Malawi govt plans Escom sale, liberalise energy sector

Malawi government is plotting to sell heavily-indebted Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) which has been monopolising the power sector.

Msaka:  Energy Minister, Escom going under the hammer?

Msaka: Energy Minister, Escom going under the hammer?

Sources at the Ministry of Energy told Nyasa Times that government will be inviting bidders through Privatisation Commission on the parastatal sale.

He added negotiations were at an advanced stage for selling a strategic stake and management rights in Escom.

The source said DPP government believes that cash from privatisation of Escom would cover up the gap of donor financing.

“Government is looking for a strategic partner for Escom,” said a source who is reliable.

A report in Malawi24 online said government is planning to sell Nkula and Tedzani Power Plants to United States of America (USA) based companies- it was not confirmed.

Civil Rights Campaigner Rafiq  Hajat  said such  decisions are  due  to “mismanagement and public appointees to positions that are not qualified in statutory bodies such as Escom and Water board.”

Hajat suggested: “Government should float Escom on stock exchange and make it available to all.”

According to Public Relations Manager for Malawi Investments Trade Centre (MITC), Deliby Chimbalu, said there are only few companies that have shown interest to invest in the country’s energy sector.

“In terms of electricity generation, we have at least four companies (from 2014 database) that have been issued with an investment certificate to produce electricity from different sources like solar, hydro, biomass and waste,” Chimbalu is on record telling Malawi News.

Chimbalu disclosed that the companies are from India, South Africa, Australia and Malawi.

She said MITC’s role in the investment facilitation process is to make sure that the investors are given all the necessary requirements for them to set up their businesses in the country and that the speed with which they need to implement their projects is dependent on the responsiveness of the Ministry of Energy.

“As you might be aware, there are several structural challenges that are rocking our energy sector. That is causing some delays for these investors to actualise their investments especially in electricity generation,” she said.

Chimbalu said all the companies are interested in generating electricity from solar power, biomass and waste.

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92 thoughts on “Malawi govt plans Escom sale, liberalise energy sector”

  1. Kachamba says:

    Zamuthina akungogulitsa ma company posachedwapa timva cardiac arrest.These thomas webster’s from zimbabwe they want destroy malawi,,koma amalawi kusamva bungwe lina laku Britain once advised malawian kuti akadzalamulira peter zinthu sizidzayenda bwino lero siizi!? watsala fuel asowa posachedwa sinanga boma lilibe forex ndiye uproffecor ulipati zaugalu timatcha basi!!!

  2. Joseph Kalowekamo - PRO Energy says:

    The Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining would like to categorically refute this story. There is no grain of truth in the whole story. This is misleading the general public.

    The truth of the matter is that the Government, with technical and financial support from Millennium Challenge Account-Malawi, intends to unbundle ESCOM into two companies – one responsible for generation and the other for transmission and distribution of electricity. The companies will be parastatals. Therefore, the issue of selling ESCOM does not arise here.

    It is expected that the unbundling will enable private sector participation in generation and bring about efficiency in the power market. The general public might wish to know that there are plans to generate about 1500 MW by 2019. To achieve this, there is need for private sector participation, and the unbundling will contribute towards achieving this.

    The Ministry, in collaboration with MERA, ESCOM and MCA-M, will conduct a series of workshops in few weeks to come to sensitive various stakeholders on this power market restructuring exercise to ensure successful implementation of it.

    The unbundling of ESCOM is expected to be completed by 30th June 2016.

    For further information on this, please call 0999483260 or email: [email protected].

    Public Relations Officer – MNREM

  3. mmbalewakewamungopark says:

    It is sad that government, and ESCOM officials all seem not to know about power sector. This is free piece of advice from a seasoned social development advocate.
    Energy is the control hub of the country’s economy. Selling ESCOM is colonising Malawi economically and Malawians shall have no say in their own land.
    Sack all the management and board members because they have ill-advised government.
    Liberalise Transmission and Distribution because that is where other players can compete on pricing and connecting customer.
    Someone answer this question. Goodall Gondwe said government needed 32b to operate MSB efficiently and how much was MSB sold for? Does this make business sense.
    Malawians are being taken for granted because of their being meek and naïve. Wake up Malawians. Most of these people were not in Malawi when Malawians were fighting for democracy in 1992-1993. They will sell everything and either die or leave Malawi poorer than thy found it.
    Wake up Malawians this is your country some of us are only feeling pity on you cause we have our countries. But you will remain poorer and poorer. Dzuka Malawi Dzuka.
    It is the reason why that young man was removed from the energy ministry? Wow.
    NO.58 ESCOM got burnt during Tembo’s chairmanship so is that effective performance of destruction. Check your facts before you comment.

