Malawi govt blast PAC for being ‘hostile’: Pro-govt CMC launches attack on religious group

Minister of Information, Communication, Technology and Civic Education Patrica Kaliati and newly formed  pro-government group, the Centre for Mind Change and have warned Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to cease the fire over “hostile and confrontational” approach  which they accuse the religious grouping has taken after meeting with President Peter Mutharika on Thursday last week.

Kaliati: End to child marriages

Kaliati: PAC is being hostile and confrotational

On Thursday last week Mutharika granted PAC an audience to allow representatives of the religious grouping present to him recommendations made at PAC’s conference in Blantyre in February this year.

On Friday newly formed Centre for Mind Change (CMC) challenged PAC to be decisive in its decisions and wondered why it failed to present to Mutharika original recommendations that were made at the Blantyre all inclusive conference.

“We noted with concern as to whether PAC represented the views of the citizenry of the country or indeed their own. It is so because some of the actionable resolutions were not well articulated and presented,” argued CMC Executive Director, Philip Kamangirah.

Kamangirah wondered why PAC representatives failed to present to Mutharika a resignation petition as earlier decided by the conference.

“In fact PAC needed to have resigned first because they failed and misled Malawians. The mood of many PAC members (during the audience with Mutharika) was disrespectful, disorganized, hostile and confrontational as opposed to the desire of many Malawians,” added Kamangirah.

CMC sentiments have been echoed by Minister of Information Patricia Kaliati who on Friday issued out a media statement- made available to Nyasa Times – condemning PAC for being hostile towards Mutharika.

Kaliati was reacting to interview which Father Peter Mulomole, PAC’s spokesperson, gave to ‘Political Index’ in The Nation, 27 April 2016.

She said government was disappointed the stand PAC has taken, arguing “the disrespectful, hostile and confrontational tone coming from PAC is extremely worrying and surprising”.

“Every Malawian expects PAC leadership to realize that it is important to accord the Presidency the due respect the office deserves. Some of the phrases, insinuations and innuendoes PAC has calculatedly used are do not meet Malawians’ expectations.

“As Government, we have no wish to disrespect the spirit of democratic engagement and dialogue between Government and PAC by going into verbal bartering with each other in the media,” explained Kaliati.

The outspoken minister said contrary to the dismissive and hostile stance taken by PAC, government  still regard the religious grouping as partner in constructive dialogue towards finding solutions to Malawi’s longstanding challenges.

“PAC must respect the spirit of dialogue. We also have no wish to descend into disputing in the media the statements whose truth is visibly missing from Father Mulomole’s opinion of the meeting and preparations for it”.

Kaliati then questioned PAC’s seriousness in preparing for high profile meetings like the one it had with Mutharika, arguing the Head of State was patient enough not to throw out the document because he wanted to hear the group’s concerns.

“We are concerned about preparations for such high levelled meetings because we believe PAC lost an opportunity to engage the President meaningfully by coming to the meeting not so well prepared. Most Malawians have agreed on this observation. PAC should not rush into defensive mechanisms of attacking vocabulary like ‘executive arrogance’  in order to bury their own inefficiencies and failure to technically handle the President’s enquiries”.

During the audience with PAC, Mutharika angrily accused the grouping of ambushing him, saying the officials withdrew original recommendations just to give him a set of new ones 30 minutes before the meeting.

Many Malawians have been complained by the failure of PAC representatives to take Mutharika head on during the meeting, arguing they were ill-prepared and did not articulate  issues that were raised during the February conference.


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24 thoughts on “Malawi govt blast PAC for being ‘hostile’: Pro-govt CMC launches attack on religious group”

  1. Patrick Phiri says:

    The present PAC and its leadership are a national disgrace.

  2. mbili ya bakha says:

    eeeeeeee nsungu, kaloti weniweni wa munthu. kudzisupula ana aakazi. kufunanji, kosekutu ndi usaveji as all men and women bleaching themselves just shows how ignorance about our bodies and health are .

  3. John K Black says:

    If government feels this was confrontational, they are in for a rude awakening. Government needs to change course urgently or real confrontations are going to be unavoidable, including hunger riots and mass demonstrations.

  4. Jelbin Mk says:

    Same old DPP’s tactics of sponsoring groups in the pretence of being concerned citizens while we all know that it’s the work of the DPP itself. Go to hell with your mind change group if this is the mindset you want is all to have. The DPP is sending Mabvuto Bamusi who goes around as a presidential advisor while he is a presidential demoniser.

  5. Kaliat your looks & those make ups are an insults to all women but no wonder because whatever comes out from your mouth is always trash which shows that you are brainless

  6. Pliz help me send this message to Kaliat, her looks are like a cat she must change whatever she is using,its discussing

  7. YEPULANI says:


  8. Zilani says:

    APM told pack to go to hell when they reminded him his own promises to reduce presidential powers.

    That’s arrogance at it’s lowest folly. Kaliati and CMC might confuse some but not all of malawians.

    You think you’re living on heaven but living in hell, only time will tell.

  9. Ha zina ukaona! says:

    A Mokowa # 1 referendum lero? Mmmene timavota 2014 muja inu mudali kuti? Kodi ndi PAC yomweyo ikuopa 2019 ngati ndi chipani cha ndale bwanji? Azibusa ake ati omwewa akungobereka ana mmiziwa?

  10. BigMan says:

    Poor reporting as usual, full on inaccuracies. The PAC meeting was broadcast live on radio and TV, nobody got angry as is written by this clown.

  11. Munthu Wabwino says:

    I watched the meeting live on MBC TV. What I saw was that PAC did not understand most of the issues they presented, neither did they had solutions.

