Malawi govt condemns federalism proponents for intolerance

Information minister Jappie Mhango has asked proponents of federalism to accept that Malawians have rejected the system and move on.

Jappie Mhango: The issue of federalism should be buried now

Jappie Mhango: The issue of federalism should be buried now

Mhango said this after Dr. Bina Shaba, one of the proponents of federalism claimed the government influenced the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to come up with what he described as doctored survey results.

But Mhango said this was strange.

“How can government influence PAC? The President told Malawians to debate on the matter. PAC is a credible organisation,” said Mhango.

He said proponents of federalism should concede defeat and accept the result.

The PAC survey shows 64 percent of Malawians rejected federalism but proponets of the system have called PAC all sorts of names including incompetency.

The proponents of the system have now called for a referendum but the government says the issue is now gone and closed.

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38 thoughts on “Malawi govt condemns federalism proponents for intolerance”

  1. tan'gatan'ga says:


  2. Mlomwe says:

    Federalism is still existing.Have you done refferendum and when was it?Jappie tithana nawe mu 2019 ukudziwa kale kuti ukatero wachocha mwana mpoto akudyesa bazi eti.DPP is so sensitive is using Northerners to answer for the Northen issues forgetting that it is killing them for the next term.We are watching,listening but don’t think we are fools to create Federalism mind you that Northerners never forget the stupidity of the government.For instance ask Goodall ,and Peter mwanza.We are against quota system,segregation,discrimination,tribalism,regionalism by which DPP has created and of which it is doing

  3. Bandawe says:

    Japie Mhango, I would suggest that you probably need to leave the space of people to engage into this debate. By virtue of being a Minister, in my view it doe s not mean you have the liberty and the authority to do it.
    Can I suggest that those of us Malawian who are on the other side of the debate opposite to where you are need to be given time to debate it they way they want.
    On the other hand you need to look at who and these proponents are firmly pressing for it (that is if you do not know it or you pretend not to know it)

    I need to remind you that you perhaps need to have the same ears and eyes that the ‘plebeians of today’ have so that you will still use them when time comes’ Muchanya tikuyesa kukweramo waka, tikubabikira muchanya yayi

    I remain honest to you

  4. bamusi says:

    For what?

  5. dee kay says:

    Federalism does not mean intolerance. I guess there is general ignorance in DPP camp on what federalism is.

  6. Temwani Musopole says:

    Shaws, Msowoya, Msiska, Thawe, Nthakomwa, do they represent national or regional interest? By number of regions, that’s a third and by population, they’re incognito hence closed and buried!

  7. PAC did a survey but a referendum need to take place asking the people of the north and the central region if the are happy without federal state? if you get the results the the issue is buried, don’t just stop with PAC no!; do as other countries do allow the thing to happen

  8. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    It is dangerous to postpone resolution of a National issue by claiming to have conducted a survey. It is like putting a lid on a boiling pot as one day it will certainly explode. In the first place, the citizens were supposed to be sensitised on the subject. Was this done? If not, then the so called survey was premature and therefore null and void. Politicians should be courageous and never fear their own shadows,

  9. Walks-By-Night says:

    Mtumbuka ! Atumbuka ! KaMtumbuka ! Vatumbuka ! Ha !
    Kodi mdatani ngawa inu mchifu
    kwa adakulenga wochepa. Uvuta
    ngati gaga wa m’chewere bwanji?

  10. Tonde says:

    Why don’t these stupid tumbukas advocate for cessation of the dead north. I will support that coz agalu amenewa andikwana ine. Asaaaaaa

  11. Tony says:

    Dead and buried and we must move on huh…? The arrogance of this ruling party goes beyond human comprehension. That’s exactly the kind of tones and language used on MSB sale. “The bank has been sold and there is nothing you can do about it, so move on…”. Don’t you just feel like bombing the whole parliament and state house when they meet, I mean there is definitely nothing good coming of there when they meet anyway, we can do without them, we can keep praying for that heart attack to come sooner. Even better, Isis should take the police’s offer and expose these arrogant bollocks from these people.

  12. Frank Nakhupe says:

    The aim of the research was to find out whether Malawians, not only the northerners agree or not on federalism. Why only north necessitates itself as Malawi?