  4. John Muchizi says:

    Everything we sale is what Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda created and developed. What is it that our children will sale. We are just selling not creating anything for the future. In the end this country will own nothing everything will be owned by foreigners…..Americans,Indians Chinese Russians. There’s nothing wrong with these organizations the problem is the wakwathu syndrome which give important national jobs to incompetent characters.

  5. winaaaa says:

    Heavily indebted?? For a company in such situation why is it that the top bosses change their expensive cars every few years from claimed profits from the same company?

    Once again we prove that as Malawians we are a total fail. You mean we should depend on other companies in other countries to run our own things right? Shame Malawi BIG Shame

  6. sell peter he is not making profit to our country

  7. out of o governmets this z manyiist govert!!If u cant manage 2 run de govert surender it 2
    de expartz zanyaas iz

  8. wapankhata says:

    Big up Mr president, ndizimene tinakusankhilani kugulisa makapani.mumalo mwachitukuko bwana.

  9. What kind is this stupid DPP government? selling government sector its nonsense, this government will end-up sell our Country

  10. 2mbwe says:

    fullh supporting this develoment coz there will be competition hence good quality services

  11. Sura mwana wa Amali says:

    this government is full of nosense

  12. Mbanangwa says:

    Useless guys are ruling this country. They will shortly sell us all to Nigerians who are studying our education system, finally Boko Haram will take over. Take my word. The intelligence has it that way so that when the government leaves in 2019, this country becomes ungovernable. Stupid idiots !



  14. Chitsilu Chenicheni says:

    Mboma muli mbuzi. The option is not to sell ESCOM.. but revise energy policy so that it could accommodate other players to invest in energy sector.
    Let new investers start from scratch.. we have so many energy potential sites. let them generate electricity from these sites and connect to the existing escom grid.
    second option is to encourage energy cooperatives such that locals should generate their own electricity in their districts/ areas.

    so many options koma anthu kufuna nsuzi… njira zobera… from tendering process mpaka kumapeto.
    This govt is fool of idiots……. wakeup guys

  15. obwande says:

    Selling what was already set is not a solution to donor aid freeze.This is just an indication of failure.

  16. Bololo says:

    The government seems not to know pricing under monopoly or near monopoly. Demand is already very high and inelastic, supply low. That means we will have to dig deeper in our pockets

  17. The Most Concerned says:

    If all fails, sell what u cannot manage and lower ur standards, goes the saying. Please go ahead and sell this malfunctioning ESCOM. All we need is quality service delivery.

  18. awiky says:

    escom has been in hands of different regimes for a long period of time, and we have never seen any gvt amoung them who tried to even reduce black-out of electricity. thats why L Banda said “magetsi akumalawi amangoyakayaka”. But according to me that is right ideas allow other pple to try their part!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  19. dull professor says:

    selling of a public institution like ESCOM is not entirely wrong,but the reasons for doing so are what matters,looking at this issue i think gvt doesn’t know what they are doing because a sensible gvt cannot sell such an important institution just to fill in budget gaps,if your reasons were in lines of making ESCOM more efficient that could have been much better.

  20. General Nkhuku says:

    And the new ESCOM shall now become Electricity Supply Cooperation of Mulli.

    Kanthu kanyeka!

  21. Mangochi says:

    how many things shall this government sell? ????
    one we shall receive a report to say we have sold .

  22. Peter Mapemba says:

    What legacy will we leave for our children?
    Malawians checknit out!Some at the helm of their old age want to completely sale this country at the end every poor Malawian will be a tenant of his/her own only home and country…Adaferanji

  23. M'Malawi Weniweni says:

    No country has privatized electricity generation to foreign investors. This is a sensitive energy security issue. What happens when the investor decides to close business. You will have a transmission lines with no power flowing. And if you do not control production, how can you control prices. Malawians wake up and stop these DPP people from stripping Malawi of assets. These are Machona people that will go away when things go wrong.

