Dont condem them.

  84. Commenter says:

    How does someone do something like this to a human being, although he goes against God’s word there is no need for you to deal with him, its not like he has also been stealing from the poor and causing cashgate, why didnt you beat up those people up too, stealing medical supplies etc and the ones that are killing albinos?? Are they innocent. Jesus said let he who hath no sin be the one to cast the first stone, so now you Malawians think you don’t have any form of sin in you but rather beating someone like this to death. The way he wants to live with his dick should not matter to y’all!! Geez!! bringing up the bible like as if you follow the bible and don’t go out whoring around!!! Shame on you all!!!

  85. Mr Gc says:

    just kill them please

  86. Chenje says:

    God hates homosexuality,drunkards,murderers,liars,covetous,fornicators,those who mention God’s name in vain,and those who fail to meet requirements……No matter how hard they will force you to sin in casting the first stone on the committers of these abominable acts,this will still be legalised ,. This shd tell every real child of God that time is gone. Very soon the govt will clearly be with these people,your safety lies in the kingdom to come. Pray for mankind!

  87. Mr Gc says:

    No time to lose just kill them,clean Malawi please

  88. Andrew says:

    Wasting our time. I say better kill and get done with them.

  89. BRUNO says:

    zanu izo man.get a lesson

  90. samarakunjuta ngulube says:

    tie the gays on tree and strip them naked.Whip them with zibonga until their skin is off!Bitches dick suckers!!!!!

  91. Myao says:


  92. Jongwe says:

    Just practice your gay without going public

  93. shimba says:

    that is the reason we are facing alot of challenges in this part of Africa God is not happy,look the way we are getting rains these years zimatenda zosadziwika.Only if we turn to Him by humbling ourselves things will be normal.

  94. Thubu Mgoloso says:

    There is no place for them in Malawi

  95. Maikolo Timvereyani says:

    This is a blue lie and aimed at wasting Malawians valuable time. There are better things to do in the country than worrying about gays

  96. Iye says:

    Well done,kill dem bamboklutz.Lets get rid of this rubbish in our country.

  97. Malyasi says:

    Inu, Anthu amamanyana kumowa and that’s exactly what happened ndi mkuluyu…, simunaoneko munthu atathiburidwa??? Osati chifukwa choti munthuyu ndi gay basi yhu become excited and start connecting the two issues in the name of ‘connecting the dots’.., Don’t force the two issues to relate… Mwina he was cheating on a guy with another guy! Yhu never know. So, do a thorough research Kaye before jumping into conclusions

  98. M M Phiri says:

    Agalu amenewa akuyenera kulandira chilango, ndimaona ngati a Billy ndi azeru koma na awa nzeru alibe moti tizikamba za njara, economy basi tizitaya tym chifukwa cha ma guy anthuwotu sanalakwa kagulu kameneka kaphedwa basi.

  99. francis says:

    muzinthu zonse ambuye akhalemo

  100. dayfri says:

    Homo is agaisnt God”s words.The bible condemn that malpractice. 1st Corithians chapter 9 and Leviticus chapter 18. clearly explained the results of such immoral behaviour.

  101. Nyakwawa says:

    Nakumana nayepo nkuluyu kobhuka bus ya axa machitidwe ake amagoonetselatu kuti hes gay

  102. Anti Gay says:

    Palibe zidabwitsa apa if you run away from the word of God you will perish. the bible says sin bears death….you will die if you dusobey the eord of God…..

  103. Halam says:

    Kill them all please, we don’t need any gays here

  104. Afana says:

    Comment number 6, so to you kutukwana is the way of building a good relationship with the Lord? Do you people think that a sin is only homosexuality? Simply because you are straight then you consider yourself holy. Mukuyiwala zigololo, dama, kuba, kupha and all sorts of sins that you engage yourself in.

    Check yourself first before you start labelling your friend a sinner.

  105. Wandale says:

    IF organization and donors are denying the law to take its course, then mob justice is the answer. We are suffering with so many diseases because the Western countries brought their culture which is not compatible with ours hence the high rate of HIV infections. If it was in Syria, we would have thrown him down from a five storey building. We will kill them as long as we are in Malawi. To hell with your blood money. We want our culture and a better Malawi for our children.

  106. Sleeping gvnt says:

    Bvuto ndiloti
    Ndi umphawi
    Wathuwu wana wathuwa
    Amsganiza kuti ukhala gay
    Ndimakobili mayazi
    Limbikilani xool ndi ntchito

  107. Zondiwe says:

    Prove that the person in the picture was indeed beaten up and for what reasons.
    The picture might be a fake.

