Malawi govt now to regulate liquor sachets production, marketing

Months after the Young Achievers for Development (YAD) petitioned Malawi Parliament to ban production and packaging of liquor in sachets, government has announced it will not allow packaging of liquor in sachets and in quantities lower than the prescribed minimum.

Nankhumwa:  Govt to regulate

Nankhumwa: Govt to regulate

According to government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa, who is also Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture,  this regulation will be published under Section 96 of the Liquor Act as means of enforcing the cabinet decision.

“At its meeting held on 16th February, 2015, Cabinet decided to promulgate regulations under section 96 of the Liquor Act to govern the production, marketing and distribution of liquor.

“The Ministry of Industry and Trade shall work in consultation with Ministries of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Local Government and Rural Development, Health, Labour and Manpower Development, Youth and Sports, Gender, Children and Social Welfare, Home Affairs and Internal Security, Malawi Bureau of Standards and Malawi Revenue Authority in order to enforce compliance,” said Nankhumwa on Tuesday.

YAD petitioned Parliament and asked President Peter Mutharika to use his constitutional powers to ban packaging of spirit liquor in sachets in the country.

According to YAD President Jefferson Milanzie, alcohol is estimated to cause about 20 to 30 percent of oesophageal cancer, liver cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, homicide, epileptic seizures and road traffic accidents worldwide.

“In any country where there is heavy alcohol use, whether on occasion or over extended periods, alcohol related problems can be expected.

“A number of conditions have been identified that by definition are caused by alcohol use, such as alcohol psychosis, alcohol dependence syndrome, alcohol abuse, alcohol polyneuropathy, alcohol cardiomyopathy and alcoholic gastritis,” reads the petition in part.

He also claimed that alcohol packaged in sachets is made from cheaper and unproved ingredients.

“We have lost many youths, others can’t perform as human being. As a country we can’t afford to continue burying alive the youthful generation,” said Milanzie.

Meanwhile, YAD is planning to launch what they call ‘Red Card to sachet alcohol campaign’ in malawi.

To YAD members, Malawi is not a dumping site.

There was no immediate reaction from alcohol manufacturers on the matter, but they are on record to have challenged calls to ban production and packaging of liquor in sachets.

They even obtained a court injunction retraining the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) not to take action against them.

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wilfred malunga

I need government to ban this type of liquaor because problems emanating out of this drink are not reason enough to allow this liquor in big botle why? You are saying the liquor brings illness so why let it come in big and durable botles? Ban this type of the beer oompletely I will agree with you not to be jealousey


How many can afford Carlsberg which is ever rising in price, each and every day.Let carlsberg compnay reduce thier price since the price of fuel has been reduced almost twice now, above all even the kwacha has now started gaining power against the U.S dollar but look prices are not being lowed down.We malawians are being taken for granted always.

victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi
victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi

At least on this office work Nankhumwa seems to be working. But as minister responsible for tourism how can he let an investment like the 5 star hotel by Mota Engil slip through his nose. Our fellow countries even in SADC are developing fast, yet Malawi is deteriorating. How can a customary land issue fail the whole ministry. And, including, Ministries of Lands and Housing and Local Government.


Komanso inu aboma musangonena kuti ma sacheti okha komanso muwonesese kuti mowa umenewu asakhale ndipulani yoyika mabotolo ndikumagulisa motchipa koma alimasacheti omwewo chifukwa agalu amenewa akutiwonongela tsogolo lathu ngati akufuna azikaphika kwawo zimenezo

Titus Skoti
Thumbs up to the government! However, more work is to be carried out by parents and teachers sensitizing the youths about the dangers of alcohol. Today it may be fun for them to drink, but the generation that will be there in the next fifty years will be a feeble, unhealthy, unproductive, poor and troublesome one. When you see the way minibus drivers behave on the city roads you know what controls their minds. it is this poisonous liquor. It is quick money for the businessmen today koma the danger is, tikuononga mtundu wa aMalawi. May I also take the… Read more »

Mowa monday to Friday udzimwedwa from 4pm to 12pm to those non 24Hrs pubs, while 24Hrs bars shouild mantain their usual 6pm to 6am scenariol, Sachets and this hard untested standardised liquior must go, inunso a MW beural of Standad mumangoti ngwindi waiting, yet U know and mmakaphulako kenakake kwa amwenyewa, ndinu opusa kwambili mukutionongela ana shupilt, Liquor Gate basi!!! Bravo APM ndizimene tidavotela zimenezo Go Go Go bwana!!!

Mr man, did you understand or read through the whole story?? nkhani ya ma sachet izi not about MBS but policy, government. the MBS fought for the ban of the sachets through many forums with the government but the government was just interested with money, tax from these manufacturers. when tested against MS 210, a standard for spirits, these products pass. most fail on packaging as they are packaged in sachets. MS210 says all spirits must be packed in glass bottles. most if these manufacturers were chased from Zambia and Zimbabwe when these countries banned these products in their respective… Read more »

Nkhani ndiyabwino

emmanuel mofolo

The issue here is not about more police officers are taking sachets, its about the law and after it has been drafted then thats when a police officer can enforce it. Be of sound mind when reasonig. The develpment is good so far.


so are u reducing the price of carlsberg? most of you have bars in your homes loaded with a wide range of liquor. think of the poorest man in the village, he also needs intertainment. nde population ikakwela musazatifunse.


ndiye mudzitipatsa yomwelayotu ndinu

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