Malawi govt orders ambassadors to hire 5 local staff: Recalling diplomats

Government says it has instructed Malawi High Commissioners and Ambassadors to have five local staff in Malawi missions abroad as cost cutting measure.

Kasaila: Cost cutting measures

Kasaila: Cost cutting measures

Foreign Affairs minister Francis Katsaira said the government will also trim Malawi staff for each mission to five or six.

“What we are doing now is that we are recalling all our diplomats whose three year term of office has expired. We want to ensure each mission has 10 members of staff as a cost cutting measure as the country faces dwindling resource envelope,” he said.

His comments come at a time when Malawians are expressing worry that the Democratic Progressive Party elite and President Peter Mutharika’s innercircle continue to send their spouses, siblings, relatives and friends in Malawi missions abroad.

But Katsaira said the government will ensure that the number of envoys are reduced from around 400 to less than 80.

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13 thoughts on “Malawi govt orders ambassadors to hire 5 local staff: Recalling diplomats”

  1. Dr Lewis P Mbilizi says:

    Mr Moderator,
    I have noted with absolute disgust that someone is using my name and placing posts which use uncouth language. I would urge you to ensure that posts of such nature do not get placed on your online paper especially when they are using cheap derogatory language. I am a devout Christian and would not in any way use such foul language. Please ensure that you remove any message carrying a semblance of my name as continuing would force me to seek regal redress, a situation I would wish to avoid. Thank you

    1. Red Pen Police says:

      “Regal” or Legal ????

  2. The Patriot says:

    One of the reasons we will never progress unless we change!
    Patronage system where embassies are staffed by ruling party stalwarts or the “ruling” tribe!
    In developed countries they have career diplomats, well versed in foreign policy whose tour of duty has a contract with the government. there is no change of ambassadors just because there has been a change in a ruling party or President.
    After all embassies represent all Malawians and all Malawians deserve a chance to represent Malawi ON MERIT regardless of tribe or party affiliation.

  3. Gezza says:

    No need at all—we apply passports it takes 1 year for them to make follow ups on behalf of malawi ctizens what do they do?

  4. Chititimbe says:

    Malawi sazatheka.
    (1) Ten members of staff for what? What exactly do they do there? The maximum number should be 5 including locals and the minimum should be 2.

    (2) A poor country like Malawi has resident embassy offices all over the world yet rich countries like Australia have very few embassy offices globally. Australian embassy in South Africa covers for all southern African countries including Malawi and Zambia. Why should we have resident embassy offices in Kenya while we have another one in Ethiopia; in Zimbambwe while we have another one in Zambia? We don’t need a resident embassy office in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Our Zambian embassy in Zambia should cover Zimbabwe too. Likewise, we don’t need a resident embassy in Kenya, let our resident embassy office in Ethiopia cover Kenya as well.

    (3)Recently Malawi has opened another embassy in Brussels akuti they are looking for investors and trade partners. Please read something about trade gravity model. Money attracts money. That’s the principle. No investor goes to a place where there is no money. We need to put in place good policies that will enable us to make more money and increase our GDP growth rate tremendously. When we do that, all these investors and international traders will be kneeling down before us. Kapena ma investors ake mukufuna like these Chinese who are selling Kaunjika clothes in our villages? Practically, there is no way a small GDP country can attract investors and large scale trading partners from countries with large GDPs. Therefore, it was a wrong decision to open a new diplomatic office in Brussels. This will be just another dollar drainer. Please close that embassy. It will never benefit this country. We need to learn a lesson from Botswana. They have a resident office in Zimbabwe which covers so many countries including Malawi. Please close down any embassy office if it does not have any economic benefits for Malawians. Leave only those whose benefits to Malawians outweigh the costs.

    (4) Why should we hire 5 local staff? Local staff should not be more than 1 and this should depend on local language barriers. Where language is a problem, we can hire one local staff. Some Malawian embassies do not need even oNe local staff. Our children are struggling day in day out looking for jobs while their government is giving jobs to foreigners. Malawi amandikwiyisa kwambiri. Send these jobless Malawians to those embassies and treat them as local employees. If you hire Malawians as local staff they will be remitting their benefits back to Malawi e.g. building houses and this will increase our GDP growth. Many embassies in Lilongwe do not have even one local Malawian staff while others have only guards as local staff yet they are rich countries.They even bring janitors here.

    (5) Finally, to prof. APM (head of state), please do not digress from those radical reforms which you detailed down during presidential election debates in 2014. They are good for Malawians. We need them now. Please do not hire 5 local Tanzanians to work at our embassy while our own people in at Chititimbe in Chitipa do not have jobs. Hire and send them to DAR es salaam and give them all benefits as local employees.

    1. Chititimbe says:

      By the way, do we need a resident embassy office in Japan? I mean if we do cost-benefit analysis, do the benefits outweigh the costs in favor of Malawi? We need to wake up from our slumber. We should drop off all dollar drainers.

  5. Okey tamva says:

    Good move! We dont need many in the embassies. To do what than gossiping and stealing? Many are there just to take inventory which a local staff can do. Adzibwera

  6. Dr Mbilixi says:

    Little boy kasaila. N-Y-I-N-I zanu anthu atsakho inu.

    1. pido says:

      Reality is they want the Lhomwez to be in embassies so that they manipulate issues easily.

    2. Alfred Minjo says:

      Dr. Mbilizi, ndiye wapindulanji ndikutukwanako? If you don’t have anything to share on this platform, why do you just keep your mouth shut…….shame on you so called Dr.

      1. Chititimbe says:

        @Alfred….don’t respond to people with chicken-like brains. They don’t deserve your responses and time.

      2. Dr Lewis P Mbilizi says:

        I am a law abiding citizen and have nothing but admiration for the policies which this government is implementing. The person in this post is using a pseudo name which resembles mine and I find this unfortunate. I do not make comments on any issues in any of the online publications.

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