Malawi govt ‘fine tuning’ Information Bill -Minister

Government says the much touted Access to Information Bill is being fine tuned before bring it to parliament.

Kasaila: Information Blll not ready

Kasaila: Information Blll not ready

Leader of the House Francis Kasaila, who is also minister of transport, said at a news conference in Lilongwe on Monday that the cabinet is yet to finalise looking at the bill before it is passed on to parliament for passing into law.

“The procedures are yet to be finalised,” said Kasaila.

He said it would take four weeks for the cabinet to finalise looking at the bill.

President Peter Mutharika, in his campaign promises, said he would ensure the bill is passed as soon as je would get into the presidency just as he would get a helicopter and visit his brother’s dream project -Shire Zambezi Waterway – which has since met resistance from Mozambique which controls the Indian Ocean.

Media body, Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa-Malawi) chair Thom Khanje is yet to react on the government’s announcement on the matter.

Kasaila said there will be eight bills carried over from the last seating of parliament.

Leader of the House said the minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe will present the state of the economy.

MCP spokesman AlekenI Menyani said the party is “doubtful “ that Information Minister Jappie Mhnango “will enhance democracy and bring to Parliament the Access to Information Bill when his tactics are grounded in dirty politics and deliberate misrepresentation of public information.”

He said: “ It is a shame that at the height of reforms the MBC (public brodacster) is classically being abused, considering that it runs on a public purse to such an extent,” Menyani said.

Parliament meets from November 6 to December 4.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi govt ‘fine tuning’ Information Bill -Minister”

  1. Omex70 says:

    Stupid minister.

  2. chilipaine says:

    We need the draft bills to be made available for public comment in a bid to enhance public participation in the enactment of bills….these concern all of us not MPs only…

  3. zon says:

    Clear testimony that this government is not for the people. Malawians, let’s not the legacy of Kamuzu era of suffering in silence continue to rule our minds 20 years after democracy. Why do we continue to allow few selfish indiduals to mess with things that affect all of us. This country can hardly move forward in this kind of situation.

  4. Therere says:

    good development as gossiping will stop once passed

  5. Blessed Banda says:

    Mbava izi ndi zamantha kwabasi. Crooked bunch of people.

  6. phodos says:

    Leader of the house(government) mwana Nsena Kasaila says no bill of information and Minister of information Japie Mhango mwana Mtumbuka says no bill of information.
    You see now, its Tumbukas and Senas who are not willing to pass the information bill into law.Hahaha I am enjoying the vibe.
    The Lomwes are very clever putting others on hot front lines iye ali phee. So squeeze Mhango and Kasaila for failing to table the bill.

  7. Zathu zomwe says:

    Ine ndinava ngati akufuna akaione akomiti akuparliament for further sicruitnised then will be in parliement khangati anatelotu dzanalija pa zodiak i think telaza akhoza kukhala mboni yanga

  8. Mzee says:

    Govt should table the bill it will not change anything the way it is crafted. Why attract bad comments on a simple issue. Just read the UK act you will discover that govt still controls access to information. The same is true with USA. Govts will always choose what information to releases. So Jappie pse table the bill musatitopese ife.

  9. Eye Witness says:

    A Kasaila asena simukuwapindulira for not behaving like one. Siiwe mulomwe behave like Nsena weniweni…no nepotism, no jealous, no pretence we are always on point.

  10. ben phiri says:

    We want access to information bill plus other bills

  11. Njolinjo says:

    You keep on changing goal posts, why?

  12. Truth shall prevail says:

    The government is playing dilly dallying tactics. They don’t want this bill to be discussed and passed by parliament. Every parliament seating it is the same story that it is not ready. Malawians should just accept that this bill will never be tabled by this stupid mulakho government

  13. Tivine says:

    This is the worst Minister ever. May the soul of Bingu rest in peace. Bingu saw that this could not be a full minister but a deputy. The works of Bingu was based on the roads infrastructure and this Minister called Kasaila, is fading the dream of Bingu away. I know that the spirit of Bingu wherever it is, is not happy because of the works of his hands and that is road networks.

  14. Chilombo says:

    Mwezi wathunthu ma Mp ndima Minister akunyopola ma sitting allowance popanda kukambirana za nzeru!

  15. ikamuna yamemena says:

    Kodi nanga bill ya arts and crafts bill zikuti bwanji? Bwinotu zinazi mudzayambana ndi anthu Nankhumwa remind the friends what you told artists about these bills.

  16. Mkwapu says:

    Japi mbuzi meeeeeee!!!!!!

  17. Njolopingo says:

    How can govt. be ready with information bill when structures are not in place. I am looking at every ministry having an Information manager/knowledge worker who is expected to gather information, harness the information and disseminate all information deemed relevant for public consumption. I don’t see this bill or law become successful in the absence of knowledge workers as is the status quo in our ministry departments.

  18. Peter says:

    These guys are taking Malawians for granted. We need to these failures that power belongs to Malawians and they must start doing what Malawians want. Our only other option is to camp at parliament building during the coming meetings and demand for passing of the bill. We need to get organised and camp at parliament until the bill is discussed and passed. If they will delay further we need to consider extending the camping at all residences of these failed cabinet.

  19. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Taking us as fools.

  20. Ojambula says:

    I knew that it wouldn’t be tabled and passed during this parliamentary seating and beleave u me it won’t up until 2018. With so many rot in the DPP led government it will ne suciedal to pass the Access to Information Bill into law because the government is afraid to have its dirty business exposed. Know one thing though, what goes around comes around and one day the time will come for IT to land after flying for five years.

  21. SONG says:

    Anthuwa ndiwopenga. Achitamisala.

  22. choka peter says:

    This shows non-commital by this stupid government. Kaya tiziona!!!

  23. master says:

    same mediocrity basi nothing new from Disel petro palibe or dollar pound palibe

  24. Konza Chapasi says:

    We are in a democratic government being headed by a dunderhead , that’s why things are not moving not even an inch.

  25. The Analyst says:

    In july 2015 –
    “The infomation Bill is ready for the upcoming meeting of parliament.” – Justin Saidi (PS Min of Info., Tourism, n Culture at Mtima Woyera Parish on Communication Day)

    In September 2015
    “The Bill is ready and will see the doors of parliament the soonest.” – Jappi Mhango (Minister of Info., Tourism n Culture at a General Meeting for Blantyre Press Club in Mangochi on 19th September).

    November 2015
    “The Bill will not be tableb in Parliament.” – Francis Kasaila (Minister of Transport)

    The same government? Ssshhhhhhh!!!

    I can hear whispers from Jesus Christ! Can you? Listen . . .

    ” . . . Every kingdom divided against itself is headed for destruction. And a house divided against itself falls . . . ” – Luke 11:17

  26. Hamu says:

    Anthu awa eeeeshiiiii!!!!!!! mavuto ku malawi

  27. Emmatuwa says:

    Bill is not ready what do you hean?

  28. Thanduxolo says:

    Kodi nanga zija imanena nduna yofalitsa nkhani kuti biluyu ikapelekedwa ku nyumba yamalamulo adazitenga kuti? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    1. peter says:

      Do you still trust any person with blue blood to say the truth? These people are thugs and its just a matter of time for their misdeeds to be revealed, the earlier they pass the information bill the earlier their downfall and they cannot allow that now!

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