  24. ALI




  25. rasta says:

    Pa nyini panu… Anthu okuba inu… Rot in hell

  26. Bwampini says:

    Koma amangwetu,pofika 2019,Bwampiniyu akhala atagulitsa katundu yense m’nyumba.Shameonthosewhovotedintooffice this government of Zinndere Zakufikapo Za DPP.

  27. Issa says:

    It should be fully sold. We don’t want anything to do with government. It has failed. In other countries you don’t have blackouts because electricity is controlled by private companies. ESCOM was supposed to be sold in 1994-5.

  28. malawi says:

    no 42 its an open truth that in Malawi tobacco farmers produce it and Malawi government and buyers make the price

  29. Mzungu wa Mzeru says:

    Kamuzu akadakhala opanda nzuru bwenzi zonsezi atagulitsa mma 1980s. He was a true patriot.

  30. Wa-Fodya says:

    Well, what I lack to understand is the model. Which country’s successful model is Malawi trying to follow??? I can only hope and not cross my fingers that it is based on the Greece model. A model that gives has strong democracy but shameful economic performance… Fodya basi!!!

  31. OWINA says:

    you sold the NBS and now ESCOM ok congrants

  32. Myao says:


  33. MKWAPU says:

    BY 2019

  34. Bolero says:

    When achimwene Morgan Tembo was at the helm at ESCOM during Amayi time, we witnessed a rejuvenated institution. Things started to work out. Blackouts came to almost zero. Until then was the problem about managing it or the institution itself? If it worked out during that time, it could also work out this time around. Check with Tembo first before reaching this conclusion. Much as power is a private good, it is also a public good in many ways. Think deep.

    Ndamala ine mtumbuka.

  35. johnM says:

    I am 100 percent in favour of this proposal. Before the telecommunication industry was commercialised, telephones were off limits to the majority. Today, even people in the rural areas have cellphones. If ESCOM is privatised and the electricity sector was liberalized, many Malawians will have access to electricity. Electricity is the only alternative energy source available to Malawians with forests running out.

  36. Presidential Advisor says:

    …..whatever is happening as per #35,drogba, is nothing new. The problem is that potential investors in generation always lose interest because of challenges on feed-in-tarrifs into the main grid. So having the production ceded to private investors will not change matters as the issue of tarrifs on feeding into the main grid remains unresolved. This is just raising revenue for bidget which will see a lot of compromises on the part of gov. Well is this another nepotistic and ‘toxic’ givea ways, time will tell.

  37. Boyd Kilembey says:

    This is long over due. Party handclappers will no longer have a chance to scoop easy money. In fact the govt should sell off the entire Escom from Generation, Transmission and Distribution. They should not even keep Distribution because that will be counterproductive. Privatise the damn thing then lets move forward. Govt ownership of the entity has not helped us for the past 50 years

  38. chrisaukira. says:

    Yes selling is a good idea but I am not sure if this will make us be connected in good time and reduce corruption at Escom. We spend a year waiting for electricity.Again they promised to change the meters but up to now.

  39. Chidzukulu Cha Akwitusya says:

    this govt will sell every asset that the govt has to get the cash…the sale of MSB has no positive impact to our economy as kwacha is still going down against the USD $…now these majoti dream is to have been believed that it will seal this failing gap….if that is the case let escom be audited I tell this govt will not accept that….. this government will burn us all…..the govt that came into power to protect itself from the sins of yesterday……..

  40. Aisha Chimbalu says:

    controlling power distribution is just like tobacco prices. I hardly support the move!!

  41. kawonga says:

    so sad. Crying for kamuzu who built all these. Imagne mortuary nxt is the hospitals

  42. Sure, you should know that times change. This is not Kamuzu era:that era is long gone. What was applicable then is not applicable now.

  43. baggio says:

    Ine ndimkaona ngati President wanthu alindizelu koma eeeee yalowa muludzi style tiyeni nazoni,kenako tingova Ku akugulitsa amkazanu

  44. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Let Mpinganjira buy ESCOM as well , why not ?

  45. Man says:

    mukatha kugulitsa katundu wa bomayo, tsopano MUGULITSA DZIKOLI. what a salvage professor!

