Malawi gospel singer King James Phiri sued – Zodaik reports

Gospel musician King James Phiri has been sued for allegedly pocketing money for a show he did not perform.

Malawi gospel musician and crown puller  King James Phiri

Malawi gospel musician and crown puller King James Phiri

Civil case number 248 of 2015 filed in Ntcheu Magistrate Court reads that upcoming musician Odala Zamapemba has sued Phiri for failure to perform as a supporting artist at a show.

The complainant is demanding K113, 900 damages, including court fees, reports Zodiak .

According to the case file, Phiri received K28, 000 upfront of an agreed payment of K35, 000 for him to perform along Zamapemba at Zambezi Evangelical Church on 28 June, 2015 but he did not show up.

Zamapemba claims the show failed to take place because the main supporting artist did not show up and allegedly never gave any excuse.

In the lawsuit Zamapemba wants Phiri to pay him damages amounting to K99, 500 which, plus court fees, amounts to K113, 900.

Phiri confirmed the lawsuit in an interview with Zodiak , saying he will settle the matter by Tuesday, July 7.

He indicated that will negotiate only to repay the amount he pocketed on grounds that the show could have proceeded in his absence because he was just a supporting artist.

The court has set July 16, 2015 as the deadline for Phiri to respond as to whether he will defend himself in court or pay the damages.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi gospel singer King James Phiri sued – Zodaik reports”

  1. chiko says:

    mwazolowera zimenezi ..ku show anthu kulowa mwaunyinji ar tist yo osabwera. This is a lesson

  2. S soso says:

    Musamuonongere cv mzanu inu a odala. Mukakambirana zinthu zimayenda bwino osati kuopseza ndi court. Next time ena adzakukanani. Mukopa bwanji omwe sanamulandire Yesu, ndi khalidwe mwachitali?osadandaula kwa akuluakulu a gulu la ma gospel singers bwanji? Mmmmm

  3. Namisako. says:

    mr Zamapemba,did u exhaust all options before seeking court address.You will scare away other would be supporting gospel artists becausse of your short temper attitude display.Do not overflood courts with petty issues like this one.

  4. Chembe lumbe says:

    If I were the judge its the deposit plus interest. His failure to appear for the show has no bearing on why the gig was cancelled.

  5. yooo says:

    Nawe odala wayamba kuimba liti??? Ukufuna phiri akusegulire njira kuti anthu akuziwe mofulumira koma uzafuna,anakukana kukambirana nawe usanapite ku court ko??

  6. Mayeso Mine says:

    Don’t be arrogant,he must pay everything that was spent

  7. PM says:

    A zamapemba, kufuna kupanga profit from twenty eight thousand? Interesting!

  8. mtichimwitsa says:

    Munthu osatchuka amadalira anthu wotchuka kale kuti adziwike ngakhale iyeyo James Phiri sadatchuke chifuka cha anzake kudzikonda bwanji? Muziyika Mulungu pa tsogolo

  9. social investor says:

    Wait a minute. If you are talking about gospel artists, I assume that you are talking about believers in Jesus Christ who have made this Jesus the saviour of their souls and Lord over all else they say and do. If this is true, then taking each other to a civil court is contrary to scripture which sets the standard for their conduct. It is unchristian, regardless of who was wrong and how much loss the offended has incurred. In everything give thanks to God. Let the world know your perseverance. The Lord is at hand.

  10. malundu says:

    As agospel singer u need to show gud mothers aPhiri chilungamo ndichofunika osamadyera dzina la Mulungu mukapsa ndithu

  11. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    The phiri man breached contract he should pay back the money plus costs of the case and all incidental costs wazolowera zachabe

  12. matthews says:

    Just pay back the money.

  13. Myao says:


  14. Achimwene says:

    Phiri arguments may seem lame but they are valid in law

  15. Tili Chenene says:

    Mr. Phiri, if it were me, I would not talk anything in the media because I am guilty, immoral, and doubtfully Gospel Artist.

    Can you pocket the money regardless of amount from a person from Ntcheu and stay quiet without communicating about your failure? In fact, you need to pay more than K113,900 for your lack of integrity and honesty. Shame!

  16. ?????? says:

    this man is full of scandals

  17. Brino says:

    A phiri mwaganiza bwanji why didn’t You communicate? You will really pay for the damages. Mukayamba kutchuka mmamera mapiko. Respect your fans. zamapemba wanted to to be known through you. Don’t be arrogant.

  18. ZZ Junior says:

    I am with King James Phiri here. Yes indeed if he was a supporting artist then the show would have proceeded because the main act was there. Malawi prompters especially Gospel Artist should learn the trade. A supporting artist is mainly an artist that is less popular than the main act. That’s the reasons why at one time, New Edition was opening act for Bobby Brown. You don’t expect well established artist like King James opening for a no name like Odala, that’s a catalyst for failure. Odala next time please do it better. You should be the one opening for the established artists if you want to be in the business, okay? that’s my free advice.

  19. shaaaa! says:

    wa mkachisi amadya za mkachisi

  20. Analyst says:

    Stupid thinking. How would you say the show would have proceeded when you know well could the success of the show was largely dependent on your performance! What kind of gospel do you preach? Thats why you will never see some of us at your shows. Hypocrites kubera anthu basi. Pay the damages you sabotaged your friends’. Foolish

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