Malawi govt dismiss JB fears as unfounded: Jappie says ‘let her come home’

Malawi government has swiftly responded to claims by former president Joyce Banda that her much anticipated return to Malawi has been delayed due to serious security concerns as she was not provided with an official house and security detail, among other things.

Jappie Mhango : JB is fre to come back

Jappie Mhango : JB is fre to come back

Banda was scheduled to arrive in Malawi on Tuesday 2nd November, 2015 through Chileka Airport in Blantyre around mid-day on a South African Airways flight number SA3172.

Banda’s spokesperson, Andekunye Chanthunya said the former Head of State would delay her return as government was failing to provide a secure and decent house in a secure locality.

Chanthunya accused government for withdrawing a house that Banda had indentified in August this year.

“The house was indeed identified. However, one week ago, the Malawi Government advised Her Excellency’s office that the house is no longer available,” Chanthunya said in a statement released Thursday morning.

But government spokesperson and Minister of Information, Jappie Mhango has dismissed Chanthunya’s claims, saying Banda’s relatives were the ones that rejected the house government had allocated to the former President.

“As am speaking now government officers are in the process of identifying another house for her. It was her relatives who rejected the first house that was indentified and the other one they opted was already occupied,” explained Mhango.

Mhango then blushed off claims that government was failing to provide Banda with her retirement benefits as stipulated in the Malawi Constitution, urging her to return home and start enjoying her

“How can we provide security to someone who is not in Malawi? I think we already explained as to why government decided to withdraw her security detail. She should come home and government will provide her the needed security detail,” explained Mhango.

On the issue of salary which Banda has not been paid for 17 months, Mhango said there were some formalities that require Banda to fulfil personally before she starts accessing her pay.

“For one to start getting salary they need to be included on the government payroll and that requires one to fill in forms which cannot be filled by anybody else. She has been the Head of State and she knows that; why is she always outside of Malawi and expect somebody
else to complete the required formalities that need her physical presence?” wondered Mhango.

Chanthunya argued that without the security detail, Banda’s life was in danger considering the lapse of the country’s security, adding she was once about to be assassinated in a road accident in 2010 while she was the country’s vice-president when her security detail was drastically reduced.

He said the decision to weaken Banda’s security detail this time round and attempts by the DPP administration to victimize her in various forms are reminiscent of the 2010 events.

“History may be repeating itself here”.

But Mhango was quick to assure Banda that she will be accorded enough security just like any other former Head of State.

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41 thoughts on “Malawi govt dismiss JB fears as unfounded: Jappie says ‘let her come home’”

  1. selfish decision says:

    Better to be a common citizen leaving freely . I seems you opted to leave this type of style (fear) otherwise you wouldn’t have joined politics.
    You harvest what you sow. Shame on you

  2. Muzatipeza says:

    Feeling insecure after stealing so much from Malawians?The kasambaras and others waiting for you.Come and clear your name in the courts.No any sane Malawian is pitying you,apart from over zealous followers who follow politicians blindly without being critical and analytical.We are tired of selective justice for corrupt politicians.

  3. Real Patriot says:

    This woman Joyce Banda is just looking for sympathy from Malawians.She is cooking up alot of stories in some foreign land to save her ass.Come back home and clear your name about the involvement of these cashgate issues with your thieving friends like Lutepo and the Phwiyos,whom you spoke highly during your short accidental term.We want all thieves to be thrown into the dungeon who have held Malawi back for their insatiable greed.Ndikale lija Munayamba Kutokotera kunja.Dont think Malawians are pitying you just because you happen to be thieving woman.We want justice to take its course.

  4. musisipala says:

    A MALAWI lekani childish comments on this issue. JB saline mdziko mumo. Kunjako akulipila ndonkho kumayiko wo pa service yiliyonse kumeneko. MALAWI ikupindulapo chani?
    .no food for a lazy person

  5. Macklouis says:

    Suporter of DPPare all mad

  6. zekezeke says:

    is this true? Do you mean JB was not on government payroll already or you want to re employ JB why filling the forms twice?

