Malawi girls queuing up for sex to survive -NAC

Scores of young girls are queuing for sex with men who are ready to pay in Blantyre, youth commissioner in National Aids Commission (NAC) Chimwemwe Kaonga has witnessed.

 Queue up to have sex for survival

Queue up to have sex for survival

According to Kaonga, girls are queuing up for sex in commercial city’s unofficial red light streets and drinking joints.

“I did a spot check during one of the evening in our townships; I saw tens and tens of girls some as young as 12 and 13 years standing along the streets and drinking joints waiting for men to exchange their bodies with money,” Kaonga is quoted in the local press.

“I was so shocked, this situation is deplorable and unacceptable,” said Kaonga.

NAC official said some of the girls are forced by their parents to sell sex for economic reasons.

The increase of girls offering themselves for sex for survival has been driven by rising poverty levels.

Kaonga has since called on Blantyre City Council to ensure the pubs operate within their time limits and not accommodate underage-girls.

He  said efforts to reduce new HIV infections are being hampered by the rising sexual work by girls.

With unemployment rate rising, sex has become a means to survive for many girls and even a form of peer pressure.

In the capital city, Lilongwe, particularly in such areas as Likuni, the situation is such that young women, even below the age of 15, use prostitution as a way to earn an income.

They do not sleep at all. Most have dropped out of school, and make use of drinking joints to earn their money.

“If you are lucky enough you sleep with two to three men and earn about 6000 Malawi Kwacha,” said 18 year old Josephine (not her real name).

Another woman, Sophie (also not real name) said that she lost her parents when she was young, and decided to engage in sex work to help her sisters and brothers.

“I have my younger sisters who I am looking after. Being the oldest I had no choice when we lost both parents, but went on to engage in prostitution,” she said.

One thing the interviewees all had in common was that they saw the profession as a means of survival.

Malawi, just like many other countries in Africa, criminalises sex work. Without any legal machinery to regulate the profession, this group of young people is very vulnerable. And while HIV and AIDS continues to be a major health challenge in Malawi and other sub-Saharan countries, these young women need to be given special attention to protect themselves from the pandemic.

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53 thoughts on “Malawi girls queuing up for sex to survive -NAC”

  1. Dikisan says:

    Kudali azawo amapita kumimba kwa edzi osafa. Lero alikuti? Tidakaika Tasiyani amenewo. Kumanda kumapita ndi okongola omwe. Sikuti zimafa ndi nkwangwa zokha zokha. Taika anthu ife.

  2. Max says:

    Odala ali wosauka mu Mzimu chifukwa uli wawo ufumu wa ku mwamba.

  3. michael chitungu says:

    prostitution is all over the world I have travelled to different countries and to stop it, it’s not easy task fot government but,depending on indivial willing to know bad and good.

  4. poul says:

    to lost a parents this is not enogh reson bt is true human nuture so let me ask non gvt organisations what their responsible? cz we are lost future readers just imagine

  5. west chimbiti says:

    Sometimes girls are stupid, they can take this prostitution as a game or a hobby bcz some of the prostitute they are from rich families not all of them are poor!!!!!

  6. Chenkumbi says:

    Pitala alibe bvuto. I have been in Zimbabwe, Joburg, This is all over

  7. Ineyo says:

    Even in Thailand, Bankok in particular you find a lot of prostitutes all over so are these poor people? Go to Zambia(Lusasa) even just their at Chipata so many young girls queues for sex are they poor?