  13. Titus scot says:

    We continue to waste our time with issues which are irrelevant to the development of our nation. Ndi ma Dr omwe alowa nawo mu bandwagon yosadziwa chomwe akuchita. We were better 51 years ago with fewer PhD holders. To hell with useless educated people. Federation ya chani? Tidzadya federation ife? Tiyeni tilimbike ntchito basi.

  14. Nhuma says:

    The information Minister says Malawians have said ‘No’ to federalism. WoW! Where were asked? When were consulted? When did we say we do not know federalism? Malawi is one of the countries whose general populace could simply be rated illiterate since more than cannot read and write. Majority of these live in rural areas and for sure their decision making in political judgment largely depends on how manipulated they have been.
    Federalism just like many other systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is working well in the US and many other countries. But what could be advantages? First, political empowerment at local level is ensured. Second, governments set rules and laws that suit their cultural, social and economic environment.
    Third, empowers lower level government structures such as district councils since another layer of government is set closer to them. Fourth, Fiscal accountability is easy to check through clear legislative processes. Fifth, builds people’s confidence to have their voice heard since government is closer to them. Sixth, this is decentralization at work, people have government set for them to deliver pertinent services such as health, education, etc.
    Seventh, it generally becomes easy to talk about equity and equality in federal system of government. Eighth, national presidents are usually tested as provincial governors as real leaders through accountability checks, experience and leadership skills. Ninth, it’s easy to zoom out issues which matter at local level such as environmental degradation, crime control, human right violation, fiscal control, etc.
    Tenth, build unity and pride within the provinces as people tends to develop while in competition with themselves and those from other provinces…positive competition. Eleventh, that’s when you see what people really want from their leaders. The very fact that Malawians vote on regional lines show that federalism is there in our midst but has not been awoken yet…we think, act and live rationalistic.
    The advantages are many but what could be the disadvantages? First, its initiation brings fear in those in power as it’s the case with the current government. Political will is essential to make this happen. There is a lot of work to be done especially civic education. As mentioned since majority of us cannot read and write, it’s not easy to trust that government or one single organization will sell the idea of federalism properly.
    We need to tell people what it really means and they should be allowed to weigh the pros and cons themselves. Second, it brings another layer government which may become a challenge for our meager resources to be equitably distributed, but we have means of dealing with this if at all we really want federalism. Therefore I am for federalism.

  15. Monseriwa says:

    Malawi is a democratic nation as such let Malawians speak through the referendum. This is the only way the issue can be closed.

  16. Mzee says:

    There are more akumwera ndi pakati than akumpoto so if you want to get the truth ask akumpoto okha to gauge if Shaba and his friends represent the north. Why really are northerners clamouring for federalism? As govt pse find out why this is happening its possible there is a good reason. Let us try to share the cake equally.

  17. murupale says:

    Mtumbuka sazatheka….”Accept that majority of Malawians have rejected it and that issue is closed” ….U guys inthe north if u hv money go and develop ur dead north instead of pushing for our tax to be spent on ur stupid and Childish demand

  18. brian says:

    Jag mwakhuta ndalama za bachewa muhauno mamba kukana banality wine.galu iwe.

  19. Chatty Man says:

    Let the people speak on the ballot!

  20. jonasi says:

    money has corrupted you. umalenge makola chala. In our democracy Pac is not a decider on issues concerning the people. Chingota had a meeting with president what were they discussing? awiliwili

  21. Zoona says:

    Iwe Jap ungawonanga nga kuti kawinduna ako nkhamuyaya. Chilungamo mungachijala yayi nga ni magi pa chidinda. Nkhani yakuti tidye nawo yamisizgani akulu. Ciuta waperekenge nthowa pa kulira kwa wake.

  22. George Kamanga says:

    jappie Mhango you think you will die as a minister. where you are were Khumbo kachali, rev Christopher ngwira to mention a few and they were blue even every system in their body were blue but now are they blue. eat the dead rotten meat and fish and you will hunger the more like the way the raven which Noah sent to see if the water have gone down and the land was dry again so that he can go and resettle as before. but the raven was happy with the rotten meat and fish but see today see the raven is hungering the more. always the ravens feeds on the rotten things and suffer a lot to feed on the best what the “doves ” feed on. the dove is well taken care by human beings because it acted according to the instructions given by Noah.

    jappie Mhango you were sent to speak for the voiceless the worst suffering Malawians but you have chosen to fill your empty stomach with dead rotten things because of greedy and for power. this is my words to you clever jappie Mhango and all who behave like you that ” your life including those who partake in feasting on the dead rotten things will end worse more than the way the ravens feel life now.”