  7. Njegame Syaosimo says:

    Gentlemen! some of you are commenting blindly. Which forms cannot be sent to Joyce for her to sign and send back home? DHLi is there, they can carry and deliver a parcel which the recipient shall pay ngati ndikuphsya kwa boma lilibe ndalama zotumizira parcel by DHL. You are still sleeping you guys. Zanu izo

  8. aurora says:

    joyce Banda is very crazy, she is an idiot..She thinks if people wanted to kill her we would wait for herwait for her to come home? No way,we would probably go where ever she is to do the job, how hard can that be? please woman, bwelaniko ndi amuna anu onga ngati nkhuniwo… he has no say in the family, he just sits and watches his wife make mistakes and disgrace herself and her family, amunawoso amangokhala ngati sadali a judge bwanji.


  9. Hamu says:

    MUkufuna muphe JB nso kodi?

  10. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Based on prima facie evidence, Mr Jappie Mhango is more believable in his explanations than Joisi Banda’s side. The government’s reasons are just more credible.

  11. ALEX KACHEPA says:

    We should nt just be blindfolded by this late cashgate which took place during JB regime,do u know that early cashgate of K577 billion took place from 2009 to 2012 and there are many govt officials who r part and parcel of it?

  12. Telling the Truth says:

    Almost every Malawian knows that Peter Mutharika hates JB. And don’t forget the midnight six-Kaliati, Nankhumwa etc who were arrested together with Peter Mutharika for plotting to prevent Joyce Banda from becoming President in 2012. They would love to torture JB. Peter Mutharika is failing to improve the lives of Malawians and that more than 1year after he became President he continues to blame JB. Yet during the campaign last year he told Malawians he has the solutions to the problems Malawians are facing. Where are the solutions?

  13. Abuno says:

    we are tired with these greedly and selfish presidents

  14. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    This failed woman is just another attention seeker and she is looking for sympathy from Malawians.Malawi is messed up because of this cashgate thing and all ordinary Malawians are in bullshit because of these greedy people.What type of a house is she looking for?A Hollywood penthouse type while Malawians are living in total poverty?We need accountability from all these Malawian presidents.They are thieves.They are there just to enrich themselves with their families.Malawi is gone to dogs and it will take 1000 years to develop.

  15. Mphalapala says:

    rhis idiotic woman should cut this bullshit. Who can even begin to think of killing her.?

  16. guguh says:

    Fact is Joyce has got demons she is not ready to face in Malawi…. security and domicile issue aside.

    Fact is Joyce can’t survive in a prison even if it’s just for a day so she’s staying away AFRAID

    Fact is the formalities stipulated by Jappi are just an excuse. We’ve got things like DHL etc that the so called documents can be sent to and fro to finalise whatever. Clearly, that’s a trap

    Fact is even though Jb also stole from the government she did better in 100 days that what we have seen after almost 2 yrs under DPP. And she was communicative about all her ‘ official ‘ moves..though that also gave a wrong impression. But IN MY OPINION it was preferred than what APM is doing and how he is performing.e.g subtly accepting gay rights in exchange for money.

    Fact Andekuche needs to cut the bullshit!

    Fact DPP needs to stop the bullshit

    Fact all citizens have to be serious about changing the situation in Malawi and demand good education, end to price hikes of goods and services, MRA to be accountable and stop penalising business people, YES WE should cut this bullshit AND DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY from the people in govt.

    Another fact just in :govt people are now using foreign bank accounts of friends and relatives abroad to keep money they are stealing from the country. Difficult to prove but it’s happening!!! God bless Malawi and change the hearts of our leaders to behave as if they are serving you!

  17. The Analyst says:

    Good people! Do you know how much it hurts when someone insults your intelligence? This is exactly what Joyce Banda is doing! A question or two for her in no time.