  8. Once alomwe always alomwe says:

    Haahaha,what can stop the young ladies to queing for sex if you are the one enriching yourselves with so called funding towards HIV/AIDS if the funding is not being going to right individuals exepect more,this just the begginning

  9. Mpwevu says:

    No. 36, you are talking of girls that go to Bwandiro or Kamba. The issue here is about majority, and the majority of mahule are in are a like Chinsapo/Chigwirizano, Area 49, 25, Kawale, Mchesi, 23, Mbayani, Ndirande. take time to talk to them in an investigative manner and you will know the real malawi not tija topitila kubala kukanjoya tija. Those are less that 2%

  10. Chilanga says:

    Read ve views by No 36 thats true indeed

  11. Jojo Muthombeni says:

    Generally there is moral decay.Those who are doing it as a form of hobby or wanting to have good time have a different case.Our worry is on those who are in dire need that the only source of income is prostitution.They need some form of intervention especially if they demonstrate that they are ready to change.
    As a country let us think twice about how we can protect the nation from HIV scourage

  12. Mytake says:

    I have been fortunate enough to travel to many countrys in the world- in Africa, Asia, America Europe- and I know prostitutio is everywhere. Before I travelled I thought that poverty is the cause of prostitution. I now know that prostitution is part of human nature. Even in rich countries there is prostitution

  13. bamusi says:

    Zakumaliseche Basi. Usilu eti.

  14. magawagawa says:

    Look, are we sure that Malawi is a God fearig country, up to the pont of walking naked. Government is just watching, thats why we are hardly receiving rains, PAC no comment, only politicc.

  15. Kaselema says:

    Pezani china chokamba-chabwino- bwana,this is jus trush.We’re tired of all these kinds sayings.

  16. Winston Msowoya says:

    It is both disgustingly and awful to look at the picture depicting a young lady advertising her dehumanizing business.This is not the Malawi I left some 32years ago.However,I must avoid naughty comments on this unfortunate trend.These young women are in this wicked job,not because they like it,but because the government of the day,has thrown them under the bus.This occurrence,is a vivid reminder of the Muthalika’s obnoxious regime which has no material qualities of leadersh.He has no progressive priorities such as job creation , fighting cancerous corruption which has viciously slowed economic growth to zero,he has no control over his portentous caucus,the nation has been divided into regions,nepotism has become the darling of his administration.As Malawians,we must not objurgate our daughters because it is not their fault to be in streets at night looking for their survival.The blame squarely lies on Muthalika’s maladroit leadership SHAME!!!!

  17. ineyo says:

    I choose to differ with u Mr kaonga; firstly the sample was not representative enough to conclude that poverty is forcing these gals into prostitution or commercial sec per se! I have had such experiences before of meeting very young gals coming from homes with everything at their disposal, but here they were looking for men just for a f..k.

    some of them using their personal cars picking men for sex. yes as much as we appreciate kuti poverty is one of the factors influencing prostitution ; uncontrollable libido also does! questionable upbringing? orphan hood yes but to most of them it is just a scapegoat.

  18. Jamkaram says:

    If it is a crime to engage in sex work, then treat the issue just as the gay’s. Arrest then and justice must be upheld. Although it is about survival, but we can not allow people to be surviving on a risky and illegal trade.

  19. Presidential Advisor on Prostitution says:

    Prostitution has existed from time immemorial and will never go away from humanity. What is new is the criminalization of it and the AIDS it now brings. We can do something about these new things.
    1. Let’s not criminalize prostitution. We should legalize it and regulate it and get tax from this economic and social activity. We should qualify who should be a prostitute and give licences or permits to women and girls that qualify for prostitution. Let’s make prostitution a clean service by not allowing everyone to do the job – only those who qualify and have the necessary attributes should participate. Arrest unlicensed prostitutes, and all those prostitutes who do not follow the regulations that will be put in place. In this way, the country through MRA can generate revenues. Also, in this way the country can protect its citizens from procuring sex from risky and diseased women/men and save money that could have been used to treat STDs and buy ARVs.
    2. By regulating prostitution, we have to register all prostitutes and the brothels they work in, and ensure the brothels are hygienic and the prostitutes themselves are screened, tested for HIV and other STDs, treated, counselled and provided with protective gear so they’re not harmed or harm anyone as they offer this noble service to humanity. In so doing, the AIDS and other diseases that come with this important service will be eliminated. This will produce a healthy and productive nation.

    I have offered you the solution. There is no other solution. Criminalizing prostitution will not stop people from doing it but will simply make them do it dangerously, and the county stands to lose.

