Malawi govt cannot employ all teachers it trains – Finance Minister

Malawi government through Ministry of Education is not an automatic employer for teachers and trained in its various institutions nationwide, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe told Parliament on Monday.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe: Government not automatic employer for teachers,

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe: Government not automatic employer for teachers,

Gondwe said he noted that many parliamentarians had the general impression that it was government’s responsibility to employ all teachers it trains.

“Indeed there is no reason why students being trained by government in other fields should also not demand a similar treatment. We need to start separating the role of government in providing and subsidising education for the nation and its ability to employ them.

“The latter is clearly based on the availability of resources and existence of vacancies in the service,” Gondwe said.

He made the remarks  when winding up debate on the Mid-term Budget Review Statement yesterday which he presented to the House on February 26,

Gondwe’s position comes barely weeks after government said it would recruit 10 000 teachers, out of the 19 400 qualified primary teachers.

Gondwe said government has already scaled down recruitment of staff in the civil service during the 2015/2016 financial year.

“Government has already broadly suspended recruitment in the civil service except for the social sectors and other areas in critical need of employment. This is meant to prudently manage the growth of the civil service and wage bill. Resources are available in the current budget for the recruitment of teachers, nurses and doctors,” he added.

Gondwe also said government is not automotic employer for  health workers it trains.

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All those people who have depreciated alot, people like Goodal Gondwe, Peter Mutharika and many others must retire inorder to create employment for the youth who have just graduated. People such as Goodal Gondwe and Peter Mutharika have already reached their residual value. No wonder the government can not run properly.

andy chisale

koma nanga zi ma nurses muzilemba liti,zavutikatu.yimaola manyi a azimai ku labour komanso timamanga mitembo yanu mukamwalira achina GG nde chonde alembeni anganyawa nawo asiye kudalira makolo pakhomo,mukamatizunza muzidziwa kut palibe wamuyaya aliyense azafa,,,,,,,not jst saying


We must accept its time to accept that it has come for Malawians to bite the bullet..anthu tachulukana and its just impossible for the government to employ aliyense…its high time now we thought of using our professions to venture into related business. We keep complaining that our public hospitals are substandard these doctors and other medical practictioners can team up and venture into business so too teachers….we have lot of ground for opportunities but persimism is killing us…


IWE GG please please go to your village and rest!!! Too old please there is no more msuzi in your head


I can’t believe this is coming from GG! This is the only regime so far that can make strange statements like this! What the Minister should have said is that while there is still a great need for teachers, the trained teachers may not all be employed at once due to financial challenges. It happens naturally that some of those who will not be employed by Govt will be employed elsewhere. Of course I know that people like GG are not as political as the Change Golos of this world!


I buy your idea mr Minister sir, the trend of being automatic employer for teachers you train would have forced some cadres like ICT, Social science to force you employ them


so these college s being openned like “chiradzulu” are for bussiness.that i s to collect tuition for government account no one. Hey you all speak as if the heads have been taken away from the body.


so it means the govt will train teachers and doctors and then they must open their own pvt schools and hospitals.

2016 welcome

I guess the recommended teacher/pupil ratio has now been achieved. So this implies that the politically motivated construction of houses is a prudent way of utilizing resources? Koma yaa!

Thitherward 'wendo

The government IS responsible for systematically adding value to the teachers for which it has provided initial training.

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