  108. Dalitso says:

    People who are homophobic and hide behind scriptures in the Bible do not understand the love of God. You like to use the word of God to hammer others. It is a shame that many calls themselves as christians but have not sat down and meditate to find out why God was issuing such instructions to the Jews. People do not know that there are many verses in the Bible that we do not have to take in literal manner. Why do people have to be pick and choose with verses in the Bible. Leviticus 20 does not only talk of issues concerning gays aa many nowadays tend to pick verse 13 to hammer people who are created in the image of God. What about verses like 10, 0r 18 or the whole chapter? How many only today have fall short of these verses such as Leviticus 20: 10, and 18? Do not play God people and stop being canal mind and learn to have open mind and learn from gay people that why they behave in that manner. God never said that there are no gays but rather God told Israelites not to practice gaysim. There is a reason why God told the Israelites. Many people in Malawi are serial adulterous,serial thieves, good at jealous and full of pride. God condemn all these. Who stand in the public and condemn you? Jesus never condemn anyone and in fact he demonstrated love over hatred throughout in his life on earth. Why should people be the first to cast stones on others? Lastly i argue anyone who does not believe that gay people are born that way to humble themselves and start learning more about these issues. Hormones are main contributing factors when a person acts in that manner. The person may appear to be like a man physically but internally he is a woman. The controlling station is the brain and no matter how long he may hide from others, nothing can change. Interventions have to take place in the same manner like someone who is a serial adulterous and in a way of love and not condemnation. Let us learn not to rush and condemn people. This is an act of violence and of ignorance, those who are responsible should face the consequences.

  109. Zausilu says:

    These kind of pipo have no room in this country. they will end up killed. mungoti phee muone and ngati akufuna mtendere nde apite azikakhala kunyumba kwa Virginia Palmer komweko kma ife sitilola timaopa Mulungu and Buku loyera limakanisisa zomenezi. Tiphe basi zimenezi…..!!!

  110. Zauchisilu says:

    akanangopha basi galu ameneyi……akutinyasa ife, mxieew. ngati akufuna mtendere azikakhala ku America komweko otherwise he will face hell on this earth.
    And amalawi sitilora zanyasizi and dziko lathu lakonzeka kuthana nawo anyaniwa.

  111. Third Eye says:

    Takana mathanyula,,,this z just the beggining. Ndipo akanangochipheratu mxiiii.

  112. Funzo says:

    Did we ever hear why Kachale dropped the case against Msonda?

  113. Dikisan says:

    Uku ndiyamba chabe. Muona zomwe sitizitchula!

  114. GateKeeper says:

    ok..zayambika eh….tiyeni nazoni……the fruits

  115. Charles Kaphiri says:

    People say others were born that way. This is not true and if you are reading this and you are gay, believe me, that is not true that is abnormal and its a spiritual problem. Demons can make man lust for another man and so too a woman can lust for other women. Of course lust on its own is wrong since its about evil forces causing one to want to pursue that which we does not really want. The way God created us people is that men should have sex with women thats all. Women are sweet guys – and I can imagine looking at woman as tender as she is, her voice so sweet, her body so soft, hmmmmm. Please come back to you senses you do not know what you are missing. What you are doing is like leaving meat to boiling a stone hoping it will be cooked into sweet smelling soup one day! That will never happen. Just go for the real stuff!

  116. nequissimus says:

    how i hate dem humans thnking less dan dem dogs. kill dem all !!!!!!

  117. Gwalawala says:

    Animals are much better than gay things. I have never seen a male dog mounting another male dog neither do female dogs mount each other.

  118. Kodi agalu amenewa akamapita ku chipatala amaonesa kumatako? Ife a UDF mosogozedwa ndi AAM tikatenga boma 2019 chifukwa APM lamukanika sizizatheka usilu umenewo werengani Quran 10 verses 94

  119. Sibweni says:

    Mwasiyiranji wamoyo ameneyo. anthu anenewa sakufunika muMalawi muno aphedwe onse.

  120. cymru says:

    What proof is there that the person was attacked because he is gay? Mr. Billy Mayaya needs to clarify or give details as he is the one who posted the picture. People are attacked everyday and thugs have no boundary in their attacks. Lets not create stories to discredit mother Malawi. Police will investigate not that it is a gay person attacked but a human being. Please, let us all love our country first. The love of money has humiliated mother Malawi where people are able to cook stories in order to get money. Shame on you!

