Malawi govt mends fence with Zodiak: Kazako says table Information Bill

Minister of InformatIon Jappie Mhango has assured Private electronic media group, Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS)  journalists that the government will never shut them up in the course of gathering and airing news.

Kazako: Malawi needs Access to Information law

Kazako: Malawi needs Access to Information law

Mhango said this Wednesday when he visited Zodiak station in the capital Lilongwe.

This assurance comes barely days after State House press officer Gerald Viola did not invite journalists to attend a news conference by President Peter Mutharika on his tour of duty from Malta, London and South Africa.

Viola was punishing the station for its journalist Teresa Ndanga who grabbed a microphone and asked Mutharika needful questions.

Mhango told Zodiak managing director Gospel Kazako and his management team to forget the past and forge on with the new relationship with the government.

“Actually I have been sent by the principal (President Mutharika) to say this,” said Mhango assuring the radio of freedom of the media.

He however reminded them that freedom of the media and expression comes with responsibility.

The minister then asked the journalists to be professional and ethical all the time.

In his remarks, Kazako asked the government to table the Access to Information bill.

“The bill is not targeting the DPP government only, it is for all the governments to come. This bill is not for opposition neither its for all Malawians. You are in government today, tomorrow you are out, we have seen this,” he said.

Kazako said the law will make leaders accountable to the people who voted the leaders into power.

Mhango assured the nation that the bill will be passed into law.

Donors gave the government an ultimatum of up to Thursday, December 31 to pass the Access to information bill into law or risk donor aid freeze.

Mutharika hit back saying he does not take ultimatums.

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La 40 Lakwana

That’s the main radio station which was fully involved in rigging the general election in favour of APM

uncle vuto

we r living in hard times. let the prophesy be reviewd… God judge the world.


Some disgruntled JB sympathisers are alledging that APM Danced To The Tune Of Donors while the number 3 fugitive after Mlamba And Chanthunya, Suspended The Law Pending For Parliamentary Scrutiny, Way Back In 2012. People! Sober-up And Rise Above Partisan Politics. That Was After The Aunt Tio Razzmatazz, Then Donors Responded Positively By Resuming The So Called Trash 40% Budgetary Support.

Jameela Kabudula

While we appreciate the work of Zodiack radio, we also need to remind Mr Kazako of the responsibility of journalism. While media houses does a good work in educating the masses they too need to know their boundaries.
As citizen of the country we will appreciate news and stories which are beneficial and developmental to the country and the people of Malawi.

I love Zodiak but sometimes it jumps the gun and become too sensational over trivia in their quest to be creative market leaders. In the process, they get lost and confused in their own mess. For instance I heard that they have lined up a program where they are parading the losing presidential candidates in 2014 elections to comment on how the government is running. What is the motive behind that nasty program? To revive campaign period strife? Campaign period is a tumultuous period characterized with mudslinging, slender, character assassination, and all sorts of vices that should be limited to… Read more »

So even going to the toilet we should ask the so called western.eeeeeeissssshhhhh


Mutharika cannot take ultimatums from donors on access to information bill. Kkkkkkkkkk….but can take ultimatums from donors on gay rights!!!! DPP woyeeee!!!!

Hope 2016 will bring new things and sense of realisation that we are in a democractic era where freedom of expression is paramount. We do not expect everyone to be DPP, MCP, UDF, PP, AFORD or Umodzi Party. DPP must know this and treat every media house with respect because every media house has its own standards of broadcasting their material and the audience it serves as such the party or the government can not expect all media houses to clap hands for it. Grabbing a Mic and ask kwesons does not necessarily guarantee such type of punishment afta all… Read more »

kodi viola ndi kanyama kanji?kakununkha ngati kanyimbi.kasaiwale kuti kunali anzake kumeneko.(be nice to people on ur way up cos u wonna find them on your way down)


I’m proud of you Zodiak. They asked you to apologize but you saw nothing worth apologizing. Stand your ground we are with you.

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