  20. Chirombo cha HIV says:

    Nanga ndalama mungothera ku BEAM Trust inu a NAC malo mowapatsa anthu ayambe mabizinesi

  21. chiyero says:

    Malawian leaders a fond of swallowing alot of unpealed guavas without considering their way out. this causes great pain in deaficating, swelling belly,constipation and death. no ambulance to hosp due to fuel problm. mai nac, its 2late to save a soul. govt legalises sex as commerce, you clapped for that. what now?

  22. kaap stard says:

    Bwana apa mwayankhula ngati za nzeru koma nzopanda pake munangopanga ulendo wokaona zomwezo kodi ndizachilendo mufuna kunena kuti simunamvepo zotelezo.chenicheni mufuna kukamba ndi chani? chabwino njala yavuta, anthu ofunila Malawi zabwino akafuna kuthandiza mumakomelera ndi boma lanu. is very easy here what you can do is this move around across meet and talk to them, give them some money so that they can start small business for their leaving, give jobs to others, you must understand that some of those are qualified but they lack jobs. mupitenso pa khamba pakona pa robot mukaziwonele noka Ku Blantyre.

  23. chindendelinde wozaa says:


  24. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ha,,! Palibe nkhani apa. Uhule unalipo even nthawi ya Yesu!

  25. Analyst says:

    I hope someone said he would end HIV/AIDS by 2030 in Malawi, Kaya zitheka kaya mwina pofuna kukondweretsa Azungu Ku America koma ine nakayika

  26. Kaya Kwathu says:

    Sad happenings but NOT NEWS at all. What is more shocking is reading about you expressing shock today. Where have you been? Then you say pubs should be forced to operate within certain hours and not to admit under-age girls? HA HA HA HA HA. Wrong strategy for the problem at hand. You are very funny Mr NAC whatever-you-are-called. Go back to the glass house at area 18 roundabout and think more professionally about what NAC’s response to this age-old problem should be. This emotional I”am shocked lets do something” is appalling.

    Now, whatever you do, just be careful not to unnecessarily choke the beer business. Inu pangani zanu za HIV/AIDs asiyeni eni ake ma pub apeze la sopo ndi mchere monga inunso mukupezera la sopo mdi mchere mu dzina la AIDs.

    Crying or being shocked does not solve this problem. Be real.


  27. ndaga says:

    Katundu, married women have also discovered that young men or kapambali knows how to make love and amatakata monse momwe husband doesn’t. It’s a fair game sinanga men amakonda mahule -za uve – and fail to have quality sex with wives. Gone are the times when women/wives waited for unfaithful husbands who only brought HIV/AIDS. Now it’s payerepayere, azimayi ndi atsikana anatopa nawo ulemu.

  28. Ma football player achitumbuka ndiamene amakonda kukwera mahule owola ngati awa. Thats why amangoluza mpira. How I wish the Flames was composed of Achawa, Ahlomwe, Asena, Amang’anja, Angoni, Atonga, Asenga, Alambiya, Anyungwi, Akhokhola, Achewa ETC.

  29. fekni bnd says:

    News that girls as young as 12 are selling sex in most cities in Malawi is not only shocking but also a litmus test for government interventions on youth development.what does ministry of youth sports and culture do? do you think sports alone can shape the future of the youth. Time for soul-searching

  30. Tengupenya says:

    sex for money is a lucrative survival social ill that some of the unfortunate citizens find themselves in. to call it a profession might be cruel to those doing it out of sheer lack of alternatives. it is degrading for them, but they have no other way to earn money for their livelihood. they accept any amount of money for any type of sex activity with or without regard to their protection.

    for those doing it out of choice or gainful recreation, it is totally a different matter. these will mostly protect themselves and also charge higher fees. then there are also starved spouses, doing it to reverse “adult malnutrition” or to supplement their family’s income. they can do it on equal terms with the partners they get. but this can also degenerate to the first category, where anything available will do, so long as the gap is filled. but these people have a choice for they can use other means (like self pleasure or masturbation) to satisfy their sexual hunger. those doing it for a livelihood are really in a sad situation!

