Malawi govt pumps K100m to fashion industry: VP’s wife hails Lilly Alfonso

Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nankhumwa has assured fashion designers in the country that his ministry is working tirelessly to make sure that the fashion industry is fully supported, saying it has potential in promoting Malawi tourism.

Lilly Alfonso

Lilly Alfonso

Mary Chilima: Hails Malawi fashion designers

Mary Chilima: Hails Malawi fashion designers

Lilly designs: Nothing but the wax

Lilly designs: Nothing but the wax

Nankhumwa made an assurance on Friday at Bingu International Conference Center during Malawi Celebrity fashion Night where different local fashion designers converged to showcase their skills in as far as fashion designing is concerned.

He said, for any type of tourism to prosper it needs the contribution of the artistic industry.

According to the minister, government has put aside K100 million to promote the industry from the grass root level.

“We have been looking into ways on how we can promote the art from grass root level and after discussing with government we said its time now to start working with the youth who have different skills, that is why we have included it in 2015-2016 financial year budget and we believe the money will be increasing as we go along,” said Nankhumwa

Malawi   vice president’s wife, Mary Chilima who was the guest of honour concurred with Nankhumwa saying Malawians have talents, a thing which cannot be overlooked.

Madam Chilima also urged all aspiring fashion designers to stay focused, believe in themselves and put God first for them to achieve their dreams.

“Now barriers are so much lower and I would like to encourage those people that are talented and they want   to join the industry not to hesitate, starting with one design can really make a difference,” she said

She also thanked award winning fashionist Lilly Alfonso for her contribution to the growth of fashion industry in Malawi saying she has carried the flag of Malawi and that her designs are selling in different countries.

Speaking during the event Designer Lilly Alfonso said despite other challenges, the fashion industry is growing and has since asked local designers to pull up their socks in producing the best that can compete at the international level.

Alfonso was recently made an ambassador of I am Fashion, a fashion and designing event organised by Queen of Africa, an Amsterdam-based fashion promotion firm.

Dorine Esien of Queen of Africa, said Alfonso was chosen because of her outstanding works and contributions in African fashion with much focus on her qualities and experienced role as an African woman entrepreneur.

The Malawi’s Celebrity fashion Night was spiced up by live performances of Sipe, Tygrin, Gwamba and a poet, Que Malewezi.

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15 thoughts on “Malawi govt pumps K100m to fashion industry: VP’s wife hails Lilly Alfonso”

  1. Gift Gowa says:

    I also invite all artist to start selling there products online worldwide at . Lets develop our country!!!

  2. jeniffer wakaunjika says:

    Pamene umphawi wafikapa Mmalawi Ali nthawi yokalowa mwa Lily Alfonso?Mwina Mayi Chilima amene mwamuna wake ndi mzake wapitala akungowonjola chuma cha boma.Ife timalowa pa kaunjika ndikupeza designer dress for only k2000.Mmene mavuto azachuma afikira pamalawi.I think this country we are headed with people who have no proper priorities and vision for the impoverished Malawi.Hospitals don’t have drugs.Schools are substandards.poor housing and everything is sub standard and the VP is talking useless fashion stuff by Lily Alfonso to impoverished Malawians who can hardly afford a decent meal for their family.Do u think they really care ndi mbutuma inzako kondwani Nankhumwa making blunder after blunder.You are just fuelling anger to the disgruntled and struggling Malawians.

  3. wadela says:

    This is insane. .malawi will never change! learning under trees in the scorching heat, women dying in childbirth due to lack of resources & funds for higher education for those that need it & the government decides to donate money to fashion. .
    Funny how that is because madam chilima happens to be personal friends with Lilly Alfonso so it wouldn’t be a surprise learning that the money is in their pockets anyway…
    Why not inject it in small businesses? ..

    Lilly’s dress costs $100, not even in Kwacha s does she charge her products. ..who , a typical malawian can afford that?
    Promoting Lilly or pocketing it for themselves? Zopusa

  4. Wiza Ngwira says:

    As a Fashion designer will do the best to do that thanks for that supports . together we can make malawi a great nation.

  5. Chidongo j says:

    Inu mai Chilima timakutenga ngati munthu wa nzeru ndi woganiza kwambiri fashoni ku Malawi atemagula zimenezo ndiye ndani mtengo uli phwii mukaone imene ili pa game ku LLs very very expensive koma zosaoneka nkomwe ati kutengera za RSA. Kuononga ndalama m’malo mopanga promote culture monga wina wanena kapenanso tourism ndi angati ma tourist amene amabwera ku Malawi ndipo amagula zovala. Bolanso aziboliboli. pangani chinthu chopindulira a Malawi ambiri kusiyana ndi za uhule zomwe angapange anthu wochepa. Bomali timaona ngati mwina zinkhala ngati nthawi ya Bingu koma mwalepheretu ziwani kupanga prioties zinthu. Nankhumwayo ndi munthu amene akusokoneza zinthu kwambirnso phuma. Matourist akaleke ku bvala za mu zala ali ndi kagula ku Malawi zodula no quality copy right fashion. Mai Chilima chonde nthandizani boma polionikira kapenanso ankanangoonjezera anthu malipiro.

  6. Winston msowoya says:

    Malawi is one of the poorest nations on earth and to spend 100 million kwacha on fashion show is tantamount to throwing the funds into the shire river.With myriad of economic hardships the funds could facilitate the supply of medicines in our impoverished clinics,school books for our kids and many other essentials instead of fashion shows which are not part of our cultures that we love so dearly.50 years of nationhood,we can’t develop novel notions to enhance our political and economic realities for our children,their children and the generation to come.For how long are we going to remain laughing stock of the world.?

  7. dwambazi says:

    Grossly misplaced priorities!!!!! what a shame. women are dying delivering babies due to poor health care and we gonna waste MKI100,000.000.00 on mini-skirts.

  8. eric says:

    Is this the same 100m the arts industry is saying is on the lower side.

  9. ujeni says:

    Sick and tired of Presidential dinners, BEAM dinners, Fashion dinners and all the stupid dinners hosted at kamuzu and sanjika palace. Why not pump this K100m into proper road construction in our residential areas plus some cycle tracks and pedestrian pavement. Wrong priorities after wrong priorities 50 years and counting, mxiii!

  10. HATE EVIL says:

    Please we are living in end times and the devil is busy applying all possible tactics to promote evil deeds in our amidst. There are real sensible issues that deserve our financial help other than this senseless satanic agenda of promoting nakedness and immorality in the name of fashion designs.Please let’s put our money to good use by channeling it to either disease, hunger or flood afflicted people

  11. Masharubu says:

    Tikhalila zimenezi ku Malawi . Ma fashion show ndi ma presidential dinner and dance . All this is happening when the real Malawian is failing to make ends meet . Mayo ine vote yanga!

  12. Tithatonse says:

    Is Fashion under Ministry of information?

  13. zakusimba says:

    Promote Malawi culture first other than this. Tourist come to Malawi to see historical cultural things. MSCE can not help us. Malawi needs a better minister than this.

  14. Nivindele says:

    100 million yalowa kale mmatumba imeneyo. Lily Alfonso is Zimbabwean

  15. Chinthumwananga says:

    Mr. Minister, can you tell the nation which Department or Section within your Ministry in responsible for the fashion industry?

    If anything I find it too good to be true that Government can commit MK 100 million to this useless industry in a country where 97.9 % of its population rely on kaunjika for clothing and other apparel.

    Mr. Minister, since you have a reputation for being economical with truth, I suggest you ask State House to clarify your statement as you did the other day with the dubious scholar.

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