    God will always fight the oppressed, poor, the voiceless. “No matter how long a lie is sustained but Truth will always prevail.” Time will tell” I quote as sung by the late Bob Marley.

  23. mtumbui says:

    Kkkkk koma jampie ndi mbudzi yophunzila. Chifukwa cha udindowo ndichifukwa ukumabvomeleza chilichonse chokomela inu a maudindo eti

  24. Katawa Msowoya says:

    Federalism in Malawi- My Opinion.
    K. E. Katawa Msowoya

    This is an expanded article of my previous comments on federalism article that appeared in the “Daily Times” about a year ago. I am reproducing it here to add value to recent PACT outcome report of/for opinion survey on federalism in Malawi. It is unfortunate that proponents’ of Federalism are discerning it.

    Change of governance systems does not necessarily result to effective governance to satisfy stakeholders. Any system may work, provided there is change of mind-set. Those who are advocating for Federalism will disappoint people as long as the system is based on democracy. Democracy is Government of the People for the People and by the People. Which People? It is the Majority! We opted for Majority rule. Under democracy, the president should have support of the Majority to have legitimacy. When we accept federalism, Regional Governors will come from the districts that have the majority of People in each region. In case of Northern region, Mzimba will always produce Regional Governors. This will not please people in other districts and so the current scenario will be reflected in the regions. We had this experience during MCP rule. I was there in the system. All Regional Chairmen were from Mzimba. Let us not beat about the bush here; we should be honest with ourselves and avoid making decisions that will create the same problem at wider scale. From which districts in the regions are the people that advocate federalism? For example: At least all Members of Parliament and Councilors are from areas that have highest populations in districts. Areas with low populations usually do not produce elected representatives for either Parliament or Assemblies. Check this in your areas! That is democracy we wanted!
    If you advocate for rotational Presidency then, strictly speaking, the system is not based on authentic democracy. It limits the choice of the individuals as well as the majority. It defeats the concept of majority rule. It can be described as appeasement or diluted democracy. I am not an expert in democracy; my crude understanding is that there is a provision in democratic processes that the majority in power should be mindful and wherever possible take care of the concerns and needs of the minority groups. In a political system that is election-based, it is always the majority that carries the day. So it will be the districts with the majority of people in each region that will have Life Administrative Munthu. In this situation, do you see any change from the National level scenario?
    I strongly believe that we need honest leaders who are capable and who have an understanding of both national and international issues. This is not time for unnecessary village, tribal or regional politics based on greed. It is not necessarily the type of political system that produces intended results; but it is the quality of people behind any system that produces results through strategic governance.
    By extension, out there in the universe, there are neither good nor bad things on their own; our minds define good and bad things that we experience. Remember Natural Law of Relativity.
    Malawi should not automatically copy political systems (e.g. Federalism) that are perceived to be working smoothly in those countries. The country should be sensitive to implications of package approaches to development. We are in a global village where unity in sovereign state is critical. Since about 200,000 years ago, man is about to go into the last civilization Age of wisdom. Instead of coming together, to speed up this process of collective consciousness development, we choose separation. The development of Information and Communication Technology is bringing us together. The internet has created one mind from which we access information. No monopoly of information now; this is a threat to power hungry people and parasites in all institutions of the world. Consciousness evolution has developed much faster in the last two hundred years since about 200,000 years ago when human beings transformed or evolved from animal life (for those who believe in evolution by life principle) and it is possible that mankind will communicate at Thought World level at wider-scale soon. I am talking about development taking place in the faculty of science and technology and specifically science of the mind. Those believing in religion I may say moving towards oneness with God. Let us, therefore, minimize divisions in both politics and religions to enhance the process of oneness!
    What is important now, in all spheres of life, is leadership that is above conditioned way of thinking and divisions; this requires fundamental change in the way how we look at the universe in general and the world in particular. As a start in this change, it is necessary that we should be looking at a bigger picture of the human system to free ourselves from controlled paradigm.
    As for now, As long as there is authentic decentralization to the districts, there is no need for regional administration. It will be a burden and waste of resources to please a few people who may be hungry for power or are frustrated.

