Malawi govt adjust 300% permits, citizenship fees

When Malawi government al raised passports by about 320 percent  it also adjusted upwards the fees for permits and citizenship by an average 366.57 percent effective November 1 2014, according to Immigration spokesperson Martha Gonondo.table on immigration fees

The current fees show that Temporary Employment Permit for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is at $500 (K250 000 at K500 per dollar), for religious organisations at $100 (K50 000) while others will pay $1 000 (K500 000).

Before the increase, NGOs were paying K60 000, religious leaders K30 000 and the rest K120 000.

Normal (investments in government priority sectors) business residence permit is at $2 000 (K1 million) while the rest has been pegged at $3 500 (K1 750 000). Initially, both were at K500 000.

Permanent resident permit fee is at $250 (K125 000) for a spouse of a Malawian citizen up from K30 000 while in other areas it is $2 500 (K1 250 000) up from K300 000.

On citizenship, included are applications by Commonwealth citizens, spouse of a Malawian citizen by registration, Stateless and alien for naturalisation.

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19 thoughts on “Malawi govt adjust 300% permits, citizenship fees”

  1. Navaya says:

    Aish its bettr 2 use dollar guy adawo ndiye bola yeni yeni ndimaona ngati ng’ona ndi ng’ona baxe eyi si ng’ona ai anangomba dzinayo kuti ndi muthalika aaaaa si muthalika ai tingowauza america ayitenge dziko baxe osati kuigulisa ai kuwapatsa baxe atenge enkhale yawo bexe

  2. ED says:

    Actually the rise if fees for NGO’s if over 400%. We pay in Kwacha not dollars and the dollar rate is high now but it changes from time to time. We currently paid K60,000 – so the raise is over 400%. Talk about runaway inflation

  3. Mbanangwa says:

    I am failing to understand our nation. Bolama fees in secondary schools remain the same.

  4. Kanengo says:

    Ha, a joke, trying to promote business investment and then screwing around with the permit fees. Let’s be serious guys, Malawi needs to do everything possible to attract investors, not put them off and short-sighted moves like this will only cause these dollars to be invested in our neighbouring countries

  5. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    Muwonjezere ndi 100,000 percent , osatinso makwacha ayi koma Naira yaku Enugu.

  6. Kwangwagwa says:

    Comment number 4 is right. We just have to be using United States Dollar just like the Zimbabwians. Our Kwacha more than necessary becomes kwada. What a currency. If we cannot go for US dollar, then a British Pound would do us good.

  7. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Let’s not relax laws now, make it easy and sell our land to rich foreigners just to raise temporal finances to have a ‘breather’ at a time of donor inactivity. This is a suicidal ‘squeeze’ action.

    1. ODALA says:

      Malawi the more things change the more they remain the same.but why?then lets just adopt the zimbabwe style use the US dollar basi nanga tatsalaso pati pamenepa?

  8. Boza twoboo says:

    Koma ku Nyasaland chili chonse kukwera,,,posachedwapa timva kuti ayamba kudula misonkho ya-minda mamidzimu… Anthu athawile kuti pali ponse kulipira , more to come I can foresee

  9. loveness says:

    the increment for TEP’s should have been the highest maybe than companies would look into employing local people in good position than bring in expatriates OUR COUNTRY IS A LOOSER

  10. fkr says:

    A TEP of $100 FOR RELIGIOUS organisation why charge for Gods work? Should Gods work not be done for free? Then again the church makes more money than most companies so why not charge $10,000 per permit.

  11. yuona says:

    What about ma permit a ma Burundu ali mbweee mma plot mwathumu!

  12. Kapoli Thengo says:

    The increase is too little. Increase by 700% Please.

  13. zoona says:

    How can they put resident permit at $250…at such acheap price ? compared to what people will pay n ordinary Passport? In europe permenent resident is at 1000 euro you pay as they are giving you chiphaso..
    Ordinary passport mwakweza are you thinking of poor people or yourself ? why are you making life so difficult to peolpe? do you want people to make their own passports, to sort out this problem? corruption ndiye inyanya .muzipanga ma decisions ngati kuti munayenda kunja …….passport yathu idzi pezeka ndi ma foreingers thats what you want

  14. Sam says:

    How can immigration charge in dollars, that means the government also has no faith in the kwacha, we should just adapt the dollar like zim, we are tired of price increases everyday

  15. Bantu says:

    What is total permit?

  16. Ollah Amagents says:

    Zero Aid Budget

  17. MVUNGO says:

    Chonde Zimenezi ndiye kwezani kwambiri osanyengerera

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