  121. Kamtedza mwale says:

    I will not believe this story up until the police catches the people who did this and we hear their side of the story. What if this is just acting i.e. paste tomato sauce on your face and shirt and a bit of water for tears and sweat and pose for an FB photo. It would work and it would be perfect acting.

  122. ineyo says:

    tikuphani simunati agalu inu……

  123. ..... says:

    tikuphani simunati…….

  124. kondwani says:

    Kelvin was beaten up by some fellow gay men in Lilongwe because he offered his 9 year old nephew to a 43 year old gay man named Joe Pafupi. Gonani has been in the habit of selling the young boy to desperate gay paedophiles around Lilongwe. Pafupi paid the young boy MK200 to keep quiet. This d not go well with other gay men who immediately pounced on Kelvin. This is a criminal offence, and Kelvin and Joe must be uprehanded… They are a disgrace to humanity

  125. dont kill them plz, let thm.not tht i support za u gay zo mmm mm bt the law shudnt b tkn in our hand

  126. Tomato sauce as blood and water as blood and an actor, all you end up having is a scene of a battered man? What this is just acting? Who are the people who beat him. Why did they beat him? Did he provoke them or what? While not dismissing his story and while not condoning violence, we would like the above questions to be answered.

  127. Lex Se1 says:

    No gay/lesbian wil survive on our land, ” dogs r better than u”

  128. The Partriot says:

    Lets wait for investigations before we conclude that it is a hate crime. Kelvin , regardless of his alleged sexual orientation, is a person and may have been beaten up for other reasons other than his sexual orientation.
    Am a pruod heterosexual and if today i get beaten up should I go horns blaring that I have been beaten up for being heterosexual?
    This case reminds me of the way politicians in Malawi behave. If they get arrested for committing a crime, they always cry “politcal persecution!”.
    As for the alleged discrimination against gays at the hospitals, I find it very difficult to believe the story! For starters, no where in Malawi do we have a form where one fills their sexual orientation before seing a doctor! So how do the doctors know the sexual orientation of the gays before discriminating against them. If you go to a public hospital, even a private one can one pinpoint who is gay or not on the queque? And doctors do not ask sexual orientation as part of investigations for most illnesses. However if one has an STD, then issues of sex are asked, even heterosexuals are asked the number of sexual partners so that all are treated as a public health measure. So homosexuals should not feel offended if questions are asked when they are being treated. As for” irrelevant queastions “which Mr Mtambo alleged gays are subjected to in hospitals, I chose to ask him to be cautious on this one. No matter how learned a lawyer may be, he bas no business teaching a doctor what to ask a patient. What may be irrelevant to Mr Mtambo and the gay fraternity may be very relevant to the attending doctor.
    My take is the gays have just realised that playing the minority rights card is not taking them anywhere here in Malawi, now they have switched to playingthe victim card!!

  129. Umzara says:

    Billy’s post is immature, irresponsible and stupid. How can a man of such calibre post a rhetoric and loaded statement like that? He says the man was subjected to homophobic attack and later says it is a domestic dispute. without elaboration he leaves his statement hanging. Are we really serious that these are the kind of people we call “activists” or they are rumour activists? Billy Mayaya GROW UP AND STOP THIS CHILDISH APPROACH OF CONVEYING YOUR MESSAGE NDINU MUNTHU WAMKULU MUZINENA ZOMVEKA…Ngati munthu amupanda chifukwa cha mathanyula nenani choncho.. ngati amupanda pazifukwa zina nenaniso choncho… ngati simukudziwa nenaniso choncho osati zachibwana mwalemba zija.

  130. jah Mason says:

    Haile Selasie will never accept dem evil tings…..kill dem all and done…
    zisiru za anthu zimenezi……osamupha bwanji ameneyu..galu ameneyu eti…
    umathanyula wakewo uko…osati pa flames pano…sitingslole zopusazo ife….

  131. op!za guy it’s jxt zawusilu..we wana fight dem 4gud yeah!amene anayambisa ndi kape!

  132. Marx says:

    Bodza ili, wamenyedwa pazifukwa zina ameneyo and angofuna kutipepeletsa. za chamba basi

  133. Ya_smoothDJ says:

    Bravo Lilongwe people komabe munachepesa. Stone this guy to death.


    Billy Mayaya and Timothy Mtambo you may enjoy with evil money, but you are damaging our nation and also your children. Your children will not have peace because of the evil that you are doing. You better repent!!

