Malawi govt lays off 123 workers in embassies

Government has laid off 123 foreign staff working in Malawi foreign missions abroad, Foreign affairs officials have confirmed.

Shumba: Job cuts

Rejoice Shumba, spokesperson for the ministry of Foreign Affairs said the retrenchment of the non Malawin staff would enable the government save up to K300 million a month.

“The retrenchment process started in January and will end in March. Those who are being laid off include drivers, messengers and receptionists.

“They were getting a lot of money because they have worked for our foreign missions for a long time,” she said.

She said this means the K1.2 billion a month budget for the foreign missions will go down.

The axing of the non Malawian staff comes at a time the government has recalled almost the same number of Malawian staff working in the missions.

However most of them remain in the missions because the government has no money to bring them back home.

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In ma understandin u said; it will help Mw gvt to save Mk300mill a monthly…why not use that money to bring back our local stuffs…..Yet u r stl sayin Malawi has not money to bring back those ppo…Timve ziti???

Keen Observer

Good move indeed.

zuze dekha
this what we call ideas without principles. cemwa mwacita kafukufuku before coming out with figure with all the soaring bastards and whores in our embassies? mwabadwa liti a BARBIE SHUMBA? or you are one of them like some of the PSs who are in the position and not knowing what to do . who ask the support of their dear boyfriends to sort out the job for them and share our money and bed? from way back and u come up with the crooky figure 123 ? my foot. we have had staff even getting nieces nephews on their line… Read more »
Paul Njola

This is a good move. We need to serve from all fronts.

Kholowa mkabudula

Koma abale olemba nkhaninu mumazindikila kuti zolemba zanu zimawelengedwa ndi mtundu wamunthu ulionse komanso zimasonyeza mmene mumaganizila? Lembani zomveka musasokoneze anthu mitu kuti angokulalatilanipo apa

Dr Phiri

It does not make sense. They are non Malawian but local staff to the countries where these embassies are located so should they be brought home? Which home are we talking about?


‘Dr’ Phiri, you have missed the point! Almost an equal number of Malawian staff to the number of foreign staff laid off has been recalled but can not be brought home because the Malawi government has no money. Is this very difficult to understand?


The PRO is talking sense. Indeed Malawi is spending a lot on these so called diplomats and local staff. School fees is high outside malawi and the govt has been paying to useless workers. Some are there coz of politics, only to take inventory basi koma no qualification. Some have overstayed as if they are the only ones who can do the job and yet they do simple simple things. For the locals, embassies can do with 1 driver basi and 1 messenger. Go to egypt and ethiopia offices.


Malawi need to go back to basics, it will take long time for anyone to achieve anything in Malawi. Just too many crooks from the top to the bottom!! The crocks have achieved their ambition, making Malawi the poorest country in the World!! Very sad.

njoya man
This is the most useless pro. She is talking about something without proper figures. Don’t exaggerate the amount of saving from the retrenchment of local staff in embassies. The 1.2 billion kwacha is not a monthly wage bill for local staff but the total package associated with the retrenchment n government is failing to raise that much. This is not new it has been there for the past 5to 6 years. So Shumba or Chumba learn to have facts before cheating Malawians. It’s a pity that Ministry of FA is headed by cheats like Daliso Kabambe by virtue of Mlakho… Read more »
Richard Soko

This is the end of Malawi’s diplomatic service. It is not a choice but an imperative.

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