    Why is it only you who feel insecure here? All your children are here, all your your relations. Obviously except your husband or hundbas = handbag (using Cosine rule). Coz he has to follow and that’s what he does and has been doing. Following basi! I feel sorry for this man, honestly. The guy has literally become Ben Phiri. Only that Ben Phiri is a doctor (from Cyprus Intl.) Anyway . . .

    Joyce Banda now feels she is somebody? I can assure you that you are no worthier than any random vendor we can pick from Ndirande market or Nsungwi. Coz . . .

    “The real measure of your wealth is how much you would be worth if you lost all your money.” – Anonymous

    And why is it only now that you feel insecure? You were born here in Malawi and in the village, Malawi has seen you grow all these years! Ndi nsete zingati zomwe Malawi wakuchotsa nji manja, for that matter? Now you stand there and say, “I feel insecure”? Lero? This blatant arrogance is abhorring! . .

    “When you are in the dark, even your own shadow leaves you.” – Ibn Taymiyyah

    This time shall come for you!

  18. aMhango tazisieni mai opanda nzeru uyu. Do not bother yourself for the things that you won’t gain anything after all. Let unit together for the development that have been provided from our beloved akuopa utchimo wakhala akuchitira anthu ovutikafe posowesa ndalama. Olungama saopa imfa.

  19. mbanga says:

    za zii. tangomangani chipatala cha Gaddafi basi.

  20. Baba wa Boyi says:

    Why are we being bored by this shit!!

    The presence or absence of Joyce Banda does not make any difference to this country.

    Joyce Banda is a pest, and a scrounger. She was president for 2 years just like she was told by TB Joshua, Bakili has a bigger fight with Bingu, was he killed? Bungu had the propensity to do Bakili in, considering Bakili called him a thief even before he became president. “Bakili ndi uyo akumvayu” So why is a two year president making all this noise?

    This woman knows she did something criminal and wants to say when she is challenged, I s\id my life would be in danger!!, She put a whole country’s life in danger with her shenanigans of stealing government money.

    She is not satisfied with what she stole, she still needs more!! how selfish can you get?

    She needs to come back and have a shock of her her life when the nation just ignores her.

  21. The real ujeni says:

    You killed Chasowa, what security Are you talking about.

  22. Patriot says:

    Inu chinkhope chimenechi sichimauluka. Ati japie kaya chani uko, mbuzi ya munthu.
    Umafuna mtsogoleri wakale akagone muka nyumba kodontha ngati yako ija.
    Foolish imbecile.
    Mulungu atithandize ndithu, kachipani kanuka tatopa nako

  23. Nyoni Nyoni says:

    Jb ndi wamantha, ingobwerani basi koma ngati subwera pano usazabwerenso Kambuku okuba iwe, mavuto atipanikiza kamba kosokoneza dzikoli iweyo,mbava yotheratu iwe udzabwera uli maliro ndipo ntembo wako udzamenyedwa heavy kkkkkkkkk galu iwe

  24. Chembe iyi says:

    Amangwetu,ukatamba-tamba kumayan’gana ku m”mawa kuopa kuti kungakuchele. Munthu umanama bodza lonse ndikutha, pali mawu woipa amathawa yekha. Amai bwerani kumudzi dziko lidzakuchitirani umboni ngati simunapalamule.

  25. Chikavu says:

    Uyu mukuti Joisiyu watitopetsa ndi zopusa zakezo. Akokonzeka kubwera angobwera mwakachetechete basi than this nonsense. Palibe munthu yemwe adamuthamangitsa mziko muno. She is afraid of her own ghosts we all know. Stupid!!!!!

  26. ben phiri says:

    komatu boma lidzafika kumapeto so a boma mudziwe kuti mudzafika ku mapeto

  27. The Analyst says:

    Again . . .

    Joyce Banda shall always feel insecure any where in Malawi even if nobody threatens her. She shall always hear voices even when nobody is calling her. She shall feel being looked at, even if nobody is looking at her! She has no peace of mind! And she knows why.