  135. Buyelekhaya says:

    Ndiri ndi mafunso angapo. Kodi mkuluyu wamenyedwera kuti? Nthawi yanji? Zinakhala bwanji? Kankhani kopand amnofu ngati aka nkongofuna kuyipitsa mbiri ya Malawi kuti adziti tayamba kupha amathanyula! Ife ayiii!

  136. Wiseone says:

    Panalibe Chitsulo chabwino choti mudakamenya mmutu kawili kokha basi?,tikadakwilira galu ameneyu

  137. Ineyo yemwe uja says:

    Kodi u gay wo akupangira panyumba panu, chikukhuzani ndi chani kuti mpaka mudane nawo, akumakupwetekani!? Osawasiya azipanga zokonda,zawo bwanji. Kadzikaphani mbava ndi zigawenga mu town. Nosense. Savages.

  138. Chemjambe says:

    Wakuba uyu asanamazire kut wamenyedwa chifukwa cha umathanyula demet

  139. You Malawians, Is your perfomance poor in bed because someone is a gay? You can do whatever you want to do but you can’t change sexual orientation for gays, This kind of barbaric behaviour its un acceptable, To be gay or not its none of somebodys bussiness, please fuck your wife or girl friend and leave gays to move on with our life and don’t judge because you will be judged as well.

  140. Ineyo says:

    This is rubbish, Billy Mayaya has never impressed me with his reasoning. the story is not telling us where did it happen, was he not robbed? what was the time.
    If you are telling Police to investigate with an assumption that he has been attacked because he is Gay, then what will the investigation reveal? I thought investigations are carried out to know the reasons and the attackers?
    In addition, he is just like anyone who can be attacked for a Million reasons.

    1. he could be caught cheating with another Man’s Man (or Wife) whichever apply, and beat him mercilessly…. Zinziri version.
    2. he could be beaten by people who had a misunderstanding at a Drinking Joint.
    3. it could be mere robbers whose only interest was money.
    the list goes on……….

  141. Gamalieli says:

    Malawi is a very shameful country, no wonder we are poor and this country is full of educated savages.

    Religion is misleading you, you have been cutting down tree and making developments without considering the environment and now you blame it on gays, where is a scientific proof on this? These lazy so called men of God busy accumulating wealth through telling you lies and you believe them.

    Why not kill Cash gaters and corrupt pple who are making the lives of poor Malawians difficult? Why not kill the prostitutes, thieves, terrorists etc? What harm does homosexuality bring to your lives? A Malawi ndinu mbuli mwatha ntchito, dziko lochititsa manyazi.

  142. Naliyela says:

    Ma gay nonse munya muona!!!!. Mufunse mfiti za ku Neno zija zimene zidaona…..kkkkkk

  143. Bull D says:

    Lets make all gays disappear at once.
    I wish Dr H kamuzu Banda akulamulilabe, za gay sitidakaziva mkomwe!!!!!!!!!

  144. levelheaded says:

    Homosexuality is between two same sex individuals and why can they punish one.This story is aimed at tarnishing the image of Malawi nothing else.

    Know that beside one being homosexual, they are equally subjected to what they do for a living. In the picture I see somebody who has been punished after being fought stealing or otherwise.

  145. lupwito says:

    Sanati ena awa ali apapawa ayenera kuphedwa basi, then my Malawi wil b @peace & restore its relationship with the Lord. Agalu amenewa anakati bambo ndi mai awo ndi ma gay or lesbian anakabadwa?? Demet, let them go to hell panyooo pawo.

  146. mngoni okonda akazi says:

    kodi amalawi munkhala bwanjiiii??
    kumumenya munthu basi komweku
    akuyenela kudulidwa mutu uyuuuu

  147. anti gay says:

    kill all Homosexuals, we dont want to burn like Soddom just because of a single man. burn dung Soddom instigators Sizzla Kalonje seh…

  148. Malawiano says:

    Reaping chivundi chomwe wadzala. Kelvin a Seer Sabao anakupanga deliver koma you have decided to go back…..ndimmene zithere.

  149. 2016 welcome says:

    I don’t support homosexuality but we should not take the law in our hands. Those who have committed this heinous act don’t have a moral higher ground to maim others who happen to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. If anything it would make more sense for citizens to demonstrate civil disobedience to the current government which is dismally failing to sort out the socioeconomic mess the country is grappling with.

    1. wanthu says:

      what are you talking about???????????????????????????????????????????

  150. mabulala boyz says:

    Ndiye Malawi imeneyo ife tikuti ayi za u gay. Timbereni chonde otherwise there will be blood shed.

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