Malawi govt pays monthly salary for 3 army generals

Cash strapped government is paying monthly salary for three army generals, two retired including the current milatray commander.

Ex-Generals Maulana (right) and Henry Odillo is still on pay roll of army

Ex-Generals Maulana (right) and Henry Odillo is still on pay roll of army

Information minister Malison Ndau confirmed Henry Odillo and Ignasio Maulana both fired by President Peter Mutharika remain on Malawi Defence Force payroll.

“There are some contractual obligations the government must adhere to,” Ndau said.

“Their contracts were prematurely cut so if the government fails to pay them, they can succesfuly sue and the government will spend more,” he said.

Odillo was fired and arrested on allegations that he was involved in arms deal during the Joyce Banda administration.

His contract runs up to 2018 and is now head of security at Aviation Development Limited.

Maulana’s contract as army general runs up to 2019 and he gets full army general monthly pay just like Odillo although he works as head of security at National Food Reserve Agency.

The current army general is Griffin Supuni Phiri.

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True Patriot
Who said that Malawi is a poor country? A poor country cannot be so irresponsible as to have three army commanders on its payroll. Mind you, this is no small change – we are talking of good monies that these three army commanders are raking home! The two retired army commanders must be the luckiest people in the world – being paid topnotch salaries while not offering any services to the country, and being paid reasonably good salaries (by Malawian standards) while working as security chiefs in their respective parastatal organizations! The question is, when did this minister or, indeed… Read more »
Lest We Forget

And probably paying 3 Police Inspector Generals as well. Kachama, Mukhitho and Kumbambe


There is no country inbthe world that has contracts for armed services personnel. These are soldiers in a volunteer army for Christs sake! Therevis war in Malawi and this army has never and will never fight an war even if TZ took the lake by force. This is a failed state with failed leadership and a useless and parasitic army that only knows how to wear uniform and drink and mahule basi! May they all rot in hell!!!!

Lita babie Gausi

Amangeni ameneo adya zathu zambiri ife tidzigwira ndi ndikumenya khondo ngati akapolo..


If these 2 army generals can successfully sue government, that means they illegally dismissed.

Our government making mistakes all the way to 2019 until 2024 ……..

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