  31. HULE says:

    Mahulewo alibe vuto alindivuto ndi anthu ogula nyiniyo.

  32. Thyolo Thava says:

    Mukulira chani ? Povotela Pitala what didu expect?

  33. Cash Gate says:


  34. pple alumu says:

    Prostitution has been there since creation, read the bible nothing news worthy here!!!

  35. Loudon J Mzembe says:

    MW now becoming no sense this is due to an necessary leadership, think about proper protocal of preserving culture…..

  36. X says:

    Totallyagree with Dr Fletcher Phiri. The suggested measures will not resolve the issue. These girls need hope, give them alternatives that are assuring to end their desperate financial situation. The root cause of all this, is poverty. Before we look down and deject these girls, what measures has the government put in place to help such desperate kids as these? It’s easy to call them filthy but before we do that, lets ask the our leadership to stop selfishnes and bring about visionary leadership that creates hope and belief coz without a vision a nation perishes.

  37. Patrick Lupiya says:

    Kaonga u r wrong y do these well to do married women hv zibwenzi? Signs of end times

  38. Mbuya says:

    But some of these girls its not poverty koma kukonda mbolo basi and out at night they came from well to do families signs of end times

  39. ZAGWAZATHA says:


  40. Phusshi says:

    Zosezi ndi Peter Mathanyula. KuMulakho atsikana amavina mabele pantunda ndiye mazulo midala imangoti timalizise kuona katundu wakumusi. Why did Peter marry Kamaseko? Amafuna game! Ndiye alomwe game amapangila paliponse kaya ndimasana or usiku, ndiye inu mmati ana akamaona zimenezi azitani?

  41. BigMan says:

    If NAC is shocked today, my question is where have they been?

  42. Patrick Lupiya says:

    Umphawi wavuta pa MW

  43. Citizen says:

    The one who was taking the picture, eeeeiiish

  44. Buyelekhaya says:

    The lady has cellulite!

  45. ceriza says:

    Zinalipo, zilipo ndipo zizakhalapo, no news about it.

  46. Do we really need that picture to understand the story?

  47. katundu says:

    Wholes are kind people.. They suck you dick.. Massage you and give you a five star perfomance which wives call it disgusting…. The more the Wholes on the street the better the enjoyment of life… People who demonise prostitution are mostly women… Men just condone it on surface…. Mulekeni mulamba utele!

  48. Gambatula says:

    One Village One Product

  49. suwira says:

    Dzikodi lapita ili come Lord Jesus and take your bride away, we are tired of seeing and hearing these filthy things may you help us Lord, clean our hearts so that we should be ready for your coming to take us

  50. Chikhwiyo says:

    Umoyo Wafikapo Ku Malawi Nanga Atani Mwana Mtsikana Ndinkhani Yovuta Kuipanga Addres Malingana Ndi Mavuto A Zachumawa Chofunika Nkugwirana Manja

  51. i love prostitutes says:

    tatchulani bwino-bwino malo akewo tikatafune zimenezo. ndalama zizizungulila kuti economy iziyenda bwino

  52. Here we go again. Always we have good analysis and able to identify the right causes of the problems, but offering political solutions. It clear that these girls are offering their bodies because of high poverty levels and have no means of survival other than selling their bodies. Instead of offering them alternatives of how they can find means of survival other than selling their bodies we are focussing on the pub restrictions which will not prevent these girls from selling sex but rather drive them to do it in secrete locations. Lets offer these girls alternative means of earning their living e.g give them jobs, financial aid etc. Fear of HIV/AIDS alone will not offer these girls any hope as they feel they will die anyway of they cannot find food. What matters to them is whether they will die now or die later. They have two alternative choices which both of them lead to the same final destination of death. Lets stop finding political solution but focus on causes and treat these causes to save our future women of Malawi. Thank you

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