Malawi govt rules out complete hijab pictures on driving licences

Government has ruled out it would implement a full head gear or hijab for Muslim women when posing for driving licence pictures.

Woman wearing a Hijab :

Woman wearing a Hijab :

Director of Road Traffic Jack Manong’a was commenting on some allegations that Muslim are denied the religious freedom to have their driving licence pictures whilst in full hijab.

“They are allowed to have the pictures whilst in hijab but their faces and eyes must not be hidden,” said Manong’a.

He said the government has a standard rule on the matter which is followed at Immigration Department during the issuance of passports.

“What I know is that the Muslim women are not supposed to show their hair but they can show their eyes and face,” he said.

A Muslim woman she has been denied a driving licence for three years just because she refused to remove her hijab when she was to be photographed for her driving licence

. Spokesperson for the Muslim Association of Malawi said Muslim women can slightly remove the hijab to show their eyes and face for a driving licence picture.

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Anti Islam

Malawians,what if we change the name of our country to ” CHRISTIAN REPUBLIC OF MALAWI”.Population wise Christians are 99.99 percent. Let’s go ahead with it.

True Christian
I think for sure,Imraan Sadick is a deranged idiot.If Yesu comes back,he will indeed preach Christianity to his faithful followers and not satanic Islam.Afterall,you people are not thankful to World Christians for welcoming and feeding you while your own people in Gulf States loaded with Petro Dollars,do not want you in their States.In Europe now people are fed up with you because you have turned against your hosts and started killing them.Are you normal human beings? Lastly,let me advise you that Jesus Christ is the true son of God and not Mohammed who was born from evil family and he… Read more »

Jesus is not the son of God you idiot True Christian. And all Christians are cultists and Satanists.

Winston Msowoya

It is strange that Muslim women are consistent on puting weird Hijab while taking pictures for driver’s licences.On the contrary,Christian women are coerced to put on head scarfs in the streets of Islamic cities in their countries.Where is fairness on Islamic judgement? Do they think that their murderous cult is more important than Christian faith? If you do not want to comply with the laws of our country,packup and go back to your country period.


Muslims must accept that Malawi is Largely Christian and they must not be allowed to impose their stupid religious regulations on us. This came about during the time of Muluzi Kamuzu never accepted such no sense and we need a strong President who should declare Malawi a Christian Nation. The amwenyes are using money to influence certain policies that are not in the interest of Malawi. I support the stand taken by Livingstonia Synod that as a Christian dominated country we dont need certain religious holidays and rules to be imposed on us


These people are nuisances where ever they immigrate with their religion.When people of other races go to their countries they always force them to follow their rules.kick them out! they know where they belong.Some European countries have started prohibiting this religion.

Imraan Sadick

Ndiye tingogawanapo dzikoli life mbali yathuyo tidzipanga zachisilamu chifuniro cha mulungu

Inu mbali yanuyo mudzipanga zosemphana ndichifuniro cha Mulungucho
zikuoneka kuti inu a khristu bible simuyitsata koma zokhumba za mitima yanu
Mbabadi yesu akadzebwera mudAmukana chifukwa adzapanga zachisilamu

Honestly speaking this woman does not understand Islam itself. I am a Muslim woman and have both driving licence and passport taken in my hijab. How does one identify you if you are taken a photo fully covered including the eyes and face? These are the type of Muslims that spoil our beautiful religion because they do not understand Islam or take their time to learn what Islam is. Instead they stick to stupid beliefs in the name of Islam and the whole world follow these misguided Muslims and start looking at Islam negatively. If you ask this woman about… Read more »
C Banda

Three years ago while going out through LLW airport we had to be finger-printed and photographed. However, I noticed that Asian women wearing the burka (the full face veil with eye covering) did not have to remove any part of it when having their photo taken.

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