    Chanthunya! Cant you see you are not making sense here? If people plotted to kill her accidentally deliberato when she was vice president, as you say, one can logically assume they wanted her not to become president. Why then do you think people may want her dead now? You have no answer, right?

    “Its a pity that stupidity is not painful” – Anthony La Vey

  28. CITIZEN says:


  29. mfiti mayaya says:

    If she thinks that there is no secure locality for her in Malawi, then let her stay abroad where she is. We don’t need this puppet of the west here at all. After all, we booted her out already through vote. We love our Peter Mutharika. Not the she-thief joice banda.

  30. Amayi khalani komweko musabwere kaye pokhapokha aweruze milandu ya omwe adayamba kuba makhobidi athu amisonkho ndi zopatsidwa kutukula Malawi.Zinayamba kutiko kusiya milandu ya womwe alakwa moyambirira.Muzikhala ngati Mugabe basi kuderera skirt omuna kuwathawa shame oweruza ntchito yakukanikani prove ayambeni oyambirirawo ndipo a ndalama zankhanikani.Failures.Nanga woba ngombe yimodzi akupweteke mmtima kuposa woba khola lonse misala pali nzeru apa?Mayi musabwere ngati sakufuna kuweruza umbavawu basi asiye tadziweruzani akuotchana ku Karonga uko.Mkazi zoona mpaka phokoso umuna wanji umenewu? Ndipo iyi similandu koma zifukwa zamunthu ndi mzake.Chonde inenso musandisake siine wandale koma chisoni chikundigwira kuti basi phokoso kumunthunwamkazi.

  31. Noah says:

    Don’t illtreat our mother. She has the choice to come or not. Don’t force her

  32. Achimidzimidzi says:

    “For JB to start getting a salary she has to fill some forms personally.” What forms?
    After all she is a former president and has been in government for years why today?

    What are these forms called? This is ridiculous and nonsense.

  33. BigMan says:

    Come back and answer for your sins abiti Mtila, did anyone force you to rape government coffers?

  34. muzgawacharo says:

    a jappie namwe nkhope kuchita kuonekelathu kuti ndimwe wafwita ña achindere pachanya fyaaaaaaa

  35. kwakwalist says:

    Koma ndiye DPP ikudana ndi amayi. Japie mpaka kumuyang’ana JB mokwiya choncho. However it true that government can not provide security for somebody who is not in the country. Even access to benefits or salary from the government , one can access it after signing some forms. Abwere basi. Ndalama zake zatha abwerako ameneyo. Tangotini phee.Poverty will fish her out of where she is.

  36. mtate mike rsa says:

    Kodi iwe mhango iwenso you just been given taxpayers money to talk ye compare yourself with Joice Banda khope ngati malironso ngati bwana wako wakubayo

  37. Mwachulutsa zonena, bwerani, sakumangani. M’phwiyo akukusowani.

  38. Weldon says:

    Mwachulutsa zonena, bwerani, sakumangani. M’phwiyo akukusowani.

  39. milonde says:

    cowards die a thousand times before their death! security concerns? my foot!! her husband has been here all along and was there any security problems? really? this woman s full of it?? we are tired of her inherent fakeness!! drama queen!!

  40. Parallel Market says:

    Tangobwerani mayi zinazo tizionabe. Kaya kukumangani chifukwa cha cashgate kapena presidential jet mumangidwa basi. Tabwerani. Atopa nanu komwe mukukhalako.

  41. Nambwibwi says:

    nchifukwa chani inu a DPP motsogoleledwa ndi APM mukumati china chili chonse chikakuvutani mukumatchula JB? Muka lephela kutota ku chipinda ;
    Mukadzimbidwa ndikuphwisa kwambiri ;
    Bwanji kodi?
    Ndithu akabwela mudzachita kufuna kumudya wamoyo.

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