  25. Shem says:

    These ignorant comments are very annoying. Federalism is not necessarily bad for Malawi, but the greedy people that benefit from a free-for-all governance set up make it look so. Secondly, we also have a group of people that are leading the nation, but they don’t know let alone have an intention to move the nation to anywhere. Federalism is not bad. UK, Germany, Russia, USA, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Belgium, all have one form of federal government or another. Don’t toletate it when ignorant people impose their ignorance on the nation. A majority-based opinion poll cannot be used to address minority rights, especially where you have an ignorant, aggressuve and selfish majority. The way the Minister has spoken, suggests that the state is abdicating its responsibility – its duty to fulfil, promote and protect the rights of the minority. Please talk about the key issues that form the central agrument for federalism by its pproponents.

  26. Edoms says:

    Mr Japie think wisely before you speak.

  27. Kamuzu also was saing pple were not leady for Democrancy but when referendum come he lost, lets vote plz

  28. Foreigner says:

    The isseu is gone and closed, ngati simukunva ndie tingomenyana tsopano bwanji atumbuka inu kusanva fodya eeet!

  29. Jayjay says:

    Who is it that Japi is standing and speaking for. Greed, selfishness are vitues dogs are known for not sanity.

  30. dadaboma says:

    The region that wants federalism or cecession must be the only one to participate in a survey of finding out the views of its citizens. That is natural justice. You cannot interview the south or center when it is the north that wants a different system of government because it is them who feel afflicted by the current system. Remember that it was only the Scots that participated in a referendum about breaking away from Uk – it was not the whole Uk because it was the Scots who felt the need to break away (but may be not all the Scots – hence the referendum among them!). Also remember what happened in Spain recently with their Catelonians. If the North is suffering at the hands of the other regions do you think they will accept the North redeeming themselves by going for an alternative system of governance or self-governance? Come on PAC, come on Malawi – the North will not accept survey results of PAC because PAC targeted the wrong sample population deliberately to serve govt interests. If this fight needs a gun, the North is ready to tot the weapon. The North is determined to go. Let it go. It won’t stay – at whatever cost. PAC has lost an opportunity to prove its credibility.

  31. Kanyimbi says:

    If the proponents have money, let them call for the referendum but otherwise, I will not be happy to see my painful taxes used for these selfish ideas which will only lead to the losing. Most Malawians do not like your stupid federation. Please in democracy the majority rules.

  32. Galu says:

    What is happening in Malawi is total madness. Refusing to go for what is good

  33. La 40 Lakwana says:

    The northerners are the ones who want the stupid federation can you please allow them to go for a referendum , the request should only go to the people from the north , don’t go by the ideas of corrupt Kungu or the stupid and idiot Jappie.
    Do as what they did in Scotland, the referendum was only conducted in Scotland only not the whole UK.

  34. The Analyst says:

    . . . The issue is now gone and closed? Are you sure Jappi Mhango? It is ok lie to others, but to lie to oneself is one of the worst things a man can do.
    . . . Nobody but PAC knows where the sample was drawn from. And nobody but PAC even knew there was a survey being conducted. As such Bina Shawa has every right to express his frustration.
    . . . If you Ask why MCP has been in opposition since 1994 they will cite incredibility of election results as the only reason. Nothing else! But do we accuse them of being intolerant or being a matter that’s gone and closed? Nooo!

    “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo (French Poet)
    . . . This may not be the time for the federalism issue but we cant lie to ourselves that this is a gone and closed issue.
    . . . That said, if Bina Shawa is not content with PAC, or the survey or results thereof, why not just conduct their own “credible” survey?; instead of wasting time showering all sort of insults at PAC? Coz talk as they can, nothing will change on the mind of govt which now is as fixed as the northern star.
    . . . Fact, however, is that the survey is just as difficult to conduct as it is to ascertain credibility of results therefrom; coz results would depend on the region the sample is drawn from and credibility would depend on which side of the federalism coin you are on. What a quandary!

  35. Chingolopiyo says:

    Why supressing the same people whom you say voted for you? Did the issue debated? Where ware the debate took place? I dont remember any debate taking place concerning the debate

  36. FootSoldier says:

    You want a unitary govt but want to run it like an MTL and Lomwe govt! What sense is there in that and who who then is intolerant?!

  37. nako says:

    Alomwe alomwe mukuti bwanji

  38. Njolinjo says:

    PAC is credible just because they have supported you? Stupid!!!!!!!.

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