    There no executive arrogance whatsover. I believe PAC is on a face saving mission. Unfortunately they are carrying out the mission wrongly.

  12. Chikwawa South says:

    Government ministers are meant to represent Malawi and not DPP only. Nde kodi nchifukwa chani kuMalawi, Information Minister timakonda kusankha phokoso? Kaliyati ndi phokosotu basi. DPP ngati mumakonda phokoso I believe alipo media practitioner wina wake wophunzira bwino woti akhoza kutiyankhulira even ku internal fora. Why kodi amalawi? Minister wa Info womaliza anali Hetherwick Ntaba basi kuyankhula partisan versions koma professionally, since then takhala ndi mapokoso okhaokha. Ministry imeneyitu ndi yaikulu ndi yofunika, chotsani phokosolo ikanipo nzeru, alipo mMalawi muno.

  13. seda says:

    osamanyoza anthu a Mulungu.Kaliati iwe

  14. Mpaisha says:

    I see now why Malawi will never develop because even the so called pastors such as those of PAC are not honest and are always finding it hard to accept reports by IMF and ADB that if ever Malawi has had an intelligent president in financial and administrative quarters,it is Professor Peter Mutharika.
    He is the only Malawi President who has run the country so well even when donors pulled out their assidtance to that country.
    We did not experience cues of fuel at fuel service stations which is one of Malawi’s determinants that things are not so well.
    Let PAC give me an example of Malawi’s leaders who has displayed. The qualities of APM.
    Malawi be factual and not assumptive.We don’t develop on assumptions but on facts.APM is a factual leader and not an assumptive.

  15. Omex70 says:

    Centre for Mind Change! This is very stupid. Which change of mind are you talking about when yourself have crooked mind? This stupid organization must go to the hell as soon as possible with its stupid leaders and even the financiers of this useless organization.

  16. Kokota says:

    Azibusa ake ati mbavazi ndikudziwa chifukwa chosanyemera kanganyase nkuwona akulankhula kwambiri kick back kodi ndifunse nawo kodi inu a pac mtsogoleri wabwino mudzamupeza kuti

  17. Pitala says:

    Chokani apa don’t blame Pac kodi a Dpp chilipo chimene mzavomereze you think everyone is stupid and praising nkhalamba yanuyo yogwirisa ntchito ma denture mkamwa a Pac analakwa chani mumafuna kuti azikhala opusa ngati iweyo kaliati, Jappie, chaponda , kasaila aziombera m’manja zopusazo president wanuyo avomereze kuti walephera basi osangovomereza iwe kaliati siunga vomere chifukwa umadyera momwemo chifukwa chake unkanyengana ndi Bingu hule ngati iwe galu useke pakamwa pako pooneka ngati pa thako pa nkhalamba ukamaziona pa millor siuona kuti milomo yako imakhala ngati pathako pa nkhalamba . Bull shit.

  18. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk people don’t want DPP and Peter himself. pls just pack your gabbage and go!

  19. Nathan says:

    Mu PAC ndiye muli azibusa athu. Mukamatukwana a PAC ndiye kuti mukutukwana a Khristu ndi a Silamu onse muno mu Malawi. Patricia and your friends, watch your tongues!

  20. Chinseu says:

    It would be interesting to know who is bank rolling this CMC organization. As far as I can see PAC is doing its job. We as citizens need a voice and PAC is it. Muthalika has demonstrated executive arrogance from the day he became president. Where on earth or which democracy has a president telling parliament to go to hell. Muthalika has raped our constitution from left and centre. He has no respect for the rule of law. He has yet to admit incompetence and accept responsibility for the mess our economy is in. He continues to play a blame game thinking his executive powers will save his ass. What Malawi needs is total anarchy , we need a Malawi spring in this country where people will go on the streets day and night until we force this clueless incompetent and corrupt puppet president out of office. Malawi need leaders that are well versed in what is going on on the ground not some embecile who tells us he has no problem just because his family is sleeping on a full stomach. Mid night six a group which includes Kaliati will have their day once our revolution is successful. These are the most corrupt rats that are cleaning up the treasury.

  21. Mlomwe Wamkulu says:

    Pitala walephera palibe chanzeru chomwe akuchita.Ndizomve chisoni kuti Hule Kaliati ndi Chifwamba Dausi akumuika kumbuyo.Chonsecho Mkuluyu angokalipa zosadziwika.

  22. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Akweni at it again: with accurate assessments, and placing arguments at the spear point, with the spear itself, directly pointed at ridiculous PAC and, by implication, the Opposition since some of the most outspoken PAC members are from there.

    PAC have now tainted their relationship with the President, to be sure. For PAC to be effective now, we need regime change there: that’s what would happen in a truly representative and democratic organization. A PAC AGWA NAZO “HEAVY, NDIPO MULI ZIGAWENGA M’MENEMO: (what did PAC really think they were doing? They have now poisoned the well, so to speak – disgruntled and unpatriotic bunch, always wanting to grab the Presidency through the back door.)

    The creation of the Centre for Mind Change is timely, and it’s name is appropriate too.
    Akweni: keep the pressure up. For the sake of democracy.
    We knew that it would NOT take you long to feel comfortable in your new job, because you are sensible. And it is said that experience is the best teacher too.
    And, you continue to demonstrate that you are one of the best retail politicians in this land!

  23. Kenkkk says:

    Centre for Mind Change(cmc), is this the mind change you want us all to follow? Mind change to stupid dpp?

    Cms is another bootlicking dpp organ more likely formed to provide another avenue for looting govt coffers.

    Cams tell us your purpose for existence.

  24. MOKOWA says:


    GROUND !

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