Malawi govt makes u turn on Information Bill

Ministry of Information has sharply contradicted minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila on Access to Information Bill as the government says it will now be tabled in the forthcoming seating of parliament.

Jappie Mhango :  Information Bill  will be tabled

Jappie Mhango : Information Bill will be tabled

The u-turn is also a clear indication that there is a huge problem on how communication is managed and disseminated within the government departments and ministries.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the ministry of informarion says the bill will be tabled in the forthcoming parliament which starts Friday.

The statement says the government is committed to tabling the bill in parliament because it is part of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) campaign promise and is contained in the party’s manifesto.

This sharply contradicts what Kasaila, who is also Leader of the House and government business told the press in Lilongwe. He said the bill is not yet ready for tabling because the government is fine tuning it and might be tabled in the next seating of parliament next year.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera told a local radio station that the opposition would put pressure on government to table the bill in the forthcoming parliament.

“We will speak for Malawians. We are touching base with all Malawiams. We are meeting chiefs,” he said.

The ministry of Information recently came out screaming against presidential press secretary Gerald Viola who suggested in an interview that government will buy a presidential jet when the economy improves.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi govt makes u turn on Information Bill”

  1. zencoh says:

    It shows these they don’t what they are doing. One says this the other the opposite of what the other is saying. Can the nation develop like this? I don’t think so. Let’s keep watching

  2. njuli says:

    Always giving contradicting views yet from the same government, pali chani apa? chisokonezo chokha chokha

    1. njonjolinjo says:

      musogoleli akakhala o zungulila mutu omulondolanso amakakhala ozungulila muti

  3. zon says:

    No direction, confusion, uselessness at its best. We left government with people who can twist stories based on situation. Both kasaila and mhango are tuned to say what they present to the public. Its not that there is no communication. The kasailas statement was their first stand and they have discovered that it will not work for them, hence the change. These people are not serious enough to be entrusted with running government.

  4. monte says:

    no wonder anthuwa akamalankhula amakhala kuti atasweka why cant they contradicts themselves? l think pressure is amounting them

  5. Njolinjo says:

    Which DPP are you talking about Patrick Phiri? This is the worst out of all the parties that have ruled Malawi.

  6. Mashamase says:

    Imwe a jappi ma wiskot na jacket everyday , mukupulika kotcha yayi

  7. Tivine says:

    Both of these Ministers are empty head.

  8. tingopenya says:

    Boma iri nde kaya, always disorganised.

  9. Patrick Phiri says:

    DPP has shown that they are the only ruling party since independence interested in transparency, hence their commitment to table the bill.

  10. Njolinjo says:

    The u turn is due to pressure from those who are for the bill, shupit!

  11. ben phiri says:

    jappie you want to vacate from area 10 mind you statements

  12. mussa says:

    Dramma at it’s best, pressure yawavuta anganyawa


    Bad leaders at helm forgetting that there is God.

  14. Peter says:

    We now have a fertile ground for a revolution and I look forward to the rebirth of a grgreat nation. The thugs, masquerading as politicians, we see today will be no more!

  15. guguh says:

    Chonchi dzikoli lingapite patali??

  16. chatonda says:

    Mbava he stole money from Olympic Games where he was working. Silly thief. He is telling the nation lies like Kaliat was doing. Shame to all fools like him

  17. Galamukani says:

    The Information bill should be tabled now, coz if it doesn’t then the Chakwera will not be touched kutsogoloku if what we read is true. The Kamuzu family on Times group issue. Tidzimvako zoti a parliament awononga ndalama zotere. Ma loan amatengawa akubweza bwanji? eetu osangoti UNGA yokha. Koma tiyaluka zedi.

  18. SONG says:

    Stupid DPP govt, they treat Malawians fools, they are not even organized. How can they run govt foolish people Jappie, Kasaila contradicting themselves yet Ministers. Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Don’t ague with MCP it is the only quality party in Malawi seconded by PP.

  19. The Analyst says:

    Just updating my file . . .

    July 2015
    “The Infomation Bill is ready fo the upcoming meetin of Parliament,” – Justin Said
    (PS Min of info. Tourism n Culture at Mtima Woyera Paris on Communication Day Celebration)

    19th September 2015
    “The Bill is ready and will see the doors of parliament the soonest,” – Jappi Mhango
    (Minister of Info., Tourism n Culture at a General meeting fo Blantyre Club in Mangochi)

    2nd November 2015
    “The Bill will not be tabled in Parliament. We need to finalise on procedures and will take 4 weeks for cabinet to finalise lookin at it.” – Francis Kasaila (Minister of Transport)

    4th November 2015 (less than 4 weeks)
    “The Bill will be tabled in he forthcoming Prliament meeting. This is part of the DPP campaign promise.” – Ministry of Information

    And what does APM do with this bunch of confused fools for Ministers? He just watches! Forgetting that . . .

    “A kingdom divided . . . cannot stand. A house divided . . . falls.” – Jesus Christ (Luke 11:17)

  20. Andrew Obama says:

    The government of confusions. Clear lack of leadership and direction.

  21. bamusi says:

    Koma anthu awa what they are is try and error

  22. Kamale says:

    Jappie Mhango – Behold the ides of march! am sure your end is near.

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