  46. chingolopiyo says:

    If the story is true, I will support the idea of selling Escom. If investors are to come , we need reliable source of energy to drive big machines 24/7, 365 or 366 a year. For the country to control deforestation, we need power available in the houses for cooking. We need reliable street lights in our areas, cctv cameras for security and all these will require energy. If we need to invest in mining, processing of agricultural products , we need reliable sources of energy.
    We need different companies to invest in energy, thereby also creating new jobs. Malawi will need 3 or 4 companies of energy to help the people to connect easily. We don’t want a monopoly situation where Escom has to control the market without a competitors or challengers. If we have different companies prices will go down, people will have choice who to connect to. There will be no delay if people build houses and want a quick connection of energy, without been given a period of time when Escom might come to connect. It will reduce corruption and bribery so that we can lure an escom member to connect power to our house quick.
    Look at Malawi, its always in the dark, why should people complain if government want to change things for the betterment of the people? It pains me and feel sad that when you fly over Africa at night, its north africa or south africa where you can see a country full of lights, and when approaching or arriving in malawi you are like landing in the middle of a jungle. We need new companies to invest in energy sector please.

  47. Alternatives will not help at all. Because you got the government through the back door the only way you are to use to govern is through shortcuts. Short cuts will never never help at all. No matter you will use alternatives to make thongs work but God Almighty on His Mighty Throne is watching you. APM and your small boys with dull minds swallow your pride & invite others to assist you to make Malawi a great nation. The insults & abuse your boys are throwing at people with great minds who can help you must stop & God the Almighty will grant you His Heavenly Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding to Leaf Malawi to the right path. I know that APM and your boys ate hard hearted people as Pharaoh was when God told him to let the Israelites go. Accept that you have failed APM to lead Malawi. Invite others on a round table. Malawi will never be ruled by people who hate other tribes. You & your boys from lomwe built hate people from the North & Central regions & with this kind of leadership you will never make it. Mapeto make mukatha kugulisa zomwe Kamuzu anamanga muzagulisa anthu a kumpoto ndi pakati kuti mupeze ndalama zonthandizira anthu a kumwera.

  48. Mmalawi says:

    The article is too flawed. The writer doesn’t know what he is talking about. He exposes himself by writing one story and goes to MITC to ask completely different story. Electricity Act (2004) of the Laws of Malawi provides that Generation, Transmission and Distribution be different companies in order to realize efficiencies. This was not implemented because the Minister did not set appointed date as the impact had to be monitored. Now, Malawi has only 351 Generation capacity. Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe have more than 1,600 mw, 845, 2,500 respectively. That’s why we have black outs. What is needed is more investment in Generation. That is by opening up the generation business to the private sector. The competing generators will need an independent company (without own generation interests) to be buying from them. That’s why the government wants to let ESCOM own only Transmission and Distribution. ESCOM will be buying from the Generation companies which will be many. The current Generation facilities will be owned by a Government owned Generation Company, which will be selling to ESCOM. There will be other Generation companies, called Independent Power Producers, who will also be competing with the Government Generation Company, which will be selling to ESCOM.

    If MITC is failing to recruit IPP’s in time, let Malawians team up and start Generation Companies, such as solar Plants and take advantage of the liberalized market to sell power to ESCOM.

    If Malawians want ESCOM to continue monopolizing all the three segments of electricity supply…….think twice. Transmission cannot be privatized and Distribution can be run by institutions like City Council or MHC, but looking at the size of our Power Market, we might as well leave the two (trans and distr ) in the hands of ESCOM.

    Politicising everything will not help us.

  49. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    From all the coments so far: only drogba (#35) has said something worth believing.

    i got this from very reliable source (within escom) that generation section will be sold while distribution section shall remain in the hands of govt (escom itself).

    pros for doing thia is to increase access to electricity at a reasonable price thereby reducing the wanton cutting down of trees for various uses. this is just one of the few positives attached to the selling of generation section of escom.

  50. This is one of the useless things I have ever heard. There is one commentator who suggested that it’s not a problem cos government will control distribution whilst the private sector will be responsible for generation. My simple question is that how can one control the price of a commodity that he/she does not produce?????? It’s up to the generators. Government must not even try to do that.

  51. Concerned citizen says:

    I don’t believe this article is correct.
    But any attempt to increase the generation capacity of the country is very welcome.

  52. mbundesigeya says:

    Phetsani basi…….kuba agalu amenewa……….

