Malawi gays have right to health care –AG

Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale has said homosexuals will not be discriminated against when accessing healthcare despite the existing anti-gay law.

Kaphale: Proper healthcare for all

Kaphale: Proper healthcare for all

Kaphale said this in defending government’s move to request $388 888 (about K221 million) from Global Fund for HIV and Aids interventions targeting 40 000 men who have sex with fellow men. Lesbians – women who have sex with fellow women – have been excluded in the package.

The AG said that all people, gay or otherwise, should get full access to medical treatment just like government provides health care services for other citizens that have violated the law.

Malawi government is asking for the money targetting about 40 000 homosexual men with testing, counselling, treatment, condoms and prevention of risky behaviour programmes.

Kaphale said all people whether they are sexual orientation as gays or otherwise are at complete liberty to get full treatment, as they also pay tax just like any other Malawian.

Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume urged gay people to be honest with healthcare workers, particularly when discussing treatment for HIV.

Kumpalume assured that health workers will live up to their ethics of “keeping confidentiality of their patients.”

President Peter Mutharika on Thursday received a grant of $332 million from international aid organisation The Global Fund in Lilongwe, Malawi’s administrative capital to fight AIDS and other diseases, bringing much-needed support to a nation wrestling with public health problems.

Malawi has one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the world, straining the impoverished country’s healthcare system and economy.

The grant would enable Malawi to provide HIV treatment for 745,000 patients by the end of 2017, the Global Fund said in a statement.

The money came from donors including the United States, the European Union and the United Nations.

While Malawi has made significant gains in combatting AIDS, it still registers hundreds of new HIV infections every week.

Malawi has trimmed the national HIV prevalence rate from over 12 per cent in 2004 to 10 per cent in 2014.

Western countries and local civil society organisations (CSOs) have been campaigning that Malawi should legalise homosexuality.

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35 thoughts on “Malawi gays have right to health care –AG”

  1. Wife says:

    They Say its You right”but they aint gays”

  2. KoKolikoko says:

    U mean Malawi is now Sodom and Gomora
    Chakwera lazarus where are you pliz!!!!

  3. Omega bema says:

    Kkkkkk koma umphawi si zinthu – apa zikuoneselatu kuti bomaa la malawi linavomeleza kuti amuna azigonana okha okha olo akazi chimodzi modzi

  4. Prison Warden says:

    hehehe mwangofuna ndalamazo kuti muzidye anyani inu. when did u do the survey identifying 40,000 MSM in Malawi?

  5. guguh says:

    In what circumstance is one supposed to disclose their sexual orientation before getting treatment in Malawi.. These are all lies sir. Sounds to me like a staged thing to show that the current govt has turned a blind eye on the gay issue so that you should be given the grant.

    Let’s be honest last i checked homesexuality is illegal in Malawi, what does the subtle support based on this mean?

    Be serious politicians and just come out in the open on your stand regarding this issue whether Malawians like it or not at least will be commenting based on the truth.

  6. Chinthiti says:

    Zauchitsilu osapeza njira zina bwanji zopezera ndalama kapena mutalimbikira kulima chamba chija mutha kupeza ndalama moyenera koma mukupepha zinthu zoti olo Mulungu adakana ndi pachiyambi pomwe,amene akuyambitsa komaso kuvomeleza zimenezi adziwe kuti akunyoza Mulungu.Kupalamura ng’anjo ya moto mabwana adziko lapasi.

  7. Jack limani says:

    I dont get it? You mean if openly tell that am gay and seek medical advice i wont be arrested?

  8. william says:

    Nkhuku yaimuna singapange banja ndi yachimunayizake, ngakhale ng’ombe singapange chigololo ndiyayimunayizake. Ndiye munthu wamoyo wazeluzake nkumapanga chigololo ndimamunamzake simisala imeneyo, dziko lapansi likutha.

  9. Knysna says:

    Hypcrite Govt!!!!Kill dem bamboklut LGBTs!!!

  10. George phiri says:

    Correct me guys! Nkhani pa chichewa ndiye kuti boma lapempha ndalama dzothandidzira anthu a yakumbuyo? So that being the case then the government is simply telling us that this practice is legal, therefore the government is wrong to give the impression gayism and lesbianism is illegal. Therefore problems will not end in this country because the anger of God is too much therefore Pitala should resign so that i come in.

  11. Zangazatha says:

    Welcome news asiyeni nawo ali ndi ufulu

  12. mtate mike rsa says:

    Kalekeni kaphale ndekutichani?
    Ukanakhala kuti unatuluka pamanyi sukadakhala moyo bambo ako akadachinda pantumbo sukadabadwa chisilu iweyo komanso amene amasainayo kwa term yonse ndipitalayo azikamuchinda iyeyo kwa amelekako.Olo galu amaziwa kuti uyu ndimamunanzanga

  13. Chipiliro Makonyola says:

    Fayahburn batty man.We must shoot to kill gays.Faya apon the United Snakes of America because ur the one who sucrifise ur money to spread this sodomy activiteis.

