Malawi govt bows down to court over compensation for  20 July martyrs bereaved families

Government, through the Office of the Secretary to Treasury, has bowed down to the court order and compensated 10 families who lost their relatives during the July 20, 2011 nation- wide demonstrations.

Apoche Itimu:

Apoche Itimu: The matter is resolved

Secretary to the Treasury, Dr Ronald Mangani, to appear before it on Wednesday, August 24, to clarify on the matter.

However, before the hearing was about to start on Wednesday morning, the Office of the Secretary to the Treasury had already brought the cheques totalling the said amount.

Speaking to journalists outside the court after presenting the cheques, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affair’s Senior State Advocate, Apoche Itimu, saluted the move, saying it has demonstrated government’s responsibility.

“The [bereaved] families filed a motion for committal against the Secretary to the Treasury, but finally the matter is resolved and is now closed.

“As government, this means that we have demonstrated our responsibility under the case that was brought before the court, and for the families, it means that they have been compensated,” she said.

Itimu, however, defended the delay in the payment of the compensation, describing it as normal since the money comes from the public coffers.

She added that as an office of the Secretary to the Treasury of the Accountant General, any payment is made basing on the competing interests of the public pulse.

“You have to understand that the money is coming from the public pulse which has competing interests. Hunger is looming and it is the same money that is supposed to buy maize as well as drugs in hospitals,” she explained.

Meanwhile, lawyer representing the 10 families, Leonard Mbulo, described the gesture as a relief to the families following the loss of their loved ones.

He added that though the families would have hoped for an amount bigger than the one paid, government’s action on the matter has given the bereaved families something to start from.

In a separate interview, Juma Umali, representing Aaron Juma who was among those who died during the demonstration on July 20, 2011, concurred with Mbulo, saying though the amount may not seem enough to them, it has showed government’s commitment in compensating them.

During the July 20, 2011 nation-wide demonstrations, 19 people died in Mzuzu as police tried to quell the demonstration which also culminated into looting of several shops by some individuals.

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be humane

The patriot you are right. We also need to know who were breaking shops during that time. they have to compensate the shop owners. Tidziona mbali zonse

The Patriot

Compensation is not enough….we need to know who pulled the trigger….who ordered the shoot to kill… that this heinous crime of shooting unarmed civilians should stop. Otherwise giving money for loss of lives is not the solution….someone has to be held accountable and justice should be done!!

be humane

Nyasatimes did you notice kuti ambiri timayankhira nkhanuzi ndife osaphunzira amene we make little influence to ndale za dziko? Our comment timangokhalira kutukwana zimen wise men don’t do. What does this mean? The onwers of Nyasatimes and their reporters nawonso they are unprofessional. How can wise people create such a forum yomangotukwana or kutilora tizilemba mbwelera?

be humane

Government Bows down to Court: Government Respects Court Decision:20 July victims finally get compensations. Which headline sounds more professional?

Malawa banda

It should have been DPP compesating these people not our hard earned tax payers money.


You usually give silly decisions now look it’s the tax payers money being violated by compensating those who lost lives during the July 20, 2011 to their parents, relatives etc a thing which could have been avoided by then. Why can’t you wake up from your deep slumber? This indeed should act as a learning point to you fools.

Alfred Minjo

Who are the fools in this case? Be human bwana Kings….


And some fools say DPP never killed. Why the compensation then. Actually the DPP fools should have paid from their pockets. DPP – Death, Poverty and Pathetic

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