  53. malawi skipper says:

    selling government properties is not a solution to close up the donor financing gap. we have seen goverment selling properties, how many poor malawians benifted from it? for how long does it take to empty the coffers? it means we will be selling gv property every year, then nothing will left for us.
    instead, find other ways of generating income rather than selling properties. push the managers, CEOs of various institutions to consentrate improving their institutions rather than planning how they will eat money allocated to them.

  54. Kaziwiziwi says:




  55. Pete Nyandoro says:

    What is the use of Millenium Challenge Compact? I tiught these guys are here to nergize ESCOM? When ESCOM is sold off what is the future of MCC? Ndiye kuti nayonso MCC yalephera? Walemba nkhaniyi should have some some research on the presence of MCC and eventalking to them to find out their position. I feel the story is lacking some meat. The usual problem with Nyasa Times is that you aim at the scoop, not detailed facts which is as good as aiming at the impression other than expression.

  56. Peeeeeeter,peeeter,peeeeter OK tizakumana mphwanga

  57. drogba says:

    In fact Malawi Government is probably not selling ESCOM. What it is happening is that ESCOM as the sole generator and distributor of electricity is going to be divided, Generation Section and Distribution Section. The government is going to own the Distribution Section while the Generation Sector will be left open for other people to invest in the generation of electricity as well. This will mean that there are a lot of electricity generators in Malawi, therefore enough electricity will then be generated. These generators would be either hydro-based, solar etc and will sell their electricity to the Distribution Section. As of now, most investors in energy always feel that ESCOM is monopolizing in this field hence need to separate generation and Distribution

  58. sure says:

    Leaders who doesnt have vision….Bingu Bakili Joyce and peter all these sold what kamuzu build……Nobody was thinking on how develope what kamuzu started ….at least we can say Bingu tried..

    koma dziko ili…..

  59. Alufeyo says:

    Apart from politics and incompetence ESCOM can only make profit if it sells power at economic price which unfortunately can be vad for most Malawians. However knowing that Malawians dont have the ability to protest let ESCOM be privatised even if on average Area 18 one bedroomed house would consume MK60,000 of power every month. We chose we must accept.

  60. Professor Seyani says:

    The reason of selling ESCOM by mapwevu pwevu govt is very childish and myopic. Selling a public company to fill the budgetary gap created by.aid freeze. What about dollar imeneyo ikadzatha? Mugulitsa zonse zimene anasiyako Muluzi. Paja pano muli munkhwapa mwake may be ndi amene akukunamizani. Pomafika 2019 mutapinyulitsa ndi police, zipatara, ma primary and secondary school, & capital hill. Very clueless gvt at mapwevu pwevu mode.

    ESCOM can still survive without necessarily selling it to pvt companies. What ought to happen is restructuring, & depoliticizing it. A DPP , PP & UDF ndinu amene munayifoola kwambiri ESCOM, maka maka inu a DPP father and founder of Cashgate. Zisiru

  61. Kaziwiziwi says:




  62. Sapitwa says:

    Much as I would be tempted to agree based on the frustrations I have with Escom, I would suggest this as not the best route zingavute zingatani. I agree with those that do not approve this route.
    If the problem is growing the asset base thus revamping current plants and may be recapitalizing by bring in these mentioned alternatives,better do so by going to the stock exchange for shares as Hajat has suggested.after this route, then re- engineer the Escom to get rid of fats and make it. Advertise jobs internally and get the right people in the right positions. Remove all the dead woods and let Escom turn around just within 18 months.
    This is a cash cow and it will speedily recover. Butttttttt…… No wrotten politicians hands should touch this cow, angazaipatsenso matenda.

  63. Gawera wa Gawera says:

    This is what we were saying. Fools are those who voted these people to power after knowledge fully that these are the same people that brought Malawi on its heels during Bingu’s time. Malawi Kwacha heading for disaster



  65. Wa BB says:

    Covering up the gap. This is what you will be doing every year.

  66. juwawo wawo says:

    Eeeeee agalu inu, u must be very stupid!!!!!

  67. chiya says:

    Next:Southerners to be sold to Mozambique, northerners to TZ, and Achewafe to Zambia-Gawaundi bcoz we are heading for a failed state where a district hospt can be funded MK3m per month ninstead of Mk20m.

  68. Wamuyaya Mindset says:

    #1 Malawians are already sold out to China. See the filth we enjoy from China. Good thing about ESCOM sale is that the new owners will demand payments for the electricity we use unlike the current state where many well connected people and organizations do not pay for their wasteful habits. This move is long overdue.