  14. losco says:

    In other words homosexuality is now legalised in my God fearing nation Malawi. It is always good to fulfill a prophecy but it is owesome for a prophecy to be fulfilled on u.

  15. Nabanda says:

    Ndine mtsikana wa zaka 27 ndikufuna mkazi mzanga womanga naye banja. Wosangalatsidwa nane ayimbe 997 or 990

  16. gibbbbbbo says:

    matope road system in Malawi…………shame

  17. Izi ndi zaushitsilu agalu inu why u don’t need the natural sex organ but busy with anus for ur friend? So silly zachamba basi akannyimbi kikikikkkkk! So full

  18. Njuchi says:

    Dziko lili mmjanja mwa agalu

  19. pathetic says:

    lets my fellow malawian play hard nthawi ija ndi ino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. hippo says:

    No place for faggots in Malawi period

  21. Ndaipalero says:

    Yeah l have agree with my bible we r in last days kkkkkkkkkk koma abale uphawi zizithu look nw malawi????

  22. Mo says:

    Someone has signed that gays MUST Walk,eat, talk,do in public freely,this AG i has failled to tell us the trueth,Mr AG tell malawians what has been SIGNED basi

  23. Chibalo says:

    Where are these 40,000 gays that we should treat with dignity? We don’t want gays basi period. Gays wherever you are, know in very clear terms that you are not welcome in Malawi regardless of how rich or connected you are. God will punish you if don’t stop and repent of your obnoxious sins.

    We know how often fly in top class Aircrafs going to South Africa on the pretext that you are attending important workshops when in actual fact you go to meet your husbands. Shame on you guys.Shame on you.But you will not win this battle.

  24. innocent says:

    still pending

  25. Shire highlands says:

    Tiyeni tazisayinilani mavutowo.popeza mukupanga zozitsangalatsa ziwanda ndicholinga choti zithe kukutumikilani,koma ziwani kuti uYo yemwe adalenga ziwanda akazafuna kuonetsa mphamvu zake,zija zikuchitika ku Nepal zija zichitika ku malawiko.

  26. MASTER PIECE says:

    homosexual is inhumane beyond evil

  27. Okay says:

    I am not for gays and lesbians. But I agree that they are also people. The good part is that homosexuality is still illegal in Malawi.

  28. Sapitwa says:

    I don’t understand how it works when a patient is admitted into the hospital whether outpatient or not. Do you have to disclose whether you are gay or lesbian? If this is the case as a criteria, then it is unfair. If this is not , then there is no need for these gays and lesbians to worry. How ever, where situations beyond the Medical Personnels’ control reveal the status of being gay or lesbian, there is no need for thes guys to be discriminated and it should a none issues.

  29. truth says:

    Mr. Minister of Health ” this gay endorsement nonsense must stop”

  30. The Analyst says:

    A word or two for the AG

    So in your wisdom you thought that Global Fund would not give us the money without cheating that its meant for the 40,000 gays? Come on Mr AG, the Global Fund is there for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria oblivious of sexual orientation. Who, in Malawi, has ever been denied access to ARVs because of being gay or lesbian? For being poor maybe, but not gay or lesbian!

    The money could have come not by cheating about the gays but demonstrating that her majesty Beautify Malawi Trust would not steal it and her husband would keep quiet; that Mulhako wa Alomwe or Alambya or Angoni or Asena or whatever would not steal it; that Nicolas Dausi and his NIB would not take it to produce useless treason reports. As simple as that!

    Why are people so hypocritical? So you go out begging for money for gays yet you have erected anti-gay laws? Cant you see that you are not making sense here? What are the anti-gay laws for, then? For increasing the number of pages of the law book, u think? Come on! Why don’t you just decriminalise homosexuality and receive the dirty monies without having to cheat? Coz it seems you already have!

    Why do people fail to make up their mind? I always tell people that in many areas of life, there is no middle ground. In Mathematics: you know the answer or you don’t. In religion: you are for God or the Devil. In matters of the heart: you love someone or you don’t. There is no middle ground.

    Make up your mind Mr AG – Accept the gays or crush their dirty dick-asses!

  31. Stampycious says:

    Gays are not supposed to get health care services bcoz they practice satanism

  32. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    uchitsilu basi, uzikalimbana ndi potulukila manyi azimayi akusowa amuna

  33. Wanzeru Wa Kum'mawa says:

    KKKK I think finally sense is beginning to get pumped into Malawians.

    Who said gays are not human beings!

    All human beings have rights.

    All rights are given by God.

    Every human being can or may sin or repent.

    Being gay is just as sinful as is cashgating, adultery, etc

    Gays therefore have rights ( even right to economic activity and life)

    Do not judge.

  34. rasta says:

    A begger is not a chooser!! god-fearing nation my foot!

  35. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Ma gay si anthu iyayi. They are worse than pigs

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