  69. pat says:

    Thats the only way Malawi can have a reliable source of power.

  70. LIZULU says:


  71. moya says:

    Why would escom be a loss making company when its sole supplier of power? The problem is purely management.Now you want to sell as a solution.tell us what toxic debts or liabilities is ESCOM having? Is MSB ready to buy the majority shares? Trust me this is another stinker. Let’s watch the show.

  72. Why you took so long?

  73. Jelbin mk says:

    Cluelessness at its best. Do you have any idea how much will escom be charging for lighting up the country? As a private company it will focus on profit making while now it is not after profits but after serving the nation to keep its lights on. The best thing to do is to make sure professionals are appointed on merit to run this overdepted parastatal because what we see now is a different thing where we see chiefs being appointed as board members such as Kyungu how do you expect an old man like Kyungu to help in any board be it water board,escom or whatever you choose to mention? Let alone his education background but his age does not make him a favorable candidate. We have a lot of people who could serve in those positions but the president was convinced enough that people to the age of Kyungu could still perform wonders while all of us knew that he was doing so to buy favours from chiefs for political reasons neglecting the impact such decisions could bring on our economy.

  74. MULOPWANA says:


  75. Aron says:

    How can unskilled people or leaders run the government this means they don’t have solutions how to run the country so bad

  76. I saw this coming long time ago. The govenment will have no source of income, in the end the government will come for our pockets to dig more Tax.

  77. ineo says:

    kwasala ndikugulitsa dziko lonse

  78. Achikulire says:

    The cooperation is already gone guys! They will tell us once they finalise the deal trust me. AZOROM is already here FISCHTNER too, mark those company names

  79. ronald mhango says:

    sell it so that blackouts should be a history.

  80. mpimpa says:

    shaaaaaaa yagulidwa kale ikatero apa tikungochedwapo kuteroko kkkkkk kenako kamuzu and bingu stadium zigulitsidwaso. Shame on smone

  81. Muhekere wa Muhekere says:

    DPP woyeeeeeeeee!! Next to be privatised will be “Mpumulo wa bata”

  82. Fury Road says:

    Now I believe that every thing goes with time.I saw it coming 12 years ago.Thats my name

  83. Kho wa 2 says:

    Is selling ESCOM the best way forward? I don’t think so. In my view, the best would be to liberalise the energy sector and let other players come in to offer competition to ESCOM. The govt could also put in place a very strong board, complete with technocrats, at ESCOM. Then and maybe then would things change for the better.

  84. Dzuka malawi says:

    Please don’t do it, once you take that route that will be the last straw, breaking the average Malawians back. Any shareholders will obviously want to gain their money back in a short span, and the only way that can achieved is by charging higher prices to their clients. Mind you less than 40% of Malawians have access to electricity. Its pure economics to have a huge sector like that play out as a monopoly that way the company has more clients and with less competition it has low prices on its customers… Instead of asking the Chinese for another stadium, I think its high time we ask them for new turbines down in mchalo . We have have engineers in this country that are ready to work with the government only if the plate-form of opportunity presents itself, look around you and see the amount of talent we have and yet we haven’t tapped it yet.

  85. wobeba wanga says:


  86. Xeenoph says:

    Eshiiiii, katundu akuthatu apa. Boma iloooooo. Nao a ESCOM anyanya kuzunzu makasitomala. Tione ngat tsopano ziwayendere. Anzao a Post Office anaziona chifukwa chosakhala ndi masomphenya. Tiye nazoni a Malawi.

  87. Nganga says:

    This is good news. Look at the posts in ESCOM, Senior Accountant, Chief Accountant, Revenue Accountant, Distribution Accountant, Financial Controller and Finance Director. Creating positions to reward party sympanthisers. Cashier kumayendera 4 by 4. Munya nonse base.

  88. Eliam says:

    That is agood idea men. That is the way to go for Malawi prosper.

  89. Achoga mata says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Malawi and all Malawians are on fire.Dzikodi Liri m’manja mwa agalu ili

  90. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Nde chaka chili chonse muzigulitsa Kampani kuti muzichita cover donor financing gap yotu.

  91. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    what remaining is people of malawi to be sold to chane!!!

    1. A Bazza says:

      Boma lokanika ili. Kwangotsala ka nyanja kanuko mugulitsanso chaka cha mawa.

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